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The main aim of the company is to help people manage their rowdy stuff such as keys, clutter bags etc. The company was officially established and named in 2013 at first the partners of the company were a little nervous about if people would support them or not. But they were amazed to see the result when 5,000 people believed in their idea just in the period of 30 days. At first, the company also had a hand in the pharmacy and designing industry. But after looking at the response by people and the need for their organizing stuff the OrbitKey decided to put their hands off from the pharmacy and design work and lay both their hands-in the making the organizing stuff. The main organizing team is not so big. But they love to create and innovate new items. The company orbits key Loves to help us, and each other grow more and more.

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Organize all your stuff with the OrbitKey

Everyone out there is fed up of organizing their stuff no matter whether it is personal stuff or the ones related to your work. Organizing stuff in today's time is a very essential yet complicated task. Sometimes our important cards are misplaced and sometimes keys of valuable items. If you are a working person, it might be very difficult to fetch out time from your busy schedule to arrange and sort things. These petty yet comprehensive problems were noticed by a wise man, and so he came up with an idea of the key organizer which put an end to organizing problems. OrbitKey is a one-stop solution to all your organizing problems as you would find organizers to arrange almost all your stuff. You can get these amazing and lucrative organizers at related prices by using OrbitKey discount codes.

Products offered by OrbitKey:

There are different types of things that OrbitKeys are selling. Each thing will help you manage and organize different stuff. Let's give an eye on them

The first thing OrbitKey is selling is the key organizer. Following are the features of the key organizer:

  •  Made of pure leather- The key organizer is made up of leather. That will prevent your keys from making noise that will irritate you.
  • High holding power- The key organizer holds 2-7 keys in total, which is quite a number. Your car, home and other keys will be held in a single place.
  • Awarded security mechanism- The key has got an award for its secure and amazing security mechanism. So there is no risk of key loss.
  • Avoid scratches- as the keys will be held in a single place. And the organizer is made up of leather. The organizer will prevent the keys from making scratches at other surfaces

The second product made by OrbitKey to helping you organize noisy things is the OrbitKey ring. Here are some of the features of the product:-

  •  Easily opened-  The OrbitKeyring is easy to open and close. So no more need to break your nails for inserting and exerting the keys. 
  • Maximum hold-up capacity- The OrbitKeyring has the maximum holding capacity. It can hold up to 10 keys at a time. So all your keys related to work, home or other purposes will be fit in a single ring. And it will be easy to carry.
  • Use with OrbitKey organizer- The OrbitKeyring can be used with the key organizer. This way, you can have both the benefits.
  • High strength-  The OrbitKey organizer has high strength and holding capacity. It is also made up of stainless steel.  So it does not need high maintenance.
  • Dimensions-  The OrbitKeyring has sufficient and satisfying size. It has 3.6 mm of opening, 3.5 mm of thickness and 30 mm of diameter.
  • Long-lasting-  The OrbitKeyring is made up of good quality stainless steel.
  • Secure mechanism- The OrbitKeyring has a secure and easy to use mechanism.

The next thing that is made to help you organize your stuff is the OrbitKey nest. It is a device that is even capable of charging your device. The device is also capable of organizing your other stuff like cards. Here are some of its features:-

  • Fully charged- The OrbitKey nest is ever charged. So it is always ready to charge up your devices. So now you can charge your device even when you are at work or travelling.
  • Stores cards-  The OrbitKey nest has a separate section for placing cards. So now you can also take your cards anywhere, no need to carry a separate bag for them.
  • Dual hinge mechanism-  The OrbitKey nest has a dual-hinge mechanism that is you can separate both the ends if you feel the need anytime.
  • Movable divider-  the dividers placed in the OrbitKey nest are movable. So you can move them according to your need.

What's in the OrbitKey nest?

The OrbitKey nest box contains an OrbitKey nest, a USB C TO USB A power cable made up of nylon, 6 dividers ( movable), 2 cables orgañizer and instruction manual.

The device is capable of charging every model of iPhone as well as air pods, but it does not support charging of Apple watches.

  1. The fourth thing made by the OrbitKey is the Chipola tracker. This device will help you locate your missing items.

You can connect the chipolo tracker to your mobile phone through Bluetooth and find them whenever you misplace your bunch of keys. The structure is not a made-up if any rigid substance it will be firmly fitted inside your key organizer or any other stuff.

