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GT Racing is a renowned brand that produces top-class gaming chairs. Their chairs are most comforting and encouraging to have an amazing gaming experience. They are famous for producing racing style gaming chairs. GT Racing has been serving people to have the adventures of games and digital sports since 2011. Along with using these chairs by GT Racing for playing games, they are perfect for movie sessions, working spaces, reading sessions, or to have rest. They are designed in a way that is adjustable to rotate and bend. The backrest is so flexible that it can be bent from 90° to 170° that makes it desirable even for taking naps. They intend to provide comfort and the utmost pleasure to all the gamers and enhance their experience. It is becoming everyone's number one choice, from beginners to pro gamers. They also keep the fitness factor into consideration, which is why they use quality products to produce the most comfortable padded seats. Besides this, the chairs have a metal frame that is quite helpful in maintaining correct posture while sitting. The armrest and height of the seat are highly adjustable. Apart from comfort, their maintenance is quite easy and affordable. They are easy to clean, come with removable pillows, and designed ergonomically.

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Popular GT Racing Coupon Codes

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$175.99 Deal Get Footrest Series // GTF59 at only $175.99
$139.99 Deal Get PRO SERIES // GTBEE at only $139.99
$159.99 Deal Get PRO SERIES // GT505 at only $159.99
$279.99 Deal Get ACE-L3 at only $279.99
$129.99 Deal Get PRO SERIES // GT002 at only $129.99

With all the advancements in the technology and comfort provided with GT Racing chairs, the sale or the gtracing discount code attracts the buyers. Visit to get the products that elevate your gaming experience and comfort level. It is much more than just supplying chairs. Read further to know more about GT Racing and its gaming products.  

GT Racing has launched many series of chairs, desks, keyboards, mouse, and whatnot. The different products by this band are described in brief in this section:


It involves all the GT Racing chairs that will give you worthy gaming experience. There is a variety of chairs under these pro-series. Everything from their metal framework to the level of comfort and height adjustment is perfect for gamers.

Music series

There are five gaming chairs under this series by GT Racing. Music series, as the name suggests, has the in-built sound system. Their chairs come with Bluetooth connections. One more latest feature in this series is their retractable footrest. This makes them useful to have a sound sleep. Bluetooth speakers increase the quality of entertainment. Enjoy the entertainment of playing games, music, or watching movies by connecting them to your smartphones, tablets, etc. Most of them work uninterruptedly for 6-hours.

This series comes with a 1-year warranty policy and 30 days return policy. Any defected piece can be replaced or refunded within this period.

Luxury series:

It is another range of chairs by designed by keeping racing car design as inspiration. These are resistant to stains and are easy to clean. The cushions and foam used with the leather are resilient as they come back to original shape once you stand up. It comes with 4D fully adjustable features, along with the backrest and height, the armrest can also be adjusted as per the user's will. The seats are heavily padded that adds up to the comfort of sitting for long hours.

Gaming desk:

It is a series of products by GT Racing other than chairs. These desks or tables are launched for the pro gamers to manage the space for the desktop, mobile phones, and speakers. These tables are so spacious and designed to keep all these gaming tools in one place. These have a monitor stand, speaker, and CD holder, and the carbon fiber surface is stainless and scratch-resistant. A unique cup holder is also there that hangs sideways, showing how thoughtfully they design the products for gamers. The special Z-shaped design makes the desks stable.


GT Racing makes gaming keyboards for their customers that are into games. Its cost ranges from $19.99 to $35.99. Keyboards are compatible with most computer brands and gaming PCs and work for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP, Limited Mac OS keyboard support.


It is a GT Racing Bluetooth USB adapter transmitter. It is used to connect the music series to the PS or PC. You need to connect it to the USB port. Then choose to listen to the music via Bluetooth headphones or directly from speakers in-built in your GT Racing chair. The adapter transmitter costs only $15.99.

Mouse and mouse pads

The brand GT Racing covers everything that a gamer needs and includes the mouse too. The product is named as GT Racing Gaming Mouse RGB for Windows 7/8/10/XP Vista. It can be bought directly from at an affordable price of $19.99. The mouse has special combination keys and has a seven buttons design and comes with a type-C cable. One out of the box feature that it has is its 7 Programmable RGB Backlight Mode that creates an extreme gaming atmosphere.

The gaming mouse pads that GT Racing manufactures are of extended size, i.e., 800×300×3 mm, cover the surface under the mouse and the keyboard. The mouse and keyboard stay firm on the pad because of the non-slippery rubber base of the mouse and keyboard pads. It has a smooth surface with a water-resistant coating. It is designed for fast movement, and dust and stains can be removed easily. Their price ranges from $16.99 to $25.99.

Other products

It includes a footstool, metal base, armrest, pillow, wheel, seat cushion. The gaming chair's essence and accessories can be bought individually too.

These are the products and services that the game person can get from GT Racing. All the products are eligible to create a fun atmosphere and comfort while playing, working for longer hours, taking naps, etc.

