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Baratza was commenced in the year 1999, since then it is offering supreme quality, trailblazing grinders for lovers of coffee, who believe in making the finest quality coffees. The grinders that Baratza is offering are being designed by a vigorous team lead by Kyle Anderson and Kyra Kennedy. With their innovative ideas, supreme quality products and consistency, Baratza became known to the masses smoothly. Baratza focuses on sustainability. Twenty years ago, Kyle Anderson designed the first patented grinder in which the top-notch priority was user serviceability. Baratza took care of the user’s experience as well as the effect of their product in the environment.

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Enjoy a perfectly brewed up Coffee with Baratza!

Insight Baratza

Keeping sustainability in the priority list, Baratza brings specially designed grinders for coffee grinding, also focusing on the durability of their grinders that are user repairable and that last lifetime with proper repairs and maintenance. The ultimate idea of designing the Baratza grinders is not to end up in the landfills.

Baratza desired for being socially responsible, that means they can be on the peak of success, and earn profit and at the same time looking after the people, environment and the planet.

For all the coffee aficionados who are in dilemma of choosing a suitable coffee grinder for them. Those who are looking for burr grinders, Baratza has a great range of grinder with supreme advantages and uses.

Each grinder that Baratza offers is of supreme quality with numerous benefits provided to you.

Let you all perceive an overview of the types of grinders that Baratza is offering.


The Baratza Encore is the next level grinder for grinding your coffee that provides a different experience to the one who is drinking the coffee.

From Espresso to French Press are ground consistently, making your daily routine and commands easy and simpler.

You just have to heal up your hopper with your specially picked coffee beans, switch the hopper to the setting for grinding, then turn the Baratza Encore on and let it do the grounding and just wait for the precisely grounded coffee and

It has  40 grinding settings that you can adjust according to your desire and need. The hopper can be filled up to 8punves of beans.

The design of Encore let it fit in almost any kitchen cabinets with all the factors taken into consideration and let you grind the perfect coffee for your perfect cup.


For all who crave for brewing coffee at their home like an expert, then Virtuoso is a perfect grinder for you all. With its supreme quality, it offers the best-grounded coffee. It provides you with a premium quality taste to your cup, all because of its ultimate performance conical burr set that grinds the coffee beans constantly and uniformly, giving your cup a perfect balance of flavour.

It also has a digital screen for the perfect grind.

The perfect design of Virtuoso specially digitalized for your ease and comfort and served you with the perfect ground coffee.

Sette 30

This model for coffee grinding lets you ameliorate your Espresso. With all-new refurbished gearbox and burr set, you’ll undergo speedy grinding with almost nil retention.

The start/stop button provides the spontaneous experience of coffee making. Over 30 settings for grinding lets you grind at your preferred choice.

You might encounter a few single-cup brewing methods for your routine maximization. Being the perfect model for your Espresso it gives you ultimate experience while grounding the coffee for the perfect cup of coffee. With many settings, it lets you grind your coffee to the finest, giving you the best.

These were the few examples that were presented before you, apart from them, there are many more coffee grinders for the perfect cup of coffee. The supreme quality grinders that Baratza is offering you.

With an estimation of over 1 million Baratza customers in the world who are coffee grinding lovers. Over the passing years, all these loyal Baratza customers have demanded accessories and even recommended new features to magnify the experience of coffee grinding. It is not possible to imply all the suggestions, but Baratza did listen to all and with all the suggestions is about to instigate BARATZAgear.

BARATZA gear is a new product range that is constructed to upgrade your experience of home coffee brewing to a new level by developing and personalizing the important features of Baratza grinders.

With the growing popularity over time, there are many people who are reselling Baratza grinders. There are many unauthorized resellers in the market who are reselling Baratza grinders. You can order your own Baratza grinders from the online website, and for international purchase, Baratza has another website.

So make your coffee brewing experience a divine one.

Shipping Policy

Baratzas’ aims at providing supreme quality assistance and keeping maximum accuracy and prompt fulfilment. Aiming at providing the best of the products at your doorstep Baratza gives you all the ease and comfort.

Baratza ships to all 50 states of the US and to Canada. Baratza ships its products to PR and other territories in the US. Baratza also ships it's a shipment of some products to APO/military residents, but restrictions such as weight and others are also applied. The countries and regions in which PayPal works, Baratza ships in all those regions.

Currently, all the orders of grinders are not shipped internationally. The products are shipped from Monday to Friday from the headquarters that originated in Bellevue, WA. All the holidays are excluded.

The shipping provider(carrier) that Baratza has UPS and USPS. The certain choices presented by each will be screened at the time of your checkout and before you finish up placing your order. You have to choose the accurate shipping method that suits your timing for the delivery of the shipment. Usually, the timing estimation for shipping carriers is accurate and of the best of Baratza efforts but cannot be guaranteed.

