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BunnyCDN war formed a company in 2015. But in these short five years, they have already climbed up to the top of the business. They now have countless customers, and almost every one of them is satisfied with their work. They currently provide you with 42 PoPs all around the world. So it wouldn't matter where you are and where your customers are. Whenever they try to reach your website, they will get it faster than ever. In order to avail of their services, you need to choose a plan from their list. In this list, they have noted down the prices they wish to take and the facilities they are willing to pay for that price. Let's take a look at these plans and get to know what they have for us.

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Keep the pace up with BunnyCDN

Doesn't it feel frustrating when you want to read something or watch something, and it takes forever just to load the page? We all do. That is why when you are creating your own website, you should know how your customer will feel if your website takes time to load. That is why it is suggested to keep your website's data center near most of your target audience.

However, things always don't play your way. You may end up with your data center very far from the target audience. And certain circumstances may cause it to be placed on the opposite side of the globe. And that is when CDN comes to your rescue. A CDN or Content Delivery Network has many PoPs all over the planet in various geographical locations. Their numbers are far greater than the web hosts have. That is why, alongside your web hosting, you need to get yourself a CDN, too, in case your data center is far from your target audience.

And when you are looking for your CDN service, why not choose the professionals. And talking about professionals, the first name that comes to our mind is BunnyCDN. They provide you with top quality service at a reasonable price. But even after that, you feel that the price is overtaking your budget, you do not need to be worried about that. They provide you with discounts from time to time throughout the year. And the only thing you need to avail those discounts is their BunnyCDN promo codes.

About BunnyCDNThe services they provide can be divided into two different categories. The first category is called volume. It provides your website with CDN service using 7 PoPs from all around the world. This plan is a bit cheaper than the other plan. And the second and the costly category is known as standard. It provides your website with full support using all of the 42 PoPs they have.

Volume: The volume price has a universally same rate for a certain amount of data stored. As they use only 7 of their PoPs, these prices they provide are lower than the standard plan. They determine your price according to the total data you are storing with them. Let's check out these prices.

When you start doing business with them, they charge you $0.005 a GB. And this price keeps going on until the total amount of data you stored crosses 500TB.

After your total stored data crosses the 500 TB milestone, the price gets cheaper. Now you can store a GB for $0.004. And this price goes on till you have stored 1 PB of data.

The range of 1 PB to 2 PB is cheaper than what you have paid up to 1 PB. When the milestone crosses, your price rate gets deducted to $0.003 for 1 GB.

The fourth and the cheapest price range is when you store more than 2 PB of data. After that milestone, your price rate gets deducted all the way to $0.0025 per GB.

This plan sure is cheaper than the standard plan. But you can get only up to a certain limit of loading speed using only 7 of the 42 PoPs they have. That is why if you are looking for unbelievably fast loading speed for your website, the standard plan is a must-visit for you.

  1. StandardAs already mentioned before, the standard plan uses all the 42 PoPs they have to provide you with a very fast loading time all over the world. However, the prices they provide are not universally the same. Unlike the previous plan, they don’t differ in price by checking how much data you are storing. Instead, they charge you differently according to your continents.
  1. The people living in Europe and North America get to avail of their offer at the lowest price. For each GB stored, they will charge you with only $0.01. And by paying just a price that low, you can get lightning fast internet access on your website from every corner of the world.
  2. Asia and Oceania residents get the second cheapest deals. They only pay $0.03 for each GB they wish to store.
  3. The third cheapest deal is reserved for South American residents. The price they have to pay is $0.045 for every GB stored.
  4. And last but not least comes the continent of Africa. If you are a resident of the continent, you will have to pay $0.06 for every GB stored. Though for them, the price is higher than everyone else, the price is reasonable all the same.

Both of these plans should fulfill all the needs of all startups and medium-sized businesses. But what if a multinational company is trying to take services? They have enabled a custom pricing facility for them.

  1. Custom Pricing: If your company or organization is large enough to produce more than 100 TB of data every month, then you are eligible to avail of their custom pricing policy. In that, you can directly contact their personnel and get the price that is most suitable for both you and them.

Now that you know all about their products let's take a look at other highlight features of the company.

