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I am gia is an Australian Clothing Brand having an online shop for trendy and street style fashion. It was founded by Alana Pallister along with her sister Steive Cox to make the young generation look trendy and stylish. The brand name was taken from the name of Gia Carangi, an American supermodel who rose to fame in a short period. There was always a love for non-conventional pieces among women. Alana and Steive took up this and made a virtual character and a brand under the name ‘I am gia’ aiming to bring the masculine feeling to womenswear.  It was launched for the fashion lovers in 2017 and has been a popular brand since then. They became popular and received attention worldwide after the American model, Bella Hadid wore the brand's clothing during Paris Fashion Week. The brand was worn by many of the top models and celebrities like Selena Gomez, Kaia Gerber, Jourdan Dunn, etc. They launch new products constantly to keep up with the moving trends and make sure that their store remains filled with top trends from different parts of the world.

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Popular I.AM.GIA Coupon Codes

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$200 AUD Deal Get HOLLY PANT at only $200 AUD
$130 AUD Deal Get NEAVAH DENIM PANT at only $130 AUD
$90 AUD Deal Get TAYLOR SKIRT at only $90 AUD
$130 AUD Deal Get PARISA SKIRT at only $130 AUD
$75 AUD Deal Get ANTHEIA SKIRT at only $75 AUD

I am gia

Oxford English dictionary defines fashion as “a popular or latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behavior." Yes, fashion is about everything that is latest and up to date. Your fashion is an aesthetic expression of your inner self. Your style, your fashion, and your attitude define you. Who wants to remain out of fashion? Who wants to remain out of focus? No one, right? Everyone wants to fit into the fashion trends of their particular time, and fashion is something that changes in the blink of an eye. So to remain in fashion means to remain aware of the changing trends and dressing up accordingly. Some are exceptionally well in this, while some others lie far behind. It might be due to the lack of proper sources to rely on.  If you are one among them dying to be in trend but could not, iamgia.com will be your savior. They have the greatest collection of modern trends and can make you pick up all dresses' trendiest. 


iamgia.com comes with a lot of peculiar features that make them unique and something special.

  • I am gia aims at making the young generation look trendy and stylish. They do not want the youngsters to step back just because of the lack of money. Therefore, they make sure that their clothing range is affordable for young people to purchase from. All the garments cost less than $150.
  • The website iamgia.com is user-friendly and designed to make it easy for the customers to choose from. It uses images and bold writing with neutral colors, making it simple for the costumers.
  • The home page itself has categories listed so that the customers do not have to scroll through all the items to find one peculiar item they are looking for. Thus it saves time and effort of the customers.
  • The site provides a wishlist, which allows its users to mark the items they wish to purchase. This peculiar feature of the website makes it easier for the customers to come back later and find the product they liked to buy.
  • I am gia is an active member of social media sites, making it possible for the customers to get details about the latest trends and offers easily. Their Instagram page is growing day by day with more than 900,000 followers.
  • Worldwide shipping available.


  • I am gia has a collection of wardrobe essentials for the youngsters at extremely affordable prices. All the clothing comes in bold styles and contemporary fabrics.
  • Australian customers can use ‘Afterpay’ while shopping. Afterpay allows the users to buy items whenever they want and pay for it afterward. The users have to be 18 years of age or above and should also place the order within Australia to access this offer. The user should also have a debit/credit card to use it. 
  • I am gia accepts the return of its products in original condition within 14 days of purchase.
  • I am gia gives free shipping if the customer purchases for more than a specific amount after the available discounts and delivers it within eight days of purchase. 
  • Size guides are provided to place orders for the perfect product that fits them properly.


 iamgia.com has classified its products for the customers; some of them are:

  • New – This list gives the newest arrivals at the store. People who are in search of the latest fashion trends can take a look at this.
  • All – This list shows the complete set of items that are available in the store.
  • Bestsellers – It lists out the type of dresses that were in demand among the customers.
  • The site also shows various options like pants, tracksuits, outerwear, dresses, skirts& shorts, one-pieces, pieces of denim, and swimwear for people searching for a particular item. Such customers do not have to scroll along all the products to find out the single item they need. They can simply go to the respective category and search among them.

First-order discount offer

Who does not want a discount while they are shopping? Discounts are always a heartthrob for shopaholics. I am gia understands this love for discounts in their prospective customers and comes up with coupon codes to access their love. I am gia comes up with a special offer for all those fashion lovers who make their first order with the brand. I am gia coupon code that will help you get access to the offer. All you have to do is subscribe to the website by filling in the email id, and name asked. They will send a unique code to the email id provided, and this code has to be used in the time of purchase to avail a discount of 10% on any of the dresses you like.

