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AS Colour, is a clothing store started by Lawrence Railton in New Zealand in the year 2006? The company is started with the aim of manufacturing superior quality T-shirts for both men and women across the globe. They began to sell T-shirts at the wholesale rates and soon discovered the vast demand for blank shirts from many customers. It spread its wings across Australia and New Zealand. They have opened around 15 retail stores globally and are known to be the famous wholesale brand in many countries. They have started the store in the US market to catch the pulse of the US customers. These people have a pool of experience in manufacturing and refining the brands. The product that is sourced by this company is known for its quality. You name it, and you get the quality from them. The wide ranges of garments sold by them are T-shirts, tops, hoodies, sweatshirts jackets, pants, and many other clothes. On top of all these, they are also selling hats, beanies, and bags. These are a gamut of products that are sold by As Colour

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Men and Women T-shirts

The men and women T-shirts are available in a wide range of sizes and colors. Everyone has something to get from this store. The favorite of many customers is the embroidery and printing shirts. It is tricky to print T-shirts. These people have skilled craftsmanship to carry out the printing on the garments with perfection. The quality is the first thing you observe on the As Colour T-shirts. These are a perfect fit for everyone.

Unisex clothing

The unisex clothing offered by the store is something that is considered by the companies. The plain T-shirts can be printed with the company logo or other messages. A wide range of garments is sold by them, including cotton t-shirts, classic sweatshirts, and hoodies. It makes the person look fabulous and trendy.


Sleeveless tops are the priority of many people who want to do screen printing. The AS Colour will offer you a wide variety of vests and tanks in different styles for both men and women. It makes you look fantastic with the design or the logo on it. The tanks are sourced meticulously to give you a quality product.


The polo shirts designed by AS Colour can be customized as per your requirements by adding a logo or design to the plain shirts. The long sleeves of the polo shirts are made with superior quality cotton material. The long fabrics are perfect for you to print anything on it. The Polos are sold in a wide range of styles with denim, cotton oxford, and cotton. It is highly durable.


If you want to print or embroidery on the sweatshirts, you must choose the AS Colour shirts. The quality is top-notch. The shirts are designed to support the printers' ink and the stitch of the embroidery. You can get the sweatshirts in different styles ranging from women styles, crew neck, pullover hoodies, and zip-up hoodies. It comes in a wide range of contemporary colors.


The fashion brands or customers can buy jackets from AS Colour. There are a wide variety of jacket options available. The bomber jackets, zip jackets, and windbreakers will keep you cozy and warm and print the favorite design on the plain coat that lets you shine when you wear outdoors.


If you have the printed tops, you can pair it up with the superior quality shorts sold by AS Colour. It is the perfect way to customize printing projects. You can get shorts in different styles such as joggers, track pants and chino trousers. All the shorts are made meeting the quality standards.


The blank clothing is also available for women's dresses. The classy long to short sleeves of the dresses are made using the organic combed cotton. Fabric is produced using organic cotton, where no pesticide is used. The blank dress is an ideal choice for you to get your favorite print done and flaunt the world's style.


AS Colour accessories are the blank hats on which you can get the print or embroidery done. It sells hats, beanies, and caps that are of superior quality. You can decorate these accessories with the company logo or any design.


AS Colour company offers a wide variety of bags that are of superior quality. Tote bags are trendy. You can get different types of bags at this store, such as backpacks, flight bags, bum bags, and duffels.


AS Colour company offers different varieties of caps, hats, and beanies for every occasion. You can get the embroidery done on the cap.

As for color promo code from Reddit

If you are making bulk purchases and want to save big shopping at As Colour, you must use Reddit's promo code. These as color promo code available in different coupon sites or released by the As Colour would help you save a whopping amount of money when shopping for t-shirts, beanies, hats, or other garments. You need to keep a close watch on the promo codes to grab the best deals.

As Colour Free Shipping

You can get the free shipping coupons, but Colour does not offer free shipping on the products. They ship the products directly at your doorsteps. You rest assured that your products will safely reach your destination and at the desired time. If you want free shipping, you can look for free shipping coupons and redeem them during the check out process.

Returns, Refund Policy, Shopping Tips:

The AS Colour will sell the products that meet the customers' specifications and that are as per the latest fashion trends. However, if you are not happy with what you have ordered, you can return the product and get an exchange or the amount credited to your account. When you return the product, you should write the reason for sending it back, email address, name, and invoice number. The return must be returned within ten days from the invoice date along with the original copy of the invoice. If you are not submitting the original copy of the invoice, the product would be returned. After processing the return, an email notification will be sent.

