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Keep yourself organized with Me & My Big Ideas

How difficult it sometimes becomes to keep stuff organized when we do not have the right accessories and means. My Big Ideas understood the problems that people of all ages ranging from a college student to a businessman or a housewife's face when it comes to keeping everything organized. But the Fact is that the organizing accessories that work for me might not work for you as well. So, I and My Big Ideas let you buy customized planning accessories that help you save the day and never get stuck in the middle of confusion.

About me & my Big Ideas:

If you are inspired to plan your day then, you'll love me & my Big Ideas as it was created with the idea of providing people with customized products that help them stay organized and plan their work well. I & my Big ideas are crafting new products, including The Happy Planner, planner accessories, planner stickers to ensure that you receive a planning solution that works perfectly for you.

The organization was started by a mother-daughter duo who had faith in themselves. They came up with a vision of creating new and innovative ideas for scrapbooks and stickers in the year 1998. I and my big idea was a small organization at the starting, but then it grew up at a rapid rate. After doing a lot of hard work and putting in great efforts, the company established a headquarters in 41,000 square feet in south California, which was a very big achievement for the organization. Later the organization grew and grew rapidly.

Head on with a new level of organization that might change the way you used to organize yourself. Although there are a lot of products that you can consider buying for arranging your things ranging from stickers, storage boxes, pens, purses, to sticker pads, sticker rolls, washi tape and many more stuff to make things easy for you.

New arrivals- the very first category for products that I and my big ideas are selling is the category of new products that are later introduced, such as manuals, scrapbooks, stickers of different designs and cartoons. Some are for older people, and some are for children. The latest includes- happy planner, pastel stickers, Alphabet letters, filler paper, diaries, storage box etc.

Sticker- The next category on the site is stickers. Stickers are usually seen as beautiful symbols that represent words. I and my big ideas provide you with numerous kinds of stickers such as homebody season, girls craft, girls essential stickers, sticker sheets, the stargazer, wellness warrior, minimalist, sticker pad, merry Christmas stickers, glitter stickers. If you buy a sticker, you get a maximum of 30 sticker sheets and around 350 stickers in a packet which is more than enough.

Planner accessories- the third category in the list is the planner accessories which will help you plan your day, month, year. The planner comes in different designs and with numerous printed cartoons. Every pack has a different number of sheets, and the price of the pack is different from the number of sheets in it. You can choose design and cartoons according to your will. The packets also differ in size and colours. The packet of planner accessories includes sticky notes, sticker sheets, pocket folder, plastic bookmark and a classic size planner. You can also order a large planner. Bookmarks, however, can be in the shape of a Disney character.

Pouches- Pouches are a necessary item for daily use to carry your pity things. It is really difficult for one to carry all the small items in arms. Therefore I and my big ideas have introduced beautiful and pretty pouches to help you. You can also find and purchase different types of pouches on the site. The pouches are also of different colours, designs and cartoons. The pouches also vary from zipping one to button one. You can choose according to your wish.

Disc- if you order a packet if the disc you will get around eleven discs. These are simply coloured as well as glittery discs. The best advantage for the disc is that it can be used with any size of planner. The normal size of the disc is 1.25". The disc varies in colour, size. The colours available can be classic and skinny. You can choose according to your taste.

Filler paper- The sixth item on the site is the filler paper. This filler paper will also help you schedule your routine properly. You can use calculations on the sheets, which will help you remember your budget.  You can also make notes on the filler sheet. The packet of filler sheets includes around 60 sheets. You can choose a packet having less or more sheets depending on your requirements and needs. The sheets are beautifully designed; some are having exquisite boards while some v  adorable background.

Planners and guided journals- the planners are specifically designed to make notes and schedules for the whole year. The planners and journals come with a cute and pretty Mickey mouse and Minnie mouse and other cartoons, which will do your planning and schedule more interesting.

