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The firm car cover was founded by an army officer named Charlie Watson. He was the captain of the gulfstream IV private jet. And flew plans both domestically and flew plains Internationally for rare clients like fortunate companies and professionals in Los, California, and Angeles. Later in 2001, charlie Watson got retired, but he retired with a dream in his eyes to provide extra protection to every vehicle in the world as he always had an interest in automobiles. So further, he started his own company that made covers. His vision of providing more protection to the vehicles became a reality of the company named the car cover world. The company manufactures every kind of cover for every type of vehicle. The car cover world works on certain principles that are honesty, service, and integrity. These are the principles guided by Charlie Watson that he learned from his experience in the military. Though after he retires from the company. The company is still in family hands. The company is now managed by Mr. Charlie Watson's daughter and son in law.

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Accessorize your car with the Car Cover World

Are you a fan of cars and their accessories and are searching for some amazing products and accessories for your products? You are then probably in the correct place, and this can be the end of your search. The car cover world sells the greatest quality product and is a very famous company in the U.S. well known for its covers and accessories. Here is all the information you need to know about the company.

About Car Cover World:

The company has a brilliant and positive motive that is to satisfy their customers with the best quality products, to give them the products at the lowest rates, and to provide the best customer service possible.

The car cover world sells every product required for the protection and maintenance of your car. Here is the list of items available on the site.

Car covers-

The most needed product for the protection of your car is the car cover. There are covers available for almost every car and every model. You can choose car covers based on your requirements. There is a single layer cover available and also a multilayer cover. The company gives you multiple color options.

Also, every cover has a different warranty policy. Some have a 4-year warranty policy, while some have a 3-year warranty policy. The company's motives are to satisfy its customers, and so the covers are designed in ways that it does not harm the vehicle in anyways. The covers are also soft to touch and have a paint protection layer, U.V. rays protection layer on it.

Seat covers

The second item on the list sold by the car cover world is seat covers. The company gives you several choices with the color of the seat cover. There are some similar qualities that every seat cover shares; they are- every seat cover is water-resistant, durable. All the covers are breathable, so there will be no harm to the seats. You have a choice in heavy and light cover.

The cover has a double and triple stitch, which makes it hard to tear. The other best thing about buying the seat cover from the car cover world is that these covers are easy to wash at home. Also, they are suitable for kids and dogs.

The designs and patterns are customized, which will make it more attractive.


The car cover world also sells accessories for cars and other vehicles. The car accessories are divided into two categories they are:-

  • Interior accessories- accessories are special accessories for the prior protection of the car. The interior accessories include- windshield sunshade, car bras, front end masks, floor mats, cargo mats, dashboard covers, canine covers. There are covers available for all the parts of the car. To give full protection to the interior parts of the car. You can choose the material and color of the product according to your choice. The company gives numerous options for color and maximum warranty for every product.
  • Cover accessories- The cover accessories include storage bags, locks, fabric samples. For providing more choices to the customers, the company also provides the customers with the custom option even on accessories. The storage bags are, however, dust-free and compact, have a drawstring, which makes them easy to use, lightweight, and is durable. The locks are made to keep your vehicle secure. The locks are weatherproof and come with dual keys. In case you lost one, you will have another. The clamps are, however, adjustable.
  • Specialty covers-  the company does not only make the car cover but also make the truck and cab covers, which are also of the same quality with numerous color options and a warranty, return, and refund policy. The company also makes convertible covers.

This is the amazing collection of the car cover world with a satisfying price and amazing quality. The rates are accepted all over the world, but if still not in your budget, you can use the car cover world discount code to avail amazing discounts on your purchase.

Car cover world military discount:

The company car cover world is owned by a military man, who spends his 30 years of life serving his country. The company honors every military man, and so to give them a little tribute, they have a discount for a military person and their family. The company offers a 10% discount for military people. To avail, the discount coupon, all you have to do is to provide your military id or to provide your veteran id. Your id will be saved in the files so you can enjoy the discount coupon easily, even in the future.

The company welcomes all the active military people with open arms, whether they are navy, army officers, coast guard, or U.S. marine guards. The military discount has no expiry dates. The coupon is available all year as the company wishes to support military people and their families all year.

