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Globally acclaimed as one of the largest and sprawling communities for creative professionals, Domestika is the one-stop destination for creative learning, knowledge and skill enhancement, and professional development. Founded by Julio G. Cotorruelo in 2002, Domestika has it headquarter in San Francisco. Here, creative individuals showcase their projects, learn, teach, and coach, learn in groups and communities and interact with fellow professionals and seek employment. Domestica is known for its well-structured and designed courses, lead by professionals who have tremendous expertise in that particular domain. One can check out the course curriculum on the Domestica website, check the eligibility criteria, and may redeem a Domestika discount code of a gift coupon or referral coupon to sign in and register.

Domestika Shopping Tips

Those who have purchased the course through the app and have processed their payments through Apple and Google Play. So in these cases, one needs to process the refund through these portals. If someone wishes to exchange the purchased course with another, he may need to do it within 14 days from the date of purchase. To do this, the user must contact Domestica through the form indicating the email one uses in Domestika, the correct and full names of the courses: the one he wants to exchange and the one he wants to take. In the form, the buyers must also state the reason for this exchange.

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Popular Domestika Coupon Codes

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54% Discount Deal Get Music Production: Discover the Secrets of a Great Song course with 54% discount
54% Discount Deal Get Character Design: Illustrate an Expressive Creature course with 54% discount
77% Discount Deal Get Modern Watercolor Techniques course with 77% discount
77% Discount Deal Get Illustration Techniques to Unlock your Creativity with 77% discount
76% Discount Deal Get Professional Photography for Instagram course with 76% discount

The popular courses available on Domestica portal are on:


There are various types of illustration courses available with Domestica, which one can opt for. From drawing, watercolors and sketching at the beginners' level to portrait with graphite pencil, adobe illustrator courses, figure drawings, and digital portraits with Photoshop, everything is offered here at Domestica. Basis one's interest, liking, and bandwidth; the creative individual can take up any of the courses and enhance their skills and expertise.

Photography and Video

This is one of the most popular and trending domains among all the courses offered by Domestica. Those who have a passion and knack for photography and videography can choose to join courses on professional photography for Instagram, Adobe Photoshop for photographers, video editors, professional mobile photography videos, editing Instagram stories, Adobe Premiere Pro, scriptwriting for movies and television and digital photography. These courses are idyllic and very effective for budding photographers, videographers, movie cinematographers, and video bloggers, and graphic designers.

Calligraphy and Typography

Calligraphy and Typography are special talents, and many people develop a knack for this right from a very young age. Typography is the skill and expertise of positioning letters and text in a way that makes the copy decipherable, readable, and graphically attractive to the reader. Calligraphy is decorative handwriting art and makes the copy look attractive and exclusive. As both the artform might interests people from a young age, there are quite a few courses at the beginners' level. Such as brush calligraphy for beginners, Italic scripts with brush pen, typographic compositions, and digital lettering for beginners. For professionals and enthusiasts, there are advanced courses at Domestica, like a Logo design with cursive lettering, brush lettering, lettering with procreate, illustration and ornamentation of posters, foundational typography, micro typography, calligraphy with a ruling pen and design and screen printing of the popular Peruvian Art.

Marketing and Business

Among all the professional courses, this branch is the most effective one, particularly in seeking a job. Right from courses on community management, professional photography for Instagram, brand strategy, content creation and editing for Instagram, to social media, digital media, online business, copywriting, storytelling, SEO and SEM; every course is useful in sharpening the professional skills for augmenting career goals in the right direction.

3D and Animation

Graphic designers, illustrators, and digital media experts can opt for courses like 4D character creation, After Effects, gaming, Animation for typographic compositions, Autodesk Maya, 3D Design and Printing, and Adobe Animate. These courses help to refine the skills and expertise of professionals as well as embed new skills and develop passion among budding professionals.


Designing is a classical art form, and with new technology and innovation, the concept of design has gone through complete refinement. Nowadays, many people take up design as their career choices and excel in space vivaciously. Domestica has thought about them and has quite a few courses to promote their interests. They are courses on Logo design, brand design, CNC router furniture design, interior design, graphic design, architectural visualization, and vector illustrations. To make these courses prolific, significant, and effective, Domestica also offers compressed courses as an introduction to various software like Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, UX Design, AutoCAD, and Adobe XD.


Vocational craft courses are also catered by Domestica, which encompass Tattoo art, woodwork, textile illustrations, concrete furniture creation, toy making, ceramics making, fashion painting, frame-making, and various hand-kneaded stitches like embroidery, cross-stitch, and crochet work. They are all professional courses and offers good employment scope for all.

Architecture and Spaces

Those who have a liking for interior designing, house décor, furniture visualization, and architecture can spread their wings, learn, develop, and establish themselves professionally. Right from elementary courses of architectural sketches, interior designing and furniture making; one can also take up advanced courses on 3D architectural design with AutoCAD and modeling, designing of spaces, 3D Studio Max, design of miniature CGI sets and visual merchandising and enhance their knowledge, skill, competency and exposure for lucrative employment. 


