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Azar display is the leading manufacturer of high quality and standard display units. They sort out the best innovative design solutions both for retail and market requirements. Azar display is one of the top, and foremost Point of Purchase displays ever since 1975. The warehouse and manufacturing units measure about 250,000 square feet. The main ideology and motto of the firm are to build satisfaction among its users and customers. To achieve satisfaction, they are working dedicatedly by promoting the best quality products and delivering them worldwide. The display products are mostly built from recycled raw materials.  There are lots of discounts available at High range discounts and offers can be gained only using azar codes such as coupon code and promo codes. There are lots of codes available on the internet. Azar mobile application is free, and it notifies its users by providing daily coupon codes.

Azar Coupons & Promo Codes (Sep.2022)

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Make use of this amazing deal to get Letter Size Brochure Holder for Counter or Wall at only $4.50 from


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Grab this amazing offer from to buy Two-Tier Two-Pocket Letter Sized Brochure Holder at only $8.25


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Make use of this exciting offer to get Clear Plastic Wall Mount File Holder with Suction Cups, 4-Pack at only $5.75 from


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Hurry up and make use of this amazing deal to buy Clear Plastic Wall Mount File Holder with Pen Pocket, 2-Pack from at only $7.50


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Make use of this amazing deal to get Clear Acrylic Double Sided T-Shape Sign Holder Frame with Attached Brochure Holder Pocket, Frame Size: 8.5"W x 11"H, 10-Pack at only $8.45 from


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Grab this amazing offer from to buy Three-Tier Three-Pocket Letter Sized Brochure Holder at only $10.75


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Make use of this exciting offer to get Clear Acrylic Double Sided T-Shape Sign Holder Frame with Attached Business Card Pocket, Frame Size: 8.5"W x 11"H, 10-Pack at only $8.45 from


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Hurry up and make use of this amazing deal to buy Clear Plastic Wall Mount File Holder with Hanging Hardware, 4-Pack from at only $3.75


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Make use of this amazing deal to get Horizontal Business/Gift Card Holder. Inside Dimension: 3.625"W at only $1.20 from


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Grab this amazing offer from to buy Four-Tier Four-Pocket Trifold Brochure Holder at only $4.75


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Make use of this exciting offer to get Trifold Brochure Holder w/ Business Card Pocket. Inside Dimension: 4"W at only $2.50 from


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Hurry up and make use of this amazing deal to buy Trifold Brochure Holder. Inside Dimension: 4"W from at only $1.25


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Grab this amazing deal to get 25% off on All food displays from


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Popular Azar Coupon Codes

% OFF Discount Title
$4.50 Deal Get Letter Size Brochure Holder for Counter or Wall at only $4.50
$8.25 Deal Get Two-Tier Two-Pocket Letter Sized Brochure Holder at only $8.25
$5.75 Deal Get Clear Plastic Wall Mount File Holder with Suction Cups, 4-Pack at only $5.75
$7.50 Deal Get Clear Plastic Wall Mount File Holder with Pen Pocket, 2-Pack at only $7.50
$8.45 Deal Get Clear Acrylic Double Sided T-Shape Sign Holder Frame with Attached Brochure Holder Pocket, Frame Size: 8.5\"W x 11\"H, 10-Pack at only $8.45

Shop by industry at Azar displays:

Azar helps you to find the best and standard products by making you choose right from the industries comparing other products. It proves it is the best retailer for Point of Purchase displays.

Industries on

  • Nail, Beauty, and Salon Cosmetics.
  • ECIG vapes stores.
  • Office Organization.
  • Tradeshow.
  • Drug and convenient stores.
  • Retail chain Supermarkets.

These industries can be easily navigated by clicking the "Shop by Industries" at the homepage's top.

What kind of products are they selling?

Azar displays provide lots of useful and best products out there on the website. There are different product filter categories to help users find the right products among the cluster of display products.

