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Kilian is an eco-luxe brand well known for its amazing fragrances and beauty products. At Kilian, every product is designed for keeping environmental sustainability in mind. All perfumes and beauty products are made using essential oils to ensure skin safety. The perfume brand was launched in 2007 by Kilian Hennessy. Belonging to a family of winemakers, Kilian wanted to keep up with the family tradition of selling luxury products. He studied under some greatest experts in the field of perfumery and worked for the topmost brands in the industry. As the brand kept growing, there were several limited edition fragrances launched by Kilian, and the brand further started producing more beauty products and even handbags. Every single product created by Kilian embodies supreme sophistication and luxury.

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Popular Kilian Coupon Codes

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$275 Deal Get PEARL OUD at only $275
$220 Deal Get SINGLE MALT, LONDON at only $220
$220 Deal Get NOIR APHRODISIAQUE, PARIS at only $220
$220 Deal Get ROYAL LEATHER, MAYFAIR at only $220
$220 Deal Get LEMON IN ZEST, LUGANO at only $220

The product collection also includes not so common scented wearable jewellery and perfumed decorative objects to make your home look beautiful. If you're shopping from Kilian for the first time, there's an amazing deal for you. Buy all your favourite products at a discounted price using the Kilian Offer Code.


Since 2007, Kilian perfumes have undergone a great evolution and are available in different categories to suit your needs the best way. Have a look at all the categories and decide which one do you like the most.

  • The Fresh

No prize for guessing! Just like the name explains, Freshness. Yes! All the fragrances in this category are super refreshing and will make you feel as fresh as a newly bloomed flower.

The Fresh category perfumes are created with citrus, aldehydes and aquatic notes. These perfumes work the best for summer dates. There are many other options available, choose the one that works the best for you using the Kilian Offer Code.

  • The Narcotics

Just like the real narcotics do their tricks to gain control over you, this range of perfumes will take you to a different euphoria too. Perfumes composed with rose, tuberose, orange blooms and gardenia work nothing less than the real narcotics. The fragrance will woo you and everyone else too. 

  • The Cellars

Kilian has dedicated this category to his family of wine cellars. The rich woody fragrance will smoulder you with all the addictive sensuality. These are the limited edition. Get your hands on them using the Kilian Offer Code.

  • The Smokes

The amazing fragrance of Bakhoor, Incense and Tobacco will make you go intoxicated and will work as true titillation for all your senses. This one especially for all the gentlemen out there.

  • My Kind Of Love

This category is specially designed for late-night romantic dates to make the sunsets feel absolutely amazing. Created with amazing components like black currant, lychee and rose, this category would not let your date night go into a vain. Give it a shot using the Kilian Offer Code and get it at best possible deal.


Who does not want to highlight their lips? Scented lipsticks by Kilian are the best way to do that. The delicious fragrances of the lipstick will make you wanna eat them, but don't, okay? This is an amazing category of matte lipsticks. The bold colours will make you look fabulous no matter what time of the day it is and vanilla notes present in them will keep your mood super soothing.

Bodycare Products

Quality is the topmost priority when it comes to body products designed by Kilian. Products like body lotions and hand cream are super hydrating, moisturizing and come with an amazing scent. The scented body lotion is very smooth and blends amazingly with the skin to provide you with a sheer sensation. This category also includes other products like body mist and bath & body products.

Home Decor

Well, not just makes you smell good; it makes your home smell good too. With beautiful home decoration products like scented candles, soap dishes and bakhoor, your home will feel like heaven. Make it look and smell like a paradise today. Use Kilian Offer Code and buy the home decor products at the best rates.

Send love to your near and dear ones

Who doesn't like gifts? Especially when it smells so good. Send gifts to your loved ones using Kilian Gift Cards or place orders for them directly. With luxury products like perfumes, scented lipsticks, body & bath products, travel products and home decoratives, you can select anything that works the best as a gift and send it as a gift of love to someone. Let us know what your choice is. Shop today using the Kilian Offer Code.

Kilian gives you free shipping! Yes you read it right

Kilian is well known for its smooth delivery and quick shipping. You get free shipping over every purchase you make if you are in the USA. Kilian ships to almost every country across the world.

If you request, the brand also provides you with one-day delivery. However, if you choose normal delivery, it may take up to six to seven business days. If an order is placed before 3 PM IST, the product is shipped the very same day.

The orders are shipped from Monday to Friday. You might have to wait for a little if you place your order on the weekends or any other holiday.

