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Fluker Farm is an initiation by Richard Fluker, a passionate man crazy about fishing. Concerning the sport of catching fish, he came up with the idea of cricket as bait for the fishing hobbyist. Fishing is very common, a hobby in the south of the United States of America. The company started in the year of 1953, as Fluker Cricke Farms, Inc. in southern Louisiana. Today, it is the national leader producing live cricket as a bait for the fish. In the fifty years of its service, it has expanded its horizons from fish bait to feeder animals and reptiles. This is a company that is strong and always willing to grow, a striking breakthrough keeping in mind the concerns of animal lovers. In the late 1980s, Richard Fluker realized the importance of adding other live feeding animals apart from cricket, as baiting needs. This project started in a 500 square building with modest interests in mind of providing the healthiest and hardest feeding animals on the market. After expanding and perfecting the live insect feeders, Fluke Farms focused its interests on reptiles and the intensive care of the reptiles for reptile hobbyists.  

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Products by Fluker Farms:

After primarily starting as a farm for providing crickets as bait for fish, the farm has come a long way in providing a host of strong, large, and healthiest feeder animals for fish, prey for birds, and reptiles. The list of feeder animals includes live cricket, soldier worms, live hornworms, live mealworms, flightless fruitflies,  hissing cockroaches, and live super worms. Crickets are offered in quantities of 100-5000, and the sizes range from 3/16th of an inch to 1 inch. Mealworms are available in either medium or large sizes, and the quantity offered is within 250-5000. Superworms, on the other hand, are only available in large sizes, and one can purchase a quantity of  100-1000. Hissing cockroaches are available in juvenile and big sizes and have to be purchased as each cockroach. These feeder animals can be ordered online from the website, and flukers coupon is also available fro time to time to give you a healthy discount on the purchase of the products.

For all the reptile enthusiasts, it is vital to keep the reptiles with the vital doses of vitamins and minerals in their daily diet while in captivity. No worries as Flukers are here to provide that daily dose of nutrients. The farm has a bunch of calcium, phosphorous, and vitamin products that are perfect for dusting them over their live feed meals. Apart from the dust products, the farm has liquid calcium and vitamins for the necessary supplements to provide a healthy and prolonged lifetime.

Flukers offer a long list of accessories to maintain a balance in the habitats of reptiles and amphibians as a pet. The list of accessories comprises of bamboo bars, de-chlorinator, eco cleaners, repta-leash, hygrometer, super scrubs, terrarium gauges, sprayers, thermometer, repta-waterers, measuring tube with a funnel and a few more.

  • Bamboo bars serve the purpose of a more natural environment for your reptile or amphibians. This spring-loaded bar is perfect for your pet to go for a climb.
  • Dechlorinator, as the name suggests cleansing the tap water that you are using for the pet.
  • Eco cleaners are specially designed for aquatic animals and amphibians. These are used for eliminating solid waste in the pet to keep them clean and healthy.
  • Repta leash is a product only suitable for reptiles of all sizes. This is a great companion for taking your reptile for a walk thanks to its security, safety, and comfort towards these animals.
  • The hygrometer is a device used to measure the relative humidity within the space in which the reptile or amphibian is kept. It is very important to maintain the proper relative humidity for the hydration of these animals.  If the humidity is too low, you have to increase the moisture by adding live plants, misting daily, or covering the cages with plastic. If the humidity is too high, one has to reduce misting or use water bowls. It is highly recommended to keep updated with the humidity levels.
  • Measuring tube and funnel is a measure to count the feeder insects for the pets accurately.
  • The super scrubs are an organic cleanser to remove dirt and grime from the pets. This comes with an inbuilt brush and is great for keeping the reptiles and amphibians environmentally safe.
  • Repta sprayers are an incredible tool to ensure the reptiles remain moist and misty.

Whether it is aquatic animals, amphibians, or reptiles, they are kept in a shelter that is commonly known as the tank. And it is highly important to take watchful attention towards the tank to ensure a healthy environment for the pet. Lighting is a part of that ambiance to keep them happy. Fluker Farms provides the best lighting fixtures and bulbs for the reptiles, which also come with exciting flukers coupons. These lighting bulbs are scientifically designed to provide a colorful ambiance and maintain the heating necessities for comfortable living inside the tank. There is a long list of bulbs that one can choose from. They are:

  • Basking bulb
  • Nightlight bulb
  • Ceramic heat emitter
  • Daytime blue heating light
  • Mini sun dome
  • Neodymium
  • Premium heat light mat
  • Spotlight bulb
  • Repta clamp lamp with switch
  • Splash-proof bulb
  • Sunspot bulb
  • Fluorescent bulb
  • Sun dome, and
  • Red heat

Fluker farms also have in its store a chunk of habitat products to make the tank more lively and awesome. The options include cribs, beddings, caves, bowls, caverns, liners, and vines.

