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The main product of OYO Fitness about which we talked earlier is called OYO personal gym. And that product is made with a very special technology called Spiraflex. It is a technology that was originally designed by Paul Francis, the CEO of OYO Fitness, for a very special NASA project. It was created so that astronauts can keep their bodies up in shape even in zero gravity. And that technology is currently used by over 50 international space station astronauts who managed to stay in shape using this technology for over ten years. After this project became a success, Paul tried licensing the technology and successes in it. That is when; he gathered a brilliant team of crew and started OYO Fitness, where he started selling a product called OYO personal gym, which was created using the Spiraflex technology. And now, this product, along with many others, is sold on the official website of OYO Fitness. So if you are by now considering the idea of buying one or more of these products, then you might want to know more about them.

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Who does not like a well-tuned body? And that is why everybody seeks new ways to gain more fitness each day. But the problem often occurs when they try to look for the perfect equipment to work out with. They are mostly expensive, space-consuming. But the problem that is far greater than that is where do they buy it from?

And if your workout is on hold because of that very question, we have a great answer for you. We recommend you to check out the official website of OYO Fitness. You can find many types of equipment that can be used to tune up your body. And the best part of that equipment is that they are not very expensive, compact, and can be used for more than one purpose.

So if you are craving for such equipment that will help you bulk up, you can surely fulfill your needs at the official website of OYO Fitness for a very affordable and reasonable price. And if even that affordable price crosses your budget a bit, you can always get yourself a discount. The only thing you need in order to do that is an OYO gym coupon code 2020. Once you have one of them, you can easily gain large discounts when you order on OYO Fitness.

OYO Fitness products

As we have mentioned before, the main product that OYO Fitness sells is OYO personal gym. But there are also some other products that can easily be used along with their compact gym equipment. That is why we decided to tell you about these products in detail.

OYO Personal Gym- OYO personal gym is the product that is the USP or Unique selling prospect of OYO Fitness. It is a single piece of equipment that can be used to train any part of your body. And when you do that, you have to do it based on the resistance of some springs. That is why; the main equipment does not weigh a lot.

The weight it has is only about 2lbs, but the resistance it provides using its strong sprigs go up to 25lbs. That is how equipment like that helps you train your body from basic to intermediate level in a very simple way.

According to the fitness and research team of OYO Fitness, you can follow 60 different workouts on that one single piece of equipment. And that is why they created tutorial videos for each of those 60 workouts. Not only that, they made nearly 200 videos through; you can easily understand how you can use that equipment for various workouts. They also have created a few training plans. And the people who have followed these training plans were able to lose a great deal of weight using this product.

And now, when you know how many benefits one can derive from this one product, you must be thinking now that the product will be very expensive. But as we have already mentioned earlier, despite the fact that all these amazing features are crammed within one single product, it is not expensive at all. The OYO personal gym only costs about $150. And if you have an OYO gym coupon code 2020, the price will go down even further for you.

Bags- Like the product we mentioned earlier is very easy to handle and very light in weight, there is a chance that we might want to carry it along with us when we travel. And in order to do that, you will need a bag that will fit the whole equipment in it and will not cause any problems for you while you carry it. 

And to fulfill that very need, OYO Fitness has designed some bags for you that will surely fulfill these needs. There are two main sizes of the bags that are sold by OYO Fitness. They also come at two different prices.

The first and the small bag is created for the times when you just want the OYO personal gym in it. This will come at a very low price of $9.95. This is a great choice if you are traveling with very minimalistic luggage, and you just want to add this equipment among the other things you carry. But if you have a lot of luggage, this one extra bag will cause you a few problems. And that is why they also created another bag which is larger than the previous one. In this one, you can carry a few extra stuff along with the product, and it comes for only about $30.

Mats- When you are buying gym equipment, it is normal for you to look for a mat along with it. And if you are looking for one, you can find a very high-quality mat by OYO Fitness for only $30. 

