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About dbrand

dbrand is a Canadian company based in Toronto that started in the year 2011. It first came into existence by providing skin for iPhone4. The name dbrand is derived from the concept of 'debranding' a phone. This is a notion that fits well for all sections of society. People who are unaware of what a skin is. Well, they are precisely cut vinyl wraps that are fitted to a device for customization. With time it has upgraded itself to provide cases and screen protectors alongside skins. The probability that you never heard the name of the dbrand is high and justified. The brand is not involved in the direct advertisement as much. Their only channel for reaching out to customers is through tech YouTubers. The employees of dbrand are called 'robots,' and they are like a small universe on their own. The brand is known to use unrefined humor to engage with its customer. This is evident in all its social media pages, which has attracted a lot of audiences. The brand also comes up with a dbrand discount code from time to time.

dbrand Shopping Tips

Apart from the statutory rights of cancellation, a customer cannot cancel an order once placed. Because of the customized nature of the products sold by dbrand, the products cannot be returned or exchanged unless authorized by the brand. Refunds could be provided to customers if the product was damaged before delivery to you. The product does not have the custom logo or other artwork the product promises or as requested by the customer. The user has to contact customer support as early as possible and promptly about the reasons for a refund through the customer support contact details. The 'robots' will look into the faults and decide the refund. The refunds for such circumstances with unopened and unused products are eligible for a refund. The refund amount initiated is an amount minus the shipping fees, handling fees, customs duties, and taxes.

Dbrand Discount Code & Promo Codes (Sep.2022)

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Popular dbrand Coupon Codes

% OFF Discount Title
$39.90 Deal Get ONEPLUS 8 GRIP CASE at only $39.90
$39.90 Deal Get ONEPLUS 8 PRO GRIP CASE at only $39.90
$39.90 Deal Get ONEPLUS NORD GRIP CASE at only $39.90
$39.90 Deal Get ONEPLUS 8T GRIP CASE at only $39.90
$39.90 Deal Get ONEPLUS 9 GRIP CASE at only $39.90

The dbrand is a company known for selling customized skins, cases, and screen protectors in partnership with Zack "JerryRigEverything" Nelson. According to the attached device, all these items come in different pastels and colors with a fascinatingly well-designed preview. The most popular companies to which it provides its services are Apple, Google, Nintendo, Oneplus, Samsung, PlayStation, Xbox, Huawei, Razer, Alienware, ZTE, Xiaomi, Tesla, SteelSeries, Sony, Redmi, Pebble Technology, Nextbit, Motorola, Microsoft, Maingear, LG, Komplett, Lenovo, Jull labs, Intel, HTC, eluktronics, Eve-Tech, Dell, Asus, Anker, and Audio-Technica. The dbrand products find their use in smartphones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, and also headset wearables. The skins come with ultimate scratch protection, which is 0.23 mm thin and easy to apply. The cases have military-grade impact protection, with revolutionary grips and tactile buttons.

In 2017 dbrand surprised its customers by selling a limited number of boxes on boxing day for $5. And in 2019, it upgraded itself from boxes to Rubik's cubes inside a box on boxing day.

The application and installation of dbrand products can be viewed from different youtube channels as tutorials. The dbrand also has a separate installation page with a grid view of the different sets of products it endorses. Click on it to know more about the installation process.

dbrand free shipping:

The brand works closely with Aramex and FedEx and other logistic services depending on your country to provide door to door delivery, with no customs delays or additional fees. These premium logistics have effective customer support to make it easy for customers. The working process of these logistic services varies with each other. While FedEx assures shipment delivery within 3-5 business days, Aramex assures delivery of shipment within 5-12 business days with tracking of shipment. Because of the high popularity and the massive number of packages FedEx ships, it provides free shipping of dbrand products to all its customers across the world. For anything you buy for $19.95 (the base price for any dbrand product), you will have free shipping with FedEx. For Aramex logistics, however, they provide free shipping on shopping for an amount of $25 and above. A general product is for $19.95, so one can check out the $5 extras and add them to the cart to get free shipping.

dbrand skin discount code:

dbrand comes up with a dbrand skin discount code for its customers on occasions from time to time. The discount generally ranges from 20% to 30%. This dbrand discount code is conveyed through the respective mail address of the users. These vary seasonally and are dependent on dbrand for the timing of such a possibility. So it is best to keep your notifications on for dbrand incoming mails. But one can assume that on public occasions like new year, Christmas, Halloween, and similar events, they come up with these discounts. 

dbrand discount code Reddit

dbrand has a very active online activity over Reddit. And rightly so because Reddit is now officially the front page of the internet. But on Reddit, you will not find any discount code referrals or coupons. On Reddit, the so-called 'robots' of dbrand inform you about the ongoing availability of discounts or sales through their official Reddit page. This is a post made for users to make them aware of the ongoing sale, check their respective email addresses for further details, and redeem the discount codes. Do note that these are limited to a limited number of days, which is also mentioned in the post. So you got to hurry and better be updated with the posts of dbrand on Reddit, discount news, and a lot of humorous content. The dbrand discount code that Reddit mentions also has a discount range of 20% to 30%.

dbrand discount on Amazon:

On amazon, dbrand has its special share of discount coupons. These coupons generally provide a discount within the range of 5% to 10%. However, the coupons are not applicable for all the dbrand products on amazon. It is limited to a few products depending on the season, demand, and various other marketing factors, for redeeming these coupons. One has to tick the coupon checkbox while ordering. If one is on the coupon home page, they can tap on 'view item' to be redirected to the coupon landing page or the product detail page. The coupon landing page has the product detail and the associated coupon with it. One has to add the item to the cart or subscribe and 'save for subscription' coupons. Then finally, these coupons are automatically applied during purchase.

