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SALE Deal Men's Skinny Jeans starting from $128
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It is a denim label that has been designed, keeping in mind the advanced standard and directional denim. Agolde has taken the innovation from the classics of Los Angeles, whose collection of design is regenerated with a fresh reinterpretation. Also, this label's configuration offers the originality and the unusual, which is created in the perfect vintage pair. This denim label continues to flourish and push the boundaries, as they keep on attracting control from all aspects of today's rising artists. It is owned by Jerome Dahan, who is known as the godfather of modern denim, and was launched in 2014 who believes in the citizens of humanity, which means no animal product will be used to manufacture the goods. He is the founder of 7 for all humankind and gold signs. It was also known that Dahan was famous for building both Lucky brand jeans and Guess.

AGOLDE firmly believes in creating a design that is quite feasible and comfortable. Their styles also come out to be perfective as every piece of this denim label is being created with ultra-careful detail. Agolde uses unique fabrics collected from the corners of the world and allows product development in their perpendicular owned facilities. The unit of Agolde personally and very carefully test every fabric, and firmly accept the feasibility of jean is as vital as its design. In terms of company-wise Agolde is being pledged to engross in the creation of their denim, and with the usage of developing methods to reduce their imprint on the environment by the usage of laser technology and ozone machines.

Agolde deals in denim clothing products produce both for females and males, which provide good guarantee products. Along with that, it provides shorts, jumpsuits, dresses, skirts, jackets, and vests. It also offers a different category of denim products such as skinny, fit guide, slim, straight, cropped, and wide leg and designer products for both male and female. Quality of the products offered by Agolde is quite comfortable as after one washed, that product almost fits like a new product and is made up of 100% cotton stuff as there are no stretches on the denim. Denim products made by Agolde are fitted through thighs, and flare at the bottom makes that particular denim super flattering item. The products offered by Agolde look perfect with sandals, sneakers, and style of shoes which does not have any back or constraint around the foot's heel. Agolde has the best shorts, such as a high waist fit, which seems to fit like a glove.

Denim products of Agolde have created out keeping in mind about the perfect retro style items which are not too old-fashioned. Their most famous products include faded grey skinny with a gold studded waistband, a black denim skirt completed with asymmetrical hem. Up to date, Agolde's simple and straight fit jeans with a button fly is the perfect creation and most popular among the people residing in the United States. The material which Agolde used in the creation of the product is organic cotton without pesticides and insecticides as they firmly believe in the reduction of 46 percent of carbon dioxide and 91 % reduction in the usage of water consumption. The products offered by Agolde shows the hard work of craftsmanship and quality of the denim covers the costs of sustainability. Agolde has numerous denim, which highly focused on using repurposing waste fabrics or biodegradable materials such as crab shells for a perfect finishing, cutting down on the excessive water usage, and getting rid of the usage of chemicals.

Agolde student discount

After analyzing and conducting research, it has been concluded that Agolde offers student discounts also. By using theĀ Agolde discount code, any student can avail of the discount on the variety of products such as shorts, types of Denim available in different styles, Jumpsuits, and Dresses, skirts and Jackets, etc.

Agolde offers from Instagram.

Advertising about the Agolde products on its Instagram page makes it easier for various people to discover and be involved with the products. Agolde can use Shopping posts as ads for campaigns created by the various Ads Manager. After clicking on these ads, shopaholic will be automatically taken to a product description page within the Instagram and further that individual can proceed to buy the product.

Yes, some products sold by Agolde through the Instagram platform provide discounts to various customers who want to get the products at an affordable rate.

Returns, Refund Policy, Shopping Tips:

The return policy of Agolde says that all those items purchased in the last 20 days can be returned. Those products which have already been marked as final sale are being categorized as non-refundable items, and even gifts or promotional items with the retail value which are provided by the Agolde are non-refundable items. If any customer places a request to return the item and if in case that request has been got approved, then they will start receiving step by step instructions regarding the refund along with the details of prepaid shipping label through email.

Also, after returning the items, the company will thoroughly check the same. If they found the product to be in the perfect condition, they will initiate a refund to the customer from their side, and that particular customer will receive the same within 48 hours. So, currently, this brand Agolde ships its products only in the United States, and they do not ship their products to post office boxes and army post office or fleet post office. While buying the products from Agolde, it allows various customers to make the payment through several options such as Apple pay, debit cards, and google pay.

