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Merch Factory is a company that deals in merchandise that is custom made directly from Melbourne, Australia. Merch Factory provides you with the printing of your customized or personalized designs on numerous products or raw materials. These personalized designs are printed with the help of inlying printing technology. The Merch Factory provides you with various graphic design services that are totally free; that you do not have to pay for. All the shipping on all the orders is also free of cost, which means you do not have to pay shipping charges. Merch Factory always provides you with the product of supreme quality. They also help many small and medium scale businesses to grow by stiffening their relationship with the customers they have. You will love putting your brand in the hands of Merch Factory. Merch  Factory always keeps your choices in their mind and acts accordingly to provide you the best or supreme quality product. In case you are a businessman who is looking for the best designs for your logo, then you can contact Merch Factory.

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$12.83 Deal Get KEY TAG - ELLIPSE at only $12.83
$12.83 Deal Get KEY TAG - SQUARE at only $12.83
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How Merch Factory Works:

The working of Merch Factory follows a procedure of three easy steps. All the steps are followed by a team of proficient people.


The very first step is browsing or searching for the product that you need. Then you just have to click on enquire now and send a mail to the Merch Factory, and in that email, you have to send your logo or your artwork and any other details that you need to keep in your design.


Once you have mailed your artwork or logo to Merch Factory, in case you want any kind of amendment or you want any changes, you can simply tell Merch Factory. When you are satisfied and happy with the design, then you will be sent an invoice, and the Merch design will start preparing for the printing. You are offered with graphic design for free of cost, that means that you do not have to pay for the graphic design.


As soon as Merch Factory receives your payment with confirmation, your order will be delivered to you within one or two weeks. In case you have urgency, and you need your order on an urgent basis, then do not hesitate to tell Merch Factory so that they could try their best to deliver it at the same time. Merch Factory does not charge on the shipping.

Merch Factory provides the printing service on many products such as bottle openers, clothing or bags, drinkware, bags, and many more. The mentioned above services are also categorized on some basis. Not only this, but they also provide you with lucrative offers and discounts such as Merch Factory Coupon. You are also provided with samples that are absolutely free, which means you do not have to pay anything for the samples.

Shipping Policy Of Merch Factory:

As the company has base headquarters in Australia, so the orders that are within Australia are usually delivered within three to five working days. The orders that have been placed within Australia are ordered via post, and all the orders are registered properly and are easy to track. The orders are posted within one day of business, and you will be delivered with an email with a link to track that you can open and track where the order is. Once you receive the link in the email, you are able to keep track of your order.

In case you have placed an order from outside Australia for international orders, then you have to give time up to 10 working days. All the orders that are placed from outside Australia are delivered to you through airmail.

All the orders are sent to you by special care that you do not find any kind of problem in the product, whether you have placed an order from Australia or from outside Australia.

The orders that you have placed are sent to you with care so that they do not get damaged. Once you have placed the order, then you only have to sit back at your couch and wait for your order to reach you. You can even track your order with the link that has been sent to you via email. The tracking link that has been sent to you will keep you updated about the location of your order.

In case you do not receive your order at the given time, then you are supposed to contact the team of Merch Factory. Although you will not face any delay in the delivery of the product or the order that you have placed just in case you face it, you do not have to think before contacting Merch Factory.

Refunds and returns policy of Merch Factory:

Merch Factories always try to keep their service up to your expectations. They try their best to keep you satisfied and happy. In case you received a defective piece, which is highly rare but if it happens, then you are free to tell the team of Merch Factory. You should keep a few things in mind before placing the replacement that the product should be of the same quality as you have received. It should not have any defect from your side or wear on your part. In case you encounter any problem at the time of delivery, you can directly contact Merch Factory.

In case you have changed your mind, then Merch Factory is not supposed to provide you with any kind of refund and replacement.

But still, you want to get a refund or exchange of any of the items or products that you have ordered which contains any major problem, and then the product should lie under the written criteria written down:

The products or items are different from what you received in the sample. The product does not fit in the criteria or what you were told that it would perform and what you desired for and cannot be fixed, then the product is replaced or refunded. You can make your decision to keep the item with yourself, and you are compensated with the value that dropped, if any.