A hidden surprise discount is there for the products under summer sale. These sale products have a gtracing discount code that can be used to the same some dollars.

GT Racing Discounts from Amazon

It is recommended to buy the GT Racing Product directly from for free shipping. However, it is okay to browse the products on Amazon. Some gtracing discount code might work well on Amazon. Some dollars can be saved on some products. In case of any query or doubt, the assistance team of GT Racing has a concerned email address for Amazon buyers too.

gtracing shipping

The shipping policy of GT Racing is a big temptation for all the buyers. The processing of orders initiates within 24 hours of placing the order. The normal time that shipping from GT Racing takes is 3-7 working days. The delivery service that they use is FedEx. There is no extra charge taken as a shipping fee on any of GT Racing products when purchased directly. Though is famous for its promotions and discounts, no special gtracing discount code is required to claim free shipping. If you are someone ordering overseas, then shipping costs will be included while checking out. The only problem that would occur in shipping is because of the global pandemic and curfew in some areas. This may cause a delay of 2-3 weeks, which is requested to understand in times of such a pandemic.

GT Racing reviews:

GT Racing has always been a top brand in providing top quality gaming chairs. It has launched its first classic GT099 GTRacing Gaming Office Chair in 2015 and has never looked back since then. This product is still the best-selling gaming chair on Amazon. With the new products came the advanced technology and comfort.

With every passing year, they never fail to increase the temptations for customers. Even the chairs by GT Racing have crossed the threshold quantity; they have chairs as per everyone's needs. Besides the Pro, luxury, and music series, they have introduced the latest product line called Ace series in 2020. These are unique as of their five year warranty period. It costs just $40 more to upgrade one's purchase to the Ace series over the Pro series, and that is totally worth it. The advanced features and the extended warranty is a complete value for the money. With all the advanced features and comfort, the gtracing discount code makes GT Racing one among the best gaming chair brands.

Benefits of purchasing from are:

  • They offer incredibly fast shipping to every corner of the world.
  • It is quite easy to assemble the parts of the product after delivery.
  • The 1-5 year extended warranty period makes the brand trustworthy.
  • The gtracing discount code on the site saves money.
  • The customer care services are satisfactory.
  • The contact information is accessible, and its presence on social media adds to it. 

GT Racing was initiated to bring the incredible gaming experience to game enthusiasts. Therefore they began with manufacturing gaming chairs for the customers. The quality, comfort, and design are perfect in their products because the team itself involves passionate game enthusiasts and engineers that understand the needs of a gamer. It is the secret of its reputation with the tagline “Made by gamers, for gamers, welcome to GT RACING.” 

Is there any hotline to contact GT Racing

Yes, one can give them a call at 866-636-4448. It is active to answer all the calls from Monday to Friday, (9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Pacific time)

Why choose GT Racing over other brands?

The reason to pick the gaming chair or accessories from is that they are highly committed to ensuring their products' quality and technology. Their level of comfort and gaming experience makes it one of a kind. The details of their commitment can be found in their HOW WE DO IT page on the website.

Which series to pick among all the GT Racing products?

Choosing among the series is completely the buyer's call. All the series are designed to provide different types of experience. Like, the pro series is specially designed for pro gamers, the music series is for better surround sound experience, for having a more comfortable experience, the retractable footrest is there. Therefore to pick among its various products, the clarity of need is required, and help can be taken from the detailed product description on the site.

What is the location of GT Racing?

GT Racing, an international company, is located in the United States. However, the stores are present globally. At present, they are operating in CA, US, EU, and Japan. How many days will it take to receive an order from GT Racing? It depends on the location of the delivery. Once the order is confirmed, the delivery details are sent to the registered email ID. However, it mostly takes 5-7 working days to deliver the item. If it has to be delivered somewhere abroad, then 7-16 business days are enough to get the item delivered.

What about the warranty offered on their products?

Every item that is ordered from GT Racing comes with an automatic one year warranty. Therefore claiming warranty is never an issue.

How can one make the most out of the warranty policy?

An email has to be drafted to GT Racing along with the order number. Everything will be taken care of by then. To know more about it, one can always visit their WARRANTY page.

Is it possible to return a product ordered from

Yes, they offer an easy return policy. The customer has to draft an email for the issue, and the assistance team is always there to help. They respond well to resolve the issue and make a return of the item piece of cake.

Is there anything such as an exchange policy on their products?

Yes, the items purchased on can be exchanged within four days from delivery. However, it will cost a shipping charge.

What is the mailing address for GT Racing company

Two mailing addresses can be taken into account. These are 1001 N Todd Ave, Azusa, CA, United States?OFFICE & WAREHOUSE ADDRESS? 11 / F, Lane 1280, Zhuanxing East Road, Minhang District, Shanghai.China

What is the concerned email address to contact GT Racing?

For contacting GT Racing draft an email to The concerned mail address for GT Racing items ordered from Amazon is

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