Agolde reviews

After analyzing and thoroughly studying, it has been found that this well-known denim label Agolde has received a score of 3.1 out of 5 stars. It has been concluded that the Agolde review score is calculated on customer ratings given to this brand, which is further categorized into the popularity of this brand, its price competitiveness, along with the breadth and quality of the product which is being offered to different customers. It has been summed up that this brand Agolde has been given reviews to this brand Agolde which is further divided into 54 features such as the price of the product, fair trade certificate, and feasibility of the product. While comparing the products of Agolde against popular alternatives such as Levi's True Religion and Lucky Brand, you will find that products provided by this brand Agolde are quite famous, and the fabrics are quite comfortable.

Also, the durability of the products produced by the Agolde has long-lasting durability. It has been concluded that Agolde has collaborated with an American rapper known as A$AP Ferg twice. As in 2016, this rapper advertise about their denim products after which people went crazy for the clothes which he wore and again, Agolde brought back this rapper for the second season so this time he advertises about the track pants, military jackets, and few unisex jeans, therefore, after watching him the nation got crazy about the kinds of stuff he wore and further went to buy them out.

Even this Agolde has teamed up with urban outfitters for the spring collections. All the products of Agolde are produced at the factory, which is located in Los Angeles as they used the ozone wash technologies method that uses electricity and oxygen in a different style to replace many of the chemicals used in a traditional washing process. In this method, ozone is dissolved into water and applied to the wash wheel instead of chemicals. This way, it helps in saving the water as it consumes less than one-tenth of the water. It has been observed that the fashion industry, especially Agolde, provides all the people more ethical products. To transform denim from a polluting garment into an environmentally friendly, Amour vert chose to collaborate with Agolde because they had worked for years and was well aware of the technology which Agolde used. It has been summed up that this site does not accept affirm financing, which allows online shoppers to purchase items on credit, which can be paid later on by the buyer through fixed monthly payments.

Who is the parent company of Agolde?

A citizen of humanity is the parent company of Agolde. The CEO of this company highly focused on their employees who have been into the business for the last 15 years and helped them in assisting in mastering their craft. They believe in looking for environment-friendly technology and different sustainable methods to implement while creating the product.

How much time does this Agolde take to ship a product?

It has been concluded that orders placed from Monday to Friday before noon i.e., 12 pm, will be shipped out by the company within two business days.

What about the sustainability of the products produced by the Agolde?

The Agolde team's products used eco-friendly and recycled yarns, organic cotton, and fiber alternatives keeping in mind the sustainability of the kinds of stuff produced by them.

Where are the products of Agolde been made?

All the products are made in Los Angeles using eco-friendly kinds of stuff.

What all news are included in the newsletter of Agolde, and how can anybody can subscribe for the same?

The newsletter of Agolde provides information on the new style introduced by the company and about the special events conducted by the company. To subscribe to the newsletter, any individual has to enter their email address in the column, which is mentioned below on the page, and have to click on the subscribe button to get the various information related to Agolde.

Why must a user register on Agolde?

Once any individual registered on this Agolde, they will have an approach to check their order status, which they have placed on the site. They will also be able to create their profile, which enables the user to store their friend's and family's addresses for a quick checkout whenever they want to send them a gift.

Why does it be important for every user to provide their email id and phone number?

Users need to provide the details so that the customer care representative can contact them to verify their information if they found anything suspicious activity regarding their order.

How does any customer can make amendments in their orders?

If in case any customer wants to make any amendments in their orders such as want to cancel or want to change the product then in that case that particular person has to contact the customer service team of Agolde on 1 (323) 923-1250 at the earliest and request the team whatever changes they want to make. The team will try their best to assist the customer if the order has not been shipped; otherwise, if the order has already gotten shipped, then in that scenario, the team won't be able to cater to the customer's request.

How does a customer can make the payment for the products sold by Agolde?

Any person can make the payment through their Visa card, Master Card, American Express Card, and PayPal account.

How much does it take for Agolde to ship the customized embroidered product?

It takes almost seven business days for Agolde to ship the product.

Do the Agolde provide the facility to the customer for returning the customized embroidered product?

No, the Agolde does not provide the option of returning the items as it is considered the final sale product.

How does a customer can track their order which they have ordered from Agolde?

To check the status of their order, a customer has to log in to their account, and they will receive a confirmation mail with the tracking details from the customer service department of Agolde once their order has been got shipped.

Does this Agolde provide gift cards to their customers?

Yes, this Agolde provides a virtual gift card to its customers whom they can give to their friends and family members.

Can customers make the payment through Quad pay while buying the products from Agolde?

Yes, customers can make the payment through Quad Pay.

Does this clothing site accept payment through PayPal account from the customers?

No, this Agolde site does not accept the payment through the PayPal account.