This was all about the collection of me and my big ideas. The collection is huge in number, and there are much more designs available than anyone can imagine. The other advantages you get if you purchase from this site is that if any item is out of stock the site will tag it as out of stock and as soon as the product comes back in stock the site will automatically send a notification on your email address with which you shall be logged in to ensure that you don't miss your favourite products.

me & my Big Ideas  Discounts:

The prices of me and my big ideas are pretty reasonable and satisfactory for their items, but still if one wishes to get the product at a much lower price one can use me and my big ideas coupon for more rebates, and you can get the products at more reasonable prices.

me & my Big Ideas Return Policy:

In case you disliked the item you ordered or the order you received wasn't yours or it was damaged then you can easily return the product within 30 days of delivery. I and my big ideas provide you with a doorstep collection of your product.

All you need to do is to send them an email as soon as you decide to return the order. The customer happiness team will reply to you as soon as possible with a return merchandise authorization code for the policy of return.

After the process, the order will be taken from your place within ten days. But you need to make sure that the tags are still attached to the product, and you make a video as a proof.

The organization does give you doorstep collection and delivery policy with a refund option, but the money for your spent on shipping will not be refunded.

me & my Big Ideas Shipping policy:

Once you have placed an order on the site, it will take around 3-5 business days to reach you. But there are times when order is in a huge amount at that time your order may take 7 -8 business days to reach you.

The shipping is currently being delayed in restricted areas zones due to covid 19 pandemic. But the customer happiness team is still working hard for the organization to satisfy customer needs. The shipping services work from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. If anyway you place the order after midnight the order will be processed the next day.

The organization also provides fast and midnight service, but during the pandemic, these services are temporarily suspended. Before placing an order, you should know that once the order is processed and packed, then one can not edit or cancel the order.

me & my Big Ideas Reviews

Many people have been using the products by me & my big ideas from quite a time. Here are some of the honest reviews that people have left.

Eva-" I was always a huge fan of Disney characters. And I love this collection ordered from me and my big ideas. Mickey and Minnie's mouse is so adorable I can not take my eyes from them. Also, I have ordered a princess collection before this, and that was amazing as well. I was thinking of getting that particular collection again, but then I changed my mind and ordered this, and I am really happy to buy this one. Also, the delivery service and very promisingly. Great work, thank you, me and my big ideas."

Melanie- "I have ordered a planner for the remaining year as this year was a mess, and my whole schedule was messed up as well. Well, I should say the planner was amazing, and it helped me a lot to get my schedule on track. Also, the designs printed on it are creative, cute and simple. I am now planning to give this planner as a gift to my younger sister."

Candice- "I ordered a sticker book for my daughter, and my daughter and I are loving it. Despite all the mess going on this earth, we found a reason to be happy. It is always a fun task to plan a weekly schedule with my daughter and this beautiful sticker book. Also, I used me and my big idea coupon for availing some discount on the sticker book."


The items I and my big ideas are selling are very reasonable according to their need in today's world, where people are so busy to organize themselves and their related stuff. Still, if anyone finds it costly, one can use Me and my big ideas coupon for acquiring a discount.  The quality of the product will impress you, and the look will steal your heart. Also, the services provided by Me and my big ideas such as shipping, return and refund policy are fast enough.

How to use coupon code?

I and my big ideas give a coupon code that lasts 12 years a month and will avail you a special discount no matter if a sale is going on or not by using this you will unlock a specific discount for your item. The current coupon that is available and avail discount is me and my big idea coupon.

What do tiers mean?

Happy rewards are categorized into three tiers- happy, wild and magic. You will tier according to the amount you have spent on shopping from me and my big ideas site. The year starts on 7 July. In the beginning, you will get a happy tier when you sign up. Once you have purchased anything and given a review for that your tier will be increased, and you can enjoy the perks from me and my big ideas the whole year.

How to be a participant in happy rewards?

For being a participant in happy rewards, you just have to sign up or sign in via email id and you will automatically get 20 points for joining and will be a participant in happy rewards.

How to earn points in happy rewards?

There are many ways to earn points for happy rewards. The first and very easy way of earning points is by stocking up happy planner products. The company will give you points on every dollar you pay for an item which includes shipping and taxes. But not hurry to have points in your account by the time you pay the amount for any product. The ponies will take around 48 hours to appear in your account. Along with this, you can also get points by giving reviews, sharing photos and by connecting to social media sites. If you are a bit confused about reviewing or are unable to find the review option, then you can check your email id if you have purchased an item from the site. The company will notify you with a review option, and you can submit the review via email.