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o-lens.co.in is a Korean Contact Lens Company that has launched its division in India and now is available here through their Indian website and other popular beauty and accessories sites such as Nyaka.com and Lenskart.com. Customers can browse through the plethora of options exhibited on the websites. They specialize in colored lenses with a variety of iris designs. As Korean fashion is one of the leading style statements, Korean lenses are garnering quite rave reviews. Korean fashion is all about beauty, with details and subtle symbols, and these colored lenses acknowledge this fashion sense. They are available in various colors, starting from the most natural browns and blacks to startling g pink and green. They are also available tailored for different users depending on their usage and the amount they want to spend on them.

Olens Shopping Tips

O-Lens deliver their lens all over their world. Shipping is free over USD 89.00 above orders for deliveries outside India. DHL does the delivery. Orders can be tracked in O-Lens. in Throughout India, shipping and delivery are done door to door and takes 2-7 working days. Shipments are dispatched from Gurugram, Haryana.

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About OLENS:

OLENS Coupons are available to regular and new users to help them get hold of these products at discounted prices. OLENS Coupons, too, have different types; some help you purchase in bulk, some help you get a discount on the market price, and some help you while you plan to re-purchase them. O-Lens provides you with the best-colored contact lenses online with a premium soft quality. They also provide free shipping and cash delivery services. They are the Korean lenses expert and are represented by the extremely popular K-Pop girl group Black/Pink as their brand ambassadors.

The premium soft lenses make eyes look stunning and provide crystal clear visual clarity. Comfort and top performance.  These O-Lenses help customers shape their personality and find out more shades of their character. The lenses provided by O-Lens are good for prolonged usage and provide a comfortable daily wearing experience. They keep your eyes moist, and wearers experience visual clarity.

O-Lens provide genuine products for daily, monthly, or six months disposal lenses. Spherical power eye contact lenses are available with power up to -8.00 and are perfect for many skin tones and shades, including the varied Indian tones. These colors add an edge to the customer's outfits and personality. The passion in the person's eyes will be bright as day with these lenses.

O-Lens lets you be whoever you want to be with their wide range of styles and eye colors. It suits your mood and outfit, and you can style your entire look by having those expressive eyes. Their products are divided into 7 sub-sections named and branded as the following-

Jenith; Russian Velvet; Spanish Real; Scandi; Symphony; Secriss; Gold.

They have more than six colors to offer you, and their collection names are based on the different styles of Iris design they have for different feels and outfits, and occasions.

O-Lens products are sold in O-Kits, including an entire single collection of O-Lens with supplementary products such as an Eye solution, tweezers, and contacts containers.

Their services include helping you choose the correct shade of lens as per your desire. They acknowledge your skin tones, style quotient, and occasions before suggesting you a specific collection or eye color.

Their website is laid out in a very user-friendly manner, helping the customer obtain the desired product easily. The lenses are categories under many utilitarian sub-units such as Colour, Power, Duration, and the Diameter of coverage. People with high power should not be discouraged by anyway to style themselves. Thus O-Lens provides lenses till spherical power -8.00.  The best seller products and newest products are also restricted to provide customers to identify the trend. 

OLENS Coupons are available to make things more exciting as it offers customers to pay less for premium products such as Imported Korean Coloured Lenses. You can return products you are not happy with and get new ones. To make things more enticing, the shipping is free, and there is cash on delivery options. 

O-Lens provides customer services and support on the web and through call. They also have a shipment tracker to track your delivery. They also have the gift card options to help you gift their high-quality lenses to your near and dear ones and let them experience the products' luxury.

O-Lens has a special blog category in which they provide styling and maintenance tips.  They also have a beginner's guide as to how to use lenses. They have articles on which lens solution and materials will suit you.

O-Lens is the one-stop solution to all your lens issues. They guide you from the start to begin as they suggest to you which ones suit you best till which clothing suits your lens the best. They will be your friend and your guardian during the entire process, helping you the optimum experience.

