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English is a language of utmost importance. Fluency in English speaking can have a great impact on your life. Having proficiency in the English language increases your confidence and your chances of getting employed, either in your home country or abroad. Career and academic opportunities for you increases with an increase in your English expertise. It is a must if you are planning to explore other cultures and communicate with people around the world. But what if you are not good at it, don’t worry, there are numerous options available around you where you can learn and practice speaking English. Cambly is one such option for you. It is a digital networking space that allows students to interact with native English speaking tutors and learn English exceptionally well.

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All About Cambly

As already mentioned, Cambly is an online digital networking platform where the students belonging to any part of the world can learn and practice English speaking, under the guidance of native English speakers. It offers its users the opportunity to get access to online video chatting with native speakers to practice and polish up their speaking skills. The friendly tutors can help the students with pronunciation, conversation skills, or any other English skills that they wish to improve or learn.

Cambly teachers are native speakers of English belonging to different age groups and different professions. There are university students, business people, writers, actors, teachers, and more working as tutors and people belonging to different nationalities like the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, etc. thus, it offers its usersthe perfect tutor who suits them. The tutors are available 24/7 and will come for aid whenever the students are in need. Students can practice speaking, learn a course, or learn for exams with the help of Cambly.

Special Features

  • Cambly allows its users to get the most out of it by allowing them to have access to recorded videos of the previous classes to watch and rewatch them and brush up the lessons whenever they are in need,
  • In chat, translation options are available for the users, allowing them to type in their native language whenever they find difficulty speaking English.
  • Students can book their tutor so that they can have access to their favorite teacher when in need.
  • Every student gets a certificate after 10 hours of class on Cambly.

Services offered

Cambly comes up with different plans to help its users. They have teaching programs designed especially for organizations so that all the employees of the organization can learn English or brush up the skills they already possess without having to compromise on their job.

Cambly has a specialized section for kids too. With Cambly, children will be able to speak English fluently from an earlier time and speak like natives as they get their guidance from trained native speakers. 1-on-1 lessons help them get the maximum speaking time and thereby the maximum chance of developing their speaking skills. Parents can also choose from the hundreds of tutors according to their children's needs and interests and provide them a learning experience that they would enjoy.

All the courses provided are designed by experts and are aligned to teach standard academic English. Some of the courses offered are:

  • Fundamentals of English Fluency courses- this course helps the students to gain confidence and fluency in conversational English, it covers everything from the basics of small talk to crafting opinions in complex and severe issues.
  • Professional development courses- Business communication is something that requires more than pure knowledge in the language. It is more complex and hence requires intense proficiency in English. This course aims to improve its students' business-related communication skills so that they can enhance their career and business enterprises.
  • Courses to express yourself- making connections with people across the world and expressing your opinions to them is important in one’s development. Camblyoffers courses that can expand its users' vocabulary and help them learn about other cultures on the go. It also allows the students to take part in role-playing to be good at using English for day to day purposes.  
  • Exam preparation courses- many exams test the English speaking and writing skills of the students. Cambly offers its users various courses that help the students crack these exams, whatever they might be, with ease.  

These services may seem costly, but you can save your money with the help of a cambly promo code. Different types of codes are available for various courses.

Referral Codes for You

Cambly allows its users to take part in the site’s business through their Referral program. It gives Referral codes for its users, which can be used after signing up to avail exciting discounts. Cambly referral code gives you 15 minutes free of cost to get a glimpse of the practice and decide whether to go further. Signing up to Cambly itself will automatically qualify its users for the cambly promo code. The code has to be entered after clicking the red subscribe button, and then the classes can be started simply by clicking on the 'start 15-minute trial' option. According to one's preference, the tutors can be selected from the options available, and then the call can be made. The referral codes can be shared to earn more free minutes.

Free Minutes

Cambly free minute is an option provided for the users to look at the teaching program and get an idea about it before going for a paid subscription. Every new user can get this privilege by using the cambly promo code. People can even earn more free minutes by sharing Cambly with their friends.

