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This app will guide you towards the brighter side of your life by bringing peace in your mind. The app provides you with lots of courses based on different mental stress levels. It will guide you on the proper ways of meditation, how to get rid of anxiety in just seven days, or how to get rid of sleepless nights.  Calm is basically a team of some passionate people who can guarantee your relaxation, mental fitness and a night of deep sleep. For the past few years, Calm has been in the hit list of the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. In the year 2017 Calm was announced as the Apple App of the year. In 2018, it was one of the Editors' Choices in Google Play Store. With more than 50 million downloads and 700K 5-star ratings, this app has won the people's hearts by successfully bringing peace in their lives. The main six services that they offer for mental relaxation are – Meditate, sleep, music, body, masterclass and scenes. Let's discuss the services in detail.

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Are you too stressed about your office and other everyday kinds of stuff? Every human face this chapter in his or her life. Life becomes so stressful, and there happen to be lots of sleepless nights with so much tension, anxiety, lack of self-confidence and many more. Standing at that point in time, finding solutions for all these causes is not the actual solution.

Your brain will not start working until it calms down. Metaphorically speaking, a candle can spread maximum light when its flame stays idle. You also have to make the flame of your brain's candle idle. Then you will start finding solutions for your life. Don’t worry about that. Take a deep breath and download the ‘Calm’ app on your mobile.

About Calm

As mentioned in the above, those six important services provided by Calm have been proved to be the best solutions for mental peace.

Meditation: Meditation is something that relaxes every cell inside your brain. Your mind reaches a complete silence by keeping every single thought aside. It helps you concentrate more and deeply on whatever you are doing.

At the Calm app, you will find different types of meditations courses for different purposes. With the help of the expert advice via audio, it can reach the extreme deeper in your mind.

Sleep: The most important thing in our life is to have a proper sleep every day. It cuts all the connections with the outer world and helps to relax every muscle in our body. Normal people say that sleeping is the easiest work to do in this world. They can say that because they probably do not have that much mental stress. When stress and pressure start acquiring the mind, at that time, this easy task starts becoming the hardest thing in life. How does it feel when there are sleepless nights in life? 

Only people who have experienced that can understand the pain of it. Sometimes our mind requires something else to get diverted from one situation. Calm does that exact thing for you. It's sleeping audio sets work as a catalyst to make you fall into a deep sleep. It has a wide collection of sleeping audios.

Music: Sometimes, some soft music can bring peace in our minds. Listening to some melancholy sounds sitting on an armchair at the balcony helps our mind to become calm and relaxed. 

At Calm, there are lots of mind refreshing and relaxing music available. By subscribing to the app, you can have access to all those music. Pick any one of them and start listening to it.

Body: To bring peace and happiness in mind, regular exercise is one of the most important things. Suppose you do some stretches and some warm-up every day in the morning or in the evening, that circulates the blood properly to all the parts of our body, including our brain. 

Whenever we are doing stretches and warm-ups, generally our mind becomes concentrated on the exercises we are doing at that time, we are completely free from other stresses and pressures. Hence, choose a time in the morning or evening for exercise and some stretches every day. Open the Calm app and go to the 'Body' section.

There you will find so many sets and types of stretches and warm-ups. Choose any one of them and start following as per instructions.

Masterclass: As mentioned earlier in this article, Calm has a group of experts who are doing research in mental peace. In this section of the app, you will find some enthusiastic speeches from the experts of Calm, stating how to bring peace in your mind and how to get a night of better sleep without any stress. You will also find some tips from some of the expert doctors regarding proper diet, proper exercise and fighting with depression.

Scene: Experts and doctors say that when you are, I will or not doing anything, try to stare at some beautiful static photos of nature. This habit brings calmness in our minds so that we feel relaxed. At Calm, there are so many refreshing photos of scenes and nature available.

You may download any one of them, and you can print it and stick it on the wall, or you can keep it in your device so that you can watch them in your free time.


After registering the app, you have to make subscriptions for full access. But Calm has arranged a discount for the new users. If you are registering for the first time, then Calm is offering you a free trial for one month.

This is going to be very helpful in building trust for the new users. They have the opportunity to access the full feature app for one month. Once they are in love with its effects, they automatically will go for the subscription. This is not the end.

