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Are you looking for an above ground pool for your garden or an airbed for your home? You have come to the right place. INTEX offers you a wide range and variety of above ground pools, airbeds, sporting goods, pool floats, etc. you may visit the official website and grab your product with exciting discounts using Intex coupon code. In this article, we are going to discuss the company INTEX and what they offer for you.


For more than two decades, INTEX Recreation Corp. has been distributing boats, spas, pool floats, pool toys, above ground pools, airbeds, and many more. All the products are designed and manufactured for more safety, fun, and comfort.

The main objective of the company is to provide high-quality products to the customer at a reasonable price. They have the best customer service team to attend their customers at any time. The expert team makes a routine test for every finished product to ensure safety and quality.

The vision of the company is to become the most trusted and reputed company in the industry. The company created its first above ground pool in 1997. And now their products have been spread out for more than 100 countries throughout the globe.

INTEX Recreation Corp. mainly works with seven types of products, and they are – Airbeds, Above Ground Pools, Air Furniture, Air pumps, Floats & Toys, SPAs, and sporting goods.

  • Among airbeds, there are four types of beds with different facilities. They are – DURA BEAM Standard Series with airlock system and fiber tech support; DURA BEAM Plus Series with internal pump fast, airlock, fiber tech support, and a carry bag; DURA BEAM Deluxe Series with internal pump, airlock, soft surface, bottom ring stability, edge support comfort, and fiber tech support and PremAire with all the mentioned facilities. Apart from that, they also sell air beds for camping or outing purposes.
  • Within Above Ground Pools, INTEX is providing pools for kids, pools that can be set easily, pools with metal frame, pools with prism frame, pools with Ultra XTR frame, a pool water sanitation system to make it fresh and clean, and different pool accessories. You will be able to get a complete package of above ground pools from INTEX.
  • Among Air Furniture, there are various types of products like Beanless Bag Chair, Air corner sofas, pull-out chair, pull-out sofa, ultra lounge, and travel bed set for kids. All these are very much comfortable and user friendly.
  • Air pumps are available for different types like – manual bellow foot pumps, manual hand pumps, and quick fill electric pumps. The quick fill pumps have different capacities from 14.8 CFM to 38.9 CFM.
  • Along with the above ground pools, INTEX also provides different tools and toys to have fun in the pool. They sell different types of pool mats for relaxing, mats like the wings of an angel, floating mats in different shapes for kids, play centers, island with canopy, airboats, and many more.
  • In Spas categories, INTEX has a wide range of SPAs for bubble massage. There are different models with different levels of comfort. They also have accessories like SPA cover, filter cartridge, inflatable bench, LED light for SPA, cup holder, headrest, seats, and maintenance kit. 
  • Apart from all them, INTEX also provides different water sports accessories like kayak paddle, Oars, two-seat boats, three-seat boats, kayaks, five-seat boats, two-seat fishing kayak, floating chair, large floating mats, floating refrigerator for keeping your bottles chilled, and many more.

INTEX Discounts from Amazon

 INTEX also offers you discounts on many products like DURA BEAM Ultra Plus 18 inch airbed with internal pump, 20inch air bed, pool LED light cubes, and many more. You may visit their website to avail of the offers using the Intex Coupon code. 

On other e-commerce websites like Amazon, you can avail discounts on INTEX products. If you are not from California, you can still order INTEX products from Amazon to get it delivered at your doorsteps. Sales and discounts are regular things on Amazon. Hence you may end up with lots of offers and buy the INTEX products at an affordable price.

INTEX Free Shipping

Generally, companies may demand extra shipping charges for different products. But here at INTEX Recreation Corp., the shipping is completely free. Just pay the product price and get it delivered. There are no extra shipping charges for you.

Warranty Policy

The warranty period is not the same for all the products. Even there is some separate warranty policy inside one product. Let us check them out. For Above Ground Pools, there is a warranty period between 90 days and two years. Some products have a warranty in the pool liner, some have one pool frame only, and some have a warranty on both. For poll accessories, most of the products don't have any warranty offered by the company. Only a few products like pool LED light and drain pump has a 1-year warranty. The ladder has 90 days of warranty. You will get 90 days to 1-year warranty on all airbed products. For boats, both sports series and pro series provide you with 90 days of warranty. A 1-year warranty is also available for Spas.

