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This health company is wholly owned by iHealth Lab Inc, committed to assisting the people in living a healthier life. This organization intends to make it quite easy for all the ages to take extra care while supervising their health. So, this health organization adopted a technique to improve an individual's health by creating and manufacturing the unique, consumer-friendly, and personal healthcare products that can directly reach to the people. This company specially aims at creating products which are very easy to use, keeping in mind about the health factor aspects, therefore, making it convenient for all its consumers to measure their track accurately, and further on to share the full range of health records with the company so that it can guide its consumers on the right path by providing the perfect devices which can monitor their health.

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$12.50 Deal Get iHealth Blood Glucose Test Strips at only $12.50
$29.99 Deal Get iHealth Smart Wireless Gluco-Monitoring System at only $29.99

Furthermore, the consumers can view the comprehensive details of their health records by automatically connecting the data through the cloud and can easily share the information records with the healthcare professionals for further suggestions.

Regarding this ihealthlabs organization, they deal with various health products, which help individuals keep control of their health. This ihealthlabs company offers a multifariousness of the healthcare products, which can help a person monitor the various health aspects. So, the products which this healthcare provides to its customers have been listed below:

  1. Blood pressure monitors machines, which help check the blood level along with the pulse rate with its one-touch operation. It is necessary to control the level of the blood pressure as if the level will get increases, and then it will affect the arteries and impact the heart. It is highly important to keep the level under control; otherwise, there will be a risk of health problems.
  2. Blood glucose monitors, also known as glucometers, which help in checking the blood sugar level. So, by taking a small amount of blood from a fingertip by lightly pricking the skin to obtain the blood, it tells the current blood sugar of an individual.
  3. Body Analysis Scales: The main purpose of this machine is to tell the Big Fat Positive. To measure the same, an individual has to step on the scale machine, and then a small electrical current thoroughly runs up through the legs, therefore, measuring the amount of resistance from the body fat. After that, the sensors in the scale will measure the level of friction that the current machine is being met as it travels back through an individual’s leg.
  4. Pulse oximeters machine: Primarily used to measure the oxygen saturation level of the blood. The process is a very easy and painless measuring of how well oxygen is being sent to the different parts of a human body from the heart. This machine uses light to calculate the oxygen saturation level. As while using this machine, the finger of an individual gets inserted into an examine machine, and then the light is send forth from the light sources through the blood in the finger, which further on goes across the pulse oximeter analysis machine, therefore, measuring the amount of oxygen level.
  5. Activity and sleep trackers: It is clearly illustrated that good quality sleep is being connected with the health and mental well-being, so by using the activity and sleep trackers will help an individual to analyze the movement of the bodies such as heart rate variability, along with the activity data. It helps to check the blood oxygen level, which has been tracked using a device that is already fitted in this activity tracker.
  6. Wireless scales: This product of ihealthlabs.com is being used for measuring the weight and calculating the body mass index as well as the fat mass index, which means how much fat has been accumulated in the body composition in the percentage, or pounds/kilograms.
  7. Baby monitors: This machine developed by ihealthlabs.com unit is primarily used to allow the attendants to hear whenever an infant wakes up. This machine aims to reduce the anxiety and stress level of the parents associated with being apart from a child, therefore allowing them to sleep relaxable at night rather than getting up at night to find the baby is still sleeping comfortably.

iHealth Labs Student Discounts:

Yes, various students can avail of the discounts by searching for the student's discount on this ihealthlabs websites. There is various coupons site which offers various discounts to the different students which they can further use to buy the products from this health organization, i.e., ihealthlabs.com at a nominal rate.

iHealth Labs Military Discounts: 

To sum up, this health organization does not offer any Military Discounts to the people working to serve the nation.

iHealth Labs Special Discounts:

Several people used the coupon code, promo code, and exciting deals to buy the healthcare devices from this ihealthlabs at an economical price. Various sites have declared special discounts for the people so that they can get the product within their budget.

iHealth Labs Return Policy:

All those products purchased directly from this healthcare website enable an individual to return their product after getting an iHealth return material authorization ("RMA") from the site within the 30 days following the shipment date by this healthcare equipment supplied organization. So, if the individual wants to return the product or device in its original condition, unused, and in the original packaging as per the terms and condition of this healthcare organization, then in that scenario, this company will surely exchange the item or, otherwise initiate the refund of the purchase price paid by the individual, by initiating the refund and crediting the account of that particular person which are being used to make the original purchase. The RMA card can be obtained by getting in touch with the Customer Service department of this Healthcare organization. After the RMA issuance, the item or device must get by the iHealth unit within 10 days from the customer. 