After using the trial period, when you are going to subscribe to the full feature access, you will get a flat 40% discount from the company. That means you are going to save a lot of money during the subscription.

Give a Gift

Is any of your dearest ones suffering from mental stress or sleepless nights? You can help them up by sending them gifts from Calm. There are some products that the company sells as accessories of stress relief. First of all, you can give a Calm subscription of Calm to your friend. Buy one year's premium content from Calm and send it as a gift.

Help him or her to come out of stress. You can give an ultimate handbook by Calm for healthy sleeping named "The Magic of Sleep". There are also guide books for meditation, sleep mist spray, specially designed blanket, weighted eye mask for good sleep and many more—all these products of Calm help you to know about the process of keeping the mind calm.

Why should you use Calm?

Calm provides you with the ultimate mental piece in every way. You might say that there are so many other apps available in the market, providing the same service. Why should I use Calm? This app and its services are designed as per the experts and doctors.

Hence, you will have all the possible solutions for your mental stress, anxiety, sleepless nights, and depression in the app. It teaches the exact process of meditation and its different ways. Hence, there is a high possibility for the users to get rid of their own mental stresses by using this app. Under the Masterclass section, you can find out the opinions of our doctors and experts who have years of experience in this field.

Customer Service

Calm has one of the finest customer service teams. Whatever your query is, you can simply ask that directly via chat. The customer service representative will respond to you as early as possible, with a proper solution. If you have any requests, then just click on the 'Submit a Request' button. Fill up the form with your details and your request and send it. The concerned team will reply you via email regarding the resolution.


You have been through such a mental condition once. And you have overcome that. Now you want to help others who are feeling the same way. You want to pull them back to their normal stress-free life. You are welcome to Calm to share your experience. This might help others in getting some motivation to fight back.

Terms of Use

Using an app or website means, you have to agree with the terms of use of that app or website. Unlike other apps, Calm also has some terms. Here are they:

Privacy Policy: The personal data collected by Calm is completely secured by the company. And those can only be used for sending any information or making the payment smoothly. Apart from that, the company never sells, gives rent, or loans any personal data of the users to any third party under any circumstances. Only if it is required for any legal proceeding against you, then the company won't take your permission to share the information to the law.

Age Bar: To use this app, you must be an adult. If you are below 18 years, the company will not allow you to create your account.

Shipping: The orders you place in the gift section may take up to 2 business days for processing. Then for standard shipping, it will take 3-7 days, and for priority or express shipping it will take 1-3 days. The shipping cost will vary as per the type of shipping and the location of delivery. Therefore you will be informed about the shipping charges at the time of checkout.

Return: Calm gives a period of 30 days to return the product. But for that return process, there are some parameters that need to be met. The product must be in its original stage. And the package should not be destroyed. For any reason, if the product doesn't return to the company address within 40 days from the delivery date, then the refund will be cancelled, and the product will be sent back to you at your own shipping cost. So to return a product you must contact via email at within 30 days from the date of delivery. Once the product is received by the company, the refund will be initiated, and the amount will be credited within 3-5 working days.

Apart from these terms, the company also holds the authority to terminate or suspend your profile for any or no reason.

So this is what Calm is all about. If you ever feel stressed, don't hesitate to download the app and subscribe to premium content. It is guaranteed that you will be stress-free in a very simple way. All you need to do is to follow the instructions given in the audio by the experts. Try to do meditation every day to keep calm and fight with the situation as we all know that mental health is very important for us at this point in time.

Can I turn off Calm subscription whenever I want?

Yes, you can turn down the subscription of Calm anytime. All you have to do is follow some simple steps. You will find out lots of queries and tips from the experts in the FAQ section of the app, in case you want to know more. The problems are being categorized and divided into all possible questions. You will find out all the answers here.

What all is offered in Calm Premium?

When you purchase a Calm premium, you get access to all the videos related to mindfulness, stories, various sleep tools, meditation techniques, soothing music and all the available features. You can access the above content at Android and at iOS as well.

What is Calm Health?

Calm health is basically an initiative by Calm in which they offer various services like mindfulness, meditation and sleep tools to healthcare specialists and their patients

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