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€99.00 Deal Get Oxford casual shirt stripe at only €99.00
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€99.00 Deal Get Oxford casual shirt ocean blue at only €99.00
€99.00 Deal Get Oxford casual shirt pinstripe at only €99.00
€99.00 Deal Get Oxford casual shirt yellow at only €99.00

About Labfresh

Labfresh is a state-of-the-art brand for men's wear. It is known as the pioneer for making odor-free, stain-free, and wrinkle-free garments for the menfolk. Owned by Kasper Peterson and Lotte Vink, the products of Labfresh are made in Switzerland and Portugal and shipped worldwide. Since its inception in 2017, Labfresh has made its place in the men’s fashion space globally. 


The shirts by Labfresh is designed and woven with 100% 2-ply long-staple cotton

 for longevity. A person will wear this shirt for longer periods and wash it infrequently, so all elements of the shirt and its fabric have to be of the best quality. The shirts repel wrinkles, odor, and stains and are made with sealed ascolite button thread, which is sturdy and enduring, and the user will never lose a button again. The collars are sewn in, and there is additional back length to avoid untucking. The fabrics of the shirts by Labfresh are made by OEKO-TEX and BlueSign certified mills and hand-sewn Macedonia. The shirts are made in Switzerland. The shirts are available in a variety of sober colors like blue, white, dark green, light green, and greys. They are designed for casual outings and formal meetings and are available in plain, stripped, and chequered forms. 

T-shirts and Polos

The t-shirts and polo t-shirts are made in Europe in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. They are wrinkle-free and smell and stain repellent materials that can wick moisture. Made with 95% long-staple cotton & 5% stretch, these t-shirts are engineered in such a way that it can wick sweat and body odor and keeps the user fresh and clean for days. Available in round and v neck designs, the t-shirts are available in a variety of colors like black, blue, grey, sand, navy, and polo green. These items are pre-washed to avoid shrinkage and demonstrate the quality of quick drying. Knitted and sewn in Portugal, these fabrics are REACH compliant and certified by OEKO-TEX and BlueSign.


The Labfresh sweaters are designed and knitted to keep the person warm, cozy, and fresh for days. With an odor and stain repellent properties, the sweaters are feather soft and made in Europe, adhering to eco-friendly manufacturing norms. Woven with 80% cotton, 20% PES, the sweaters are knitted in Portugal and shipped all over the world. Like every other Labfresh product, the sweaters are made by OEKO-TEX and BlueSign certified mill fabrics and are available in three colors, namely navy blue, fern green, and grey.


Labfresh pants are far from being ordinary and completely stand out in terms of looks, material, weave, and texture. Made and woven with FreshCore technology, these pants are comprising 97% cotton with 3% elastane for the stretch and showcase stain and odor repellent properties. Available in a host of colors, the maintenance is easy, and wear and tear are minimal. These pants are ideal for traveling.

Labfresh Discounts

Labfresh products come with lucrative discounts, and if a person purchases directly from the official website, they can avail amazing discounts like 10% off on two items, 15% off on purchase of 3 items, and 20% off on the purchase of 4 items. Other promotional and coupon websites also offer astounding discounts on Labfresh products from 15-45 %. Labfresh does not offer military discounts. One can pick an appropriate coupon and redeem the Labfresh Discount Code to avail of the offers.

Labfresh One Year Warranty

Labfresh offers a 1-year warranty on all products under the following aspects. With Lifespan technology, the company guarantees that the stain repellence will endure for 30 washes, and the odor repellence will last for 100 washes when following their care instructions. Lesser and infrequent washing is the mantra to retain the quality and lifespan of the clothes.

Stain Repellence

 Labfresh guarantees that their shirts will resist stains that are created by water-based solutions and semi-liquids. If stains are generated by oil-based liquids, such as skin oils or slimy things, the item will need to be washed away or cleaned with a good stain remover. As part of their quality testing procedures, Labfresh tests the stain repellence factor for 30 washes at 30 degrees, followed by ironing after every wash with no bleaching or tumble drying. A lot is dependent on the nature of the machine, washing program, and cleanser used, which is why they are not okay outspreading the guarantee above 30 washes for the stain repellence. Since the products need suggestively less washing than conventional cotton stuff, 30 washes will result in a lot of wear.

Odor Repellence

 Labfresh guarantees that the shirts and t-shirts will keep away odor caused by bacteria and germs, such as body odor from sweat. The shirts will not deter odor from fume or cooking. Due to the many diverse variations and levels of sweat, the company inappropriately cannot assure a specific amount of days the products will stay before odor starts being rivetted into the material. The company guarantees that the anti-bacterial treatment will be operational for about 100 washes and hence hinder more odor than conventional cotton garments for uninterrupted 100 washes.

Sweat Stains

 While the jersey and jersey stretch t-shirts obstruct sweat by captivating it into the inside of the textile, the business and casual shirts, as well as the polos, are intertwined, and the way moisture-wicking technology to them is still unknown to the manufacturer. The shirts are engineered to block reasonable amounts of perspiration, but if it is made to absorb 100%, the sweat would retain on the body and hence not be easy and convenient in a hot or humid setup. So, the company authenticates a guarantee for the shirts to obstruct sweat as compared to traditional cotton dresses. The shirts dry up quickly and make the person who is wearing it comfortable and relaxing.


