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Located in Morgantown, West Virginia, the US, Gabe’s is a private discount fashion retailer that offers amazing and never seen before deals. Gabriel Brothers found Gabe's, and it was previously known as the Gabriel Brothers stores. Offering top-notch brands and styles, Gabe’s is a one-stop destination for all fashion enthusiasts. From apparel, footwear, and accessories to electronics, wellness and beauty; Gabe’s offer everything and all these are sold at as high as a 70% discount.  Founded in 1961, presently there are 110 active stores, and the network is still developing. Presently Gabe’s is operational at Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina, Maryland, Tennessee South Carolina, Delaware, and Georgia. The company also ran the Rugged Wearhouse stores from 1996 to 2017 in multiple locations including Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, and Virginia. 

Gabe's Shopping Tips

The exclusive way everyone buys the stock allows all to procure a higher assortment of items at unbelievably-low prices. The company is known for a wide variety of buying opportunities such as department store withdrawals, a producer making up too much product, or a merchant closeout when to clear the stocks at the end of a season, as well as lots of other channels to bring up the immense value. The majority of products Gabe’s trade is the brand name and usually sold at prices roughly up to 70% less than a similar item. Most of the merchandise is stylish, and reflect the current season panaches. Gabe’s is also known for dealing with last season’s sales and some amazing timeless classic collections.

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Why is it unique?

Gabe’s is known for a wide range of fashion stuff across all global brands, at unbelievable discounts. Their flagship stores, spread almost all over the US showcase a classic collection of men and women fashion apparels, accessories, lingerie, home décor stuff, bath and beauty products, handbags, kitchen tools, stuff for pets, work gears, and housewares. All are classic, sober, and reflect the recent trends and styles. Most interestingly, all these high-quality goods are available at impressive discounts, only at Gabe’s and one can redeem Gabe’s coupons to pick these kinds of stuff. Moreover, the products are updated regularly to keep up with the change in style.In the Home section, one can check out amazing things like sober upholsteries, decors, essential cleaning pieces of stuff, and innovative utilities whereas, for kitchen tools, the collection is vast with kitchen appliances, kitchenware, crockeries, and cutleries. From fashion apparel to cute looking kid dresses, from amazing and super cool school attires and accessories to health and fitness gears, from renowned beauty products to things needed for pet care; Gabe’s offer everything classy, best in the category and most stylish. 

As a strong response to the global pandemic scenario, Gabe's has been extremely sensitive in their business operations and conduct. Not only they are selling masks and sanitizers as protective gear, but they have also taken standardized precautions and safety measures to combat this health scare. All the stores have amplified their cleaning and sanitization process, have a limited number of shoppers, and people with face masks are only permitted to enter. People visiting the shops are requested not to remain crowded, maintain social distancing of 6 feet, and use hand sanitizer, and cart wipes appropriately. Even the stores have designated the first hour of the day only for senior citizens and other people in the community who are susceptible to contaminations. 

Gabe’s Military Discount:  

All Gabe’s stores across the US offer exclusive military discounts only on Tuesdays. To avail these special Gabe’s coupons, one should be presently working in the defense services or a veteran of the armed forces of the US. No discount or offer will be granted without any valid Military ID of the person or his spouse, during the checkout and billing time. For a spouse, the last name must be the one used in the registered service member ID card. Along with US armed forces, people working with the US Marine Corps, the US Air Force, the US Navy, the US Coast guard, National Oceanic, and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA, the National Guard and the United States Public Health Service, popular as USPHS. 

Anyone working in any of these departments or retired from these offices can enjoy a flat 10% discount on all the products. But there are certain restrictions. This discount offer can be clubbed with any other offer, Gabe’s coupons or promotional offer but not restricted to the Unbelievable Rewards. Moreover, the coupon cannot be linked to any of the former purchases, fees, taxes, or layaways. The military discount offer isn’t exchangeable for cash. It is non-transferable, and can’t be made collective with price alterations which usually happens at the store manager’s choice. 

Gabe’s Collectibles Discount:

Based out of Louisiana, Gabe's Collectibles is an innovative venture. It deals with amazing collectable collections. Starting from Funko Pop, Vinyl Figures, Marvel Legends Action Figures, MEZCO Toyz, NECA, and many more; Gabe's collectable collection is super stunning. These miniature dolls or collectables are sourced from Funco. Owned by Gabe and managed by him and his son, this niche business has won millions of hearts with their super cool collections. The process of outsourcing and shipping is a little complex and multi-layered.

Funko sends the notice to the Gabe’s Collectibles, regarding the availability of any collection and an approximate timeline for shipping the same. Keeping the later in mind and a few days as a buffer, Gabe’ Collectibles showcase the item up on the website and also place an order with Funco the same day. Once the item is promised from Funco, Gabe's Collectibles feature it on their website with an option to pre-order. In these cases, the customer pays at the time of purchase. All the collectables come with lucrative discounts and deals.

