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Neuhaus is a reputed and celebrated Belgian chocolatier that produces and deals with luxury and top-notch chocolates, chocolate truffles, biscuits, cookies, and ice cream. Located in Brussels in Belgium, this luxury chocolate brand is owned by Jean Neuhaus, a Swiss immigrant. He inaugurated his first store in GaleriesRoyales Saint-Hubert in central Brussels, way back in 1857.

Chocolates and Biscuits

Neuhaus is all about chocolates! From Dark Belgian chocolates to truffles, from biscuits to handcrafted chocolate ice creams, the collection is luxurious, exotic, and truly world-class. The popular and best-selling products of Neuhaus Chocolates comprise of special liquor-filled chocolates, authentic Belgian dark chocolates, nutty chocolates, truffles white, and creamy chocolates. 

Neuhaus presents some very interesting summer chocolate collections ideal for gifts. These include assorted dried fruits, lemon and orange fruit slices, Marzipan in dark chocolates, white chocolate mocha bars, chocolates bars and tablets, and handcrafted chocolate bon bons and nougat thins. 

Neuhaus has a special and very renowned gourmet chocolate section, which entices everyone with fascinating collections of chocolate bons bons, Marzipan, and dark chocolates and truffles.

Over and above chocolates and truffles, Neuhaus has some amazing collections of biscuits and cocoa. The Amandola, Allegro, and Amandiago and Amouretto biscuits are as wonderful as different flavours of hot chocolate powder, which are cocoa, hazelnut, dark and white.

Belgian chocolate bars, tablets, and snacks are also one of the major attractions of Neuhaus. Handcrafted Nouga thins, dark chocolate bars, and chocolate tablets are just heart-melting. The various exotic flavours available for bars and tablets are cocoa, mocha, raspberry. White and dark, coconut, pistachio, almonds, and sea salt. 


Neuhaus is known for and probably the best option for corporate and personalized gifts. One can easily and seamlessly purchase these gifts with Neuhaus promos code coupons. From assorted chocolate boxes, gift boxes, luxury, and exotic gifts and wedding gifts and corporate gifts. Belgian chocolate squares, ballotins, and assortments dark chocolate boxes; every gift is unique and special. Neuhaus Chocolate favour in various themes and colours and idyllic wedding gifts. Be it dark blue, blush pink, and copper; each gift is enriching and classy. Neuhaus also has a specially designed section for luxury gifts, which comprise chocolate smurfs tins, ribbon gift box, chocolate and coffee pairing, and red tin hearts. Other luxury gifts include liquor chocolate boxes, Neahaus Chocolate History collection.

Offering Neuhaus chocolates as a corporate gift validates the classy taste for quality and the wish to give only the best in quality in special Belgian chocolates. Among the popular corporate gifts, chocolate ballotins, coffee pairings, chocolate squares and chocolate moments, and various ribbon gift boxes assorted praline milk chocolates and bon bon crunchy and nutty chocolates. They are packed in classy and elegant boxes that enhance the look and feel quotient of the gifts. Neuhaus presents a wide selection of chocolate ideal for corporate events or as gifts for significant clients and contemporaries. One can be assured that guests at the event will be enthralled, and the recipients will feel most valued when they receive their Neuhaus Belgian chocolate indulgence stunningly draped and immaculately packaged.

Neuhaus Free Shipping and Seamless Delivery

Neuhaus prudently packs the delightful chocolates in a graceful box, made to regulate temperature, and guard the chocolates seamlessly to their delivery destination. One can cite a special touch to all the gifts. After selecting the perfect gift, one can easily write a customized gift message while feeding in the address details of the recipient during the checkout process. Neuhaus delivers across the US, between Mondays and Fridays, and offers free shipping above an order value of €35. For consignments to Alaska and Hawaii, added shipping charges will apply, and delivery times may fluctuate. FedEx Ground doesn't work for shipping to Alaska and Hawaii. Moreover, the shipping promises for Overnight and 2 Day delivery do not hold for orders to Hawaii and Alaska.Neuhaus Inc. Online Store and Frucon?2; NV are dedicated to bringing the premium products and best in class customer service. The brand endeavors to transport every item punctually and admirable condition. The luxury chocolate brand doesn't compromise with delivery experience and uses professional shipping companies like FedEx and UPS. Neuhaus Chocolates Online Store has the accountability for the flawless delivery of the order in harmony with the chosen shipping method. Neuhaus Chocolates Online Store is not answerable for unsuccessful deliveries when the address provided by the customer is wrong or incomplete, the gift recipient is not available to receive the parcel, and the sender is incapable of providing an alternative address within 24 hours of the failed first delivery attempt. In such cases, the delivery partner or courier company must return a gift to Neuhaus Inc, and the customer is responsible for the charges incurred due to shipping and handling of the item. Regrettably, Neuhaus cannot deliver to PO boxes, APO addresses, and military bases. The sender is expected to provide information in all the required fields, including the phone number. The phone number is mandatory for all orders. In the unlikely case of a delivery hindrance, this enables the courier agent to contact the addressee promptly to guarantee product quality upon delivery. At hotels, offices, and hospitals, Neuhaus delivers to the reception counter. The name of the recipient is always written on the box, so the recipient can easily be identified and delivered from there.

