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Meepo was created to make electric skateboarding more accessible to everyone and encourage its use as an ecologically safe alternative for modern transportation needs. Having only to pay a basic fee and have the liberty to customize it and have it be more upgradable is important. It is also a very convenient way of traveling to and from work, school, and other places. Lastly, it is also extremely fun to travel in. After the engineered his very own electric skateboard to showcase on his YouTube channel, Kieran Mao founded the company. After this, electric skateboard fans from all across the world swamped him with orders. He then quit his job and took to producing and manufacturing these. They are innovative, and of the highest quality, so you can rest assured that they won't fail you when you need them the most. The company is booming, and more and more customers are falling in love with electric skateboards as time goes by. Meepo has stayed true to what they started with and have services and products centered around the electric skateboard. With high-end to more affordable electric skateboards and other accessories to make the experience smoother, Meep Board has you covered.

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Popular Meepo Board Coupon Codes

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$65 Deal Get ESC FOR NLS / V2 at only $65
$90 Deal Get ESC FOR AWD GT/ AWD PRO at only $90
$80 Deal Get ESC FOR V3/ NLS PRO /MINI 2 at only $80
$89 Deal Get ESC FOR SHUFFLE (V4) at only $89
$39 Deal Get GRIP TAPE at only $39

Electric Skateboards:

Electric skateboards do not see the hands or feet of a consumer often enough, because of the maintenance risks that come with it. If you invest a lot of money into an electric skateboard, people need to be satisfied with the quality and durability. Here are some of the best electric skateboards offered by Meepo boards that deliver just that.

Meepo v3

The Meepo V3 is a fast and well made electric skateboard that is a crowd favorite. The skateboard can travel up to speeds of 29 mph or 46 kph and has a range of up to 20 miles or 32 km if you choose to upgrade the battery. It has a 38'' stable and stiff deck reinforced with seven Canadian maple layers that offer natural flexibility. It comes with several upgrades and features already preinstalled like the dual hub motors of 540 watts each. Additionally, it also has a battery range of 11 miles or 18 km with an extendable range of up to 20 miles or 32 km. You can also buy additional batteries and chargers to make it more viable for you. Moreover, it also comes with an M4 remote.

Meepo NLS pro:

The NLS pro is the company's most comfortable electric skateboard with the greatest speed and performance. The board is designed for riders with high standards in terms of speed, power, and comfort. Handling up to 38 mph or 46kph for 2 hours, it is one of their fastest best selling skateboards yet. With features like upgraded ESC and Meepo ER batteries and the latest MR remote, it is the best at its price range.

The deck is fitted with a cushion and grip tape for comfort. The NLS Pro is the best for going uphill, at 30% grade with the ability to carry riders up to 300 lbs or 136 kg. The NLS-Pro comes with standard 100mm shock absorption wheels, and shredder trucks with tall bushings that absorb shocks. This electric performance keyboard can reach 19 mph or 30 kph in just 5 seconds. Experienced riders love the value this provides for electric skateboarders.


The AWD Pro is one of Meepo boards' best sellers and is the most powerful hub electric motor skateboard ever built. The extra-long deck on this skateboard has a powerful upgrade for its motors. The AWD Pro has four hub motors of 540 watts each, which means that it can accelerate and brake faster. It also has 1000 watts of engine power and Premium ER cells as batteries.


The Meepo Classic 2 is an electric skateboard with a range of 25 miles of 40 km that rides at 25 mph/40 kph. It also comes with a 30% grade hill clin=mbing feature. With up to 4 hours of full battery charging, the Meepo classic 2 comes with the option to use a remote. At this price range, the features of this electric skateboard are amazing and are worth a try.


If you buy an electric skateboard, it is best also to buy an electric skateboard remote to ensure a smooth experience while riding your skateboard. These remotes provide extra control for you without having to only rely on the in-built skateboard controls. You will have to be wary of which remote you choose, depending on the type of skateboard you already own. You need to ensure that it is compatible with the skateboard you already own for the remote to work.

To use the remote along with the skateboard, hold the skateboard's power button for a few seconds, after which light will start flashing, which indicates the skateboard is ready to pair. You can also use the same remote to change riding modes, change brake modes, or switch speed units. The user manual provides more information on how to use these features.


As a rider, you already know how many times the skateboard hits the wall or smashes into any surface very hard. If you invest in an electric skateboard, it is better to be wary and get a bash guard to ensure your board stays safe regardless of how it hits any surface. Meepo board offers the best protective gear to ensure your electric skateboard stays in good shape and lasts you a long time. 


All-electric skateboards need a charger, and having a few as backup does not hurt anyone. Meepo board offers the highest grade charges that keep your skateboard's battery life in mind. There are two variants that they offer:

  • 42V 2A -This charger works with Meepo V1.0, V1.5, V2, V2P, V3 Standard, Mini 2 Standard, and boards with the standard battery and is not interchangeable with other batteries.
  • 42V 3A - This charger is for Meepo boards with the SANYO battery and ER battery. It charges an empty Sanyo/ER battery to full within 3 hours.


