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About Nuuly is an online subscription clothing rental website that offers a plethora of options and benefits to its customers. Nuuly lets you subscribe and rent any six styles every month for $88. The customer is free to choose from any of the categories of their clothing choices. You can even mix and match the categories of clothing, or order two same dresses of different sizes if you wish to. There are also numerous exciting Nuuly coupons for the customer to choose from. These Nuuly coupons will let you rent out the clothes at a discounted rate. Further, to make matters even more enticing, Nuuly also offers fast and free shipping and free return services without any hidden fees. You are also at complete liberty to pause or cancel your subscription at any given point.

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Popular Nuuly Coupon Codes

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$108 Deal Get The Monty Shorty Shorts Boyish at only $108

Being a rental service, Nuuly is also leading the game of sustainability. It is really exciting to see that in a market being overrun by the unethical atrocities of fast and unsustainable fashion, Nuuly inspires its customers to think about what they can do for the planet. Being a rental service means that Nuuly lets its customers reuse their clothing materials. Every piece of clothing is carefully cleaned to ensure its longevity and that it is used for a long time, thus helping people come out of the vicious cycle of fast fashion.

Nuuly has also successfully and completely eliminated the use of single-use plastics in its shipping procedures. For shipping purposes, they use reusable bags in which they neatly roll their clothes. These bags are made from post-consumer plastic, which has already been recycled. The customers then resend their clothes in the Nuuly bags itself, which, they then ensure, are recycled at the end of their working life. This decision has allowed them to eliminate the usage of nearly 1 million plastic bags.

Along with that, Nuuly takes the goal of sustainability one step further by promoting independent brands who share their goal of sustainability. These indie brands are committed to creating unique clothing that changes the way people look at fashion. More importantly, they strive to reduce waste while manufacturing clothes by using recycled and remnant materials as their raw materials or to reduce the amount of water used to make a pair of jeans from 1500 gallons to just about 8 gallons. Some of these brands also purchase their raw materials directly from herders or cultivators in impoverished parts of the world, thus helping them better their livelihoods.

Nuuly also makes use of state of the art cleaning facilities, which include both dry and wet cleaning methods. The cleaning solutions used by Nuuly are alkaline and phosphate-free, and are thus more efficient than household detergents and are also better for the environment as it helps in the preservation of water.

Nuuly lets you get really creative with your clothing. It is customized to let you be who you want to be through fashion. The main mission of Nuuly is to help its customers express themselves through their outfits. Nuuly offers a varied range of styles and clothing categories to choose from: from sweaters and jackets for winter to dresses and jumpsuits and shirts and rompers and tops for summer to everyday wear like jeans and trousers and shorts and skirts. In addition, they also have maternity clothing and vintage wear. All the clothing on the Nuuly website has been categorized according to different lookbooks so you can sort your look with minimum hassle. The availability of Nuuly Coupons makes things even more exciting by increasing your chances of getting your rental clothes at a cheaper price. They work with established brands that you know and love and also provide space for new and upcoming brands and designers. Nuuly also does not charge any damage or late fees on their clothes. 

Nuuly Student Discounts:

Nuuly is currently not offering any student discounts or special Nuuly coupons targeted at students. However, Nuuly does offer the option to refer Nuuly to your friends, doing which you can get discounts and up to 12 rewards a year. You will be given a unique code which you can share with your friends, using which they can join Nuuly.  Each of your friends who will subscribe to Nuuly using your code will receive $15 off the first two months each of their recurring subscription of $88 dollars. This Nuuly coupon also lets you have $15 off a month’s subscription for every friend who joins using your given link, for a total of up to 12 rewards per year.

Nuuly Military discounts:

At Nuuly, it is found that they are not offering any military discounts or Nuuly coupons currently. However, if you're still interested, you can see their veteran discount policies. It would do you good to keep checking the site for updates. If you would like to find out more, you can contact the customer care. However, other stores similar to Nuuly socks offer military and veteran discounts that may be worth a look at. You can always keep an eye out for those Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other seasonal sales.

Nuuly special discounts:

Nuuly coupons will keep popping up from time to time. Moreover, Nuuly offers many discounts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Nuuly Return Policy:

Nuuly does not charge any return charges. You are technically free to keep your six items of rented clothing for as long as you like. However, to be able to rent new clothing items and render the most out of your subscription, you will need to return the first set of six clothing items. The Nuuly team will notify you when your subscription billing date has passed, and you can rent out new clothing. All you need to do is fold your clothes and put them in the recyclable Nuuly bag they came in, zip it up, and don't forget to insert the prepaid return label into the outside pocket of the bag. You can then drop off your bag at UPS. Nuuly also offers the option of keeping any piece of clothing that you liked. You can choose not to return any piece of your choice and instead purchase them. All you need to do is head to My Nuuly and purchase the items at their respective retail prices. You can contact Nuuly customer support to know your subscription billing date.

Before returning your rented pieces of clothing, you also don't need to worry about either dry or wet cleaning the clothing items. The Nuuly state of the art cleaning and repair facility can take care of every kind of mark or stains, be it wine stains, marker, or sharpie marks. The cleaning solutions used at Nuuly are sustainable and are also way more effective than household detergents, and leave the clothes looking spot-free and brand new for the next renter.