Neuhaus works with FedEx Overnight to deliver the gift on the entreated date. Overnight delivery orders are handled with additional consideration by the customer service department and precedence by the shipper. With Overnight Delivery, Neuhaus Inc. Online Store promises that the chocolates will be sent in virtuous condition, on the specified delivery date. In the improbable event that a delivery attempt is not made on the wished day, the company takes all the accountability to refund the delivery charges and half the price of the product value if it is delayed by one business day, and the delivery charges and cent percent% of the product value if it is delayed by a couple of business days, exclusive of holidays. The sender must remember that these reimbursements are not applicable if delivery endeavored but the recipient was not available if the address is improper or incomplete if delivery was late due to extreme weather or strikes and in other unusual conditions. If the location requires additional delivery days, the Neuhaus customer service team contacts the sender to notify.

Moreover, Neuhaus also use FedEx 2 Day to deliver the gift on the asked date. FedEx 2 Day orders are given additional care by the customer service section and importance by the shipper and courier partner. 

With FedEx 2 Day Delivery, Neuhaus Inc. Online Store assures that the chocolates and biscuits will be delivered in decent condition, on the stipulated delivery date or one workday beforehand. In the unusual event that a delivery try is not executed by the requested day, the company is bound to repay the delivery charges if it is one workday delay, and the delivery charges and half of the product cost if it is two business days delay which doesn't include the holidays. In case of wrong or partial address, political strikes, harsh weather, and unavailability of anyone at the destination to receive the product, no repay facility is available. If the location calls for additional delivery charges, the company will contact the customer well in advance.

Typically, Neuhaus works with FedEx Ground shipments. It reaches within 1 to 5 workdays minus the holidays, with FedEx Ground Delivery, Neuhaus Inc. Online Store promises that the gift will be delivered in presentable condition. Although a delivery date may be exhibited during the checkout process and on order summary detail note, there is no assurance that the shipment will reach on that particular day. If delivery on a specific day is needed urgently, Neuhaus requests the customers to use the FedEx Overnight facility. In the unlikely event that a delivery attempt is not conducted, Neuhaus will refund delivery and product value. But this reimbursement is not pertinent if the delivery is unsuccessful due to incomplete or improper address, locked door, extreme weather conditions, political strikes, or any other exceptional situations. For places over 85 degrees, the company requests all to kindly opt for a 2 Day Delivery. When the regional temperatures go up to 90 degrees, overnight shipping is suggested.

Neuhaus Chocolate Discounts from Amazon

There are a lot of deal sites and promotional sites that offer impressive discounts, like 50% off on all orders of Neuhaus. Ecommerce market places like Amazon also offer enticing discounts and free shipping facilities to all. One can use any valid Neuhaus promos code coupons to avail of these amazing discounts. 

Returns, and Refund Policy

Neuhaus has a very well-structured return and refund policy. The company is known for its complete accountability for a timely delivery. In rare cases, the delivery doesn't happen, and the company bears all the losses and seeks genuine apologies to customers after informing them about the unsuccessful delivery. In the unusual event that a delivery attempt is not made on the agreed day or time, the company takes all the accountability to refund the delivery charges and half the price of the product value if it is delayed by one business day, and the delivery charges and cent percent% of the product value if it is delayed by a couple of business days, exclusive of holidays. In the unusual event that a delivery try is not executed by the requested day, the company is bound to repay the delivery charges if it is one workday delay, and the delivery charges and half of the product cost if it is two business days delay which doesn't include the holidays. In some cases, the company returns the entire delivery charge and product cost. If the delivery remains unsuccessful due to a customer's mistake like wrong or partial address, not availability to receive the product or incapacity of the sender to provide with an alternative address within one day of the failed first attempt, the company is not responsible for any refund, and the customer is bound to pay the shipment and order handling charges.

Neuhaus Chocolates Reviews

For chocolate enthusiasts and food connoisseurs, Neuhaus is an exotic brand offering the best of chocolates, hot chocolate mix, biscuits, and ice creams. Some of the wonderful reviews shared by the users are cited below.

Neuhaus is the top, but strangely unknown chocolatier of Belgium. Most are familiar with Godiva, or even Leonidas, but Neuhaus remains chocolate known to few outsides of Belgium. I live down the road, about three minutes from a Neuhaus store, and it is pure torture. I must both see and smell the lovely chocolates each time I walk by the store. I finally have been forced to take some rather harsh acts to avoid turning into a chocolate blimp. I simply do not allow myself to enter the store unless I have guests, or am cooking something with chocolate, and need their bar chocolates.

Despite what anyone else in the world may say, Neuhaus chocolates are the best, my favorite, and worth the wait any time I must order them online. The dark chocolates are just slightly bitter, as they should be, while the fillings are wonderfully sweet. Those I ordered here were just as wonderful as those I bought at Neuhaus shops in Amsterdam or in Washington, D.C. Fresh and yummy, regardless of where they were purchased. Just ask the flight crew on the Lufthansa plane I shared a box with after they held the flight a few minutes when my connecting flight was late! I don't think a bag of gold would have been any better received!

Are Neuhaus chocolates gluten-free?

While some of the chocolates are made without wheat components, all products may have certain dashes of gluten.

Does Neuhaus chocolate contain preservatives?

No, Neuhaus does not use chemical flavors in chocolates. Some chocolates may have fruit sugars, lemons, and alcohol, which are natural preservatives.

Can we find animal fat in Neuhaus chocolates?

No animal fats are used in Neuhaus chocolate, but they do comprise dairy products like butter, cream, and milk. Since 1857, Neuhaus has been the leading creator of luxury Belgian chocolate. From the time when Jean Neuhaus, Jr. invented the Belgian chocolate praline in 1912, the company has used the original recipes, artisan skills, and finest ingredients to create the gourmet chocolates.