Any sort of customized product may take a longer time to get shipped as it requires time to get prepared. Hope you are patient enough for that matter.

Return and exchange policy at Kilian

The brand tries its level best to provide you with an amazing experience with the products, but in case you are not satisfied, you can always return the products. However, there are some guidelines you need to take care of. Mentioned below are the return and exchange rules.

  1. If you wish to return a product and claim the refund, you need to do that in 14 days of the delivery. Any delay shall not be considered.
  2. While returning the order, you are required to fill a return note and paste it with the parcel.
  3. You are expected to deliver the goods back in the exact same condition they were sent to you. For any damage to the product, you might have to pay or may not receive the refund.
  4. The refund will only be initiated after the quality check of the product.
  5. Refunds can only be made through the original mode of payment you used while placing the order.
  6. Refunds may take around five to six business days to reflect in your account.

Kilian Student Discount

Students love Kilian for a reason. If you are a student and looking for a place to buy the best fragrances for yourself, Kilian is the best place for you. You will get a discount of up to 10 to 20% on your purchase. All you need to do is provide the details of the institute you are currently studying and all the other essential information.

Get the products at the best-discounted price using the Kilian Offer Code.

Kilian Military Discount

Kilian also provides a military discount to all the army professionals out there. It is the perfect place for you to buy luxury products to match up to your classy personality. You can even use the Kilian gift card to send gifts to your family even if you are located far away from them.

Maximum Purchase Policy

It's absolutely a pleasure for the brand if you shop in high numbers but sad, there is a limit to the purchases you can make at one go. Kilian accepts order of a maximum of six pieces of a single item at once. With a limit of £5000, one customer can buy up to 12 items. However, you can always make another purchase if you wish to order more items. You are more than welcome.

Free gift wraps!

Kilian loves it when you send gifts to your loved ones, and for that matter, you get complimentary free gift wraps on all your orders. Products selected as gifts always get special care at Kilian in order to create the most beautiful gift pack every. There is also a message card inside on which the message you wish to convey is either written or printed.

To avail this, you just have to, click the “gift-wrap” button while checking out. Also, do not forget to enter the message in the text box to make your gift more special.

Special Discount Offers

To avail the special discount, you simply need to enter the offer code in the text box specifically mentioned for discount offers on the billing page while you check out from the kart. If the code is valid, it will be displayed as accepted and provide you with a suitable discount. Please note that you can only use one Kilian Offer Code for every order. Keep yourself connected with Kilian to avail the most amazing offer codes and get huge discounts on each and every product.

Kilian Delivery Rules

It’s Kilian’s topmost priority to deliver your orders as per your accordance and based on the options you select while checking out. There are a few options available for the process of delivery.

  • Number one being click and collect. You place the order and get it delivered at a local shop nearest to you. You will always get an email once your order has arrived and is ready for you to collect. If you choose this option, you need to bring any of your ID proof to claim the order. It can be anything like a driver’s license, passport, or address proof. It should have your picture and your full name. In case, someone else is picking your order for you, even they will be needing your photo ID and as well their own too. If everything goes well, you or the person on your behalf will have to sign and can take the order.
  • Another option is getting the order delivered right at your doorstep. However, it might be feasible for everyone since Kilian is pretty selective in terms of delivery and only delivers to specific places. Make sure you check all the locations where Kilian directly delivers the orders to.

Why should you buy from Kilian?

Being eco-luxe in nature, Kilian is indeed a great option for you if you wish to take good care of your body as well as the environment. Every product made at Kilian is created by ensuring that there is no harm placed to nature. All the perfumes and other body care products are designed with love with supreme quality to provide you with the top-class experience. Kilians have clients from all across the world and receive a lot of appreciation from everyone. Be it men, women, Kilian has amazing products for everyone. Women absolutely love the scented lipsticks, well who wouldn't? No one has ever doubted or had complaints about the quality of the services or products provided by Kilian. Some customers have loved the perfume to the level that they wished to pour the entire body on themselves. Not just that, Kilian does absolute justice to the prices of the products by providing you with various offer codes. You would not find any other brand that prepares all your gift orders with such love and care. Everyone sends a gift to their near, and dear one with love and Kilian makes sure that your love actually reflects in the order once it has been received by the person. The sensual and exclusive fragrances of Kilian perfumes have brought together so many love birds and made the night as well as day dates amazingly successful. Obviously, who would not get attracted to someone smelling like a million dollars? It is Rihanna's favourite brands for scents and perfumes, do you still have any doubts?

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