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PROMO CODE Coupon Free 100mb of Data
PROMO CODE Coupon Up to 100GB Free Data When You Register For Flexiroam X
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PROMO CODE Coupon Free Data
PROMO CODE Coupon 100MB Free Global Roaming Data


FLEXIROAM is a global communication company that provides data roaming services across the globe. FLEXIROAM today serves more than 130 countries and expanding. This leading servicing company was first found in the year 2011 by CEO Jefrey Ong with the goal of rapid growth and global expansion. FLEXIROAM has become a preferred service for consumers and IoT devices worldwide.

FLEXIROAM is an asset-light and independent company that facilitates using inter-network collaboration. FLEXIROAM's core capabilities are useful in research and development, scalable consumer app development, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence.

Traveling worldwide, along with staying connected, has never been an easy task for a frequent traveler. There are plenty of ways to stay connected to your people; subscribing to International data roaming plans or Switching SIM cards in every country you visit, or risk your privacy by connecting to a wireless network in hotels or cafes. Just like everything else, these also have their pros and cons. Subscribing to International data roaming plans: Have you seen their prices? It is so huge that affording one would be hectic. Physically switching SIM cards on your mobile device: It doesn't sound like an efficient plan. Using wireless network (Wi-Fi): And risk your privacy to the hacker around the corners. No, not. Put all these to rest because we have FLEXIROAM now!

FLEXIROAM is a versatile network providing services for over 500 network operators worldwide. FLEXIROAM has become the famous solution to keep you connected while traveling for a vacation and to business internationally without being stuck. Users have the freedom to choose from various global and local plans as per their requirements. FLEXIROAM discount code has made it possible for tons of people out there to switch to FLEXIROAM as their primary network data service provider.

Flexiroam is the best solution for your data roaming and global internet connectivity. One can roam in 140+ countries by using only one SIM card.

FLEXIROAM is an international roaming service that enables members across to FlexiRoam's voice and data networks while handling Overseas. FlexiRoam lets you choose your plans depending on the place that you wish to visit. FlexiRoam also recommends the best plan for you as per your requirement. By using FlexiRoam products like eSIM, a new generation SIM card that requires no physical hardware.

FLEXIROAM X is a service that lets the FLEXIROAM X Microchip provide customer access to Flexiroam roaming services. FLEXIROAM X Microchip is a SIM Microchip introduced to the members on a limited basis to gain full access to global data networks.

FLEXIROAM X App is a mobile application available to the members to control and utilize the data services by FLEXIROAM. This application has also made it possible for the members to renew or cancel their plans anytime they wish. The Flexiroam discount code's availability has made it easy for users to utilize the best global or local plans at an affordable price. Flexiroam discount code has turned into an advantage for the existing members as well as the new users. 

With Flexiroam, your phone will keep you connected on the best signal by automatically switching between the strongest networks at your destination. A smart servicing network that local SIM card fails to provide.

Amazing deals on FLEXIROAM with Amazon: 

Amazon has been a platform for easy access to shop for FLEXIROAM SIM cards. One can get an instant 10% Flexiroam discount with AU Bank Debit cards. You can avail of this FLEXIROAM discount code by using an eligible card and purchasing products worth 1,000 rupees or more. 

FLEXIROAM does not fail to attract new members and existing customers by offering discounts and various offers that no consumer would want to miss.

Flexiroam has also come up with cashback offers if payment is made by Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card for prime-members (Amazon). Not a prime-member? Do not worry; FLEXIROAM also made it possible for regular members to get 3?shback using the same card.

Do you not have a credit or debit card? No worries, you can get a 10% discount on FLEXIROAM products and up to 150 rupees cashback by using Amazon pay UPI as your payment gateway.

Note cashback only if the transaction is successful.

FLEXIROAM Return policy:

Return policies last for 30 days after purchase. If 30 days have passed since your purchase and you want to return the product, unfortunately, we won't return or exchange in this case. If you wished to return or exchange your product with FLEXIROAM, your item must be unused and should be in the same condition as it was delivered. It must also be packed inside the original package.

If the product delivered to you is broken or damaged and you wish to return it, you could drop us an email along with the receipt or proof of purchase. In the case of replacement, you could do it from your mobile devices. Visit your account and go to the support tab and select the replacement. The user must fill the form for the replacement of the SIM/Microchip.

FLEXIROAM Refund Policy: 

Flexiroam does not approve of a refund if the services are purchased by accident. If the unused data has been canceled in the middle of your validity period, it will not be refunded in your account or compensated in the form of a flexiroam discount code. If you cannot use your data plan after purchasing, you could ask for a refund, and the full amount paid would be credited into your FLEXIROAM wallet.


Customers mostly leave their experiences on how FLEXIROAM has changed their traveling experiences altogether. Most of the members have started using FLEXIROAM because of its vast availability across the globe. The various global and local plans they were free to choose from have been a big change while traveling overseas. Whether it's for vacation or business purposes, FLEXIROAM data services can go a long way. Flexiroam discount code has attracted so many new customers to access our services. However, there has also been some negative criticism of it being expensive and mentioning it as a lifetime investment. The SIM card validity is for a lifetime, but you get to choose from our plans to access data services. 

FLEXIROAM is also recommended to a bunch of people around the world in customer reviews.

Customers appreciate the fact that flexiroam is fast and efficient. It’s 24/7 customer services has been applauded as well. The availability of the flexiroam discount code makes the customer rave about their experience with FLEXIROAM. 

How does it work?

How does a FLEXIROAM X Microchip or SIM card works? First, you need to place the Microchip on your existing SIM card so you can switch between the existing network or the FLEXIROAM network. When you travel, switch to the Flexiroam network so that you could enjoy fast and efficient network services in different countries. 

One can also control the settings to utilize every benefit FLEXIROAM has to provide by FLEXIROAM X App. The cancellation and renewal of your data plan could be made within the app. Not to mention you could also earn an extra 100MB by referring your friends to FLEXIROAM. You would be immediately credited with 100MB if your friends used the link you provided to switch to the FLEXIROAM network.


How do you know that your data has been activated?

Activation of your data starts from when you register the SIM card after getting the physical SIM card in hand. You can also check for activation on FLEXIROAM X App. If your SIM card is not activated, you could do it manually on your mobile device. For IoS devices, you must change the settings with your cellular or mobile data networks to "flexiroam" and restart your device. For android, You must repeat the same procedure. For any other doubts or instructions, you could always ask Adam In the chatbox.

Is this a SIM card or Microchip?

Flexiroam being the leading company for providing data services worldwide it provides both microchips and SIM cards. It is better to convey your choice immediately after your order.

Which phone number will be displayed after switching to the Flexiroam X SIM card?

After switching to the Flexiroam network, you can verify your number to activate with the service provider. Hence, the verified number would be displayed while someone wishes to get connected with you.

How should I contact Customer Care Services?

Flexiroam provides 24/7 support to the customers. You can clear your doubts by having a friendly chat with Adam In the chatbox. For any further complications, you could always mail us at support@flexiroam.com.

Do we need to recharge it?

Yes, you do need to renew your data plans if you wish to continue using data services. Luckily, with the flexiroam discount code, you can avail of discounted rates on global and local plans on your data services. You can recharge your data services according to your requirements. Fortunately, FLEXIROAM also recommends the best plans according to your needs. If in confused about which plans to purchase, FLEXIROAM will do it for you instead. It will calculate and fetch efficient and affordable plans for your travel needs.