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Billie is a wellness company that deals with top-notch high-quality shaving accessories and body products. Founded in 2017, all the products at Billie, are reasonably priced, without including the pink tax. Co-founded by Georgina Gooley and Jason Bravman, Billie is headquartered at the Greater New York Area on the East Coast of the United States of America. Billie started its business with razors, way back in 2017. The company believes that womenfolk should not be placed at the backseat in the shaving categories. The founders lived with the thought that it is fine for women to enjoy the comfort and luxuries of an amazing shaving experience without spending extra money on it. Major multi-brand outlets like H&M, UNIQLO, etc. has Billie products, and the products can also be purchased online by using Billie Promo Code, available through various aggregators.

Billie Shopping Tips

This ground-breaking company, Billie thinks it is a biased norm that women have to pay extra for their body care products such as razors or tampons. So, to contest this injustice, they started a referral program and named it as the Pink Tax Rebate. In generic terms, when someone refers her friends to Billie, and when they register using your My Billie promo code link, the person referring earns a lucrative bonus amount. Then they'll be assigned the MyBillie discount code that they can again share with their friends and folks, and they can continue earning. This payback is a continuous chain process and an astounding win-win for both.

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Popular Billie Coupon Codes

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$35 Deal Get Smooth Operator Gift Set at only $35
$9 Deal Get Sudsy Body Wash at only $9
Only $12 Deal Get Dry-Bye Body Lotion at only $12
$5 Deal Get The Razor Travel Case at only $5
$14 Deal Get Floof Dry Shampoo at only $14

Billie: The Company That Changed the Women Shaving Experience Dynamically 

Range of Billie Products

Billie is dedicated to designing goods that are exclusively created for womenfolk. These products are for everyday TLC and are made for the top to toe wellness. Globally popular for razors for a seamless and astounding shaving experience, Billie has extended their product range to razors, shampoos, lip balm, wipes, body wash, body lotion, shaving creams, starter kits, and travel accessories.

Billie Razors

One of the forerunners in women razor is Billie. The company that made women enjoy an amazing shaving experience. It comes with the perfect handle, magic holder, and two blades and is available in four distinct and exciting colors, namely coral, blush, dream pop, and cool blue. It is the best one-swipe solution for ultra-smooth and soft skin. The flagship and most popular Billie products are Billie Razor and the starter kit.

Billie is one of the flag bearers in making women razors and shaving accessories. The razor is easy to use, hassle-free, and results in perfectly smooth and soft skin. It comes with handle; magic holders and two blades and Billie have a set of razors that can be used every day in a month. So, one can use the Billie Promo Code and purchase the set to stock up for the entire month. 

The razor has five nickel-free, rust-free super sharp blades, that are made with precision and care. The sharpness is just perfect for smooth skin. The razor is also endowed with a magic holder that is magnetic and helps to hold the razor in place in between the shaves. It avoids falling in bathtubs and shower puddles. The Billie razors are coated with charcoal, which offers spotlessly clean and detoxified skin after every shave. The ergonomic handle is sturdy and strong and avoids slipping and gliding.

As they are the pioneers and have dynamically changed the shaving concept for women, Billie Razors have won various awards and recognition like Nylon’s Beauty Hit List, Allure Best of Beauty, and Bustle’s Most Wanted Life Upgrade. 

Billie Starter Kit

Billie starter kit contains the handle, two five-blade cartridges, and a magnetic holder. It costs $9 and seems quite economical amongst the competition. If someone plans to buy the Billie Razor starter kit, use a Billie Promo Code and purchase the monthly package. It results in a freshly waxed look on the legs. Though shaving impacts do not last as long as waxing does, Billie Razor and Starter Kit last amazingly long. 

Shaving Cream

One of the most needed accessories with the Billie Razors is the shaving cream. Infused with aloe vera and shea butter, this cream makes the skin soft, hydrated, healed, moisturized and leaves a soothing effect after each shave. The non-aerosol texture makes the skin smooth and helps in the swift gliding of the razor. The cream also has olive oil, which is a powerhouse of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. The olive oil makes the cream buttery and lustrous. 

The Billie Razor Travel Case

Along with shaving cream, users of Billie razors also use the stylish and super handy razor travel case. It makes packing razors during trips easy and hassle-free. There is a built-in magnet in the case which helps the razor to float during the trips and allows ventilation too. 

Other Billie Products

Floof Dry Shampoo

This is one of the iconic products of Billie, which is curated for hair volume, hair health, luster, and shine. Available in two variants for dark-colored hair and light-colored hair, Floof shampoo is infused with organic ingredients that make the hair look voluminous, give a perceivable lift, and long-lasting shine and softness, that lasts long. This is a dry shampoo but works like magic on all kinds of hair texture. It comes in a handy bottle and enables a seamless and hassle-free application. The shampoo has biotins, which makes the hair look fluffy and smooth. The shampoo is infused with starch that keeps the hair clean and hygienic for the entire week. The ingredient of the shampoo is baking soda that successfully absorbs the grease without drying the scalp.