Free shipping

I am gia gives free shipping to those customers who have purchased for more than a particular amount after the available discounts. Only the orders placed within countries like Australia, USA, Canada, and New Zealand are eligible for the free shipping offer. All other orders have to pay a manageable sum to get hold of their favorite product. The company also makes sure that the order reaches its customers as fast as possible. Some of the shipping details are given below.

  • If the order is within Australia, the customer is eligible for free shipping if he/she purchases for more than AUD $ 80. Otherwise, AUD$8.95 has to be paid.
  • If the order is from the USA, the total amount of the purchase must be above AUD $ 120, or else AUD $ 12.50 has to be paid.
  • If the order is from Canada, the purchase has to be above AUD$150, or else AUD$15 has to be paid.
  • In New Zealand, the customers have to purchase for more than AUD $ 100 to avail of the free shipping offer; they have to pay AUD $ 10.

Student discount offers

I am gia is up for the young generation of the world. They understand every youngster's need to remain in style and fashion that, too, at affordable prices. Thus they have come up with I am gia coupon code for students to get the benefits of the much looked upon offer.

I am gia offers up to 10% off on every product for students. The offer gets activated when the website launches it, and it also has expiry dates before which the codes have to be used. More details about the discount offers and coupons codes are made available as soon as one signs in to the official website that is iamgia.com. Any queries or doubts about the offers can be eradicated by taking a look at the site.

Birthday discounts

I am gia always happy to have happy customers. They make sure that along with the product, the customers get a happy shopping time too. Birthdays are always special for everyone, but I am gia does not offer any I am gia discount code for birthdays for the time being. If any such offer becomes active, it will be notified on the official website or the brand's social media pages.  

Return Policy

If any of the customers have a problem with the product they have received or some item missing, I am gia happily taking returns. To request a return, the customers can go to the 'return portal' in the official site and follow the steps mentioned. 

Customers have to report the fault within 14 days of receiving the order, and the fault should also be proven with images. Once the return request has been submitted, I am gia will contact the customer and give details of the return so that the product can be sent back to them. Once the entire process is done, a confirmation mail with all the details will be sent to the customer.

Every returned order is eligible for a refund. The products will be accepted only in their original condition. The items have to be in the original packing and should be unworn, unwashed, and unstained. The tags have to attach to the products as they were in the original condition. Products without tags will not be accepted back.

Products purchased during sales were more than 30% off was available are not eligible for return. Underwear, lingerie, swimwear, dresses with underwear sewn into them, etc. are not accepted back. Products that smell of perfume, smoke, deodorant, or body order are also not accepted.

Refund Policy

All the returned products in original condition are eligible for a refund. The shipping cost will not be refunded only the actual amount of the product will be provided back. All the returned orders are issued with credit notes, and these online notes are valid for 12 months.


Online rating sites rate iamgia.com with 2.1 stars which is better than bad, but poor. Most of the customers seem to have a problem with the website's payment method and the shipping system. Some of them are happy with how fast they have received their product while some others complain about late delivery. However, almost all the customers happy with the quality of the product they have received. The customers also testify that they have received the product exactly the way they wanted it to be. The return and refund policy of the brand also has got many fans. The size guide also seems to be of great help to the customers while making their order. The fact that I am gia has worldwide shipping makes them more accessible to people.

How long will it take for the product to get delivered?

In countries like Australia, the USA, Canada, and New Zealand, the product will arrive within three days, and in countries like the UK and Ireland, the delivery will be done within five days. For all other countries, it would take up to 8 days for the products to arrive.

Is shipping available even now?

Due to the case of covid19, there have been delays in the postal services. So, I am gia has made some changes to the shipping policy. The shipping has been shifted from postal services to DHL to ensure faster delivery and reliability. With DHL, the arrival of the product can be tracked more efficiently by the users.

Do I am gia accept products without tags in return?

I am gia does not accept products without the tags. The products have to be in the original condition as they were delivered and should not have any stains or tears. The return request should also be made via the website's customer services before 14 days from the date of delivery.

How does the size guide work?

The size guide is made based on approximate body measurements and does not give the product's actual sizing. Fitting of the garment can also be affected by the material or fabric used. Different sizes like XXS, XS, S/8, M/10, L/12, XL/14 are available. The website also provides the users with contact numbers for any queries regarding the size.

Will the shipping cost be refunded?

I am gia does not refund the shipping cost if a product is returned due to any reason the price of the product will be refunded but not the shipping charge.

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