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Whiskey, the beverage made from fermented grain mash, is not just a drink but more than that to many. Even though it belongs to the beverage gang, researchers have identified many benefits of consuming whiskey. But more than the health benefits, it is the experience that attracts many. A part of this experience comes from the perfect glassware that compliments the drink. The choice of glassware to drink the whiskey from is something important, just like the choice of whiskey brand because the glassware can influence the smell and taste that the user perceives, and drinking whiskey is not just a matter of taste but also smell. The glassware makes a difference. So for the best experience of a whiskey drink, you must go for the best glassware available. Norlan is an international brand of whiskey glassmakers, focusing on modernizing and stylizing the experience of whiskey drinking through design, science, and ritual. The company has award-winning whiskey glass designs that are perfect for the perfect drinking experience.

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Benefits of Consuming Whiskey

Contrary to what has been long believed about whiskey, it has got many health benefits too, if consumed in the right amount. Some of them are:

  • Drinking whiskey has been proved to help lose weight. This is because it is a low carb drink, and its consumption reduces the desire for sugar intake.
  • Whiskey is also cancer prevention. The high concentration of ellagic acid and powerful antioxidants present in the drink neutralizes cancer-causing free radicals in the body and reduces the risk of getting cancer.
  • Whiskey has blood-thinning properties, and this helps to reduce the risk of getting strokes, but it is to be noted that the drink has to be taken in a moderate amount.
  • The common cold is something that affects everyone irrespective of age, and intake whiskey is a treatment for it. It is said that the ingredients of whiskey have the same properties as a dose of Nyquil.
  • A shot of whiskey can help people relax. Thus it is a good stress remover. It can also help people sleep well due to its sedative properties.
  • Whiskey is also a well-known aid to digestion. A shot of whiskey after a heavy meal is always recommended.
  • Long term moderate intake of alcohol regulates the body insulin and thereby reduces the risk of getting diabetes.

One thing to be noted is that all these benefits of whiskey become applicable only if it is taken in moderate amounts and not if consumed heavily.

About Norlan

As already mentioned, Norlan is an international brand of whiskey glass producers who are known for the best quality and best designs of the glasses they produce. Their focus is on modernizing its users' whiskey drinking experience through design, science, and ritual. Their first product was launched in December 2015 and has produced the best quality glassware for its customers worldwide.

The team of Norlan consists of three people with experience in the design and retail industry field for more than three decades. Sruli Recht, the Icelandic designer, is the first among them. He is known for his innovative designs and narrative-driven work. His works also combine advanced digital craft with new experimental technologies. Brian Fichtner, the brand director, is the second among the three. He is an expert in design retail and has worked in the field for over 15 years. Shane Bahng, the chief executive officer, is the third. He is also an expert in the design retail and distribution field and is one with great experience in the same.

Norlan glasses sell the best design whiskey glasses, decanters, and other accessories to make its users' drinking experience special. They have different varieties of whiskey glasses to choose from, and their designs are so best that it has been awarded for the same.

Some of the glassware available are:

  • Norlan whiskey glass- it has a unique double-walled structure combining the scientifically performing inside with the aesthetically beautiful outside to give the perfect whiskey experience. A set of two glasses cost $40.80
  • Norlan Whiskey Glass VAILD – it is specially designed to create a unique nosing experience. It has an impenetrable black outer wall that acts as a mirror from inside, and it adds to the aesthetics of the drinking experience. A set of two glasses cost $58.00
  • Vawe Highball Glass- it is the perfect option for occasions needing a handcrafted cocktail. The design has been angled to provide friction for mudding citrus oils and herbs. A single glass costs $50.00
  • Rauk Heavy Tumbler- the tumbler's entire surface is made out of a single blinding moment of machine pressing of molten crystal into a five-part mold. The design has edges blending naturally into curves fascinating the eyes and sense of touch. A glass costs $42.50
  • Raul Heavy Tumbler VALID – unlike all other crystal glasses, this one has been shrouded in darkness and has an impenetrable matte black finish on the outer side. A glass costs $55.00

Norlan also sells well-designed decanters that suit the needs and style of the customers. Some of them are:

  • Ralf Whiskey Decanter – it is made of mouth-blown nonleaded crystal with an aluminum lid and can hold up to 1 liter of spirit. It costs $375. It is available in two different colors, like gradient clear and frosted grey. Customers can choose from either of them according to their liking.
  • Nyht Whiskey Decanter – it is also made of mouth-blown nonleaded crystal with an aluminum lid and can hold up to 8.5oz of spirit. It weighs 1.5Ibs and costs $295. It can be bought either as a decanter only or along with a tumbler.

