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Leaf Shave was co-founded by Adam Simone and Adam Hahn who dreamt of revolutionizing and innovating shaving technology. They have used their engineering skill, and business and marketing acumen to convert plastic razors to metal razors that resemble a typical contemporary razor, characterized with top-notch multi-edge razorblades with a spinning head and customizable functions. Both the founders come engineering, product development backgrounds and are blessed with the necessary business development skills and expertise that are required to efficaciously launch a Leaf Razor to the consumer's space. Founded in 2016, Leaf Shave has its headquarter at Great Lakes. 

Leaf Shave has gained acclamation in no time because of the dynamic shaving technology, user-friendly products, and cost-effectiveness. 

The Essentials

This package comprises of the Leaf Razor along with 20n blades and 40 edges. This is probably the most seamless way to enjoy a refreshing morning shave. It is simple yet stylish, and user friendly. One can pick from four beautiful Leaf Razor finishes as per their preferences. It also comes with a stylish solid metal stand where one can show off the razor and a blade disposer.

Starter Bundle

This is a popular bundle that comes with the Leaf Razor, solid metal stand, 50 blades, and blade disposer tin. This shaving razor kit has all the tools necessary for sustainable beauty and world-class quality. The kit has everything for a rejuvenating morning shave along with a blade disposal tin for safe and hassle-free clearances before the blades are recycled or destroyed permanently.

Blade Disposer

Disposing of blades is a crucial thing, and Leaf Shave has thought it through and designed an outstanding blade disposer tin. It can hold and preserve numerous blades safely, and once the tin capacity is exhausted; it can be sent to the company itself for appropriate and eco-friendly recycling.

Solid Metal Stand

The Leaf Razor is classic, timeless, and elegant. One should flaunt it proudly. For this show-off and hassle-free access, the solid metal stand is of tremendous use. Formed for a solid piece of cast zinc, this stand also has a beautiful finish as the Leaf Razor itself. It is one of the best accessories to the Leaf Razor. One can also send the full tin to industrial scrap metal facility for commercial scrapping and recycling. 

Blade Packs

Leaf Shave company also offers 20 and 50 blade packs for cost-effective usage. The Leaf Shave blades are made from cold-forged steel, which is hardened and refined to a polished cutting edge. These double-edged blades are classic and in use for ages as they result in a clean and immaculate shaving experience every single time. These blade packs are long-lasting, economical, and hassle-free for prolonged travel plans.


As a part of their flagship merchandise, The Leaf Shave has a 1st Edition Tote bag, which looks trendy, fashionable, and stylish. Perfect for the millennial generation, these tote bags are made in the USA with 100 percent recycled cotton, soft, and easy to carry. This is tailor-made for the regular needs or used to carry handy kinds of stuff during travel.

Leaf Shave Coupons 

Many lucrative and amazing leaf razor coupon codes are available to redeem Leaf Shave coupons bought from Reddit or similar marketing sites. Even eCommerce sites like Amazon and eBay offer great discounts on various Leaf Shave products from time to time. Moreover, Leaf Shave also offers military discounts to ex-servicemen, defense personnel, paramedic fighters, government servants, and security officers.

Coupon code has np cash connotation with it and cannot be redeemable for cash. Neither they can be united with any other offers. There is a limit of one coupon code per order. Any Leaf razor coupon normally expires and is no longer valid for reclamation 90 days after the date of issuance, but some of the coupon codes may have a longer or shorter validity period as itemized in association with the coupon code itself. The unlawful reproduction, resale, amendment, or trade of coupon codes is banned. Coupon codes are annulled were barred, taxed, or constrained. The Leaf Shave company reserves the right to alter or limit coupon codes in its solitary choice at any time.

Returns and Refund Policy

For any particular valid reason, if the buyer is not contented with the Razors, razor stand or blade disposer, the company promises to refund 100% of the purchase price minus the discounts within 30 days of the purchase, together with any sales duties, one has paid when purchasing from the official website of Leaf Shave. To initiate the return and repayment process, one needs to intimidate the reason for dissatisfaction and return, and once the notification is submitted, the company will issue an authorization with detailed instructions for the return process. The items to be returned needs to reach the company facility within ten business days from the date of issuance of authorization approval. Used and damaged products are not entitled to return. The company only exchanges products if they are dented or damaged during the shipping process, within 30 days from when one received the order. To make this happen, the customer should write to hello@leafshave.com with a clear photo and details of the flaws and damages of the razor, blade, or accessories. 

