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Goodr: Is It The Best Sunglasses Brand?

About Goodr:

All of us want a good pair of sunglasses that can provide us protection against sunlight and heat, but which can give us the most stylish and trendy look. One of the most talked-about brands these days is the Goodr Sunglasses. The company offers the best quality sunglasses that are suitable for all kinds of activities.

This article is written to provide you with every little detail about the Goodr Sunglasses.

About Goodr Sunglasses

Goodr is a sunglasses brand that is based in California. THemain philosophy is to build the best quality sunglasses that can provide you protection against harmful rays of the sun. The company was established in 2015, and since then, it is the talk of the town. Goodr is one of the top brands that offer the best quality running gears. Wearing sunglasses by Goodr will change your personality. You will look stylish, trendy, and also wealthy. You don't need to worry Goodr discount codes take care of affordability and prices of the sunglasses.

Goodr Student discount

There is no student discount given by Goodr. However, you can check out the Goodr website regularly to grab the best deals. You can learn whether or not you can get the student discount is by signing up for newsletters of Goodr.

Goodr Products

Goodr is a sunglasses manufacturing brand, and it offers different types of sunglasses to suit customers' needs. Some of the most stylish range of sunglasses by Goodr includes:

Goodr Runways

The Goodr Runways style has all the performance benefits needed for the best running performance. All collections under Goodr runway look universally flattering, high fashion, and the best cat-eye shape. The lightly-textured silicone earpieces include the all-new Goodr cat tongue technology to offer the best protection against slippage. The frame of the sunglasses will feel like a feather on your face. The frames are constructed such that it fits perfectly on the face and provides protection against slippage. All sunglasses by Goodr are polarized. Thus, the use of Goodr runways will offer you maximum protection against glare and UV400 protection.

Wearing the runway range style sunglasses will make you feel like a model when you are running. So, take an unlimited selfie when you are wearing the Goodr Runways.


The OGS by Goodr is perfect for people who are passionate about running. The best part about the OGS is that all sunglasses are available in the range of $30. The sunglasses come with special grip coating to prevent all kinds of slipping. Thus, no matter how fast you are running, the Goodr OGS will take care of your look.

The OGS range of frames is snug and very lightweight. The sunglasses are made to perfectly fit the user to do not face any kind of bounce while they are running.

All lenses by Goodr are polarized and offer UV400 protection. The OGS range of Goodr sunglasses is available at a reasonable price. Thus, you won't get a hole in your pocket after purchasing the Goodr OGS sunglasses.

Goodr BFGS

The Goodr BFGS are the best options for people looking to get more full frames, longer arms, and bigger lenses. Although the new upgraded version is a bit expensive, you won't feel bad paying an extra $10 for the comfortable gradient lenses and the silicone insert in the nose. The Goodr BFGS is available with fun names and colors. Thus, if you want to experiment with your looks and personality, the Goodr BFGS can be one of the best sunglasses that you need to try.

Goodr Circle Gs

If you are a fan of circular frames, you will love the entire range of Goodr Circle Gs. The best part about these sunglasses is that it combines features and functionality. Thus, the Goodr Circle Gs will protect you from harmful sun rays, but it will also add beauty to your personality. These round sunglasses offer a perfect fit for an active runner. Thus, the next time you are thinking about running a marathon, don't forget to get these beauties by Goodr.

Goodr military discount

Goodr is a brand that sells different types of sunglasses for women. Military discounts are offered to people who are active-duty soldiers, veterans, and military families. Only these people are eligible to get discounts on the sunglasses and other products of Goodr. This discount is not possible to get added to the other discounts. You can only avail of this discount by showing your ID proof. When you are filling the information, you must provide the military-specific information. After verification of the details, a couple is generated. You can use the discount to get the product at a lower price.

Goodr free shipping

When customers buy any product, they will look for Goodr discount code that offers them with free shipping option. However, Goodr is not offering any free shipping on the products. You can get free shipping only when you order some minimum price from the site. It is impossible to provide free shipping on everything. There is a minimum purchase you must make to get free shipping.

Returns, Refund Policy, Shopping Tips

The return policy of Goodr was updated recently. If you do not like the product, you can return within 30 days from the purchase date. In case you want to return the product after its refund policy period is over. Unfortunately, you cannot get a refund. You can only get a refund only when the product is not used and is in the same condition as when you received it. It should have the original packaging. There is no exchange for items, but you can get a refund.