OLENS Student Discounts:

O-Lens is not offering any Student Discounts currently. This meansyour student ID won’t fetch you any extra discounts. But worry not because OLENS Coupons are here for everyone. O-Lens offer these discounts offers to one and throughout the year. The offers keep changing, so if you want a bigger discount, keep on checking their site; they update the OLENS Coupons of different denominations. If you are lucky enough, you may also get a buy one, get one free coupon!

OLENS Military Discounts:

At O-Lens, there are no special Military Discount offers. But OLENS Coupons solve the need for any other discounts as they have a huge variety of offers and promo codes that help just anybody get a big discount on their billings. Starting from 5% to a whopping 50%, OLENS Coupons are of different magnitudes. You can always keep an eye on seasonal discounts and Black Friday sales or stock clearance sales. 

 OLENS Special Discounts:

There are special OLENS Coupons for customers who are shopping at the site for the first time. They are encouraged to keep on buying from O-Lens by these offers. Coupon Codes pop up from time to time if you subscribe to their newsletter. Extra offers and discounts are also given to purchasers who buy the products from Amazon or E-bay to promote the products on other sites.

 OLENS Return Policy:

O-Lens gives the Purchaser the right to withdraw any order within 24 hours from the day of purchase. This right does not apply to packages that have been already delivered and opened, or to the lens construction (in case of a special order for specific power), except if the goods are damaged or defective.

O-Lens will issue a full refund or replacement of goods if prescription contact lenses are supplied to the wrong specification as per your prescription.They will not replace the lens or issue a refund if customers do not like the color or the powers they have ordered are not suitable for your eyes or in case you have already opened blister. O-Lens professional recommend that purchasers consult with their Eye Care professional BEFORE ordering from the online store.

O-Lens will only accept returns if the lenses are found to be factory defective, which is claimed within 7days from the day of purchase. If Purchaser does not report defection within 7days after purchase at the offline store or after receipt of shipment of an online order, exchange/refund is not possible for any reason.

OLENS Refund policy:

Refunds will be limited to the original order's maximum value and will only be issued against the same credit or debit card account as supplied to pay for the goods. The company will reserve the right to proportionately reduce the refund level if only some of the original quantity of contact lenses or optical products is returned or if it is clear that some of the products have been used.

In the case of the complimentarily offered lens are defective, they will be exchanged according to specific conditions only, which was applied at the issuance of a complimentary lens and will not be returned in cash for any reason.

In case customers receive factory defective lenses, O-Lens will exchange them free of charge. Defective contact lenses may only be exchanged for the same lens model, color, and prescription.

OLENS Free Delivery:

O-Lens free delivery depends upon the Postal Codes of the cities in India and the order bulk. Cash on Delivery is also available for certain postal codes. Customers can check if they are viable for free delivery during the billing process or even before creating their O-Lens account. For International shipping and delivery, free shipping is only over orders of USD 89.00 and above.

OLENS Shopping Tips:

The O-Lens website is one of the most customer-friendly sites purchasers can find. They help you buy the best product and give you a wide variety of collections to choose from. The options available are segregated into very clear divisions, choosing the product you want with ease. They have separated their collections under groups of the same colors, same styles, different powers, or usage period. The powers can be customized as per your needs. The wide range and color options provide you with the freedom to shop with your requirements.

The most useful shopping tip to use while using this site is to accept the recommendation and suggestions. Customers should do their research before acquiring a product as delicate as a pair of lenses. They should go through blogs presented by the professionals at O-Lens, which will help you plan your look and guide you through the entire process of wearing and opening the lens.

The top priority tip for shopping at O-Lens would be to consult your Ophthalmologist before placing your order. You should be aware of your eye conditions and the correct power you need for clear vision. It would help if you were confident about your requirements before ordering your lenses.

OLENS Coupons is one of the reasons why customers choose to buy these premium quality lenses online. They get offers and discounts on their favorite collections and products. So look out for these OLENS Coupons and do not forget to use them to their best.