The company also sells other accessories related to whiskey drinking, and they are:

  • Vam Terrain Fragrance – it is an olfactive hologram reflecting the fragrance of three regions of Scotland. The customers can choose from the three fragrances available. They are Highlands, Skye, and Islay. Customers can also buy it as a tester or as a 50 ML bottle. It costs $75.00
  • Vam Monolith Diffuser – it is a cube rotated through the horizontal plane for aromatic diffusion. It is made of silicon carbide ceramic foam, and its porous structure gives more surface for the absorption of oil and dispersion of fragrance. It costs $150.00
  • Drave Water Pipette & Carafe – the pipette is made of aluminum and weighs 38 grams. The carafe is made of lead-free crystal and weighs approximately 1Kg. A set costs $295.00
  • Drave Water Pipette – it is made of Anodized, and shock spray painted aluminum and weighs 1.34 oz. It costs $48.00
  • Kist by Four – it can be bought either as the case only or along with four glasses. The glasses can be either clear glasses or black glasses. A set costs $360.00
  • Kist by Two – it can be bought either as the case only or along with the Norlan glasses. The glasses can be either clear or black. It costs $ 260.00

Features of Norlan glasses

  • The hybrid design is one major feature of Norlan glasses. The design of each tumbler is something that adds to the nosing experience of its users.
  • The design is such that the user does not have to tilt their head back too deeply to inhale and drink the spirit. This allows users to look classy in the social setting.
  • The glasses are double-walled, modern, and lightweight.
  • The design of the glass is done to improve aeration and thereby to reduce the ethanol intensity. Swirling the liquid around the glass causes a wave shape, and it increases the surface to air ratio. As a result of this, only a lesser amount of water is required for dilution. 
  • The design is such that it diffuses the aromatics to the nose and mouth and reveals hidden flavors.


Discounts are always overwhelming. No one ever turns their face from them. Norlan glasses also wishes to make its customers overwhelmed. It is a brand that produces its products with at most quality and efficiency. What if you get a chance to buy this high-quality product at a rate less than the usual one? A bonus, right. This is what the Norlan promo code has to offer to the customers. Yes, these discount codes allow the users to avail exciting discounts on every product they buy, thereby helping them get happy shopping. The company's discount codes are infrequently released, so if you wish to buy something, make sure that you get hold of them while some codes can be made active.

Norlan free shipping

The company offers free shipping to its customers from within the United States on orders above $96. There are also Norlan promo codes that help its users avail free shipping on their purchases.

Discounts from Amazon

Amazon, as we all know, is a very renowned online shopping site and much more than that. Norlan products can be bought from amazon, and the discount codes can be used there as well. The Norlan promo codes are also made available through coupon providing sites and other social media websites. Using these discount codes at Amazon can offer a discount of up to 20% and free shipping for first orders within the United States. It is important to make sure that you use correct and active discount codes from authentic sites before making the purchase. 

Norlan Glass offers from Reddit.

 Reddit is a network of communities based on people's interests. It allows users to discuss and vote for content that other people submitted. Norlan glasses have been voted high among all other whiskey glasses sold in the market, and it seems like users love it more than any other designer whiskey glasses.


Customers can return the products within 15 days of receiving it, and any product that is returned after 15 days will not be accepted back. The products have to be unused and in original condition to be eligible for return. The packaging should also be in the original condition. Return of goods that have been damaged due to carrier mishandling is not qualified for a refund, and the users will have to claim the money from the carrier.

Refund policy

Once a product eligible for a refund has reached back to the company, the company will inspect it and send a mail to the customer informing about the returned item being received. The company will also notify if the product refund has been approved or not. If the refund has been approved, the money will be credited back to the credit card or the original payment method. It will take up to 10 business days from the date of approval to get credited. The shipping cost of the returned item will not be refunded back to the customer in any case.


The customers have rated the products of Norlan high during various surveys conducted by various organizations. It seems like the customers are really happy with the quality and design of the product and also by the services the company offers. The unique double-walled construction of the glass is something that adds to its beauty and gives it a classy touch. It is also something that has been praised by users all around the world.

The careful and quality packing in which the products are sent to the customers is also noteworthy. The products are packed with great care as such to resist any kind of breakage during the shipping process. They also come with a polishing cloth to keep the glass shiny after use.

What to do if the refund has not been received?

If the refund has not been received within 10 days of approval, first check the bank account again or else contact the credit card providers because it may take time for the refund to be officially posted. If, after doing all this, the refund couldn't be found, then contact the company at

How to return Norlan glasses if found to be damaged?

Norlan accepts damaged glasses if they are returned within 15 days of delivery. The customers should send a mail to to inform about the return, and the company will then send a mail with the return address. Once the product reaches back the company, it will be inspected, and the customer will be notified whether the product is eligible for a refund or not.

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