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HiMirror is known for smart mirror collections that recognizes the facial and skin issues and suggests and recommendations on various beauty tips and hacks. HiMirror is like a private 24-7 beauty consultant, offering beauty, health, and fitness tips, plus showcasing recent trends in beauty and fashion. Owned and discovered by Simon Shen, HiMirror has dramatically revolutionized the health and beauty regime. This is World's first smart beauty product which focusses on beautifying and augmenting appearance and feel good about it. HiMirror analyses the skin's condition with the help of a photo. Photos are kept along with the particular measurement data, enabling HiMirror to track the progress over time. The mirror also suggests areas that need to be worked on for enhancing the overall beauty quotient. HiMirror is blessed with a series of fabulous products that redefine the concept of maintaining beauty and looks. A smart system developed to evaluate the skin’s condition, make the best use of the present skincare products, accompanied by reviews by those with the same skincare worries as the user. Moreover, these smart devices can also recommend the user on how to accomplish the objectives in fitness and weight. All these products can be bought by redeeming the HiMirror promo code at the HiMirror coupons.

HiMirror Shopping Tips

For HiMirror products, shipping is confined to the US only. Shipping is not available even in Hawaii, Alaska, and in US Protectorates. The shipping and distribution partner of HiMirror is al-Comp Big Data, Inc. or CCBD. They reserve the right to alter shipping charges at any time, without any advanced notice. Shipping fees will be explicitly stated on the checkout page, and usually residential and commercial locations are subject to varying shipping rates. CCBD makes the customers enjoy the facility of Standard Ground and 2nd Day Air shipping. The shipping charges will be exhibited when the customer feeds in the zip code of the shipping address. CCBD works five days a week and does not deliver on weekends and public holidays. Once the company ships the product, they immediately notify the customer and provides a tracking option. Shipping numbers are provided to the website by the carriers, and CCBD is not accountable for blunders on the part of its transporters.

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HiMirror Slide

HiMirror Slide is an amazing and one of the top-selling products of the brand. Seamlessly slide into smart beauty with the HiMirror Slide smart vanity mirror. It is the most compact, portable, handy, lightweight mirror of the lot. It is foldable, rotatable, offers great storage, and perfect for both portrait and landscape viewing. The HiMirror Mini has all the similar features with a brand-new travel-friendly and portable design. 

HiMirror Mini 32G

HiMirror Mini is another amazing product of the brand. With an expandable memory of 32GB, this handy product fruitfully stores a lot of skin measurement than with HiMirror Mini 16GB. Assess and track the efficacy of skincare products, browse social media, get an idea of the latest trends in beauty and fashion and do all these while tapping your feet with your chosen playlist; this HiMirror Mini 32G. It is the smartest vanity mirror, and its sleek metallic design and aesthetics and portability in terms of adjusting heights has made it a favourite among users of all kinds.

HiMirror Mini Premium X

Aided with a non-static screen, 64GB of storage space, cordless charging pad, and support for up to 4 user accounts, this HiMirror Mini Premium X is an astounding product for all. It has a touch facility, a rotatable panel, and a powerful skin analysis engine that offers the best assessments. HiMirror Mini Premium X comes with a stylus and cleaning cloth to keep the screen spotless and smudge-free and for seamless usages. 


With HiSkin, one can get to know the skin better and facilitate it to emit that healthy inner glow. For issues like flaky skin, dry skin, rashes, acne, and age lines; HiSkin resolves every problem with its suggestions. It explicitly detects, defines, and suggests the possible remedies for skin problems. There is the HiSkin app for Android and iOS platforms, and one should stay updated on the skin’s condition and needs and follow the tips to make it clean, detoxified, and glowing.

Smart Body Scale Bundle

Not only face and its beauty, but HiMirror also takes care of the body shape and form. The brand advises staying in shape the smartest way with the help of the Smart Body Scale. One should achieve the health and fitness goals by gaging and tracking features like body weight, weight and muscle ratio, body fat percentage (BFP), and body mass index (BMI). To work with this, everyone should download and install the HiMirror Fit app or use it in concurrence with a HiMirror. Smart Body Scale Bundle is the next level to maintain health and fitness. Those who are a fitness freak and are working hard to achieve their fitness goals, this smart device helps to analyze body type, BMI, BFP, muscle mass, bone mass, basal metabolic rate, and total water volume in the body. It also helps to track and evaluate the record of the measurements to make sure the user is on track to accomplishing set goals. The smart device also helps to achieve the goals by showcasing relevant work-out videos and tutorials in the HiMirror Fit app. Tips and sessions on a range of work-outs and exercise regimes and on how to improve the fitness level are shown in the app for best results.