Domestica also offers some top-notch technology courses for high-grade professionals to upscale in a job or take a lift in their professional space. Advanced level courses on Ableton Live, Creation of a Professional Website with WordPress, Web Development with HTML and CSS, data visualization, games design, and introductory courses on software like Adobe XD, UX Design, JavaScript, PHP Web Development and WordPress are open for all. Identify the knack, choose the appropriate course, and just go for it!

Domestika Free Courses

Nowadaysthe positive influence that an online community offers has become all the more important and relevant, considering the global pandemic situation. In today's scenario, staying at home is the best and most preferred choice for all of us, and to promote and encourage this, Domestica offers a plethora of free online courses for all. One can learn to create animated short films in 3D for Social Media platforms and showcase to the world, or develop a skill for food photography, learn illustrations and designs, lettering for Instagram, designing of decorative pieces with sequins. All these courses are free of any cost, and anyone can take them up without any registration process.

Domestica Pro

Being a Domestica Pro is a luxury and an absolute privilege. By being a Pro, the member is made a part of the best creative online community and empowered to learn, enhance their skill, and develop and evolve professionally. Besides, a Domestica Pro enjoys quite a few benefits like 

  • Additional 20% Discounts on Course Fees
  • Certificates of Attendance in soft and hard copies
  • Unlimited Connect with creative communities for knowledge sharing and jobs
  • News Update and PRO member's newsletter

Domestika Free Trial

There are, as such, no free trial courses available on Domestica, but they have a series of Open courses for all. These courses comprise a set of potentials that is apposite for all individuals and is not connected to any explicit eligibility criteria. Those who are Domestica Pro members can take up these open courses for free. Every month one can find two or more splendid open courses on board, and Pro members will be able to experience all these course teachings for free during that particular month. If any user has a passion for a particular course and wishes to keep that course for a lifetime, one can have admittance to the course's private community, learning materials, and get a certificate, for just US$ 9.90.

The open courses at Domestica are on artisanal basketwork, copywriting for entrepreneurs, photography, illustrations, animations, website, and pictogram design.                                                                   

Domestika Courses Discount Code

All the courses on Domestica are currently on offers and showcase lucrative discounts. Be it on designing, illustration, technology or calligraphy or marketing, and business; every course fee is on a 70—78% discount. Domestica is a global community and always dreams of expanding their network universally. By making the courses affordable and within the capacity of all, Domestica aims at mounting the community of creative professionals worldwide. 

Domestika Gift Code

Wise and constructive gifts make the intention noble, and nothing can surpass the idea of gifting knowledge and scope of learning. Often it happens, that a person is muddled about what to give, may not have complete certainty about which can be the best choice for gifting. At Domestica, one can find a plethora of choices. The classic Domestica gift card is ideal as a present so that the recipient can select the course that suits him or her the best or course packages with the most appropriate selection created by Domestika. Moreover, one can also have access to Domestika discount codewhich can be redeemed to extract lucrative rebates on course fees.

Domestika Student Discount

There are plenty of promo codes available on the internet that enable the buyer to enjoy as high as 95% discounts in any of the Domestica courses. In addition to the promo codes, Domestika has a clearance section on their website where they run amazing student discounts, price rebates, and other offers for all the members. The best place to find these Domestika concessions is on the sales and clearance page of their official website, which is One can buy Domestica discounts coupons from various online marketing sites such as Reddit. This website promotes heavy discount coupons for Domestica, and the user can redeem as per the legit terms and conditions.

 Domestika Bundle Discount

Amazingly at Domestica, one can learn with the top creatives in each domain and share the ideas like a pro. Domestica offers to choose three courses on sale on the current day and get an additional 30% reduction. One can customize and create their bundles. The learner can opt for three online courses, practice, improve, enhance their skills, and get guided by leading domain experts. One can lift their design and illustration abilities, polish their creative skills, and upgrade the technological know-how. From digital marketing, creative copywriting, web design to interior designing, portrait illustrations, painting, sketching, and video editing, and three can be clubbed to form a personalized bundle. Domestica offers amazing deals on course bundles.

At Domestika, one can find preferments in course packages so that they learn can rejoice an extra discount by buying more than one course at the same time on an explicit software, technique, or creative space. At Domestica, the learner can find. In the list of course bundles that you check here, one can find pre-fixed bundles that already selected courses, or there is a luxury of the learners where they can customize the bundles. One can select the number of courses appropriate to the bundle from a series. This collection of courses cannot be revised; that is, one cannot enhance a course to the bundle that is not in the Domestica list.

Refund and Exchange Policy

At Domestica, one can request a refund within 14 days from the date of purchase of a course. If the user has purchased the course from the official website of Domestica, he or she may apply for the refund with the form indicating the email one uses at Domestika, the order ID, and the reason for the reimbursement.

How to sign up for a course at Domestica

To sign up for any of the Domestica courses, one needs to register or log in with the Domestika profile, go to the course section and choose the preferred ones. After adding it in the cart, one should purchase it with the preferred payment method.

Can one ask for a partial refund at Domestica?

Domestica doesn't give part reimbursements, so if a user has had this issue and have not removed the incorrect course(s) from the cart before paying for it, then he or she can go for a complete exchange or ensue for total recompense of the order and make a brand new purchase.

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