If you are planning on using your Meepo electric skateboard in the night, or just want to liven up its look, investing in lights is a good option. It makes your board easier to spot, which can help in avoiding so many unfortunate accidents.

Grip Tape:

One might think that having to spend additionally on a great quality grip tape is a waste of money. However, these can make all the difference in your ride. They add more comfort to your ride. Moreover, buying your grip tape from Meepo adds to the benefit of quality assurance.

Meepo student discount:

Meepo discount code for students can be found online. You can get up to 30% off your purchase and save some big bucks on your purchase.

Meepo discount code Reddit:

It is always best to look for a different discount or coupon code to save you some money, especially on such items. There are different discount codes on Reddit that can give you up to 40% off your purchase.

Meepo skateboard from amazon:

Amazon has a collection of the Meepo electric skateboards. If the website's shipping is putting you off from buying these boards, you should consider buying them on amazon. You can rest assured that your package will not get misplaced or shipped to the wrong place. You will be trusting Amazon to get your package.

Returns and Refund Policy:

Meepo board does not accept any returns and will not endorse refunds on products that have been used multiple times. They only issue refunds on orders that haven't shipped yet or canceled orders. The payment should be deposited in your account within 3-7 business days.

If you have opted for the standard shipping option, and if your order has not shipped out yet, you can apply for your order's cancellation. Otherwise, you will not be able to cancel your order. The same applies to fast shipping as well. It is better to be sure that you want the product before placing the order to avoid such situations.

If some part of your product is damaged or there are quality issues, you will receive a free part replacement and assistance on how to attach that part.

You can send a request stating your issue with the product, and the Meepo team will get back to you within two business days. If you still have issues with your product, you can email the Meepo team at

Shopping Tips:

While shopping on Meepo Board, it is better to search all the specifications and make an informed decision on the type of board you want. Other things to keep in mind are the battery power and the electric skateboard's mileage if you are going to use it for traveling. Try to use discount codes wherever applicable to save some money.

Meepo Board reviews:

Users like using electric skateboards for traveling purposes. The ergonomic design makes it stylish as well as practical in usage. All of the users love their practicality.

Why are you charged extra while placing an order?

While placing an order, you will also have to pay for the customs duty and taxes necessitated by law in your country.

What is the warranty period for the components (parts and accessories) of your electric skateboard?

All the parts accessories have a standard three months warranty. However, the boards come with a six month warranty period, which starts as soon as you receive your electric board.

How do you ride an electric skateboard?

When you ride a Meepo Board, it is very different from riding a regular skateboard, so starting slowly regardless of how much of a pro you are is important. While skateboarding, it is important to follow all safety precautions. The practice is important and so avoiding the main streets, in the beginning, is important.

What is the charge time for the remotes?

The Meepo regular remote will reach a full charge in 20 minutes, while the NR remote takes 7 hours to charge.

What is the best electric skateboard for beginners?

Meepo Classic 2 is the best electric skateboard for beginners. It has been recently upgraded from the original Classics, reaching top speeds of 25 mph or 40 kph, which is fast enough for a beginner. The deck itself is placed much lower to the ground that provides that extra security. It is also a double concave deck that has a comfortable grip tape keeping new riders steady. If you want a more affordable option, the Meepo V3 is a great alternative.

Which is the fastest electric skateboard you can buy?

The fastest electric skateboard you can buy from Meepo is the AWD Pro. It goes from 0 to 30 kph in 2.5 seconds.

How do I conserve the battery charge?

The most efficient battery-conservation mode is in the eco mode, rather than the expert or pro mode. While you start from a complete stop, you engage the battery as the motor needs to start. Similarly, when you brake from high speeds, use the break until you reach a fast walking pace and then use your feet to brake the rest.

Why does your tracking number have no update?

When your order is shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number showing that the order was shipped. However, you will not have any more updates until the package arrives in your country. Once your package arrives in your country, you will receive the tracking number that will be periodically updated.

How do you cancel your order?

If you wish to cancel your order, you can contact the Meepo Board customer support team. If your order is canceled successfully, you will receive the refund amount within 3-7 business days.

How does shipping work?

If you have ordered using the standard shipping option, it will be shipped via sea. You can expect your order to arrive as follows: US: Arrives between 25 - 35 days. European countries: Arrives between 30 - 35 days. If you are from other countries, you can check shipping times with the company's customer service. If you have ordered via fast shipping, your order will be shipped by air: US: Arrives in 8-16 business days. Europe and Canada: Your package arrives within 15-22 business days. All Asian countries: Arrives in 7-10 business days.

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