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About MEL Science

MEL Science is a company that offers science kits and VR lessons for kids to make them feel science as interesting, easy, and helpful. Most of the kids ageing from 9-14, will not be able to understand the concept of sciences just by mere reading of books. Science can be learned only by performing various experiments, which is possible only at homes. To motivate the homeschooling environment, especially chemistry, MEL science offers various chemistry kits to be experimented at home, at an affordable rate. MEL Science Company was founded by a team of people who are very much talented in various domains like physics, chemistry, organic chemistry, etc. in the year 2015. They have all got various medals in the city-wide and national wide chemistry and physics Olympiad. They were all made to think more about how to make science interesting to the kids, on seeing their own children’s learning standard. There came the idea of MEL Science, who offers home-based science kits for the kids, to transform the learning perspective of sciences.

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This encourages the kids to learn chemistry with interest and will develop a passion for discovering many things in the field of chemistry. MEL science offers the following:

  • Home-based fun learning experimental kits
  • The scientific explanation for experiments
  • AR and VR technologies to enhance the learning

MEL science had received BETT Award for the Innovator of the year 2020.  In the year 2019, MEL kids' product was launched and was sold to more than 12 countries, and China and Canada were one among them. In the year 2018, about 35 international countries were selling. The use of VR technology was launched in the year 2017. In the year 2016, MEL science was first launched in the UK and the US. MEL science was awarded the EdTech Cool Tool award for launching VR and AR technology for learning science.

Products/services MEL Science is selling

On subscription, you will be getting 12 different science kits every month along with safety precautions. For every chemistry topic, there will be a detailed explanation, and you will be getting a free VR class, on installing the MEL Chemistry app, where the kids could see atoms, atomic structure, and lots more in a 3D view that gives them a deeper perspective about chemistry.

Starter kits

The kit consists of the equipment required for performing the experiments at home. They are generally, tablet or smartphone equipment like VR headset, macro lens, safety glasses, safety tray, and a solid fuel stove.


MEL science also provides desktop-sized, mobile sized, and tab sized wallpapers with attractive chemistry concepts.

MEL chemistry mobile app

MEL science mobile app offers a 3D molecule viewer, VR extension, and MEL code reader. The app comes with a personal experiment assistant for step-b-step guidelines, Task timers, Troubleshooting, scientific explanations, and video explanations. Through this mobile app, kids will be able to look at the molecules in a 3D view; they can also view chemical formulas and reagent descriptions.  With their smartphones, they will be able to touch and rotate the images which enhance their level of understanding.

MEL science kids through this app will be able to get daily updates and exciting truths about science. The MEL code reader feature of this app, allows the kids to place a bottle filled with chemicals in front of the phone, so that, the number of molecules present in the liquid will be easily generated in the Smartphone. With VR extensions, the kids will be able to get more than 80 kinds of VR lessons that are in line with their school topics.

MEL science mobile app, unlike the school laboratories, allows the kids to enter a chemistry laboratory any time and they will able to learn molecules and the differences between solids and gaseous items and their molecular count in different states. The students can have a new perspective of periodic tables. They might what each element in the periodic table indicates and why they are arranged in that format.

MEL Science mobile apps make chemistry learning easy or kids without cramming or putting any hard efforts.

MEL chemistry experiments and chemistry sets

MEL science offers a wide range of experiments along with proper descriptions to kids, to perform their experiment at home itself. Parents can also collaborate with kids in setting up the experiment and to get to know what is going on in the experiments. The chemistry is 100 % safe for kids, so parents do not have to panic.  On subscribing to the MEL science kit, kids will be able to perform the following experiments for each month. Every experiment comes with safety measures and a step-by-step explanation for performing the experiments.

Magic water

This is colour-changing experimentation, which changes the colour of the water to different colours. The Magic water kit consists of sodium carbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, sodium hydrogen sulfate, citric acid, thymol blue. Here Thymol blue on mixing with water becomes PH level indicator liquid. There will be detailed descriptions on how to prepare this solution and how much amount of reagents have to be added to get colourful liquids.

Daniell galvanic cell

This experiment makes the kid recreate their first electromechanical cells. This kit consists of copper (II) sulfate, copper wire, and Zinc sulphate and zinc wire along with a detailed explanation of performing this experiment.

Fire Foam

This experimental kit allows the kid to ignite hydrogen soap bubbles. The kit comprises of Magnesium, Sodium Carbonate, and Sodium hydrogen sulphate.

Xmas tree

With this kit, the kids will be able to decorate their Xmas tree using table salt. The kit consists of Potassium hexacyanoferrate (II) and Sodium chloride.

Copper citrate

This experiment allows the kids to synthesize the copper citrate and discover its unique properties.  MEL science provides this kit with Copper (II) sulphate, Sodium carbonate, and citric acid.