There are certain terms and conditions associated with the coupon codes in amazon. One should look into them before purchasing. The common conditions include a limited period of these coupons, and the coupon code is valid for only one customer per purchase among various others.

dbrand international shipping:

As mentioned before, there are two main logistic services for the shipping of dbrand products. Aramex and FedEx. The shipping policies for both these logistic services are not similar. But you are guaranteed fast, secure, and trackable delivery of your shipment. It has been stated that FedEx promised 3 to 5 business days, and Aramex promises 5 to 12 business days for the delivery of the product. This is also valid for international shipments, and so is the free shipping policy.

There is also a slight variation in the working process of the time duration between the warehouse to your doorstep. For FedEx, it takes a maximum of 24 hours often as little as 12 hours for the shipment to be packed and made ready from the time of order. For Aramex, it takes a maximum of 72 hours and often as little as 12 hours to get the shipment packed and ready from the order's time.

But for both these logistic services as soon as the package has been scanned at the respective headquarter. You will receive a confirmation of shipping with a tracking link. It is nothing new that users are glued to the tracking process form time to time to see the checkpoints crossed. And in no time the product will be in your doorstep.

The above dates mentioned could vary for different countries.

dbrand student discount:

There is no mention of providing dbrand discount code for students, and neither is there a mention that there are no dbrand student discount codes. There have been several discussions about this matter across social media platforms and Reddit. The conclusion that one can come up to is that there are no dbrand student discount promo codes. Maybe because these are add-ons to the gadgets and not the software or gadget itself, so one can only find a maximum of 30% discount through the promo codes. But even as a student they have to wait for the perfect time to avail such discounts.

dbrand referral:

As of now, dbrand does not have any referral or affiliate program for customers. Although there are affiliate links for tech YouTubers depending on who the YouTuber is and how vast their following is.  

But, Customers will be delighted to know that dbrand conducts giveaways from time to time on their website. A certain brand or brands are chosen for the giveaway. But one will only receive any one of the brands that are given away. The giveaway is spanned over the twitter and Instagram platforms to enter the lucky draw competition. Follow @ZacksJerryRig and @dbrand on both twitter and Instagram to get updated news about them and increase the chances of winning. The winners are selected randomly using a custom python script. So do not lose out on such a fascinating opportunity and follow dbrand to stand a chance of winning the latest phone with skins completely for free. The winners have to tweet a photo of the phone and tag both the addresses mentioned. This will help dbrand know that the item has been received.

Returns, Refund Policy, Shopping Tips:In case a product does not reach the customer within the stipulated time of delivery. The customer should contact customer support from the contact form. In case the shipment is lost, the product will be reshipped to make sure the customer gets hold of the product. In scenarios like this, dbrand does not provide any refunds because the issue of delivery is totally out of their control.

The customer should also keep in mind that under no circumstances is dbrand liable to any kind of direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, or punitive losses or damages.

As for the shopping tips, its ‘how-to’ page and humorous FAQ section give an artistic and practical idea about the product.

dbrand reviews:

dBrand promises 99?curacy of the product internals. This promise has been kept over the years without any compromise. Never has there been any complaints about the problems of compatibility with the device. Rather there have been heaves of praise for its superior grip, protection, and technical tactics.

As you can understand, dbrand is a modern-day site with exciting features and characteristics to fall for. Firstly it is not involved in direct marketing. The only place it is marketed is via tech YouTubers. This says a lot about the product quality. Yes, they do get a percentage of commission. But no Youtuber ever links with products with no positive returns, reducing their customer base.

Have we already mentioned the sense of humor dbrand possesses? The mention of it certainly falls below the amount of fun it involves in all its social media platforms and the frequently asked question page. This is truly like a breath of fresh air.  This has particularly attracted the audience, and they enjoy every bit of it.

Dbrand stays highly engaged with the rising audience with over 1.3 million Twitter and 1 million Instagram followers. The provision of frequent dbrand discount code, giveaways, and something out of the box like the boxing day incident has made this a fan-favorite among the customers. This unconventional brand with a blend of traditional and latest marketing strategies is refreshing and a way forward for many brands to follow.

Is the product shipped to my country?

Yes, all dbrand products are shipped worldwide across every country except North Korea.

I still have questions!

Send us an email, and we'll be sure to delete it. / We're not surprised.

Can the products be mixed and matched with other devices?

You may try and see, but the products are made with specific measurements of the device you choose. So it is highly unlikely that it will match other devices. But it may match with other versions of the intended device, provided the measurements are the same.

What if my dog eats my dbrand products after you've stopped selling it?

Not sure, but your dog has excellent taste.

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