All you have to do is share your personalized referral code and invite friends to Cambly. Your friends will be able to use your system and get 15 minutes for free; once they complete their free trial, you will receive an additional free 15 minutes with Cambly, and if they purchase more time, you will receive a bonus of free 60 minutes.

15 Minutes Free Code

Cambly being a paid service with daily, weekly, and monthly plans, one needs to subscribe to any plans to get a complete learning experience. But the users can have a few minutes for free, and these free minutes can be earned through the Cambly Referral Program. Inviting more friends to use Cambly with your cambly promo code means more free time for you to use it.

Free Trial Code

If you want to get the free trial provided by Cambly, all you have to do is go sign in to the official website or app and get your personalized cambly promo code. If you want more time for free, you can share the code with as many friends as you want. Perusing your friends to buy packages for themselves will also do you good as it will give you more time for free. The free time you get is the company's bonus for taking part in their business.

Subscription Plans

Cambly has daily and weeklysubscription plans for its users. The amount to be paid depends on how often you want to have the classes.The daily plan includes:

  • 15 minutes per day
  • 30 minutes per day
  • 60 minutes per day
  • 120 minutes per day

Weekly plans have:

  • One day a week
  • Three days per week
  • Five days per week
  • Seven days per week

The payment can be made for a month, for three months or a year. When you subscribe for three months, you get a 10% off on the price, and if you are subscribing for a year, you get 25% off. The users can also cancel the subscription at any time, but will have to pay for the month they used the service, allowing them to buy with confidence.

Student discounts: Presently, Cambly does not offer any student discounts; whenever there is a discount available, they will show it on their official website and customer service page.  

Military discounts: Cambly does not seem to offer any military discounts to its users.

Refund Policy

 If the users cancel their long term subscription, they will get a refund of their money, but the discount they received for the long term purchase will be canceled, and they will have to pay the full amount for the month they used the service.

For example, if you purchase an annual plan and receive the 25% discount for it, and you chose to cancel the subscription after month, then you will no longer remain eligible for the discount and will have to pay the whole amount for the month that used Cambly. The remaining amount will be refunded.

Cambly also allows the users to downgrade their subscription to a smaller one and get refunded. Subscription pausing is also possible at a rate of one pause per month.

50% Off policy

Cambly has come up with coupons apart from the cambly promo code to offer 50% off to its users on subscription plans. Coupons are provided via blogs, social media networks, coupon websites, and other channels. The users can take a look at this before they buy any of the subscription plans to avail the best offers provided. The best of all offers is the 50% Off coupon. As already mentioned, this coupon is available via different channels related to Cambly, and all you have to do is copy and paste the coupon code before buying any plan.

How to Use the Coupons?

Sign in to Cambly’s website and take a look at the services offered. Then go search for coupons on the various social media platforms and other sites. Once you find the coupons online, copy all the latest coupons, discount codes, and promo codes. Come back to Cambly’s official website and search for the package you want to purchase. Proceed to payment options, and before buying the package, paste the coupon code in the space provided and wait for it to get activated to get the discount.

Who can become a Cambly tutor?

Anyone who is a native English speaker can be a tutor at Cambly. No certificates or experience is necessary. All you have to do is sent a 2-minute video to cambly and wait for it to be approved by the team.

Can Cambly be used by everyone?

Cambly can be used by anyone who wants to have a proficiency in the English language. All you need is a webcam, a mobile or a computer with a subscription plan. But, Cambly is not the place for those who do not even know the English language basics. It is for those people who know the language but lacks fluency and confidence in speaking.

Is signing in free?

Signing in to Cambly is free of cost. Anyone can sign in to cambly and look around for the best courses that are available. But, once you want to start the classes by choosing a tutor, you have to buy a package according to your need. The free minutes offered through cambly promo code can also be used if you want to glimpse how the classes would look like.

How do Cambly kids work?

A baseline is provided to the students at first through teaching English words and simple grammar constructions. Then phonics, spelling more grammar, and use of punctuation, etc. are introduced. Finally, advanced courses are provided to introduce them to academic vocabulary and complex grammatical constructions.

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