Labfresh guarantees that the jersey and jersey stretch t-shirts captivates fluids on the inside, which will not be visible on the external side. This effect works on usual and standard conditions, but the company cannot guarantee that sweat tinges will be 100% blocked. The products might seem like they work effectively for sports, but they are style products designed for daily life, and the company's guarantees are only applicable for everyday usage. If a user is considering using the t-shirts for athletic purposes, then one should keep in mind that they use weighty fabrics, which makes it a radiator of body heat than a synthetic jersey. This aspect will also steadily go down after every wash and will ensure for about 30 washes.

Easy Care

The testing technique used to regulate wrinkling is called the "Durable Press rating." The company's casual shirts are verified at a DP rating of 3.0 and the wrinkle-free shirts at a DP rating of 3.5, which is the generally acknowledged definition of "wrinkle-free" materials. There are, however, always restrictions when one picks organic products knitted with 100% cotton fabric. The wrinkle-resistance is assured for 30 washes, which is in line with the industry standards and reputed brands.

Maximum Shrinkage

Labfresh guarantees that the casual and business shirts will not shrink more than 2% and that the jersey t-shirts will not shrink more than 5%. These are business standards for knitted and woven cotton clothes. The jersey stretch t-shirts and sweaters are pre-washed and won't shrink after usage. The white t-shirts are less effective at hiding sweat tinges as compared to other colors. This is due to the circumstance that the white fabric is more see-through, so even though the interior of the fabric repels stains, the sweat can still be noticeable after a while.

Labfresh Shipping Policy and Free Delivery 

Labfresh ships its products worldwide and offers free delivery above the order value of €60. As per the policy, the company also ensures free returns from certain countries like Belgium, Germany, France, Denmark, Netherland, Austria, and the UK. Usually, the company ship within 1-5 business days to the majority of the European countries. 

As soon as the order is shipped, the customer receives an email confirming the status. All shipment confirmation and validation email communication comprise a tracking number so that the customer can track the package. The company also needs a signature upon arrival to guarantee the safe delivery of the purchase. If you haven't received the order, then track and trace and promptly write at fastest resolution.

Labfresh Return and Refund Policy

Labfresh has a well-cited and transparent return and refund policy. As per the company norms, if any customer is dissatisfied and unhappy with the product they have received, or there is an issue with the size, or an incorrect product has been delivered, he or she may easily return the same within 60 days from the date of delivery. Even the company does not charge shipping costs from most European countries like Denmark, Netherland, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, and the UK. The company does not have a full repay policy and deduct, €5 return cost, which is deducted from the refund amount. To return an item, one needs to pack it in a new package and stick the return label, which can be downloaded from the website. The products to be returned must be in an intact condition, not worn, not torn, washed, or damaged. The buyers must remember that products that have been ironed or dry cleaned cannot be returned or exchanged. Items must be returned in the actual packaging with the tag or sticker attached to it. People must also keep in mind that socks can only be returned if the cardboard label is still tucked to it. If someone by mistake or unknowingly returns a used or damaged item, Labfresh has the legal rights to charge against it. To process the return, one must fill in the Return Form, sent in the package, and send the form with the package.

If a person is in and around Amsterdam and wishes to return a Labfresh product, he may head out to the showroom and process the return and check the sizes and products and pick the item for exchange. If the objects qualify for a return, the company will process the return within five business days of receiving the package. Though bank accounts and credit card statements have their separate TAT and may take up to 30 days to process and reflect the reimbursement amount,

Labfresh Reviews:

 Labfresh is used globally by menfolk who have got fascinated and amazed by the quality, texture, weave, and fabric. Many of them have shared their lovely reviews and feedback. Labfresh has conducted a customer satisfaction survey and has talked to 1500 plus users. Almost 95% of the users are happy and satisfied with the product and keep the Labfresh garments ahead of its competition. Almost 84% of the users happily recommends the brand within their network. People have appreciated the quality and features that have stated that by blending technology and artistry, Lotte & Kasper have designed products that make everyone feel comfortable and relaxing. Some happy users have opined that after using Labfresh apparel, they have discarded their old clothes, which also include expensive bespoke clothes. Almost everyone has praised the craftsmanship, quality, sales support, and customer service provided by the brand.

Labfresh is an EU-based apparel brand that is globally known for manufacturing odor-free, wrinkle-free, and stain-free men's garments that showcase the best of material, design, and quality.

How can a customer choose the size at Labfresh?

Labfresh shirts fit true to size, so one must select the size he always wears from other brands. If he is in between sizes, the company recommends going for the larger one.

Where are the Labfresh products made?

Labfresh products are made in Europe, particularly in Portugal, Romania, and Switzerland. The company authorities visit all mills and manufacturers they collaborate with and confirm healthy and productive working conditions.

What is Freshcore Technology?

The products in the LABFRESH collection are treated around the yarn without generating a veneer, which makes the fabric resist stains and odor but still retains the natural sensation and breathability of 100% cotton. This imperceptible technology empowers LABFRESH products to aid fight sweat, avoid discomforting smells, and keep away stains of water-based solutions.