One thing that Baratza guarantees are the quality of the product which it is providing, and the supremacy of the same.

Damaged Merchandise

Products are packaged cautiously, so no damage is caused while the product is being shipped. So as soon as the product arrives at your doorstep, do examine properly. In case, upon examining you find any damage in the product, don’t use it instead just notify Baratza as soon as possible so that they can start the process of claiming.

Missing Merchandise

As shipping may be done in numerous packages. There might be chances that your order might misplace. So in case any item or product of yours is misplaced, inform Baratza about it immediately so that immediate action could be taken of tracking the package and the replacement of the product if required.

Defective or Malfunctioning New Merchandise

In case the product you have placed an order for reaches you and upon using, it’s not functioning properly, you have to contact the Baratza immediately so that they see what the issue is that you are facing and resolve it as soon as possible and if unable to resolve then your item will be replaced according to the terms and conditions that are applied by the company.

Taxes and Fees

The taxes that are applied are state sales taxes that are applied outside Washington state and are evaluated at the time of checking out.

Discount Codes

Baratza makes your every purchase worth by providing you with Baratza discount codes. Baratza provides the customer's satisfaction, that is in the top-notch priority list. Baratza does not offer common discount codes.

Do you need to worry about fraud?

In case your shipping and billing details do not match, and in case your order is exceeding $100, then your order will be identified for further review because of the worry of fraud. Woefully this might cause a delay in the shipment arrival and fulfilments of the order in the given time.

Order Cancellation Policy

Although Baratza tries to fulfil all the requirements of the customers, in case you want to cancel the product that you have placed an order for, you can simply ask for the cancellation through email. In case Baratza received the email before the order id shipped then they try to refund the entire charge. In case the order is shipped they will refund the charge minus shipping as soon as the product is returned to Bellevue.

They will try to make every possible effort of returning the product before the date of delivery, and in case the product is delivered at your doorstep then it is entirely the responsibility of the customer to return it to Baratza.

Refunds and Exchanges:

As mentioned above, Baratza provides you with supreme quality, but in case you are not satisfied, you can exchange your product or return as per your comfort and need. Baratza provides you with the money-back guarantee of 30 days on every product that you have purchased directly from Baratza. For processing the information of refund and exchange, you have to mail the Baratza for the money back.

In case you made a purchase of Baratza grinder from the resellers then you have to directly contact them for the refund and the exchange.

STOP! Don’t Dump It – Fix It!

Many consumer appliances are designed in such a way that they wear out easily or are of no use in a short span of time. Such appliances are highly priced and are strenuous to handle, so the consumers tend to dump them and replace them with a  new one. These are usually known as planned obsolescence, that means they are not designed that durable. These products not only lead to wastage of consumers' money but, it also consumes more and more of valuable resources, chokes all the landfills, and leads to huge environmental issues.

The motto that Baratza follows me: Don’t Dump Your Baratza – Fix It!

Baratza has intentionally designed its grinders that are maintained like commercial grinders. These grinders if taken proper care, can last your lifetime. With proper maintenance, repairing, cleaning and refurbishments of the grinders will last them a lifetime. The grinders that Baratza offers are economical and at the same time durable which do not lead to deterioration of the environment.

A well-qualified team of knowledgeable and easy to approach staff will help you and support in case of troubleshooting and problem fixing of grinders. They are available via the Baratza website. A repair service that is provided for a reasonable price is for those who themselves are not willing to do a repair on their own.

People often admire Baratza efforts for making their products so durable that they will not end up in the landfills. People are usually shocked by the way the company is providing the products that live a lifetime.

When customers decide to purchase or upgrade the second grinder, Baratza makes certain that it is not because their last one died, but because they are opting for putting their trust and money in a company that stands for the longevity of their product.


"Being a grounded coffee lover, I always longed for a grinder that grounds the coffee beans into the finest and supreme quality of the coffee powder, serving the best and the ultimate cup of coffee at your home. I am not fond of moving out and having coffee instead. I love sitting in my courtyard and sipping the coffee with my lips on my favourite armchair. I found the Baratza coffee grinder to cater all my needs through a single coffee grinder. I'm immensely satisfied with how beautifully the process of grinding the coffee is, and with the help of Baratza coffee grinder, it is much easier for me to surf the freshly brewed coffee at my own ease with my family and the environment that I want. Since I have purchased it, I haven't gone out for coffee. All thanks to the supreme quality and up to dated grinder that Baratza has provided me."

“ I am in love with the Baratza coffee grinder. Their supreme quality is just excellent. I loved the product.”

When are you getting yours Baratza grinder for the perfectly brewed cup of coffee?

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