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Madara Cosmetics is a pre-eminent organization dealing in organic skincare. Madara Cosmetics aim to improve women’s experience by offering skincare products that are natural and provide amazing results. These skincare products consist of natural ingredients from the plant's Northern forests which have awful healing properties and have saved many lives earlier.

Madara Cosmetics ensures that each and every ingredient they use in their products is truly effective. These claims are not just to be said, but Madara Cosmetics really mean their claims. Furthermore, Madara Cosmetics make sure that they take care of the environment as well by packing the products with eco-friendly packaging.

Every product is made seamlessly with a sharp eye at minute details, designs and the most important thing, a quality which is never compromised upon.

Madera cosmetics make sure the products that they are selling do not harm your skin. The products are properly tested so that they are not harsh to your skin and do not cause any kind of allergy.

There is an extensive range of products that MADARA is offering to its Customers. This extensive range of products consists of skincare products, makeup products And many more.

Madara has a huge collection of cosmetics and beauty products. You will find thousands of products under the categories like Anti Age, Body & Hair, Skin Care, Makeup, Moisturizers, Skin Glow, Wrinkles, UV Protection, Serums & Oil, Eyes & Lips, Self Tan, Cleansers, For Men, For Babies and many more.

Anti-Age: Madara has different kinds of anti-ageing products available for different skin types and tones. The price starts from €14.95 and goes up to more than €50.00. You find products like anti-fatigue cream for eyes, pollution masks, age recovery facial oil and many more.

Body & Hair: Under this section, you will find out products that take care of our bodies and our hair. Starting from shampoos, you will get conditioners, face cream, herbal & bio-active deodorants, cell antioxidant sunscreen for body, body wash, body lotion, charcoal soap, scrub soap, hand sanitizer and so many other products like that. Price starts from €6.95.

Skin Care: Here, you will get all the products that are developed especially to take care of your skin. Skin is one of the most sensitive parts of our body. It is also the outer part of the body that comes in direct contact with sunlight, pollution etc. At Madara, there are products based on your skin tone. There are products like – self-tan serum for face, Hydra-Fill Firming Serum, Blemish & Pore Treatment cream, Deep Moisture Vitamin Oil, hand wash, hand cream, Provitamin A, Eye Cream & Mask, Hydra Repair Intensive Serum, Anti-Pollution Repair Mask, Age Defence Day Cream and many more.

Makeup: We all know that there are end numbers of products for makeup. Madara has a collection of all kinds of products related to makeup. In this section, there are lots of subcategories like foundation, concealer, brow pomade, Eyes & Cheeks, highlighter, lip gloss and all others. Here are some of of the products: Soft Glow Foundation, Luminous Perfecting Concealer, Eye & Cheek Multi-Shadow, Natural Brow Pomade, Dual-Sided Precision Brush, Cosmic Drops Buildable Highlighter, Hydrating Lip Gloss and many more.

For the moisturizers, there are loads of varieties in products. You will find out products for skin glow, wrinkles, and many more.

All the products of Madara are manufactured by the company itself. The ingredients used in these products have no side effects on the skin. There are different kinds of herbal and vitamin products available for skin health. Provitamin A, Antioxidants, Vitamin E, Caffeine, Bisabolol, Isoflavone, Lycopene, Plant Stem Cells, Omega 3, Omega 6, etc.

Madara has the special collection of Custom Actives, Derma Collagen, SOS Hydration, Time Miracle, Superseded, Deep Moisture, Smart, ANTI.

You can have a free trial facility for the products also. So, you do not need to panic while buying. First, try it out and then buy the product as there are lots of options available. Don't mess up; find out the right product you want based on your skin or body or hair type. Then, purchase that product and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Madara Cosmetics Shipping and Return policy:

Madara provides you with the free worldwide shipping for orders exceeding 60 EUR. If you place an order for less than  60 EUR, you will be charged with the shipping fee that is 5.90 EUR. If you place an order for free shipment, then you will be charged with Fee that is 3.50 EUR.

After placing your order you have to wait for 1 to 3 business days For the arrival of your order, and if you have ordered for free samples, it will take 1 to 4 weeks for order.

Generally, Madara dispatches all it’s orders in one working day, When there is a busy time, at the time of hike sales, which will take 1-8 days for few orders because of high sales.

Taxes and duties applied upon your shipment. These taxes and duties should be paid by Consumer itself, that is added in the cost.

If you want to return the product, it should be done within 14 days of delivery, provided the product should be in fair condition and unopened.

Mandara Really Makes refund of your order within three days of returning goods to their warehouse. To make sure that the product you are returning should be open and in the proper condition. You may choose to keep a bonus gift with yourself, but it's value Will be deducted from your refund.

