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Menupages help the various customers find an online menu from their most preferred restaurants widespread across the nation. As it facilitates every person to search for any food outlet, and also allow them to check their menus, prices of the foodstuffs provided by that particular restaurant. In this place, exactly that food joint is situated, for how long it is open for the visitors, and much more information is required by the person related to that particular restaurant. Through Menupages, it is quite easy for any user to find the menus about the variety of restaurants which is situated nationwide. Also, it allows any individual to place the order online or even that particular person can directly walk-in to take-away their scrumptious and finger-licking meal.

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Through MenuPages, it is quite easy for any person to find exactly the stuff which they are looking for. As in the United States, there are nearly 50000 food outlets, so it is very difficult for an individual to decide. Still, with the Menupages, they have made it convenient for people to decide about their meal as per their taste. It was started in 2002, but later on, in 2011, this menu page got clubbed with the Grubhub family of brands as it is known as the nation’s leading online and mobile food ordering company committed to linking the hungry diners with the local delivery and takeout restaurants. Also, this family of brands comprises of Grubhub, seamless, and eat24.

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It helps the locals to discover the menus as per their taste from the famous restaurant that is located nearby them only. Also, this allows the users to explore the menus of various restaurants while sitting at their homes to go for an online order or directly walk-in that particular restaurant to take away their favorite meal. Menupages provide the services to an individual, such as checking about the various meals offered by the restaurant, details about that particular food joint, and also enable them to place the order. So, it is a hassle-free technique as a particular person does not have to walk into a specific restaurant to know about the services provided by them. It has been found that uses 28 technology products and services, including HTML5, Google Analytics, and jQuery. Currently, this site is using 39 technologies such as Viewport Meta, IPhone / Mobile Compatible, and Google Analytics for its websites, which allows the users to navigate easily. 

Website rating of

Also, this site has achieved the heart of millions of the customers, so i.e., it is being ranked as 31022, among the entire websites worldwide basis on its monthly web visitors..

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This site keeps on launching various deals for the users frequently so by using the various coupon site, which can help any individual to shop smartly and save enough on their purchases. By using online coupons and MenuPages promo code, the individual can avail of the discount on the meals offered by the variety of the restaurants registered under Also, this first-time promo code facilitates various users to make a perfect decision and also helps them in saving enough on their first order. It is very easy to use all these promo codes to get the deals at an affordable rate, which have been explained below:

  1. Firstly, the user has to add all the items in their shopping cart, and then they have to confirm about the products which they want to order so that they are qualified for the first time promo code.
  2. Then, the user has to go through the checkout process. At every page, the user has to scan the promo code i.e., copy and paste in the coupon code section in the box listed next to the product, and after that, the user has to click on the submit button.
  3. At last, the user must check their shopping cart to ensure that the promo code was entered correctly so that there shouldn't be any discrepancy, and that will be shown in the total price as this coupon discount will automatically adjust the order once the user enters the accurate promo code.

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The users can avail various promo code Reddit coupons through the various best deal sites as they allow them to get a direct link in their inbox once they have provided their relevant details so that in the future, that particular individual can use the same to get the meals at a nominal price.

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Most of the people preferred using the to check the details about any specific restaurant as they find this site quite friendly. This Menupages contains the details of all the restaurants and the food options offered by them, detailed about the charges charged by them, and the restaurant's location. Also, this site's app is very easy to browse for an individual, and most people recommend it because, as per the user, is pretty useful as the food details provided by them are quite seamless. This works wonder for those people who are new in the city and want to explore more about the restaurant services provided within that location where the individual is residing. This site is known to be a trustworthy site. It provides accurate detail about the food and beverages and the additional services provided by the restaurant, so it is an easy and smooth process for the user to decide. This site earns revenue of $18 million annually. Currently, this company has around 105 employees and has spent $21.2K on Information technology. Till now, this site has received 3.2 stars out of 5, which clearly shows that it firmly believes in providing the best services which can satiate the customers whether they opt for online order or directly walk into the restaurant situated within their nearby location. With the seamless services while keeping in mind about the specific things such as hygiene, cleanliness related to the food services, and tie-up with those restaurants who immensely believes in providing a luscious, having a pleasingly sweet taste and appetizing meal the various customers.

What techniques did adopt to acquire a chain of restaurants that can get registered with them? created a business model structure which attracts the variety of the owners of the restaurants that tremendously shown a fabulous result very quickly and within a few months, they were able to crack the deal by acquiring a chain of restaurants that were quite famous for offering a yummy, mouthwatering, savory and luscious meal to the people worldwide.

