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44 Pro Gloves is a brand that specializes in custom baseball gloves and is acclaimed not only across the United States but also throughout the world. Located in Scenic View Business Park in California in the USA, the company is known for professional baseball gloves made for all leading teams of the country. Founded in 2011, 44 Pro Gloves is globally acclaimed for handcrafting high-quality baseball and softball gloves.

Handcrafted professional grade 44 pro gloves are used and endorsed by renowned baseball players like Yandy Diaz of Tampa Bay INF, Freddy Peralta of Milwaukee RHP, Justin Bour for Los Angeles (AL), James Pazos, Philadelphia LHP and Franmil Reyes of Cleveland OF. 

The spectrum of products by 44 Pro Gloves is vast and extensive. From apparels to accessories the variety is huge and sprawling. 


Based out of California, 44 Pro has been producing gloves since 2011. They have a rising list of patrons, which also includes new Angels' first baseman Justin Bour, along with a band of young players across the league. Customers can choose from their Signature Series, Classic, and Signature Series Crown Tip model. The flagship product of 44 Pro Gloves is none other than custom baseball and batting gloves. There are various types of professional-grade custom baseball gloves, available at reasonable prices. Made of 100% Steerhide or signature leather materials, these gloves are sturdy, durable, and seamlessly foldable. Handcrafted by one of the acclaimed leather craftsmen, these gloves are made with utmost care and precision.

The batting gloves are of professional-grade and pro-tested durable. Made from top-notch quality digital sheepskin leather, these gloves are perfect for the sport. The dual strap facility makes it fit perfectly and gives a good grip to the user.

A few hand-picked infields, outfield, catcher, and first basemen glove designs by the workforce at 44 Pro Gloves are also available. One can use these to begin tailoring the glove more effectively. All the gloves are seamlessly modifiable and can be tailor-made to fit a particular size and form. The various types of such handcrafted gloves range from the retro, the gamer, rattler, empire, cowboy, the patriot to blizzard, vino, the freak, battleship, timber, the Blackgold, and Backstop.

The leather quality of all the gloves of 44 Pro stand out and even after prolonged usages, it still stays in intact condition and can be compared to the other best in class gloves of the world. The Kip leather has a tender, smooth feel that works stunningly, and is both lightweight and sturdy. 44 promotes their laces as the USA's tanned variety and the quality excellence also stands out amid all. The laces themselves are possibly the sturdiest quality of the glove. The grouping of this and the high-grade of hiding means one can be tremendously confident in the glove while playing national and international league tournaments.

Overall, the Pro 44 is an adaptable and handy pattern that can and should be used across the team, at the user's preferred size. The pocket is broad enough to take shelter in and regulate pitch holds, optimal for making speedy transfers while still being able to hitch high-fliers. The glove also breaks seamlessly easy. After some are establishing and playing catch, the glove becomes game-ready usually within two weeks, and it has sustained its form without much preservation.


44 Pro Gloves also deal with top quality fine-fabric clothes and jerseys that enhance the style quotient of the sportsman. One can choose between America's Pastime Hoodie, Hustle Hard Teal, and Black T-Shirt, Team44 Pro Issue Performance T-Shirt, and can accessorize with The Original" Black and White New Era 39Thirty Hat. America's Pastime Hoodie is made of cotton and polyester blend, and the hood is attached with drawstrings for easy adjustments. Showcasing the flag print of the USA and conventional pocket designs, this hoodie is slim fit and features true to size shape. The hat has a white mesh to protect from sweating and skin irritation while the t-shirts are made from 100% cotton fabric or polyester fabric and help the sportsman to stay cool and comfortable in the field and the gym. Use any 44 pro gloves coupon to redeem and purchase these fantastic apparels. 


44 Pro Gloves also sell quite a few amazing and stylish accessories like GloveLocks 4PC Set - Thumb and Pinky Lace Tightening System and 3 Pack 44 Pro Team Member silicon wrist bands. The GloveLocks Thumb and Pinky Lace Tightening System are only available in the USA, Canada, and Australia.


44 Pro gloves also offer certain special merchandising items such as Ambidextrous Custom Baseball Glove Signature Series, Black and Tan 28.5" Catchers Training Mitt, Pro Black and Tan 9.5" INF Training Glove and Elbow and Leg guard. The Ambidextrous Custom Baseball Glove Signature Series is an exclusive thing for the performer who uses it. This gorgeous Japan Kip leather displays six fingers. The palm area is unfathomable, and all needlework is doubly strengthened for greater strength and sturdiness. The inner features of finger slits are widespread and comfortable, making it fast and relaxed to go from right to left-handed or the reverse. The training mitt is curated to teach appropriate bordering and blocking means. Made with cent per cent authentic Steer hide leather this mitt is amazingly sturdy and has very little weight. The infield training glove is crafted to polish the fielding mechanism and tender hands. Fashioned with 100% steerhide, this glove is lightweight and robust. Both the elbow and leg guards are available for the left and right sides.

44 pro Gloves Coupons 

Many July coupons for 44 pro Gloves are available in various marketing and promotional sites including many social media platforms. One can easily pick a 44 pro gloves coupon from Facebook Page or Instagram page of 44 pro Gloves and redeem it appropriately. 

