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About Brainscape

Founded by Andrew Cohen, Brainscape is an e-learning platform that empowers individuals to learn with adaptive flashcards. This web and mobile learning platform of Brainscape is ideal for students, teachers, research associates, and professionals who can either create their electronic interactive flashcards or use the ones created and shared by others on this platform.  Brainscape's online flashcards app encompasses years of perceptive science research to make education and learning as effectual as possible. More than 1 million flashcard classes formed by top scholars, instructors, publishers, and domain experts, are available at Brainscape which others can use as per their requirements seamlessly by redeeming any Brainscape discount code. Brainscape’s browser-based flashcard generator empowers users to create flashcards seamlessly, share them in their network, and synchronize between all of the mobile gadgets.

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About Brainscape

The places where Brainscape flashcard is used universally are:

  • Preparation for crucial hearings or deliberations
  • Product specifications
  • Pharmaceutical drug facts
  • Sales training Q&A session
  • Functioning protocols
  • To know and understand the Company history and background
  • To learn about various Industry jargons
  • To inculcate international language concepts
  • Professional accreditations
  • Police drill for explicit scenarios
  • To recall complex equipment parts
  • To train and guide restaurant server and bartenders for easy recall

The various genres of flashcards published at Brainscape are 

  • Foreign Language

Linguistic experts and scholars who learn a foreign language can use these electronic flashcards on Japanese, Korean, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Urdu, German, French, and a lot more and enhance their learning experience and retention capacity. People preparing for TOEFL in any foreign language can use the Brainscape flashcards to study and perform. 

  • Professional Certification

Any professional certification exam, be it medical, Bar Exam, military certifications, or financial accreditations, Brainscape’s flashcards are extremely effective for skill upgrade and learning enhancement.

  • Entrance Exam

Ranging from the Graduation Entrance test to the University entrance exam, GCSE to AP exams, Brainscape offers flashcards for all. These cards have been prepared by coaches and examiners and those who have already taken this exam and passed with flying colours.

  • Vocations

From cosmetology to horticulture, from massage therapy to military and from air traffic control to plumbing; vocational courses are plenty and diverse. If anyone decides to go for any vocational training, make sure to use the flashcards published by Brainscape. 

  • Mathematics

Enjoy the magic of mathematics with amazing interactive flashcards. Turn the problems and criticalities of algebra, calculus, geometry, and statistical models into seamless concepts by learning with Brainscape. 

  • Science

The discipline of science is vast, diverse, and vivid. They have plenty of concepts, theories, facts, and experiments. To makes things easy, interesting, and engaging and fun; nothing surpasses the effectiveness of flashcards. Anatomy, astronomy, and genetics in one hand and geology, marine biology, and physical science on the other can be best learned and experienced with these electronic flashcards.  

  • Medical

Medical science and nursing are more of hands-on training and practical exposure. But every concept is backed by a theory which can turn out to be monotonous and dull at times. Brainscape flashcards on cardiology, childbirth, nutrition, and neurology help students to learn the sections while engaging graphic content on surgery, medical terminologies, pharmacology, and all branches of biomedical science makes the theories well comprehensive.  

  • English 

Those who have a knack on English literature and creative writing, British and Americal literature, and medieval literature can check out these English flashcards and experience how literature and language are made easy and seamless. Be it grammar, phonetics or poetry, or fictions; flashcards are the most effective medium for best learning output. Even these flashcards help people to learn and get familiar with spellings and expand their vocabulary to a great extent. 

  • Technology and Finance

Technology, as a discipline is mathematical and drab. To make things engaging, Brainscape has flashcards on computer science, biotechnology, graphic designing, engineering, and architecture. One can also find flashcards on accountancy, finance, and economics in their portal.

  • Humanities and Fine Arts

These branches are known for their theoretical descriptions and illustrations. Their descriptive and elaborate nature often makes it boring and droning. Those who have lost interest in these subjects must check out the Brainscape’s flashcards on geography, history, communication, political science, art, dance, and music. They are just amazing and super fruitful in making these things appealing and engrossing. 

  • Miscellaneous Knowledge

Brainscape also has random flashcards which are extremely interesting and can make people fall for it. Random subjects like Tarot card reading, mythology, astrology, and general knowledge and trivia are well expressed and made visually attractive through these flashcards.

Benefits of Using Brainscape Flash Cards

  • Study Less and Learn More. Brainscape’s Confidence-Based Repetition technique is verified by years of cognitive science study into how one can learn effectively and retain the same, with minimum study hours.
  • Active recap of learned concepts as the graphical content of the flashcards instantly features in mind.
  • The flashcards turn tedious and dull theories and descriptive notes into stimulating and engaging graphical content. 
  • With flashcards from Brainscape’s portal, one can study progressively and learn faster.
  • Increase training ROI by doubling the employees' learning pace while ensuring that they recollect the information for a prolonged time.
  • Brainscape flashcards enable more effective sales training. According to all-embracing research, most sales workers find that their training is insufficient. No matter how extravagant the live workshops, PPTs, or role-plays and virtual replications are, people purely forget much of the learning by the time they are pitching the budding client. Converting the instructor-led conventional training into Brainscape flashcards permits salespeople to simply study on their mobile devices and assess content at their convenience.