Incase Merch Factory does not find the problem to be major, and then your item will be repaired within a certain time. In case the product is not prepared in the allotted time slot, then you are able to ask for a refund and replacement of the product.

In case you are, your product is eligible for the replacement and refund, then you have to keep the proof that you have made a purchase. For instance: you will receive an email of confirmation, which includes the number of your order.

In case you are entitled to a replacement or a refund, then Merch Factory is not responsible for the shipping of the item. You have to make payment for shipping the item back to the Merch Factory.

Privacy Policy of Merch Factory:

Merch Factories always keep the personal information of the customers to themselves. The privacy policy that is followed by Merch Factory does not compromise with the personal information of the customer. In case you are concerned about your personal information getting late, then the march factory ensures you that the personal information that you are submitting to the side while placing your order is highly confidential and is not shared with any third party.

Collection of Information

The information that is collected from you includes your personal identification information such as your name, your postal address, your email address, phone number, etc. All the personal information that you are asked to provide is provided to the March factory according to your own will. You are asked to fill in your personal information so that your specific requests are fulfilled. Information that you have provided is only used for fulfilling special requests. In case you do not give permission to use it for other purposes, then your information is not used. For instance, Merch Factory sometimes sends you mails via your mail address. In case you do not permit Merch Factory to send you the mail, then you are sending any mail.

Commitment for the Security of your Data

Your personal information is kept with Merch Factory, so as you could be identified personally with the information provided. The personal information can only be authorized by the employees, agents, and the contractors of Merch Factory. The employees' agents and contractors are asked to keep the information secure and confidential; that is the only reason they have access to your information. The emails that or the newsletters that will be sent to you from the website of the Merch factory let you choose to opt-out for further mailings.


"I am in love with the designs that are printed bags that I ordered from Merch Factory. The products are of great quality that I instantly felt for them, and I have been using them in my day to day life, which instantly tells the quality of the products. I availed my products on discounts by using many battery coupons. I am highly satisfied with the products that I ordered from Merch Factory. I am planning to place more orders of guitar picks and many more."

"The service and the products that Merch Factory provides are of supreme quality. Being a musician, I always look for newly designed picks, and I am always looking for the pics that I can design or customize according to my will. I stumbled upon this website while surfing on the web and found that they are offering you the products on which you can print the design of your will and according to yourself. After searching their website, I found that they have the best quality pics that I can customize according to my will. I instantly placed an order without a single thought, and within two days, I received my order at my doorstep. I'm not only impressed by the quality of the product but also with the service and shipping. One more thing that I am highly impressed with is the high discount that I availed from them by using the Merch factory coupon. I'm planning to purchase again from the same website and will recommend this website for Who are looking for customized products."

Wrapping Up:

Merch Factory provides you with the supreme quality of the product that you can avail and can customize according to your will. Being a company of great values, Merch Factory Always tries to keep the customers satisfied and happy.

Dan Bleakley and Tim Bleakley are the founders of the Merch factory and are the bottle opener tycoon that inculcates the values that they have learned from childhood till they commenced their business in their Merch factory. You can see the values through the designs that they offer. Merch Factory A team of proficient people who give their best in providing you the supreme quality of product with the designs that you have chosen for yourself. You do not have to compromise with the design as well as the quality of the product.

When are you placing your order for the customized design of your choice?

Are the products of good quality?

Merch Factory always keeps its commitment to providing supreme quality products. The Merch factory always tries to deliver the best quality products at your doorstep. But you can only experience the supremacy of the products only by using them.

Is the shipping free?

The shipping that the March factory does is totally free of cost, which means you do not have to pay a single penny for the shipping. In case you have ordered the product, then you do not have to pay for its shipping charges, but in case you are returning the product or replacing the product, then you have to pay the shipping charges for the same, and you are held responsible for the shipping. Merch Factory is not held responsible for the shipping of refunding, returning, and replacing products.

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