Gabe’s Layaway

Gabe's pampers its patrons to bring the items one loves at Unbelievable! The limit to layaway shopping is a $500 maximum edge per Layaway. One should present any authentic government ID and submit a deposit of $10, plus a $2 non-refundable opening charge.

Once the customer had made the initial deposit, he may come back to make payments after every second week. Each payment must be at least equivalent to 20% of the outstanding due. It’s a kind of seamless instalment process, and the products on the Layaway will only be reserved for 60 days. One must pay the balance in full of wrapping up the Layaway and confirm the purchase. Layaway items are not available on rebates or stock clearance kinds of stuff, food, or special merchandise. It is the sole discretion of the company to put things in the Layaway category. In the case of Layaway also, one can cancel the order by paying a small cancellation cost of $10. If someone requires areimbursement, he will receive it in the as Gabe’s in-store credit note. For Layaway products, no variations, add-ons, or alterations toa prevailing layaway order is allowed. If someone desires to make any change, by adding a new item or dropping one, he or she needs to cancel the full order and place a fresh new order by paying a mere cancellation charge of $10.00.

Returns and Refund Policy

Gabe’s adores and respects their customers. Gabe’s have a well-laid and well-designed return and refund policy which has been re-defined slightly in response to the global pandemic situation. Effective July 1, the customer can return any item purchase between February 25 and June 30, 2020, within 90 days. The process of return is very easy. One needs to bring the product which he wishes to return along with the authentic original receipt to get a 100% refund. He can also exchange the product instead of a refund. All the items must be in brand new usable condition along with the original tags attached to it. Returns without a receipt or the original tag are not possible. 

Originally, the return policy denotes the return or exchange of products within 30 days from the date of purchase. If there is an unhappy customer, disgruntled with the purchase, he should bring the item for return or exchange with the valid receipt within 30 days of the purchase date for a seamless and quick refund. Generally, a refund will be processed in the system of the original payment.

The purchases made with debit and cash will be compensated as cash. The items bought with a credit card will be reimbursed as credit only to the same card used to buy. Moreover, the procurements made by using Gabe’s coupon will get the recompense amount paid after the coupon is redeemed. The value of the redeemed coupon will not be reimbursed.

For the products whose original receipt is misplaced and whose purchase date is beyond 30 days can be returned and refunded too. Returns without the actual receipt or returns made post 30 days will be compensated at the ongoing selling price, in the process of an in-store credit. To initiate this refund, am authentic Government ID proof is required such as a state ID, military ID, a passport, or a driver's license. Every customer should remember that a maximum of 3 returns without a bill are allowed within 90 days range. More than this, any return or exchange without an invoice will be denied by the company. 

Merchandise must be in brand new, usable condition, with tags attached, and in the original packaging. In the case of the return of the swimwear and lingerie, it is only possible with the original liners. Merchandise that is used or torn will not be acknowledged for return, even if the original invoice is produced. Gift cards, food, CBD products, magazine subscriptions, and products sold “as-is”, and chosen seasonal products are not eligible for exchange, return and refund. The 30-day timeline for products bought through Layaway starts during the moment of final payment or with the pick up of the merchandise. The items bought with the EBT Cash cards cannot be refunded for the implications of legal tender. In place of that, shoppers will be given an in-store credit in the sum of the acquisition price as registered on their receipt. If the return is allotted without a receipt or beyond 30 days of purchase, an in-store credit will be dispensed for the present-day selling price.

However, all returns are subject to the company’s norms and the store manager’s discretion. It is processed through the approval and/or the refund verification system of the company, which is used to facilitate and track all returns. Returns may be restricted and confined to or denied based on the return verification system approval. The return verification system uses customer data and deals with information to permit the returns. 


Can a product be returned to Gabe’s?

Yes, Gabe’s has a very well-structured and professional return and refund policy. If someone is not happy with the purchase and if it is bought within the last 30 days, one can seamlessly return for an exchange or a refund. The item needs to be in a new form, in the original packaging with tag attached. Returns without a receipt or past 30 days of purchase are also possible at Gabe’s. In this process, the customer will get in-store credit for the ongoing selling price.

What does Gabe’s sell?

Gabe’s sell everything that is needed the make the home and the family members look stunning and beautiful. Over and above clothes for men, women, and kids, Gabe’s sells footwear, beauty products, electronics, health and wellness gadgets, accessories, bath accessories, and pet stuff. They also offer an impressive range of comfortable and fashionable houseware.

Do Gabe’s sell gift cards?

Yes, Gabe’s sell gift cards. They create the best gift for any occasion for the crazy shopping enthusiast. One can buy gift cards in any value, and they are valid universally at any Gabe’s store. The most highlighting thing of Gabe’s gift card is that they have no expiry date neither they charge a service payment for use or idleness. If someone wants to buy Gabe’s gift card, he or she may visit any nearby Gabe’s store. Gabe’s is the leading private discount fashion shop, popular throughout the US. It is known for selling apparels, homeware, accessories and beauty items.

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