Returns and Refund Policy

There are no reimbursements permitted on any tailor-made gloves. Any complaints and any questions regarding a customized glove are considered and evaluated basis a particular case by the 44 Pro team. There is a 1-year non-transferable glove imperfection warranty on all custom guard packages. If determined by a substandard glove, it will be either fixed or exchanged at the choice of 44 Pro. Revamping or replacement of any custom glove will take the usual volume of turnaround time to manufacture, ship, and deliver. 

Unfortunately, orders once placed with 44 Pro Gloves cannot be recalled or modified. This is because the company is known for super prompt order processing, so if the order is placed by the customer, it cannot be held back for modifications. So, while placing the order at 44 Pro Gloves, the customer should be doubly sure and should check many times before confirmation and final payment. Right from shipping to despatch, transportation to delivery, every stage will be notified to the customer, and he or she can track the order through the official website.

44 Pro Gloves Reviews

44 Pro Gloves are renowned universally and used by many leading baseball players in the USA. The reviews cited by the users are positive and beneficial for those who are still in a dilemma to decide their gloves brand. 

"Without a doubt, 44 Pro makes a quality, dependable custom glove that stands out on the field. The leather is superb, and the overall craftsmanship is solid, save for a few cosmetic errors. Not everyone is lucky enough to be at a DI program or have the budget for a custom Rawlings or Wilson, but at $185, 44 Pro is one of the best values on the market and gives you the canvas to create the custom leather piece you've always wanted. They are also very receptive to special requests, including custom logos. WPW rule #1 states that if you look good, you play well. If you're not able to drop $260 on a stock Heart of the Hide or A2000, but you still want to live that custom life, you might want to give 44 Pro a second look. We especially recommend it for pitchers."

44 Pro makes a quality, reliable custom glove that performs exceptionally on the field. The leather is outstanding, and top quality and the craftsmanship is world-class.

Is there any warranty for the elbow and leg guard?

There is a yearlong non-transferable guard defect warranty on all custom guard parcels. If the guard is found faulty, the guard will be either fixed or exchanged. This act of repair or replacement is completely the sole discretion of the company. Repaired or exchanged guards will take the usual turnaround time for production and delivery.

How to break in the glove?

While there are many easy ways to breaking in a glove, the 44 Pro Gloves company only recommends one particular method, which is to wear the item and play good catches. After catches, one should rub in the 44 Pro Glove Rub to the pocket of the glove, and external skin then put a baseball or softball inside the glove and cover the exterior with an Ace strapping or Bungee string. One should never place the gloves inside an oven, a stove, or a steamer to soften the leather. This is an immensely unsafe activity and will eventually destroy the skin of the gloves. Moreover, the company does not endorse applying any different type of hydrator than the in-house 44 Pro Glove Rub as it may harm the health of the leather.

How long does the production of custom gloves take?

Production of custom gloves involves quite a few stages. Ordering and acceptance of payment take about one day. Stage 1 is mould cutting which is done in 7 days while stage 2 and stage 3 are for embroidery and stitching, and each stage takes about seven days each. The 44 Pro Gloves are handcrafted with minute precision, so the quality check is an important price and takes about seven days to sign off. Lastly, shipping and delivery take a maximum of 7 days.

What are the stages of the preparation of custom batting gloves?

Custom batting gloves take roughly 3-4 weeks to be finished and have two operational stages. Stage 1 is for production and customization, while stage two is for shipping.

Does 44 Pro Gloves provide free shipping?

44 Pro Gloves provide free shipping service in the USA to all orders above the value of $100. For rest, there is a shipping cost involved, but the same comprises only the cost of shipping, Customs duty, import duty, and other local charges that need to paid separately by the customer himself. The shipping information and details are generally notified to the customers, and they can track their orders seamlessly.

What are the different types of gloves series at 44 Pro Gloves?

There are three main genres of gloves, namely Classic, Signature, and Signature Series Crown Tip model. The Signature Series is handmade with Japanese Tanned Kip Leather. Kip leather is extensively considered to be the best quality baseball glove leather, due to its close-fitting grain, robustness, lightweight and hard-wearing features. The Signature genre is manufactured with pro-grade additional firm finger pull-outs, elevated logo wrist needlework, premium trundled welting, sheepskin palm lining, and the premium USA Tanned Lacing. The Signature Series, Crown Tip model, showcases the similar top-quality ingredients and artistry as the Signature lineage but also contains an exclusive crown-like welting design on the leather. The Classic Series is handcrafted too with best Mid-Grade Steerhide which offers a leather that is tender feeling yet sturdy. The Classic model is fashioned with Pro Stiff finger enclosures, divided welting, cowhide palm liner, Patch wrist sewing, and fastened with USA Tanned Lacing on premium colours.

What is the warranty for batting and fielding gloves?

Batting gloves encompass a 90-day warranty, and fielding gloves comprise of a 1-year warranty. Considering their quality and make, these gloves are very sturdy, robust, and long-lasting.

What is the TAT for custom gloves?

Custom gloves' turnaround time is 4-5 weeks.