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Founded in 1999, Arturia is a French electronics company. With the headquarter in Montbonnot-Saint-Martin, France, Arturia is globally acclaimed for designing and manufacturing a wide range of electronic musical instruments such as analogue synthesizers, drum machines, software synthesizers sequencers, MIDI controllers and mobile apps. The company was founded by Frederick Brun and Gilles Pommereuil. Frédéric Brun and Gilles Pommereuil, both students at INPG, Grenoble Institute of Technology, France were members of the University Orchestra. Frédéric was playing the violin and Gilles was conducting the recitals. After graduating, Frédéric and Gilles, both engineers, showcased this dream that technology could take music conception to everyone. Their first-ever creation, Storm, was an all-in-one simulated studio, empowering anyone to create music seamlessly and successfully. They launched their dream into reality in 1999 as Arturia. Since 2003, Arturia started delivering on reinventing classical analogue synthesizers in digital space. The first-ever software synthesizer, the Modular V, was globally admired and became a great achievement. Many other software devices were curated in consecutive years. This empowered many passionate musicians to access and work with vintage and classical sounds and create some of the best music pieces in the world.

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Arturia’s Product Range: What does it offer?

Arturia has a spectrum of products, and each of them has distinct characteristics that make them unique and extraordinary.

Hardware Synthesizers

Hardware synthesizers of Arturia are known for wavetable and digital oscillators accompanied by analogue filters. One needs to switch it on, twiddle some buttons and keys, and the waveforms produce some objective sound difference. The hardware synthesizers have some high modular capabilities and produce magnificent beats throughout. They are easy to use and requires less space as compared to other synthesizers. The various types of hardware synthesizers made by Arturia are MatrixBrute, MicroFreak, MiniBrute, Drum Brute and RockBrute.


This is one of the dynamic products of Arturia. It provides keyboard players with an incredible sequencing and performance boost in a condensed, adaptable controller. The controllers and sequencer deliver nearly infinite possibilities of producing sound. With a handy set-up, it is the picture-perfect cohort in the studio or when travelling. Various types are Beat Step, Beat Step Pro, Key Step, and Key Step Pro.  

Drum Systems

Drum systems of Arturia are havoc and offer the best in class sound and beats. Featuring state-of-the-art structures, instinctual interface, and radical sounds, these portable hardware drum machines deliver the most impactful analogue sound synthesis. Sparkle and Sparkle 2 are the two major drum system products of Arturia. 

iPad Synthesizers

iMini, iProphet, iSem, and iSpark are the main iPad synthesizer products of Arturia

Inspired by the TAE® technology found in the Arturia’s award-winning mini V software, these magical sound-producing devices deliver a world-class standard of sound excellence never seen or heard before. They are one of the best innovations of Arturia and also one of the state-of-the-art contributions to the digital music space.

Software Instruments

An enormously impactful synth with wavetable, simulated analogue, granular, and cataloguing features embedded in one stirring instrument. These instruments are truly ground-breaking, and their digitization and simulation capacities revamp the music-making process to a great height. Pigments and Analogue Labs are the two popular software instruments, designed and curated by Arturia.

Software Effects

The silky-smooth, reverberating tones of antique plate resonates producing a rich tone. These software models of Arturia have offered the drums with best-selling and most appealing tracks, have shaped the sound delivery of many vocal recitals, and have magically blended all the sound mixes with rich and vivacious overtones. It can also infuse chorus tones after the track is made. Rev Spring, Rev Plate, and Rev Intensity are the few options to check out. 


Audio Fuse, Audio Fuse Studio, and Audio Fuse Pre are the best and most innovative audio systems of Arturia. It is a dual-mode interface and ADAT expander which vaunts multiple channels of finest analogue acoustic, USB-C, ocular connectivity, and seamless sync. With the award-winning clan of original analogue eminence, the Audio Fuse is fated to become state of the art and most creative choices among global musicians.

Arturia Pigments Discount

Many of the aggregator sites offer various categories of Arturia coupon codes, which facilitate music enthusiasts to pick their preferred pieces. There are sometimes lucrative deals set for buy Arturia Pigments wavetable Synthesizer, and the Arturia pigments discount is totally worth comparing the quality, finesse, and standard of the product. Many Arturia coupon codes are found on Reddit, and those who wish to purchase anything through Reddit should go through the review in detail before making a purchase decision. Reddit has one of the best customer reviews, which are constructive, helpful, reliable, and impartial.

There are quite a few marketing sites which offer Arturia coupons, and the coupon code empowers the buyers to rejoice massive rebates and discountsOne needs to apply the Arturia coupon code on the official website of Arturia, which is on the checkout page and enjoy a lucrative discount. For further offers and deals, one needs to follow the social media handles of Arturia for the latest updates and offers.