  • Shop by Price
  • Shop by Style
  • Shop by Use
  • Shop by Type
  • Shop by Size

Let us find the products manufactured and displayed on the

  1. Personal protection equipment
  2. Pegboard
  3. Pegboard/ Slat wall accessories
  4. Hooks
  5. Cosmetic displays
  6. Bowl displays
  7. Counter displays
  8. Store fixtures
  9. Sign holders and Poster frames
  10. Brochure and Business cardholders
  11. Display components
  12. Clearance items.

Personal protection equipment:

Azar comprises a lot of personal protection equipment such as face shield, cashier, and desk shield.


Pegboards are nothing but the perforated boards. It helps to certain products at the display section.

Pegboard/ Slat wall accessories:

Slat wall accessories are used to make your innovative displays. It helps to make a clear appearance of products or accessories indistinctively.


Hooks can be attached to pegboard and make fancy displays. It is used in hanging products.

Cosmetic displays:

There is an enormous number of cosmetic products available. Each is having a different physical structure. Azar has trays and other display equipment for every known product.

Bowl displays:

Bowl displays are the recent trends in decorating showcases. It is vibrant in its glassy appearance.

Counter displays:

Every shop and supermarket will have counter displays. Those displays tend to create users to think about them. Azar has a wide range of counter displays.

Store fixtures:

There are a countless number of store fixtures. The more common store fixtures are shelves, racks, and many more.

Sign holders and Poster frames:

Sign holders and poster frames can be used everywhere. There are a lot of wall display products available at

Brochure and Business cardholders:

Catalogs offer magazines, discount pamphlets, and many other uses brochure holders do. Business cardholders are also available on this site, which is highly professional.

Display Components:

A wide variety of display components are displayed on the The components are distinct and are of high quality.

Clearance Items:

Clearance items are bought with discounts and lower prices because of the remaining and unsold stocks.

Azar referral code:

Promo codes and referral codes play a key role in business marketing through social media and smartphones. Referral codes can be used to get high discounts and offers to save enough money during the checkout. Azar displays provide lots of azar codes for its users. You can get a lot of referral codes by signing an account. After creating an account, one should share the necessary details of the site to friends and relatives. Each account creation will bring you referral codes with high deals. It is a cyclic process, in which it ensures branding with simple discounts and offers of the site, azar codes bring a lot of offers and deals with it.

Azar mobile application promo codes:

There are a lot of popular and trendy display products are available at Azar displays provide many discount deals and offer via azar codes. These codes are available on the internet, but it is tough to identify whether it is verified or not. To solve this kind of problem, they designed a mobile application. It is also loaded with lots of details. The mobile application is user friendly. Promo codes such as azar codes are updated and notified to the application users daily. Those codes can be shared with friends and relatives. By making others install the mobile application will also gain you more offers.

Azar redeem code:

Promo codes and other azar codes can be redeemed during the checkout. One can redeem their azar codes on multiple platforms. Redeeming codes can be done after adding products to the cart. You will find a dialogue box to fill in the promo codes and coupon codes. After redeeming the codes, you will find the reduction of the amount and proceed for the checkout.

Azar clothing discount code:

Azar doesn't make sales on clothing. It has a wide range of displays for clothing products. There is no limitation in using azar codes for various products. Promo codes and coupon codes are found on the internet. Using the Azar mobile application, you will get a day to day updates regarding promo codes and azar codes.


Returns should be made within 30 days of the order date. Azar displays add 20% of the stocking fee for all kinds of returns and exchanges. Returns and exchanges should be done with proper approval. Cancellation of the order should be made before the product gets dispatched. Every order holds a Return Authorization Number embedded with it. The Return Authorization Number will expire within 14 days. They also quote that shipping charges are non-refundable at Azar.


Damaged or broken products can be exchanged or refunded by Azar displays. Damages should be reported before 14 days of order checkout. The site adds 20% of the stocking fee, and it excludes them while refunding the order. After receiving the damaged product, you should immediately contact Azar sales representative via call 845-624-8808 or email While sending an email for a refund on the damaged product, the required details should be fulfilled.