The Goodr will thoroughly inspect the product and then send an email after receiving the item. When the refund amount is processed, they will notify you and credit the amount through the payment mode they used to buy the product. The credit will be transferred to your account in 10 business days.

Steps to return the product

You can return the product only when you have the receipt of proof that you have purchased our product.

Write to this email id:

  • Provide the order number
  • Write the product code, description, and quantity of items you ordered, and you wish to return.
  • Give valid reasons to return the product. When the email request is received, the team will send a return reference with the address to send the items.

Shopping tips

Here are a few tips you must keep in mind while buying the sunglasses

100% sunglasses

A few brands claim that the sunglasses will block the UV rays from reaching your eyes, but they do not stick to it. The Goodr sunglasses will block UV rays and keep your eyes safe and less strain from the sun's ultraviolet rays. You must check whether the lens would protect your eyes when you go under the sun.

Huge coverage

The sunglasses you are going to buy must give good coverage to your facial area. You can buy the glasses that are over-sized or wrap-around style. This prevents the UV rays from falling into the eyes.

Do not buy darker lenses

Though the sunglasses with darker lenses look stylish, they do not offer the required protection to your eyes when you are going to the beaches or long drive on a sunny day.

Check the color

The sunglasses come in a wide range of colors, such as green, gray, and amber. This would not block the sun entirely instead would increase the contrast. These are useful for athletes who play golf.

The polarized lens will cut the glare

When you are going to the beaches, you must wear glasses that would cut the glare coming from the water or pavement. Though, it won't protect your eyes from the sun rays but would make the outdoor activities enjoyable and safe. The polarized glasses will allow only some light from certain angles and will reduce the light. There is another way to deal with the glare, like buying the lens coated with anti-reflective coating on the lens. It won't let the eyes get strained with the reflection that you receive from the water's surface.


The light will not directly hit from the front. There are chances of light coming from the top and bottom of the sunglasses. If the frame is smaller, it could not filter out the light passing the way of your eyes. You must choose the frame that perfectly fits you without slipping down on the nose regularly.


Sunglasses will not burn holes in your pocket. You can get one within your budget, and that looks chic. If you want the glasses to block UV rays completely, you must spend a little extra from your pockets.

How to Use Goodr discount Code

Here is the step by step procedure you must follow to use the promo or discount code that you get:

  1. When you are shopping at for sunglasses, you can add the items into the shopping cart.
  2. Find the discount codes on the social sites or the official website of goodr and click show coupon code.
  3. Copy and paste the discount code on the checkout page of Goodr
  4. You can see the savings and complete the transaction by paying for the items you have ordered.

Enjoy your purchase by saving a hefty amount of money on sunglasses. Instead of buying a single pair, with the discount code, you can buy two more sunglasses, which you wear while going for a gym or while driving.

How Goodr is unique

The Goodr has gained a massive reputation since its launch of sunglasses in the market. These are cost-effective, robust construction, polarized, and are available in a wide range of colors. The best thing about this brand is that the models would fit all head sizes comfortably. The bigger models are perfect for noggins. The lenses are bigger that it offers the best coverage to the eyes. The cost is also pocket-friendly for the uses. The silicone made inserts would last longer, and frames would lock on the head. The gradient lenses would absorb more sunlight and avoid it from reaching your eyes.

How to get Goodr from Reddit

Reddit is the fashion community where you get to learn about the reviews of Goodr. You can know the pros and cons of Goodr brand and contribute your experiences after using this product to the prospective customers. It is the best place to have productive discussions.

Goodr sunglasses Discounts

There are many coupon sites where you can get promo codes to avail discounts on the sunglasses you will buy. You can also check the official site and social media page of Goodr for discounts. You must search for the discount offers every day to grab it immediately and put a low burden on the pocket.

How often does Goodr would release the discount or coupon codes?

The new discount that is released by Goodr would be for every 90 days. There is only one new coupon found in the last 90 days.

How much can you save by using Goodr discount coupons?

The coupon that you get would be giving 20% off on the purchases made. You can save on an average of 13% on the checkout.

How to get the latest discount offers on Goodr?

You can subscribe to the coupon sites or keep a close watch on the social media pages of Goodr where they post the discount coupons.

Do you get printable coupons for Goodr?

You can get the Goodr coupons in the printable form, which you can redeem while checking out on the official site. This helps you to save a considerable amount of money on your purchases.

Does Goodr have its coupon page?

There are no official coupon pages that are maintained by Goodr.

Does Goodr offer senior discount policy?

Goodr does not offer any kind of senior discount policy.