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Forchics aims to empower beauty in its most modern sense of the word through thoughtful beauty solutions that accentuate individual beauty. At Forchics, it is believed that the lesser, the better it is with – fewer steps, less waste, and fewer things that make people feel insecure. It is about simple and quality products that get the job done. The emphasis is on constantly growing with the customers during their 'buyer's journey' and providing them with helpful solutions. There are also numerous Forchics coupons for customers to choose from. These Forchics coupons will let you buy quality products at a discounted rate. Further, to make matters more exciting, Forchics offer a '60-night satisfaction guarantee, which ensures that you will be issued a full refund with no questions asked if the product does not agree with you.

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Popular Forchics Coupon Codes

% OFF Discount Title
Save $14 Deal Get 3 bottles of Better Than Falsies Mascara at only $55
$10 OFF Deal Get $10 Off when you refer a friend in
Save $45 Deal Get 3 The Lash Bundle kit at only $129
Save $17 Deal Get 2 The Lash Bundle kit at only $99
Save $56 Deal Get 3 The Ultimate Kit at only $199

About ForChics:

At Forchics, the belief is that true beauty comes from within. Therefore, all the products aim to accentuate the customers' natural beauty, empowering them with strength and individuality. No one should compromise their health or principles to look beautiful, and thus, the focus is on keeping the people healthy and magnificent. The products are sustainable, cruelty-free, and top quality. Forchics has already completed a staggering 500,000 orders in a very small amount of time.

Forchics is run by a team of young individuals that are also passionate beauty enthusiasts who believe that beauty routines shouldn't just is something that needs to be done but something one should want to do. Forchics provide email updates and are available on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. These are useful in getting notified about new products and the Forchics coupons that can be used to avail benefits.

The website has recently made changes to its design and business approach while retaining the same prices. Forchics has also delved into affiliate marketing programs, which help its customers earn benefits in the form of Forchics coupons, store credit, or cash as payment for their services.

The products at Forchics range from eyelash enhancing serums (ForLash) to travel bags that will help you carry them. Most of the products carry benefits of Forchics coupons that will help you get a good discount on the products. The prices for eyelash and eyebrow enhancing serums stand at the market's best prices. There are combinations called the 'Bundle Kit' that provide the 'ForLash’ (eyelash) and ‘ForBrow’ (eyebrow) products together.

The other products include 'better than falsies' mascaras and the 'lash lift kit,' which comprises of 1 glue, 4 perm lotions, 5 lift pads, and a cleaning tool. New additions to the Forchics collection is the ForBrow eyebrow fill pen and the Forchics travel case. These products value themselves on being waste-free, organic, and without any harmful chemicals. Certain products are available exclusively through the website. These products might be in limited quantities and are subject to exchange or return, subject to the return policy.

ForChics Student Discounts:

Even though the website does not offer any specific discount in the form of student discounts, it offers the Forchics coupons from time to time, which helps in availing benefits on all the listed products on the site. That being said, some other coupons accumulate sites that market their discounts as 'student discounts' but understand that they are the same discounts the official Forchics site provides.

ForChics Military Discounts:

The Forchics website rarely provides any special category discounts. There are some sites that provide you with certain coupons, but they don't have an effect on the order landing page, making it redundant. However, it is suggested that the engagement to sites is kept at a minimum. Additional information about Forchics' military discounts can be found on the customer service page or FAQ sections. The official homepage can be checked to see if any initiatives have been taken as such to provide the said discounts.

ForChics Special Discounts:

Forchics usually release special discounts in the form of Forchics coupons and Black Friday sales. It is best to check the website before the festive season or any important cultural day to avail of any special offers that might last for a day or two.

ForChics Return Policy:

To be eligible for a return, your item should be in the same condition as one received it. It must also be inside the original packaging, and a photo of the same is to be taken as the website may request you to provide it before the refund process starts. In certain situations, only a partial sum of the original payment shall be refunded.

If the product arrives as damaged or without a seal on the package, it is suggested that you report it within 24 hours so that the ForChics support team can start investigating what went wrong. Several goods are not eligible for a return, like the products for skin and cosmetics (skincare items, masks, serums, and more) as they are to be kept away from heat and sunlight.

ForChics Refund policy:

If the product is not eligible for return and there is still dissatisfaction with the product, a gift card (store credit) shall be given to the customer to purchase anything else from the store.

In some cases, a refund is allowed up to 3 days after purchase, and an email is to be sent to the provided address on the website site. A refund is rarely issued; it is given with the shipping fee excluded, i.e., when it is shipped out, no responsibility shall be taken if the product is damaged, lost, or delayed. However, an email prompt will be responded to with helpful assistance regarding this issue.

In case a refund is somehow issued, and there is a delay in the transfer of the fund, make sure to check twice and then email Forchics if it still has not appeared on your account. Understand that there is a bit of a processing time involved, which can lead to significant delays. Even after waiting for a day or two, the refund is not received, email Forchics again or hit the 'Get in touch' section for more information and contacts.