Arturia V Collection Sale

Arturia pleases customers with their offer extravaganzas, now and then. From summer to stock clearance, from Thanks Giving, Christmas to Black Friday; Arturia offers rebates and lucrative deals on every occasion. In similar lines, Arturia has known for havoc a half-price summer sale on, all individual instruments. Ranging from their highly acknowledged V Collection series and effects to their iPad synthesizers and world-class drum systems, every product range is brought under sale offers which can be as appealing as picking these award-winning lineages of musical instruments at half the price.

Arturia Free Products

Arturia adores and respects its customers, music enthusiasts, and passionate musicians. To boost up their spirit and strengthen their passion for music, Arturia gives a lot of attractive offers, free products, and deals that appeal to everyone. Many of the free products are even attached to any of the Arturia coupon codes To rejoice the publication of the V Collection 5, the company has offered a free update to the latest version of Analog Lab. This update presents plenty of fresh sounds and a brand-new GUI assemblage around a redrafted preset browser. The company also provides free soundbanks, free licenses of XT Grain, House Chords, Ambient Soundscapes, and Iconic Vibration and free Expansion Packs. 

Arturia Student Discount:

Arturia values the inspirational aspects of students and novice musicians. Students’ educational growth forms the core of Arturia’s vision, mission, and ethical values.

By offering qualified and professional coaches with top-notch equipment, the company walked many miles towards their dream and aspiration of enhancement of universal music education. Students will grow and augment their music tutoring experience by rehearsing on world-class electronic instruments and software that sound almost similar to the real ones. To accomplish this dream, Arturia offers appealing student discounts. Arturia's educational discounts are only institutional and offered to music houses, colleges, and institutions. Individual students and teachers' discounts are still in the pipeline, and the company has ground-breaking plans for launching individual student discounts soon.

Returns and Refund Policy

The customer may feature the right of cancellation or return of any Arturia product within 14 days, from the delivery of the product. To initiate the return and refund, one may use the general cancellation form available at the authentic website at, by indicating the relevant option. The various options cited there are regarding the cancellation of the order and return of the order. The form needs to be filled in with essential details required to process the request. After having informed the decision to exchange or return the products, one must return the package to the company within the next 14 days. The package must be sent back only to their official facility at ARTURIA - 26, avenue Jean Kuntzmann 38330 Montbonnot-Saint-Martin – France.

However, as per the norm of the Return Policy at Arturia, the company is obliged to reimburse the price of the products and shipping and delivery charges. By no means, the company will bear the return cost, and the customer is accountable to pay the same. The company will compensate the sums paid, which comprises of the preliminary delivery charge, within 14 days from the date of notification, and using the identical mode of payment as used for the initial order until the consumer explicitly approved to a reimbursement using any other different means of payment. This delay may be stretched until the product is received at the company facility or till the purchaser has presented the valid proof of consignment of the product, whichever date is earlier. The company is not expected to repay any extra money if the customer has specifically selected a more luxurious delivery system than the ordinary delivery method suggested on the official website of products for exchange or return must be in an intact and decent condition without any damage, dent, scratch or software and hardware glitches. The packaging, manuals, and accessories should be an inapt condition for remarketing. If the company finds that the product, its accessories, and the packaging are in a state that restricts it from making it a saleable item, the company reserves the right to refuse the refund. It is suggested by Arturia that every product for return or exchange must have a valid copy of the procurement invoice for seamless processing and management. 

In the event of devaluation of the item resulting from mishandling, malfunctioning, and technical anomalies, none other but the buyer will be held accountable. 

How to resell Arturia products?

To resell Arturia products, one must visit the support section on the official website, download reinstalling and reselling form, feed in all the necessary information, and submit the form to the support desk. The concerned team looks into the matter and do the necessary to initiate the reselling process. To conclude, Arturia is globally acclaimed as a company for curating music software and hardware for expert and novice musicians. The company creates original and diverse instruments and reinvent products to create incredible music creation experience.

In Audio Fuse 8 Pre, can the user channel 1 and 2 front and rear connectors simultaneously?

Channels 1 and 2 are furnished with an auto-switching motherboard. With this organization, when plugging plug a cable into one of the forward-facing connectors, AudioFuse 8Pre will shift the connection routinely from rear to front. Similarly, when the front cable is released, the connection will change seamlessly from front to rear.

What is Color Function?

The Color Function permits to bring a distinction on the sound of the respective instrument. This feature can work in dual ways, namely Per step and Toggle On/Off. In the Per Step function, the colour can also be queued, delivering more multifaceted grooves and distinctions opportunities. To initiate the colour on a step, one needs to choose an instrument, Hold Color, and Press the step buttons of choice. In Toggle On/Off mode, when the device is turned on, it automatically changes then universal nature of the voice. To initiate the colour on the instrument according to the user's preference, one needs to Hold colour and press the instrument pad.

How to register and activate any Arturia product?

Registering and activating any Arturia product is easy and seamless. One needs to sign up to the authentic website of Arturia, log in to My Arturia account, click on the register tab to do the same and feed in the license serial number, and expose the code and click on Register. To activate any software in the mobile, the user needs to download and install the simulated instruments straight from the official Arturia Software Center.

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