Leaf Shave Warranty

Leaf Shave razors are guarded by lifelong warranty coverage. This Limited Warranty offers the customer certain legal rights and other rights as per the state, province, and country. This limited warranty covers all razors manufactured by Leaf Shave, bought from the official website or authorized dealers of Leaf Shave. The warranty does not cover the razors used in an inappropriate way or to any other services. Moreover, a limited warranty by Leaf Shave is the only form of warranty, and the company does not endorse any other express warranty or extended warranty coverage. This warranty is levied over screw closures mechanisms, hinge pins, broken or uprooted springs, broken magnets, and broken or damaged blade fillers.

Leaf Shave Review

 Some of the unbiased and useful customer reviews for Leaf Shave are cited below.

The leaf is awesome, twig not

Claire – July 17, 2020

I bought leaf in my search for ethical, plastic-free products. When my last Gilette cartridge wore out, I knew I needed a replacement that wouldn't be landfill-bound. The leaf is totally worth the money -it is well built and designed – using it feels like a luxury. I have used it every day for the past year, and I have absolutely no complaints. I was not as pleased with the twig that was included. It looked like metal on the site, but it's plastic. As it says it's good for "detail," I thought I could use it for the bikini area, but it definitely does not work for that – it doesn't shave more than a single hair at a time, and you have to hold it in an awkward, dangerous position. Leaf shave, please consider adding a simple bikini shaver to your line!

Still new

Kris – July 16, 2020

Still learning things like when to change blades, how much soap/shave cream. But overall, so far I love it. Have not cut my legs even once. It’s great.

Adjustable to fit your needs!

 Susie – July 16, 2020

I've always had bumps and irritation after shaving. I saw on a comment somewhere you could change the position of the blades to cater to your needs. I put a blade in the middle slot and top slot. It is a game-changer!! I can shave as much as I want and not have itchiness/bumps the next day. Also, no razor burn when I use it this way on my face! I love that it is still smooth and clean even with the alteration.

I don't normally leave reviews, but when I do...

 Lindsey – July 16, 2020

it's only for amazing products that I feel obligated to comment on! I've been on the low-waste bandwagon for a couple of years now, so obviously I've been using a safety razor. I've solely been using it because it's no-waste, but I never get a great shave, and I'm always nicking myself. I'd found the Leaf razor which looked awesome, but I was having a hard time justifying buying it since I already had my other one. But I pulled the trigger and so glad I did! It's a great shaving experience – I love the flexibility of it, it gets close to the skin, and most of all, I don't cringe every single time I shave over a curved area! Highly recommend!!!

Leaf Shave metal razors, blades, and accessories brought in dynamic changes in the shaving industry and made this classic metal razor immensely popular universally. 

How to Clean Leaf Shave Razors?

Firstly, one needs to fill the bowl with lukewarm water, then add in a couple of tablespoons of dishwashing gel or detergent. After this, this water needs to be stirred with a toothbrush, then start polishing the razor with the brush, devoting effort to eradicate as much soap froth as possible. Finally, one needs to soak the Q-tip into the soap blend for the more effective cleaning.

How to recycle used razor blades of Leaf Shade?

Leaf Shave has blade disposer tins for safe and eco-friendly disposal of used blades. Once the tin is full, this needs to be sent back to the company for appropriate recycling. As no municipalities are knowledgeable and equipped for recycling of these blades, they can also be sent to industrial scrapping facilities in the vicinity for the right way of recycling.

Does Leaf Shave offer free shipping?

Leaf Shave does offer free shipping in the US, for orders above $25.

Does Leaf Shave have limited lifelong warranty service?

Yes. Leaf Shave has limited lifelong warranty service on products like screw closures mechanisms, hinge pins, broken or uprooted springs, broken magnets, and broken or damaged blade fillers.