Nuuly Refund Policy:

If you have any concerns or issues with your rented clothing, Nuuly socks accept all returns/exchanges. Ultimately, they want to make sure you're delighted with your rented clothing, and they are happy to help any way they can! Simply reach out to them through their support center at their website. You can either chat with them or drop your email at the website's support page, and they will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

Nuuly Shipping Policy:

Nuuly delivers all its orders through UPS. The shipping is done only on business days, that is, from Monday to Friday. Once you are done placing an order, the processing of the same takes about two business days. The delivery then takes another three business days. Barring certain oversized clothes, orders are generally shipped in a unique Nuuly bag, which is reusable and recyclable. However, Nuuly is currently unable to ship outside of the United States or to PO boxes or APO/FPO addresses.

Nuuly Free Delivery:

Nuuly charges no delivery fees on any of its deliveries across the United States.

Nuuly Shopping Tips:

Nuuly lets you style your outfits in unique ways and express your inner persona through your wardrobe. It has customized lookbooks, which are categorized as 'Your new favorite sweaters,' 'The sweater shop,' 'The comfy shop,' 'Bright + colorful styles.' While shopping at Nuuly, you can also customize your clothing and sort them out according to occasions: be it a vacation, weekends, work, or cocktail or formal clothing, Nuuly has it all. Nuuly also has a detailed style guide, which will help you coordinate your outfit in an organized way. The style guide is filled with clothing tips and other details about different clothing materials. Also, keep an eye out for the Nuuly coupons so that you can get your clothing at a discounted rate.

Nuuly reviews:

Customers are usually left vastly satisfied after their Nuuly experiences. There is a general consensus that the money spent at Nuuly in a month is less than what one might expect to spend on just one piece of clothing from a brand like Anthroplogie. Customers appreciate the fact that Nuuly provides such a vast range of options from a range of brands. They are free to choose exactly what they want. Moreover, the availability of petite and plus size clothing and vintage clothing also garners a lot of praise from the customers. The availability of Nuuly coupons further makes the customers rave about their Nuuly experience. However, there are a few criticisms regarding how customers can't place a new order if they return their clothing before the deadline as they need to wait for the billing date. Also, because Nuuly is a rental service, products are not available in a full-size range a lot of times. But if someone is willing to try out new styles and a new aesthetic but are on a budget, Nuuly is the perfect solution for them. 

Why should you buy it from Nuuly?

Nuuly offers you an unprecedented experience by letting you rent out completely unique clothing that fits your style and lets you speak your mind through your wardrobe. Moreover, at a price of just $88, you are getting the chance to rent six pieces of clothing according to your preference. You can thus plan out your outfits depending on various occasions and also create your own style. Moreover, Nuuly charges no delivery or return fees, which makes things even more enticing. Also, you are free to pause or cancel your subscription at any point of your choice. There are also no late fees or damage fees applicable to Nuuly. Nuuly coupons will let you get your clothes at discounted rates. You can also win exciting rewards through Nuuly coupons. Nuuly has something for everybody. They have petite and plus clothes, and also maternity wear. Moreover, the availability of vintage clothes makes Nuuly a one-stop solution for the artsy soul

What is Nuuly?

Nuuly is a subscription-based clothing rental service that lets you rent up to six clothing pieces per month for $88. You are free to choose from over 150 brands, including Free People, Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters. There are over 1000 curated styles that will let you plan your outfits depending on particular occasions. Starting from premium denim to work and party clothes to even one-of-a-kind vintage clothes are all available at Nuuly. It is basically the best way to experiment with fashion while staying on a budget.

Can I pause my subscription?

Yes, you can easily pause your subscription. In case you pause your profile, Nuuly will save your profile, and your closet and even the referral rewards that you might have earned will also be kept. You are free to pause your subscription for up to three months at once, and then you can extend it on a month to month basis.

Can I buy any item from Nuuly if I fall in love with it?

Indeed you can! If you fall in love with any of the rented items, all you need to do is log into your Nuuly account and purchase the item at its retail price.

Is there an option to buy an item after I have returned it?

Yes, Nuuly gives you that option too. If you realize that you wish to keep an item after returning it, then you can add it to your next Nuuly or rent it again. You can then purchase it from your rented history.

What special precautions is Nuuly taking for Covid 19?

Nuuly takes the well-being of its employees and the clothes they rent out with utmost importance. They ensure that all their clothes are clean and sanitized before they are rented out. Since the very beginning of the pandemic, they have put in place strict sanitization measures. All the employees who handle or clean the clothing items are needed to wear their masks at all times and keep their hands sanitized. They have also employed social distancing measures in the workplace and shifted to a staggered break schedule to avoid crowding. Hand sanitizing stations have also been fully stocked at their distribution center. Also, employees who are in charge of handling and packaging the products are required to wear gloves. To eliminate bacteria from clothing, in addition to wet and dry cleaning methods, Nuuly also makes use of a 250-degree steam tunnel. It is also ensured that the bags that the clothes are sent out in are also clean and sanitized.

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