The item must fully pack in the individual's original condition in which they have received it, sealed and unmarked packaging inclusive of all the accessories, along with the manuals, documents, and registration slip, which are being shipped with the item. Also, the RMA number provided by this organization must include with the returned item.

iHealth Labs Refund policy:

The refund policy of this healthcare organization illustrates that the shipping and handling charges of the product, as well as the gift-wrapping fees and taxes paid such as state, customs, and value-added taxes by the individual, are not refundable. An individual must be liable for all these charges and must pay the shipping charges in advance, and that person must be responsible for all the risk of loss, or damage of the item, while that product is in transit to this healthcare organization. If a person will return the item to this healthcare device selling organization in the following circumstances:

  1. Without providing the RMA details.
  2. Beyond the 10 days of the RMA issuance period
  3. Items which is not packed properly

Then, in such circumstances that are being listed above, this healthcare organization, i.e., iHealthlabs, has the right to either refuse the delivery of the product or charge the more restocking fee from the consumer. About the crediting the amount of the product, it entirely depends on the product's processing time.

iHealth Labs Shipping policy:

Shipping times of the product may vary as per the selected delivery address, the availability of the items, and the time of day when an individual places their product order. Apart from this, the devices' shipping charges are being calculated on the weight of the item, the number of iHealth products ordered from the site, and the selection of the delivery address by an individual. Also, the Shipping charges are being mentioned during checkout from the site. Apart from this, this ihealthlabs.com does not offer an individual the ability to select the shipping option along with the speed up of the products ordered from the site. This organization has tied up with various courier services such as UPS, UPS-MI, FedEx, or USPS to ship the order.

Most of the orders get shipped within the next business day exclusive of Saturday and Sunday; however, if the product is not available and the order has to place before 3:00 pm PST, this company is not liable to ship it the next business day. Although, this organization from their side makes a single effort to send out the order as quickly as possible.

Few of the items are available on the shopping sites such as amazon.com from where an individual can place the order, and that item will get shipped within the desired time selected by that particular person.

iHealth Labs Free Delivery:

Regarding delivering certain health measuring devices, the free delivery option is available in the selected locations only on the selected items. However, this ihealthlabs.com unit cannot ship the products to various parts of the United States and the military region due to some restrictions. This unit is working on the same so that they will supply the products in the restricted regions, but till now, there is no specified timeline that when the process will eventually start.

iHealth Labs Shopping Tips:

For any issue related to buying the product or suggestion regarding the pre-sales, the customer service team of this healthcare supplying organization is available to solve the issue. An individual can contact the customer support team on 1-855-816-7705 between Monday to Friday (8.30 am to 5.30 pm) or otherwise, an individual can send an email on support@ihealthlabs.eu.

This ihealthlabs.com unit ensures that all the products must get shipped within three working days to its customer who has placed the order from the site. Apart from this, their shipping methods are being categorized into three parts, which have been illustrated below:

USPS First Class 

It is an affordable mail service for standard-sized items, single-piece envelopes weighing up to 3.5 ounces, and large envelopes and small packages weighing up to 13 ounces with the delivery of the items within 2-5 business days.

UPS Mail Innovations 

This method is a high-volume mailing service providing an efficient and effective way of delivering the products. Starting from the postal costs linked to the time in transit and further connected with the packaging labor, this methodology aims from accurate services to a well-organized process, further enhancing the services, and then synchronizing the entire mailing process. Also, this service provider ensures that all the equipment must ship within 4-7 business days.

UPS Ground 

This service provider guarantees the cost-effective delivery of the products. It also ensures that all the items get shipped within 4-7 business days. This shipping method is an economical choice for all those companies who prefer the goods' routine shipment at the cost-friendly ground shipping charges. Apart from these things, this service provider also provides the estimated delivery date of the goods to all its customers.

iHealth Labs Reviews:

Overall, this ihealthlabs is a legit service provider that provides website security and ensures that all its customers' information is properly secured and safe. This organization is owned and operated by Andon Health Co., Ltd and is located in California with its offices in France and China. It is a reliable industry that aims to make unique health care measuring devices, including the well-being products, clinically-validated devices, and health-monitoring equipment. To sum up, ihealthlabs.com is being recognized as the global consumer health and wellness unit that caters to the individuals' needs by supplying their innovative medical devices. It also has a mobile application for its users, which works as per the healthcare products, allowing an individual to measure, keep a record, and share their vital reports with their closed ones.

Why should you buy from iHealth Labs:

An individual should buy the medical devices only from the ihealth labs because it deliberately focuses on creating distinctive health measuring devices. It aims to help an individual understand the signals their body sends to them, which can become the major issue in their healthcare. Also, the medical equipment sold by this ihealthlabs has been offered at the discounted rates which allow an individual to calculate the health data with the usage of the devices sold by this unit, allowing them to track the results of their health so that they can share with the expert medical professionals who can further provide them the advice on the same. This organization has also tied up with the healthcare units, i.e., hospitals, health professionals, fitness service providers, insurance companies, and health organizations. So, through these third-party platforms, this ihealthlabs.com aims to offer its customers a better healthcare experience and tips so that they can work upon it to boost up their health.  

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