HiMirror offers a wide range of accessories like smart mats, Hinge mount, WIFI extender, HiMirror stand, HiMirror microfiber cleaning cloth, and smart scale metal plate. This specially designed conductive Smart Mat and Mat Pad go on top of the Smart Body Scale. The mat is easy to touch and can be washed in a washing machine. It comprises of uncluttered textile covers that balance in seamlessly with the bathroom or preferred room décor. The Himirror Hinge Mount is user friendly and has a perfect shape which accommodates all the variants of HiMirror. The Smart Scale Metal Plate ensures steadiness and measurement accuracy of the Smart Body Scale when used on thick carpet or uneven flooring. The microfiber cloth offers to provide spotless and spik and span screens of all the products.

HiMirror Offers and Discounts

HiMirror Coupons are available on all leading coupon promotion websites. On redeeming the HiMirror promo code available on the various sites, one can enjoy amazing offers and discounts. Even the official website of HiMirror provides special offers from time to time like 30 days money-back guarantee. 

HiMirror 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for all the HiMirror and the Smart Body Scale products. Under this assurance, the product may be returned for repayment or exchange only within 30 days of the delivery date. If the customer is disgruntled for any reason with the product purchased from the official website and would like to exchange it or return it and, he will need to visit our official E-Shop website to stimulate the return process. To activate the return process, one should contact with customer centre. 

If the customer requests for “Return for Refund,” option, after the company receives the returned product, they will process the refund amount owing to the credit card used for the first purchase. The company notifies all the transactions by email. In case the product is not processed for delivery, the company has a hassle-free process of refunding the amount charged to the customer’s credit card or in the bank account. After the company has received the consignment, the customer service team may take up to 3 working days to scrutinize the returned product and the accessories' conditions. The company usually sends out an email specifying the refund amount or the transfer status of the exchanged device. Usually, it will take about seven working days to process the refund or the device exchange after the warehouse facility receives the returned product.

HiMirror Return and Refund Policy

HiMirror has a well-structured return and refund policy in place and is applicable only on products purchased from our US e-shop at https://www.himirror.com/eshop/en-US/ and in the continental US. A product that is not opened, not used, and not damaged may be returned to HiMirror for reimbursement or exchange within 30 days from the date of the invoice for the sale of the item. However, a 15% restocking charge may be imposed, and HiMirror will not repay the original shipping costs. A product that is Dead on Arrival or DOA may be returned to HiMirror for reimbursement or exchange within 30 days from the date of the invoice generation of the sale of the item. HiMirror will receive and acknowledge the return of an item for refund or exchange only within the 30-day return slot and only in the case of a packed or DOA product. If any product has been opened and used and found to be flawed, it may be returned to an official service centre for fixing and repair within the warranty period in agreement with the terms and conditions of HI Mirror’s Product Warranty. The returned product must comprise of all the original things and the original wrapping. The value of any items that are not seen in the package will be taken away from the total of any repayment amount. The end-user is accountable for any defects suffered during shipping. In the case of a non-DOA product, the end-user is answerable for the charges of shipping the product back to the legal HiMirror service centre. 

For the return of a DOA product, once the condition of the product is agreed and accepted by the authorized service centre as DOA, the company will be accountable for the end-users charges of shipping the product back to the company’s service centre. Otherwise, the end-user is in charge of the costs of shipping the product back to the authorized service facility for warranty provision. If an end-user returns a product for warranty service within the warranty umbrella, and the product necessitates warranty service, the company will be accountable for the costs of shipping the mended or exchanged item back to the end-user. In all other cases, the end-user is accountable for the costs of shipping the product back to the customers. If a refund is permitted and sanctioned, it will be a credit to the actual method of payment.

HiMirror Reviews:

The range of products of HiMirror has impressed its users highly. Many have stated that it is a perfect beauty product, the size is impressive, and the system is high-tech. With perfect display and immaculate design, these mirrors are the latest beauty trends. Many have stated that the products are valued for money, and many have opined that these smart mirrors have replaced the habit of using traditional mirrors forever. Users have labelled it a trendy futuristic mirror with a perfect size, which is neither too small nor too big. The easily adjustable angle, large display, and provision of hiding the front camera for privacy make it an amazing product. Users have also shared their reviews about the straightforward interface of the products making it highly user-friendly.

HiMirror is the US-based brand that makes smart beauty devices like smart system-based mirrors. HiMirror has revolutionized the concept of beauty and make in the US. 

Can someone use HiSkin with makeup on?

Yes. It is possible to use, but the company recommends using without makeup to get the best results.

What is the HiSkin app? Do I need to install it before using the device?

HiSkin connects directly to the smartphone via Bluetooth, flawlessly. HiSkin app is available for Android and iOS and helps the user to know about the skin condition and suggest how to keep it glowing.

Is there any warranty for the Smart Body Scale?

Yes. Smart Body Scale has a one-year-long manufacturer warranty.

How to clean HiMirror products?

The company recommends to wipe and clean the HiMirror products with a lint-free microfiber cloth when it is switched off. To keep it spotless and stain-free, a little bit of alcohol or neutral detergent can be applied.

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