OLENS Reviews:

O-Lens have their reviews presented on their site as well as their social media pages. They have a huge international customer base that is satisfied with their lavishly made products. These superior quality products have quite the rave reviews over Instagram and Facebook. There are also video reviews on YouTube that appreciate the range and exceptional quality that O-Lens provides its customers with.

Customer satisfaction is of superior priority to O-Lens, who has a review and complaint section on their market research website. They cater to the needs through customer support by email or by phone.

The OLENS Coupons' availability further satisfies the urge of customers to get hold of quality products at a discounted price, thus keeping them super satisfied with the services. The O-Lens total experience is felt by customers when they receive their products in the best conditions.

Some customers remain dissatisfied with some of the return policies and conditions that are applied to the refunds. But as the lens is such a personal product, tailored according to the individuals' needs, it is very difficult for O-Lens to exchange the products. Most of the customers served are very happy with the O-Lens product as it helps them achieve their desired styles and looks and enhances their personality.

Black/Pink, a very popular girl K-pop group who is internationally acclaimed not only for their music but also for their looks and styles, vouch for O-Lens as they have signed in as the  Global Brand Ambassador of this premium quality Korean contact lens.

Why Should You Buy from OLENS:    

O-Lens is a professional contact lens brand with well-researched products. They are the Number One color contact lens brand in Korea, having more than Three Hundred outlets in Korea. They are a loved brand globally with its loyal customer in leading countries like United States, India, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Australia, UAE, and so many more. They are always the first choice of all the leading ladies and men of the world, be it actors or models or other beauty conscious people.

O-Lens Design Lab creates trendy colors and designs for the eyes of people of any nationality or skin and hair color. Your lens can reflect your makeup, outfit, occasion, mood, or personality.

O-Lens' Number one priority is to provide for your safety. All the products by them are certified and approved by the FDA and KFDA. They always use high-quality raw materials for their products, such as Silicon Hydrogel and Phosphorylcholine, to provide the customers with a comfortable and premium luxury experience.

Customer history of happiness and satisfaction is the pride and glory of O-Lens. Purchasers have ended up feeling beautiful, which has made them feel confident about themselves. This is the highest achievement of O-Lens. They like to call themselves the cherry on the top for enhancing the beauty of the already gorgeous customers.

How will I know when my product is getting delivered?

O-Lens is very transparent with their customer. They message or email the purchasers on the phone numbers they provide to let them know about the shipment and delivery updates. If you are not getting messages, you can also check the delivery status through the link they provide on their site, as a tie-up with DHL. You should also contact customer support if you have further doubts regarding your order. They are very prompt with their response, and action will help you.

How to take care of my O-Lens?

O-Lens is beginner-friendly with its's soft lens technology and silicone material, which helps keep your eyes moist. O-Kits include lens solution and container and tweezer for taking care of your lens. Please refer to O-Lens blogs for extra knowledge, which gives you a step-by-step guide on taking care of your lens.

How can I find the best color for me?

Any color you want to flaunt is the best color for you. But if you want suggestions based on your outfits or skin tone or makeup styles. O-Lens blogs are there to be your friend in need. They have content just to help you choose your best-suited color.

What can I do when I have received defective lenses?

Contact O-Lens within 7 days of receiving your lenses if you have received a pair of factory defect lenses or damaged product. O-Lens will replace your product for the same power, color, and size.

How to redeem my OLENS Coupons?

OLENS Couponscan be redeemed by going to the rewards section of the website. You can click on use reward points during checkout. You can also apply the OLENSCoupon code in the section provided. Your credit balance may be added due to the coupons, so don't forget to check that out. You can also win OLENS Coupons by posting a review on their website.

Is an O-Lens colored lens available to people with power?

Yes. O-Lens is available both for people with and without power. Why should your myopia or hypermetropia be the reason you can't express yourself or showcase your style? O-Lens provides spherical power of up to -8.00.

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