Describe the layout of the website?

The website's layout is very easy to read, simple, and straightforward one as it is not a complicated one. It allows every user to navigate the different restaurants' profiles and helps them select the meal as per their choice. Also, the site's theme is extremely easy-breezy for those who are using it for the first time as they won't find it difficult to understand.

Who to contact if anybody is interested in becoming the Restaurant partner with

If anybody wants to become the restaurant partner, so in that case, they can get in touch with the team on (877) 805-5081.

What types of technologies are been used by site?

The types of technologies used by the are google analytics by google, the official site of GrubHub, Amazon Route 53 by, Fastly (Site Delivery) by Fastly, the official website of OpenResty, and fastly.

Where does a user can provide the feedback related to the restaurant on the site?

Any user can provide the feedback in the box titled "Report menu problems," which is just below the menus box on every restaurant details page.

Is the site is legit?

Yes, this site is legit and has also been listed as the 3rd among all Restaurant Review sites.

What are the working hours of the customer care team of the site?

The customer care team of this site operates 24/7, catering to the issue of the customers related to the restaurants.

What is the basic criterion of a menu card offered by this site?

The idea of offering a menu card is to provide the details of a particular restaurant's food, whether it's a buffet system, meal for a single individual, or multiple peoples.

Does this leaked or sold the personal information of the registered user?

As per their data privacy policy, this site does not sell the personal information to any third party, but if any individual has placed the order from a specific restaurant, then this site provides the customer's information to that restaurant partner to get in touch with them to complete the order.

How does a user can contact the in the case of any issue?

In the case of any issue, the user can contact the customer care team of this site through chat, call, or email to the supportive team.

Does this site have mobile apps for various people?

Yes, this site has the mobile apps available on Google apps for android users, and for the iPhone users, it is available on the App store.

Where is the headquarters of

The headquartered site has been located in 1065 Avenue of the Americas, Fl 15, New York City, New York, 10018, United States.

What is the official website of this Menupages?

The official website of this Menupages is “"

Who were all the acquisitions and subsidiaries of this site?

On Aug 29, 2018, this site was acquired by BGMENU Ltd, situated in Sofia, Bulgaria; then, on Sep 25, 2018, it was taken over by the Tapingo, whose headquarter is located in the San Francisco in California. Then, on Apr 26, 2019, the Menulog Pty Ltd, whose headquarters is located in Sydney and owned by Dutch parent company Just Eat Takeaway takes the possession of On Jul 11, 2019, the city pantry located at St Peter's House, 130 Wood St, London EC2V 6DL, United Kingdom purchase this and eventually, on Feb 13, 2020, the Just Eat founded in Denmark in 2001 by five entrepreneurs with the Headquartered located in London take the possession of the operating services of site. After that, Foodarena GmbH that is located in Postfach 7041 Zentralstrasse 115 Biel, 2500 Switzerland, takes charge of and finally, on Jun 15, 2020, the GrubHub that is located at 111 W. Washington Street, Suite 2100, Chicago, Illinois 60602, took the full charge of this

What type of business this do?

Regarding the, it is in the industry that deals in the variety of restaurant services and hospitality sectors catering to various people's needs.

What is the Standard Industrial Classification code of the site?

The Standard Industrial Classification code of the site is 58,581.

What is the North American Industry Classification System code of this site?

The North American Industry Classification System code of this site is 3119,31.

Who are the competitors of this site?

The competitors of this site have been listed below: 1) Elmenus that got established in 2011 is located in the lanes of Cairo, which is situated in Egypt and has generated $10 million in revenue on an annual basis. 2) MangoPlate, founded in 2013 and is located in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, has earned around $7.2 million annually. 3) The Infatuation, an American new-york based restaurant outlet that has started its operation by the two music industry executive Chris Stang and Andrew Steinthal, in 2009, and on an annual basis; this restaurant managed to earn $33.5 million. 4) HappyCow is an online food service provider that deals only in vegan and healthy foods and is founded in November 1999 by Eric Brent. Currently, it is located in Santa Monica, California, and the agenda of this food outlet is "The Healthy Eating Guide." The total earnings of this restaurant have been estimated to be around $599K. Apart from the about listed competitors, there are more than 160 competitors of this who also deal in providing the complete details of the famous restaurant situated nearby only

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