Car Cover World Special Discounts:

The car cover world sells the greatest quality products at the lowest prices possible, but still, if you find the products expensive or you have to buy lots of items that do not fit in your budget, you can use the car cover world discount code to avail discount on your purchase 12 months a year. 

Car Cover World Shipping policy:

The company car cover world does not keep off the shelf products. The products are customized and take time to manufacture. Each product has its own time of production.

The car cover world provides free delivery in a maximum of 48 hours in but only in the U.S. states. All the orders are delivered through FedEx ground and UPS. The company also provides its customers overnight and two days delivery policy for expedited shipping. But all the products are customized and take time for preparation.

The company also ships its products in other 45 countries except for the U.S. countries. The shipping charges are included for international delivery, which also includes all the import taxes that the government introduced.

Car Cover World Reviews:

Nora- I purchased the cover a few days ago. First of all, the delivery was very fast, and the vest part was free of cost. Secondly, the cover and its quality are great. It fits perfectly on the seat and is easy to remove and install. Also, all the details about washing and maintenance are written perfectly, which is easy to read and understand. But also I would like to suggest the company give the license plate window with the cover.

Arturito- I had purchased a cover for my car around two years ago, and the cover is still the same. I never had difficulty in installing or removing it. I wash the cover often, which is also very easy. I did not know how to do so, so I took help from the manual given with the cover. I also want to appreciate the customer care team; they give perfect advice, and they are always available to answer.

Denver- at first, I found the covers very expensive, but I have heard so much about the company and its incredible quality products, so I decided to ignore the rates and to purchase the cover for my car. Later I came to know about the car cover world discount code, which helped me to avail the amazing discount on my cover without any sale going on. I also want to mention the cover quality is amazing, and I highly recommend it.

Why Should You Buy from the Car Cover World?

Best quality product:

The company sells the greatest quality product in the USA. And the products are automotive protected that are rarely available in the market today. All the products are tagged with a manufacturing warranty, and the company states itself responsible for every product they sell and ship. The company motives to satisfy its customers.

Product expertise:

The company promises to provide the best customer care service and sales support to its customers. The car cover world is well known for its amazing service, products, and expertise. The staff appointed in the company is well educated and knowledgeable. They have been handling the customers for over 16 years for everything from the cover choice to maintenance.

Are wet covers okay to use on vehicles?

Yes, you can use a wet cover to cover your car. As all the covers are customized and are made up of fit fabrics, they are okay to use. The covers are breathable, and one should not fear for moisture or if vapor gets trapped under the cover. The covers serve no harm to your vehicles. If there is moisture in the air, the vapor particles will go and evaporate in the air directly through the cover without harming your vehicle at all. But if the weather is very cool, there are chances that the cover freezes and sticks to your car. You should take care while taking the cover off as it may tear off if it freezes.

The best way to fold a car cover?

When you order a car cover, you will get an instruction sheet along with the cover. You can easily learn how to fold a car cover through the cover. You have to fold each side up to the roof and then fold it again up to the roof. The material will be 2 feet wide after two folds. Then starting from the back, fold the cover to the front side in about 3 feet. In this way, the cover will not be dragged on the surface of the vehicle; the process is also easy to reverse.

How to use the discount coupon?

The discount coupons provided by a company car cover world are easy to use. All you have to do is to purchase the item you want, and while you pay there, a special column will appear. You will have to fill it with the coupon code you have, and you will avail the discount on your item. You can use the military discount code or car cover world discount code to have a discount on your purchase.

Are the covers easy and safe to use in windy areas?

If you live in a windy area, you should buy a heavy car cover for your vehicle as, like other fabrics, the cover is also susceptible to windy areas. Heavy covers are much suited and recommended for windy areas, and also they are more likely to remain on the car. Also, in some areas where the tie-down has been noticed, the company suggests buying a gust guard cover. Also, the damage was done from a storm or wind and is not covered in the warranty policy. For the sake of its customers, the company mentions this clearly in the warranty policy. The customer over is requested to read all the details.

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