Sudsy Body Wash 

This is a rich and creamy body wash to be used daily. The body wash is rich in shea butter and aloe vera, which ensures smooth, hydrated, and polished skin. The body wash is made by balancing the pH value, hence excessive drying of skin a BIG NO here. With the refreshing aroma of grapefruit, one should pamper their body every day by rinsing and lathering the body with this amazing gentle body wash. It has shea butter, which comprises 60?t and keeps the skin moisturized, whereas aloe vera results in moist skin with a lasting soothing effect. The body wash is also infused with rosehip oil, which is loaded with the powerhouse of antioxidants and essential fatty acids and helps in regeneration of the skin.

Dry Bye Body Lotion

As the name suggests, this body lotion works against dryness, and when applied right after shower gives hydrated and smooth skin. This is a nutrient-rich lotion, infused with aloe vera and shea butter for ultra-softness and non-stickiness. Shea butter keeps the skin moisturized; grapeseed oil helps to lock the hydration of the skin. Infused with this essential oil, the lotion smells of fresh grapefruit. Chamomile and aloe vera together work to calm and soothe the skin and execute natural healing.

Super Salve Lip Balm

Infused with essential oils and organic ingredients, this lip balm is a magical solution to dry lips. Available in four different flavors, namely fig or purple, sorbet or soft pink, rhubarb or bright red, classic, and parsley. Sunflower oil infused in it is loaded with Omega 9 Fatty acids, which smoothens flaky skin, and avocado oil provides hydration to the lips. Organic candelilla wax traps moisture vitamin E makes the lips seamlessly smooth.

Wonder Wipes

This is one of the best of Billie products, which helps in the competition of the care regime. This alcohol-free, stickiness-free, and Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid-rich wipes help in the seamless removal of dirt, pollutants, oil, and make-up. Hyaluronic acid holds up moisture and vitamin C enables one to remove the dead skin after a tiring day. The wipes are biodegradable as they are made from plant-based fibers.

Billie Referral Code

Billie is the pioneer in introducing the Pink Tax Rebate to the women of the United States of America. The pink tax is a tax amount every American woman pays as extra over and above the retail prices of everyday items such as shampoo, soap, razors, apparel, haircut, and dry cleaning. Billie is the first company to launch products, deducting the pink tax element. 

While claiming the pink tax rebate, the user gets a referral link. One can share the link with their friends and folks to enable them to join the Billie network. Once they use their email to register at, the person referring gets a Billie Promo Code or referral code, which can be used to purchase other Billie products in the future. 

Billie Free Shipping

My Billie is an emerging new-age company for women’s razors and other everyday body care products. The company has gained immense popularity in no time for its vast range of top-notch products, pink tax rebates, referral programs, and free shipping policies. Billie provides free shipping on subscription products like razors and wipes and all purchase orders above $15. For other non-subscription products, the shipping cost is $4. Billie uses a trustworthy third-party courier service such as USPS to deliver their items to 50 states in the US and shipping beyond inn Canada and other parts of the World is still in the pipeline and hope to get executed soon. 

Billie is not accountable for any damages ascending from its failure to transport or interruption in distributing products procured through the Site. Moreover, Billie is also not answerable if acquired products are incapable of being delivered to the customer due to an improper shipping address, or the customer's fiasco or refusal to receive the package or any other reason.

What is the return policy?

If there is an issue with any order or discrepancy in the items received, the customer should connect with the helpline within 30 days of receiving the order to get it fixed. One can also write at

Does Billie offer free shipping?

Billie provides free shipping on subscription products like razors and wipes and all purchase orders above $15. For other non-subscription products, the shipping cost is $4.

What is the usual TAT for the delivery of Billie products?

Billie orders generally arrive within 4-7 business days. The customer can track all shipments on the Account Page on the website. For subscription packages, all periodic shipments are shipped and delivered based on the primary sign-up date and how frequently one desires to have products delivered.

Are Billie products Cruelty-free?

All of the Billie products are cruelty-free. The company is dedicated to cruelty-free norms at every stage of the production, which means, they don't work or collaborate with any labs or manufacturers don't adhere to cruelty-free practices.

What is a Pink Tax Rebate?

The Pink Tax Rebate is Billie’s referral program. It’s the unique way of repaying the women who have been paying extra for all their everyday body care products. One can earn dollars to spend on the next Billie stock easily by getting the friends and folks to register with their email ids to Billie’s official website.

How often should a person change the Billie razor blade?

For a tip-top and spotless shave every time, the company endorses replacing the blade after every seven shaves. The user must store the razor on the unique magnetic holder in between the shaves.

What is Billie’s shave plan all about?

A shave plan is the simplest and most seamless way to never run out of Billie razor, sharp blades. First, the user will receive the Razor Starter Kit, which comprises of Billie handle, a magnetic holder and two refill blades. After the first-time order, Billie will send the four refill blades in every concurrent shipment, and the customer needs to mention the frequency, depending upon their usage. In a nutshell, Billie is one of ground-breaking and new age women body care companies and one of the pioneers of innovating amazing women razors. They are the forerunners in Pink Tax Rebate in the US.

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