Fluker farms are one of the very few that are concerned about the wellbeing of these animals. So much so that it also has a section for the diet of these animals. These diets come packed in containers with essential vitamins and nutrients. The diet comes for a host of animals, including a turtle, tortoise, and many more.

Hermit crabs are inexpensive and readily available. They are much more than a novelty collection and are often the first pet for a child. The hermit headquarters of flukers farm is solely available for the best care of these crabs. It has a huge collection of items ranging from food to its environmental well being. These items are a great substitute for the natural intake and surroundings of the hermit crabs.

Fluker Farms Shipping and Refunds

There is a wide variety of shipping options for customers in the online shopping of live insects. There are two logistic services FedEx and USPS. But these logistic services have further classification levels according to their time of delivery and expenses. The FedEx priority overnight is the fastest and the most expensive, with the promise of delivering the item in one business day in transit service. USPS first class mail is the cheapest and can take up to 7 business days for the shipment to arrive. You can also reduce your shipping charges by redeeming the flukers coupon.   Here is the table of these shipping services.

Shipment Service

Estimated time of arrival

Same-day shipment

Shipment for other days of booking

FedEx Overnight Priority/Standard

One day

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


FedEx 2nd day

Two days

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday


FedEx ground

Two days

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday


FedEx home delivery

2- 5 days

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


FedEx express saver

Three days

Monday, Tuesday


USPS first class mail

2-7 days

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


USPS priority mail

2-3 days

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


The live guaranty features of the shipping also have two classifications, one is for the spring/summer/fall, and the other is specifically for winter.

The shipping farm guarantees live delivery of the live insects. If one experiences an issue with credits or loss of insects, then the value of the lost insects are provided. But the cost of shipping is non-refundable and final. Tou have two business days from the receipt of the order to bring up the report of loss. The request for credit for the loss one can call the sales team or use the credit request form.

The live guarantee features during winter are slightly different from the regular ones. The shipping services guarantee the delivery of products when the temperature is as low as 16 degrees. If the temperature is within 0 to15 degrees, the conditions are slightly different. If the temperature is below 0 degrees, then there will be no shipping. Ther are two options for shipping in winter.

  • Shipping without guarantee: this shipping feature is only available for the night time temperature between 0-15 degrees. However, this is not a guaranty of delivery, and there will be no refund available.
  • Hold for weather: If you avail of this option, the order will be held up to 7 days owing to bad weather, and the shipping service will wait for the weather to improve before shipping. However, if the weather does not improve within seven days for the order to be shipped, then the order will be canceled, and the amount will be refunded.

Fluker Farms reviews

Fluker Farms have been a revelation for people who love to spend their time fishing or enjoy to keep amphibians and reptiles as a pet. The farm has been in business for more than 50 years, and it continues to thrive and include different types of products for the care of different pets. This is an indication of the love the customers have bestowed over the farm to make it easy for them to expand on a regular basis. Apart from this, it has a bunch of products that have caught the eyes of the buyers. There are options to make the tank of the pets to fill with accessories and proper technological lighting to give the pets an awesome ambiance. These features are truly loved by the frequent buyers from the farm.

Another feature that is highly reviewed by customers is their many shipping options. The shipping options are classified in a way to fulfill the needs depending on both the budget and timing. If all this was not sufficient, the frequent Availablity of flukers coupon is an added attraction for customers that provide heavy discounts over the products. These coupons are provided from time to time, majorly depending on the season.

What are the contact hours of the customer care service in Fluker Farms?

The office hours can be accessed from Monday to Thursday within the period of 8 am and 4:30 pm as per the central time zone.

How to estimate the shipping charges?

Place the desired product you want to buy in the cart. Following this provides the location of delivery with the zip code, and finally, select the mode of shipping of your choice. This will indicate the charges incurred for shipping.

What is to be done if the shipment of insects arrived appears to be dead?

Suppose the order is made during summer contact the customer care or fills out the credit request form to access the credit if the shipment arrives during winter. Give the insects at least three hours to warm up before reporting. Whenever you receive an order of live insects places them in a warm place but not directly in front of the heater.

Can orders be placed over live operators or mail?

One will not be able to place an order over the live operator because the connection is not secure enough for transmitting sensitive information. As far as ordering over the mail is concerned, you can place your delivery via this mode. However, this is only possible if you have made a purchase before in the company. But this mode of order placing is highly inadvisable.

Does one have to be in their home during the time of delivery?

No, this is no longer required while accepting the delivery. However, during extreme weather, it is highly recommended that the buyer leaves an ice chest container for the driver to place the shipment and keep them protected.

To which states of the United States of America are the orders shipped? Is an international shipment available?

International shipment is not available. Shipment is made to 48 states of the United States of America. The only states where the farm does not ship is Hawai and Alaska.

How to get in touch with Fluker Farms?

You can call the farm at (225) 343-7035, toll-free (800) 735-8537, and fax at (225) 336-0371. The mailing address is: Fluker Farms Customer Care 1333 Plantation Ave Port Allen, LA 70767

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