Shopping tips for blank t-shirts or hoodies or other garments

The printing companies are the ultimate customers for blank t-shirts, shirts, polos, trousers, hoodies, and plain hats. Be it you want for business purpose or buying for self; you must follow these tips. It helps you to choose the best one that meets your requirements and budget.

Check the material

When you are buying a t-shirt from As Colour, the first thing you must look at is the material with which the t-shirt or hoodies or sweat pants or shirts are sourced. The fabric used in manufacturing the t-shirt would decide the comfort level and its durability. You must consider the quality of material as the priority when buying the t-shirt. No one would like to purchase the t-shirts that would get shrunk after a first wash or start to fade off the Colour.

You must buy blank t-shirts from reputed and reliable people. The softness is another priority of the customers. They would like to wear a soft t-shirt that keeps them comfortable all day long. The type of dye is perfect on the t-shirt depends on the material. However, the widely used material is cotton. If you want to buy the t-shirts made of different cotton varieties, ensure that it is made of 100% cotton material. The soft cotton is best for printing or for doing the embroidery. There are blends of cotton that you can choose, like polyester and cotton, which is the best combination. The tri-blends are soft and stretchy. This will have cotton, polyester, and rayon. The organic cotton is soft, but the regular one would be even softer. If you want to promote eco-friendly products, you can use organic cotton.

Choose the fittings

Not all wholesalers who are selling t-shirts would have a specific type of customer. You must grab the attention of different customers to your t-shirts and other garments. Every customer would have a different preference and taste. Few prefer to wear t-shirts every day while a few others want to wear during occasions. Few prefer funky t-shirts while a few prefer not too tight or too baggy ones. If you are targeting the street customers, it is best to have baggy box cut t-shirts.

Different sizes of t-shirts

It is good to have t-shirts of different sizes to cater to them to the customers of all the body constitutes. They must sell small to large and extra-large blank t-shirts. It pulls the eye of the customers irrespective of age and size.

T-shirts for males and females

If you want to buy the blank t-shirts in bulk for your printing company for males and females, you can go for the unisex styles. The neck style for women would be different from men. You can choose the V, round, and halter necks for females, whereas t-shirts with different sleeves for men.

Choose dull and bright colors.

The Colour of the t-shirt is one thing you must pay attention to. Many customers love to wear dull or bright colors based on their skin complexion. Colour is one thing that lets you decide the type of design you want to print on the t-shirt. You must not pick the same color t-shirts, as it would be boring until you are giving it to your employees.

As Colour reviews

I have purchased t-shirts in bulk from As Colour and am happy with the quality. Every client who purchased your T-shirt is pleased with the quality. The colors of t-shirts are allowing us to use our creativity for printing different designs on it. I would recommend your company to the customers who are willing to buy t-shirts, hoodies, shirts, sweatshirts, pants, and hats. You guys are just awesome.

I was looking for a blank jacket, and finally, my friend suggested shopping in AS colors. When I landed on the site, I am amazed to see different colored and sized jackets under one roof. It was like a visual treat to see plain jackets, which I rarely come across. I am glad about the quality of the coat. Despite extreme wear and tear still, it looks like a new one, whenever I wear it. I was able to print my favorite logo on the Jacket.

I purchased t-shirts and sweats from the store and extremely happy with the quality.

The fabric is soft and can be worn on all occasions and seasons. I was able to print my name on the plain t-shirt. I recommend them to all my friends and family who are looking to buy superior quality t-shirts.

Where are the promo codes for AS Colours used?

You can use the promo code on the checkout process page. There are a few promo codes that are case sensitive and also come with the expiry date. You must be vigilant of these factors and use the codes before they expiry to redeem the offer.

Is there any minimum order to place As Colours?

There is no concept of minimum order with As Colours. You can place an order as little you want or in bulk; these people deliver it to your doorsteps. There is a break applicable to the same product you will purchase in different colors and sizes.

How to place an order with AS Colours?

It is the same as how you place an order with the other ecommerce garment stores. You must select the products you want to buy, add to the cart and then proceed to the check out page.

Are the products shown on the website are available?

Yes, there is no out of a stock product that is showcased on the website. Every product that is displayed on the site is available with the store. In case the item is unavailable for now, the restock date is also available for the convenience of the customers.

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