ForChics Shipping policy:

Forchics store does not take any responsibility for the damage or loss of a product when it is sent for shipping through its delivery agencies. Forchics deliver to the remotest of areas and even military addresses. However, since the entire process is to be done through USPS, it might take 15-20 business days for the products to reach.

If a product return is allowed after passing certain checks, the cost of returning it to the website's shipping address will have to be borne by the customer. It is suggested that if the products accumulate to a value of more than $75, then it should be sent through traceable delivery agencies in the market. This ensures that the goods are not damaged any further or lost before they reach Forchics.

ForChics Free Delivery:

Forchics does not charge any delivery fees on any of its deliveries across the United States.

That being said, free standard shipping accompanies all orders except express orders, for which you might have to incur some extra charges that are non-refundable. Certain promotional items that are marked as free will need the customer only to pay a decided shipping fee to buy the product. However, return-shipping is quite different.

Availing Forchics coupons will not result in the payment of delivery fee as they exempt on any and all products on the website.

ForChics Shopping Tips:

The key tip is to be on the lookout for new releases and their starting prices. The prices on e-commerce tend to inflate whenever there is high demand. Another eye should be on the availability of discounts in the form of Forchics coupons that can be availed on multiple occasions throughout the year. 

There is no scope for cancellation after an order is placed. So, it is suggested that the customer correctly applies the correct offer code at checkout and avail of the benefits. It will not be possible to cancel a previous order and then order newly by applying a code.

ForChics blog:

The website hosts a blog which is regularly updated with new and trending topics in the skincare industry. These blogs are procedural, to the point, and answer most of the queries people have about skincare. Some of the most talked-about topics are on veganism and the improvement of facial features such as eyelashes or eyebrows. Some articles are purely about the facts and myths about the use of various products in the cosmetic industry. During the start of the Covid 19 pandemic, the blog also ventured into helping its readers cope with the new normal and had effective pieces on how to keep morals high during these trying times.

Dietary topics also form a major part of the blog, and the topics are divided according to the different facial features they impact. Most of the articles on the blog are a brief 2-3 minute read and are packed with useful information that help make the choices of skincare products and cosmetics that bit easier.

ForChics Reviews:

People have written very positive and honest reviews of the products on various reviewing websites. Most of them have mentioned that Forchics products have worked for them. The products seemed to have helped a lot of people by healing their empty eyebrow patches and transforming them, while some people have also mentioned the brilliant quality of the mascara.

Forchics have had mixed reviews in recent times due to delays in delivery, and some people have reported having skin problems in the applied areas. They have answered the questions as to the delays and the side effects in their FAQ section, which has provided an answer to the people facing the said problems.

Why Should You Buy from ForChics: 

Forchics is known for its waste-free approach to product making. They market themselves as one of the quality makers of vegan and cruelty-free products in the beauty cosmetics market. The emphasis is one giving your facial features a natural life-up and healing. They provide free delivery on every product within the United States. They are offers on certain products, and one can find two or more products in the form of combo deals as well. One can also avail of benefits in the form of Forchics coupons that yield sweet discounts. Moreover, the products are properly designed, and there is no discrepancy between products of different range in terms of quality and service.

Is Forchics shipping during Covid 19?

Forchics is currently experiencing slight shipping delays due to the Covid 19 pandemic and the workplace regulations that have been followed. However, extensive work is going on to meet the demands, and it is expected to return to normalcy soon.

How long does Forchics take to deliver a package?

It usually takes 3-5 business days of the order processing stage. It takes around 7-12 business days for domestic deliveries, while international deliveries take more than 15 business days.

Is Forchics cruelty-free?

Forchics does not delve into any animal testing to validate the safety of the products and ingredients.

Does Forchics ship worldwide?

Yes, Forchics uses a network of delivery agencies to ship its products worldwide. All orders above $40 are even shipped for free. If a customer wishes to demand express delivery, it too can be arranged at a minimal cost depending upon the shipping address.

What are the accepted payment methods?

Forchics accept all major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Visa Debit, American Express, Discover, Diners, and Paypal. Currently, Amazon Payment is not available, but it is expected to be available soon.

I have not received the refund; why is that?

Before taking any further steps, check your bank account and then contact your credit card company. It may take some time to get officially posted. There is often a processing time before a refund is received due to a network problem or some other technical issues.

How to avail Forchics Coupons?

The coupons can be availed in the checkout section of the menu, along with other payment method related discounts.

Can I cancel my order?

The Forchics order process is automated to help to process and distribute the products as quickly as possible. Once the order is placed, it cannot be canceled. So it is suggested that you evaluate your options and complete the ordering process only when you are sure.

What currency is used when I place my order?

All the prices on the Forchics website can be in the currency of your choice. However, on the checkout page, the prices are shown in US dollars. For international orders, your bank will determine the exact exchange rate to be charged. The amount taken from the original funding source is returned in full in case there is a refund to be issued.

How to contact Forchics?

One can contact Forchics only via email and wait for a response, which is usually quick. There is no facility for customer service numbers as the email method is considered simpler and more efficient.

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