You can purchase this mat as a single product or in a combo with the large bag that we told you about earlier. This combo pack cost about $50, so you will be able to save a lot of money if you choose to buy this product.

These were the major products that OYO Fitness sells to you. There are some combo packs along with these products. And if you choose one of them, you will surely be saving some money.

OYO Fitness Discounts

A good amount of discount is always appreciated by people who are purchasing the product. And keeping that in mind, OYO Fitness has brought you their OYO gym coupon code 2020. Using one of these, you are surely going to get a good amount of discounts.

A coupon like this ensures you with a lot of savings in the money. So when you are planning to make a purchase, make sure to check if you have such coupons or not.

OYO Fitness Return Policy

There is no man on this planet that does not make mistakes. And that is why it is possible that someone, during the process of delivering your product, may make a mistake. They may mistakenly exchange your product with someone else's or even may end up delivering you with a product that is completely different from what you ordered.

The result in both of the cases will be that you will end up with a product that you might not even need. And at times like this, all you need is a good and hassle-free way to return the product that you don’t need. That is why they chose a method for conducting the returns that are both easy and convenient for the customers.

All you need to do in order to return your product is to send them an email stating your request for returning the product. You also need to make sure that the original package in which the product was delivered to you does not get disposed of at any cost. And if these two conditions meet,  they are going to initiate your return after checking that you have a product that is unopened, unused, and, most importantly, undamaged.

OYO Fitness Refund Policy

There are often some cases where you don't feel like purchasing anything after the return on your product has been initiated. And at that time, what you look for is a policy through which you can get the money you paid back in your hand.

OYO Fitness understands you well, and that is why they have created a refund policy, which works just as we said earlier. The procedure is very simple. All you have to do is to send an email to the dedicated Email ID of OYO Fitness requesting the refund on the product you refunded. And if you can show them proof of both the primary transaction and the return, you will get your money back as soon as possible.

OYO Fitness Payment Method

One of the most frequently asked questions about OYO Fitness is whether they provide pay on the delivery method or not. Unfortunately, the answer to that question is negative. Due to many reasons, OYO Fitness has decided not to include pay on delivery as a payment method.

But all other forms of payments are available here. That is why, no matter how you wish to pay, OYO Fitness will allow you to purchase their products with that. So choose whichever payment method you are comfortable with and get the product of your choice at your doorstep.

OYO Fitness Privacy Policy

When you wish to purchase any product from OYO Fitness, you have to create your own account first on their official website. And in order to do that, you need to provide them some of your personal information. Further down the line, you need to provide a few more details when you try to pay for your product. And when you are providing them so much of your personal information, you need to be sure that the information must not be used by anybody else.

That is why; OYO Fitness has clearly stated in their privacy policy that the data you provide will only be used to conduct a secure and safe transaction between you and the company. They also state this clearly, that they will never share, rent, or sell your information to anyone unless the state or the law asks them to. So unless there is no legal action taken against you, your information will absolutely be safe with them.

OYO Fitness Reviews

When you are buying any materialistic product, it is a wise decision to know more about the product and the company. You can always do that by going through the prospectus and the official website of the company. But if you want to know how actually the product is, you will have to take the opinion of another customer who bought the product before you. That is why; going through the reviews section of any website is very important before buying any product.

But when you try to check out the reviews section of the OYO Fitness, all you will get to read is praise and good words about OYO. Most of the customers were really happy after buying the products. They really appreciated the idea of single gym equipment fulfilling the need for many types of equipment. Many of the people told about their story, how they were able to transform using this equipment.

That was all the important things that you needed to know before you make your purchase from OYO Fitness. After knowing this, you must feel an urge to check out their website as soon as possible. And if that is the case, do not waste a single moment. Check out the official website of OYO Fitness now and shop for the best gym equipment with which you can tune your body very easily.

And while you are shopping, do not forget to check the combo offers they provide for you. You must not also forget about the OYO gym coupon code 2020. Both the methods mentioned here are great ways to save money while you are purchasing it. So get onto it and have your body well-tuned in a price that fits into your budget.

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