Let's take a look at the features:-

  • Selfie mode-  you can connect the tracker to your phone and can take the perfect selfie by clicking on the button placed on the tracker.
  • Adjustable volume- You can adjust the range and the ring of the tracker according to your will.
  • Replaceable battery-  The battery of the tracker is replaceable. If you find that the tracker is not working properly. You can change the battery easily.
  1. The last thing made and sold by the OrbitKey is the accessories. Orbitkey is also selling some of the mandatory accessories. Like
  • USB 3.0
  • Bottle opener
  • Multi-tool
  •  locking mechanism
  • Nail filer
  • Travel kit

Rebates the OrbitKey is offering

The products of the company the OrbitKey are very reasonable according to their needs, features and response. Still, the company often decides to give them customers discounts on their items. There are numerous discounts that the OrbitKey is offering. That makes their items more reasonable. But if you are still not satisfied with the cost price you can use the OrbitKey discount code for more discounted pricing. This will add another reason for you to buy the very amazing and stunning items.

Return and Refund Policy

All products in the company go through a rigid test which ensures quality. The check-ups in the company are done by professionals. But still, sometimes things fall apart, and there remains some fault in the product. If you find any fault in the product, you can click the photo of the fault and send the photo immediately to the email address of the company that is hello@orbitkey.com

All the products come with a warranty of two years. The team will reply to you as soon as possible and will resolve your problem.

The team will give a return number that is the return merchandise authorization. You should mention the number on the product, or the item will not be accepted for return.

In case you have changed your mind for the item or mistaken anything in detail. You will have 30 days return timing to return the order. You can contact the customer care service for any help you require.

You need to keep in mind that the returned item should be placed in the original box if it is manuals or accessories. The condition should be good as it was shipped to you. Damaged items will not be returned or refunded

Pre-ordered items or back-ordered items will take up to 30 days to reach you again. If you have changed your mind, you will have to place an email for refund

The company does refund the money if there is any mind change or the item was shipped to you damaged. But the refunding time will be around 10-30 days.

The company is genuine has extended its returning time to 60 days during the period of the pandemic.


Here are some of the reviews about the company and its products.

Arun- "I have purchased almost every item available in the company. Since last year. Every item I purchased is very useful. And made my life more comfortable. Thank you for the OrbitKey."

Sandeep- "At first I thought that the products were expensive, but then I came to know about the OrbitKey discount code, which made the commodities more reasonable. I purchased the chipolo tracker, and both items are brilliant. It helped me several times as I have a habit of misplacing my things. It is a good product for a person like me."

Mansi lubhana- "The purchased the OrbitKey nest, and I must say it is a brilliant product very useful. The charging capacity amazed me. Now I do not have to carry 2-3 bags everywhere I go. The idea is very creative and innovative. I love the product very much."

Final Words

So this was all about the company's OrbitKey. The company makes a conscious effort to help you organize your things and to make its arranging stuff easy for you. The products are very beneficial. These will help you make your life more comfortable. The products are also within they will pant get defected soon. The products also come with a warrant of two years. So if you find any default within the time span of two years, you can easily report on the service centre email. And they will resolve your problem as soon as possible.

If you are a person bad at organizing the things you should go for the products and give them a try. This will surely help you. You won't suffer a loss in any case if you change your mind or the product you received is damaged. Your money will be refunded to you in any case. And a new product will be shipped to your place.

The prices of the products are reasonable according to their demand in today's world as everyone out there is busy in their work and isn't able to take care of their things. But still, in case you find any item expensive but want to purchase it, you can use the OrbitKey discount code for further discounts

Are the items waterproof?

No, the items are designed to be waterproofed. You need to prevent the items from getting in touch with water, to avoid any miss happening.

How many cards can be carried in the OrbitKey nest?

The number of cards you can carry depends upon the thickness of the cards. You can carry a minimum of 4 cards. And there are two sections for sd cards. Moreover, there is a specified section made where you can place anything in that section.

When will any item get back in stock? If they are now unavailable

The item will be filled back in stock as soon as possible. You can sign up with an email address or phone number so you will be notified when the order gets back in stock.

How to use a discount code?

If you want to use a discount code, you can enter the discount code in the box which you will find on the second page. There you will just have to enter the code and press the apply button. You can use the OrbitKey discount code. But you need to keep in mind that you can only apply one discount code at a time.

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