Knowledge Genome Project

The Knowledge Genome is a noble initiative to classify global ‘learnable knowledge’ into its elementary and engaging Q@A segments. At Brainscape, information is accessible universally so that the adaptive learning mechanism can use it for effective and fast learning. In this enterprise, the flashcards are segmented into ‘Classes’. Anyone adds on flashcards within the existing classes or can seamlessly create a class and create sub-decks in it. Brainscape adds a tag to these classes so that search becomes easy and hassle-free. This makes it easy and faster for the student or professional to search the subjects as per their need. The group of the tags in Brainscape's Knowledge Genome is grounded on several hundred hours of discussion and brainstorming into K-12 and university sequence lists, as well as numerous medical, law, and other specialized knowledge nomenclatures available on the web. Brainscape has fused the understanding of all these knowhow taxonomies into their Knowledge Genome, based on the most popular vocabularies used by other learning corporates. 

Brainscape Free Trial

This is the privilege and added luxury for Brainscape Pro members. Along with free trail of available flashcards, they can access all the premium subjects, create flashcards with advanced web editors to add image and audio to flashcards, study flashcards in reverse mode, and can also enjoy offline study mode as a pro member one can create appealing multimedia adaptive flashcards for serious, bite-sized training notions. This membership allows several instructional designers to seamlessly work together during the flashcard creation process and safeguard privacy and security for exclusive training content. This privilege also provides members with benefits of bookmarking tools and smart search options along with adaptive study experiences. Striking through this, one can supervise the usage and learning improvement across for huge groups of staff or students and can assimilate with several systems using solo sign-on and other custom features. A Brainscape Pro member can import CSV files for quick content creation and export CSVs to re-use content anywhere else. 

Brainscape Student Discount

Individual users ort students can simply sign up for Brainscape for free, and they can generate, share, and use infinite flashcards without ever paying a penny. They only have to elevate to Brainscape Pro if they require access to the finest content or features and one can easily do this with Brainscape discount code. Trainers and coaches can also offhandedly use Brainscape flashcards accompanying their students for free, and the students would only pay or redeem coupons if they wish to utilize the high-grade features. For schools and corporates, there is a simpler way to firmly place Brainscape across the whole organization. This will give the students or workers an enthusiastic sequestered landing page and will guarantee that the content is completely secured with encryption and password shield. 

Free Access Code for Brainscape

Various online marketing sites and aggregators offer free access code, Brainscape discount code, and Brainscape Lifetime Discount Code to all. One can enjoy from 10 % to as high as 70% discount for unlimited usages, free dump download, offline study mode, and use of web designing tools for creating interesting flash cards. One can find lucrative discounts on Reddit as well and can also read the reviews in detail before making a purchasing decision.

Refund Policy

Brainscape does not offer a money-back guarantee, but one can change the plan or cancel the subscription at any point in time. If someone originally bought the subscription from the Brainscape official website, then he or she can simply go to My Account section, to subscriptions and change the ongoing plan. There is a "click to cancel" tab also. If anyone wishes to opt-out of Brainscape Pro going forward, he can seamlessly do that.

User Review

Reviews and appraisals of Brainscape as cited by various educators, researchers, and professionals are as follows:

  • "In days, my Spanish has gone from elementary to conversational; incredibly in-depth & easy to use."

— Sophie Parker, Spanish Learner

  • Clearly tops. The best feature may be the advanced editor—instrumental for adding pictures to my cards."

— Dwayne Jones, Medical Student

  • First was my ophthalmology final. 2 days to study; made cards one day & learned the 2nd. Got 96%. Thanks for my A!"

— Arturo Dimas, Knowledge Junkie

  • “After we introduced Brainscape, suffice it to say that our sales staff learned critical new product facts much faster.”

— Spencer Halpert, Sales Director

  • “After Brainscape, I recorded a 15% improvement in one class v. the students' previous scores and other classes.”

— Julie Kim, History Teacher

  • “I use this app all the time and share decks with classmates. The perfect study tool for a student.”

— Mariko Kentaro, College Junior

In the coming years, the Brainscape team flourish with state-of-the-art cognitive science research and change the dimension of e-learning and education radically.

How to contact Brainscape?

For any assistance and guidance, one must get in touch with Brainscape Help Centre. There are other two options for connecting with Brainscape. One is with the web help button. Here one needs to click the "Help" bubble in the bottom-right of any screen and do any search. At the bottommost part of the search outcomes, there is an option to contact. The user can also contact the web contact form and submit their request. For mobile app users, there is a Help button allotted for connecting.

How can a user use HTML in the flashcards?

One can add HTML for configuring by clicking the Source option seen in the Advanced editor. However, if the person wants HTML tags to essentially feature in the flashcards, that's a bit complicated, since they end up getting condensed in the browser or mobile flashcard player and appear as distorted in the final product.

Can the user print the flashcards?

If someone ever wants to print the flashcards, one can get the cards onto a rationally print-friendly screen using the official Brainscape website. One needs to simply circumnavigate to the Class and Deck that one chose to print, and in the Deck selections menu, select Preview All Cards for successful printing.

Can the deleted decks be retrieved?

Generally, the decks once deleted cannot be recovered. So, one should be extra alert before deleting any deck. In case any very useful and imperative deck has been erased inadvertently, the person must promptly connect with Brainscape Helpdesk, and they can try to use their internal software to retrieve the decks.

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