Return Policy

Only for the direct buyers through the official website or Phone INTEX Recreation Corp. offers a 30-day return from the date of delivery for all the products. But there are some conditions that need to be met for a successful return. Here they are:

  • The product must reach the company warehouse within 30 days from the delivery date. Otherwise, the refund will not be approved.
  • The packing should be original and in a resalable position. For example, you have received a product from INTEX and unpacked it. Due to some reason, you wish to return it and need a refund. But you have already destroyed the original packing. So you put it in another package and send it back to us. This will not be accepted at all. The product must be in its original package. Hence, you must be very careful about unpacking the product.
  • No one from the company will go to your place to pick the product. You will be responsible for sending it back at your own cost.
  • The cost you bear to send it back to the company is not refundable at all. You just get the refund of the product price if it meets all the criteria.
  • If everything goes as per policy, then the credit will be issued under the credit card or debit card you have used while purchasing the product.

If you receive any damaged product or incorrect product, then just call the customer service within the 15 days from delivery.

Payment Options

Unlike all other online stores, INTEX receives payments from credit cards and debit cards. Here are some specific credit or debit cards that can be used for payment:

  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • American Express
  • Pre-paid, credit or gift cards of MasterCard, VISA or American Express


In the case of any product, we always check the safety. The same goes for here as well. We must go through the instructions that need to be followed while using an INTEX product.

Pool Safety: Here are the following regulations that need to be maintained strictly to avoid unwanted accidents:-

  • Never dive or jump into the pool. It may cause a broken neck, permanent damage to organs, paralysis, or even death.
  • Children under five years have the highest risk of drowning. Hence, keep a sharp eye on children in or near the pool. If the pool ladder is not in use, then remove it from the pool.
  • Never leave any handicapped people or children alone with the pool.
  • At the time of leaving the pool, remove all the floats from the pool and, if possible, drain the water so that it doesn't attract the children anymore. 
  • Do not climb or sit on the side. Because that might break down and you will get injured.
  • When the pool is being used, never try to use the pump.
  • If you have alcohol or drugs, then don’t use the pool at that time.
  • Never use glass in the pool area.
  • If the suction strained is not perfect, missing, or broken, then do not use the pool.

Be very cautious while using the pool, especially when kids are around. Because drowning doesn't take time, and the drowning person cannot call for help most of the time.

Airbed Safety: Airbeds are very much dangerous for infants under 15 months. Never keep them on airbeds because they get suffocated on inflatable mattresses or beds. Here are some more safety tips that need to be maintained for safety purposes:

  • Never use a half-inflated airbed. Before using, always make it fully inflated.
  • Never use water.
  • Keep it away from fire.
  • Never use any flammable substances to avoid ignition or explosion.
  • Do not stand, walk, or jump on the airbeds.
  • Never allow your pets on the bed. The sharp nails may damage the bed.
  • Never use any chemicals to clean it. Always use soap or soapy solutions.

SPA Safety: Just like the pool, the SPA also has some very important safety measurements to follow strictly. Those are as follows:

  • Do not keep any electrical appliance within the 5 feet radius of the Spa.
  • Watch the children all the time. Never leave them alone.
  • After using it, always cover the spa and lock it properly.
  • If you have a pregnant lady or diabetic patient in the house, consult with the doctor first before using it.
  • If you ever feel sleepy, dizzy, or uncomfortable, come out from the spa quickly.
  • Do not use it while consuming alcohol or drugs.
  • For pregnant women, never go inside if the water is hotter than 38oC or 100oF and never stay for more than 10 minutes.

These are some certain safety parameters that need to be always maintained while using these products. There are well-designed posters of safety checks available on the official website of INTEX in PDF format. You may download it, take a printout, and attach it with your product to remind you every time you are using it.


We always go through the reviews before buying any product. INTEX has a 5 Star rating for most of its products. Customers are very much happy using their products. Under every product, you will find what the previous customers are saying about the product.

 For example, Mr. Steven James has given a review of the product 13ft X 33in Easy Set Pool Set. He wrote, "It was a great experience to use this product, and I would recommend it to everyone."

 Unlike this one, there are other reviews as well. When you are choosing the product from the INTEX website, read the reviews first. If you are happy with the previous customers’ reactions, then just go for it.

This is all about one of the largest above ground pools, airbeds, and Spas selling companies of US, INTEX Recreation Corp.

Do they have any Intex Coupon Code?

Yes, they do. On different occasions, they offer special Intex coupon code to their customers. You can get exciting deals by using that coupon. For the upcoming Intex Coupon Code, you may contact (800) 234-6839.

Do they deliver in Canada?

Yes, you can get any product delivered or replaced from Canada. For more details, you may contact customer care by dialing (800) 234-6839.

How to track the order?

Once the order has been placed and the product is being shipped. An email with a tracking number will be sent to your registered email address. Copy that tracking number and go to the official website of the courier company and track the current location of your order.

Where shall I get the replacement parts?

Most of the parts are available on the official website. You may visit or just call the customer service at (800) 234-6839 and place your order. Make the payment through credit or debit cards, and the product will be at your doorstep