Madara Payment Policy:

Use any payment mode that is listed below for the payment of Madara products.

You can use

  • Visa
  • Visa Electron
  • Maestro
  • Master card
  • Paypal

 All the details while making the payment will be secured with Madara. Madara provides its customers with the best of their products and services. For protecting your transactions from fraud, all debit and credit cardholders are subject to validation both by the payer and Madara.

Madara Gift Cards And Discounts:

Madara Cosmetics offer a lot of discounts to make sure that you can buy these products at the eBay possible prices. Various discounts, Coupons, promo codes are offered that make these amazing products even more lucrative.

A special discount of up to 40% is provided by Madara Cosmetics on some of its stunning products that you might definitely want to buy.

If you want to use my Darla gift card to pay, first you have to use the discount code that you have to enter while checking out. Madara Provides you with various discounts that you can avail at a point of time.

You can use promo code Madara for availing special discounts.

Madara Cosmetics Reviews:

  1. "I am a makeup artist, and I apply makeup on a daily basis and am very choosy when it comes to choosing the right makeup for me. One of my friends told me about Madara makeup products. First I was very nervous about purchasing from a new brand, but I have never heard of it, but when I ordered Madara products firstly I was very impressed by the promo code Madara which I used and availed the discount. Secondly, the products are very good. I love makeup products. They give A beautiful look every time I wear Madara makeup. I feel more beautiful than before. I'm looking forward to making many more purchases from Madara."
  2. "Madara makeup products are one of the best makeup products that I have ever used although I don't wear makeup frequently whenever I wear makeup. I prefer wearing Madara makeup products because Dara takes care of your skin type, and it has a wide range that you can choose from depending upon your choices and preferences. I purchased my last lot of Madara products on a special discount through promo code Madara, so I avail them at a discounted price. I love Madara products."
  3. "My mom gifted me with Madara Beauty products; I found them one of the best beauty products I have ever used. I want to thank my mom for introducing me to the best Range of beauty products that Madara is offering. I am a vegan person, and I like the concept of Madara of creating products that are vegan friendly. The shipment policy of Madara is really good, and the refund policy is also good as I ordered a beauty product from Madara, and later I found that it was not the one product that I placed an order for and then I asked Mandara for the return of my product. The return date within three days of my returning the product to Madara. I will be looking for the great offers that Madara will present. Thank you, Mr. of all such a wonderful range of skincare products."

Madera cosmetics believes that the best skincare is the one that penetrates through your skin and beautifies it from within. Madara Special care of their beauty locked customers and values your respect.

For generating the best products for your beauty Madara does not ignore the environment hence taking the best care of the environment, Madara tries to procure vegan-friendly products without harming any animal.

Madara aims to give everything that your skin needs in this 21st century.

Madonna focuses on the customer reviews and details the customers have provided and providing them with the best of their products at their doorsteps. Madara beauty products are just one click away from you.

When are you purchasing your Madara cosmetics?

Why Should You Buy from Madara Cosmetics:

Madara products are naturally and organically certified products that cause no harm to your skin. Being naturally and organically certified RR do not use any kind of chemical formula that will affect your skin, these products are dermatologically approved, hence causing no harm or allergy to the beautiful skin of you all. At Madara all cosmetic products are made by a science-driven formula that is vegan friendly, Madara does not use any extract from animals being purely vegan. At Madara Cosmetics, all products are cruelty-free hence they are not tested on any animal. For the sake of testing, Madara will not use the life of any living being. Madurai tries to give you the best quality products which will neither harm your skin nor make it allergenic because of Madara product.

How can I find out about your special offers?

Forgetting knowledge about the upcoming sales and special offers that Sara will be offering, firstly you have to subscribe Madaras’ newsletter, for the subscription of the newsletter you only have to sign up by entering your email address in the field that is provided below in the box weird it's written about the subscription.

What to do if my payment is not accepted?

If Madara is not accepting your payment due to any anonymous reason, so you can simply try a different mode of payment, it may work out properly and if still, you face any problem regarding the payment you can contact Madaras' helpline number. The professionals at Madara Will let you know about the actual problem that is a crane while you are making payment, which may be because you might have provided incorrect payment information or maybe you don't have enough In the count that you have chosen for making your payment.

Is it possible to change the delivery address after the order has been placed?

Madara feels sorry for this because as soon as you place the order, Madara starts processing your order for fast delivery. They try to ship the order on that day itself. So Madara will not be able to change any order as well as the address on which the order is to be delivered, once we have submitted all the details we can't be changed. But yes you can notify your courier for the change of address at the time of delivery when they will call you.