BunnyCDN Discounts

For everyone who wishes to avail of CDN service from BunnyCDN, they provide several discounts from time to time. And the route to avail these discounts needs only one element. And the element you need is one of their BunnyCDN promo codes.

BunnyCDN Student Discount: For centuries, there always have been some great minds among the students. They often come up with ideas that working men cannot even think about. And when they wish to put that idea to use, they find themselves in need of a website. But when they wish to make it faster by using CDN service, they feel the lack of money more than ever. That is why, for times like this, BunnyCDN has its BunnyCDN Student Discount. It can be easily activated by using a BunnyCDN promo code.

BunnyCDN Military Discount: Often, the People in the Military start to plan business in the last years of their service. So that when they retire, they can give themselves a new start with that business. And while mapping the things out, if they come across BunnyCDN prices and find it slightly over-budgeted for him, they can easily solve that problem by using a BunnyCDN promo code. Using that will activate a discount that is solely made for the people serving their home country.

BunnyCDN Special DiscountIf reading the articles above gave you the idea that if you are not a student or not in the army, you will not get any discounts, then this is totally a misconception. With using the right BunnyCDN promo code, anyone can avail of their BunnyCDN Special Discount.

Migration Policy

There can be several cases where you may feel the need to transfer your CDN service from them to someone else. At times like this, all you are going to need to do is to terminate your own account. After you have done that and chosen your new service provider, you can migrate your service to them without any additional charge.

Privacy Policy

CDN services provide back up to entire websites. That is why the data they need to store all the data on the websites. That includes even the data that the customers don’t get to see.

But from a company or business’s perspective, they may feel insecure while providing these data. There might be personal data of the employees and the employers included in those data. Other than that, while you are making the payment, you also have to provide them with all your personal details and your bank details. But are these data safe?

Absolutely. According to BunnyCDN's privacy policy, they don't share, sell, or rent your personal information to anyone. That means only one thing. You can stay relaxed after providing your personal data, knowing it won't be used for some reasons that may cause you harm.

However, there is one case where the company has its hands tied. That is when they are asked by the court. If legal actions are taken by the court against you, and they ask BunnyCDN for your personal information, they will have no choice but to provide, even without taking your permission.

Account Termination

There are cases when Bunny CDN may terminate your account without prior notice. This naturally means that you won’t be able to access any of their facilities. The cases that generally they consider as a reason to terminate your account are something like these.

  1. Violation of Terms and Conditions: Whichever company you choose, they have certain terms and conditions. And in order to do business with them, you need to follow those terms and conditions. But if you are violating them, they have all the rights to prevent you from consuming their product. And as BunnyCDN is no different from other companies, they also follow the same policy and terminate your account in case you violate their terms and conditions.
  2. Order or Request by the law: If there is a strict legal action taken against you, there is also a chance that the court may tell all your service providers to prevent you from availing of their service. And if BunnyCDN is among these service providers, they will have to terminate your account to stop you from using their services.
  3. False Information: BunnyCDN does not operate on the basis of false information. But if you provide false information anyway and manage to get yourself an account, they will always try to authenticate your information. And if any major information is found to be false, your account will be terminated that instant.

These were some but not all the reasons why your account may be terminated. So it is preferable to check out all of them before you make a deal. And once the deal is on, try not to do anything that may cause your account to be terminated.

BunnyCDN Reviews

From the time of its foundation, BunnyCDN has served millions of customers. And from the reviews provided by these customers, you will get the idea of how efficient BunnyCDN is. Their reviews mostly tell good things about BunnyCDN. Actually, there Are so many that even if all the reviews are combined, you will miss out on a few points. That is why it is considered a customer favorite.

That was all you needed to know about BunnyCDN. It has only been five years since they have entered the business. But they are going head to head with all the giants already present in the game. It only proves their possession and tenacity in the job. So what are you waiting for? If you feel the need for a CDN service in your business, now contact BunnyCDN. And that way, you will get a very fast loading time of your website throughout the world at a reasonable price. One more attraction they have is their BunnyCDN promo code. You get your hands on the right one, and you get a very handsome amount of discount. So do not waste your time and get your website to the top using BunnyCDN.

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