  • Order number
  • Item number
  • Picture of the damaged product

These are all important to make a replacement or a refund.

Shopping tips:

There are plenty of products available at Azar displays, which will make its users quite confused in selecting the right product. To get rid of those confusions, shop by industry. Using this feature, you can find a specific industry's products and a wide range of comparisons for the same product. 

Shop by search filter is a fantastic feature. It will allow you to search for prices, size, and many more. By this, you will find your product easily without any trouble for the same price range.

Getting azar codes from online is not always verified. To get verified promo, coupon, and referral codes, download the Azar mobile application. The application will provide day to day codes for its users, and they are from the website, so it is accountable. You can also refer and earn referral codes through the mobile application.

After adding products to the checkout, don't forget to add an azar code for getting offers and discounts. It adds more value for saving your money.

Does Azar deliver its products on time?

Azar delivers its products on time. It will try to send the order well before the time frame mentioned earlier. Now, it is very difficult to be punctual due to pandemic.

How to enable a fast delivery option?

By paying an additional amount, you can get orders very early. It can be used only for urgent needs and quick requirements.

How to place an order at

You can add the products to the cart and make payment. After checkout, you will receive an order summary in detail to your registered email address.

How to cancel an order after checkout?

You should cancel your order before dispatch. As soon as possible, contact the customer care service and give the details on the order of purchase

What to do if the payment is not accepted?

Firstly, check your current bank balance and try again for a while. Later make a call 800-959-1295 to customer services.

How to make exchanges on ordered products?

Azar accepts exchange and refund on products which are damaged or broken. Make your claim through the website

What kind of payment methods are used?

Azar accepts payments only via Credit cards. It accepts major credit card companies all over the world.

How to claim and make complaints about damaged products?

Azar accepts damaged and broken products easily. You have to contact the customer service and provide the necessary details of the order summary and the product's condition after delivery.

How to create an account at

At the top of the homepage, you will find the "My Account" option, where you can create your account and make purchases.

Is it possible to retrieve the password?

Yes, you can easily retrieve your password. The only thing you should have the registered email address in an active state. You will receive an email regarding the new password after clicking the forgot password option.

How to change the Email address and other personal details?

In Azar, you can always change your details using my account and edit option. To order immediately, you can use the option "order as a guest."

Do Pegboard bases are sold individually?

Pegboard bases are sold separately. For cost and other queries, contact the customer service by calling 800-959-1295 or email at

How it protects user's data?

It fully protects your data and encrypts your details from third parties. The site holds the SSL certificate. It will provide enough safety and privacy for the users.

What will be the material strength of Pegboards at

Every product is meant for different use. These products are made with a high standard of material and tensile strength.

How to choose bases for floor stands?

The floor stands are already predesigned with appropriate bases. You can purchase an individual piece or find help by calling 800-959-1295 or email at

Justify the thickness of Azar's pegboards.

Each pegboard is made with different varieties of material and thickness. But an ideal thickness will be 1/8 of the product.

Is it possible to avail of free shipping at Azar?

No, currently, it is unavailable due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay tuned by registering the newsletter for more updates by the site.

Does ships only through United States Postal Service?

United States Postal Service will be the major mode of dispatching the orders. Though FedEx is also another option unless it is specifically preferred.

Whether Azar will reach international locations?

Azar delivers its order globally. Navigate to the bottom of the homepage and check its policy on International Shipments.

Can orders be expedited at Azar?

Yeah, orders can be expedited with few requirements. • Availability of stock • The order should be made on time • The request should be written or verbal but must be made Clarify your doubts by contacting customer care.

What will be the cost of blind shipment?

For 100% blind shipment, it requires an expense of 3 USD. It is to ensure special handling and shipping. Labels in blind shipment: • No return address mentioned. • No company names • No marking on parcel • No company logo on the parcel. Please contact the customer service for more details.

Is it possible to track order delivery?

You can easily track your order delivery by logging into the Azar account and click my orders, where you will find the exact tracking.

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