With this experimental kit, the kid will what colours constitute black marker ink. The kit contains Sodium hydrogen sulphate.

Iron pepper shaker

In this experiment, the kids will learn to pepper a candle using Iron that comes along with this kit.

Igniting Iron

With this experiment, the kids will learn how the Iron ignites. The kit comprises of steel wool.

Lemon battery

In this experiment, the kid learns to light a diode by using lemons. The kit comprises of Copper wire and Magnesium.

Likewise, MEL science offers you plenty of experiments along with detailed explanations and safety measures to make the kids getting immense interest in chemistry and to make learning a deeper perspective in a home-based environment.

Affiliate program

By joining the affiliate program, kids can choose any of the categories like youtube creators, content creators, Instagrammers, webmasters, and photographers can start earning in their small age itself!

MEL Science Student Discounts

To attract more kids to this platform, MEL science kits are available as two kits. One is the MEL Science kit for the above years of age and the MEL science kit for 5-10 years of age. These kits for the first time subscription allows 25 % discount along with 2-3 experiments for every month.  The first time users will be getting a free VR headset and a Starter kit.  For getting this offer, parents ahs to login to the MEL science web page and enter the promo code/coupon code/voucher code for 25% off, to benefit from this feature.

MEL Science Military Discounts

MEL Science also offers various discounts if their customer is serving in the military or if they are a former Military man. The Military discount comprises 35%, 255, and 30% off for the orders getting placed as a total. The codes can be activated by subscribing to the MEL science kit and apply one of 35%, 30%, or 25 % per cent coded during the payment process, to avail this offer. 

MEL Science Special Discounts

There are also other special offers given by Mel science. They are 25% off for all the orders, 35% off for only to a particular selection, 45% off for your purchase, 10% discount on any type of orders, 50% off with ki science coupon code, and lots more. So, it offers a very good chance for the parents, want to offer their kid with a home-based science laboratory, with various offers and discounts.

MEL Science Return and refund policy

The customers must immediately review the kits on the same day of arrival of the kit and notify Mel science in case of any defects or damages. The kit has to be returned within 2-weeks of the arrival of the product. The kit should be unused, clean, and the customer has to bear the fee for the return of the product.  The product, after reaching the company, will make sure of damages, and then the only amount will be refunded to the account along with shipment fees. MEL science does not accept any kind of product exchange. If the customer wants to cancel their subscription, they can do that via the customer’s login credentials. The cancellation process can take place, only if the company receives the cancellation, and the customer receives the confirmation from the company. Within that MEL science can take up subscription amount if they did not get any mails regarding cancellation for the customer login. Only after receiving the cancellation from the customer log in, the company will refund the subscription amount.

MEL Science shipping policy

After placing the order, the customer has to wait until they obtain the confirmation message. Only after getting the confirmation message, the shipment process takes place. The shipment can at least take two weeks to arrive at your destination. The shipping is done across various countries, and the shipping charge might vary from country to country. The revision in the shipping charge will also be updated to the customers.

MEL Science Free Delivery

MEL science also comes free delivery services, where the first time subscribers are offered a free delivery fee for the first three months. Based on special occasions and offers and buying the product for some range of $xxxx can also come with a free delivery charge.

MEL Science Shopping Tip

MEL science comes with a wide variety of options for performing scientific experiments at home. The kit is available for kids ranging from 5-10 and above ten years of age. So, depending upon the age factor, the services may vary. For kids, less than ten years lots of articles, wallpapers, and AR/VR enabled technology kits will be available. For kids greater than ten years of age can perform science experiments with safety precautions that come along with the kit. Choose a kit, based on their interest and their grade.

MEL Science Reviews

Many MEL science customers have shared their view on this exclusive home-based science kit that helps their kids in learning about chemistry and other science concepts with joy and interest.

Very good quality

My daughter and I are very satisfied with this product, especially during the lockdown periods. My daughter was very much interested in performing the experiments and being in 12th grade; she was able to easily understand the concept without cramming.

Highly secure

Initially, I was afraid to buy this science kit at home, as my kid is ten years old, and I am not sure whether she can handle the chemicals carefully. But thanks to MEL science, that the product came along with safety glasses and a tray which made the job very easy for my kid. I recommend this product!!

All experiments are wonderful that pertains to the syllabus.

All the experiments are very interesting, and my kid told these concepts were there in her syllabus, so that she was able to easily understand the concept with the help of this home-based experiment.

Why Should You Buy from MEL Science

With the MEL science kit, the kids learn with fun as well as with hands-on experiments, which enhances their learning perspective. The parents will be able to spend valuable time with their kids by doing these home-based experiments. The curriculum is framed by experts in the field of sciences who also possessing Ph.D., making a grand success and which attracts more customers to their product.

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