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Pangaia is a company where scientists, technologists, and designers have come together to create essential products with a common goal of saving our environment. The products are designed for all living conditions and basic needs. Innovative tech and bio-engineered materials are used to focus on creating sustainable and recyclable elements. The company has started a revolutionary movement of designing a better future.

As the goal of pangaia is a sustainable future, many experts have spent years working to find solutions for sustainable clothing. This has resulted in emerging a new wardrobe collection of beautiful garments of thoughtful scientific research and technology. Pangaia combines natural dyes with antibacterial peppermint, which is a unique step in the field of clothing. However, this brand focuses on a sustainable future but without compromising with the latest fashion trends. This is an amazing brand with a vision and mission in favor of our nurturing Mother Earth.

Pangaia has a range of products available for customers such as hoodies, long shorts, track pants, t-shirt, crop t-shirt, dresses, hats, kids wear, and many more.  The clothing comes in exciting colors derived from natural and organic dyes created from food wastes and natural resources such as plants, fruits, and vegetables. These natural colors give beautiful tones and rich colors to these amazing clothes. The natural dyes are non-toxic, biodegradable, and uses less water.

Have a look at the mind-blowing seven pop color collection, Pangaia* Just water, the core collection, and seaweed fiber to add diversity to your wardrobe. This clothing brand satisfies all customer need by presenting its products in all sizes and for all genders. Pangaia makes it a priority to serve high-quality products, which makes it worth the money spent.

pangaia Student Discounts:

This brand is a choice of thousands of people, which is the major reason for its popularity. The young generation is inspired by the trendy looks and vibrant colors that are the signature of millennials. Most of the individuals of this generation are students from different backgrounds, and the company is well aware of their customers. Thus, pangaia has some special student discounts to retain this class of customers and make their brand affordable.

Discounts, coupons, promo code, and rewards are part of excellent promotional and marketing strategies. You can avail of the benefits by applying valid promo codes and coupons to get extra savings. Students discounts have always worked for various brands to bring young customers looking for inexpensive and quality products of regular use. If you are a student who is a fashion freak and trendy, then pangaia is a perfect brand for you.

pangaia Military Discounts:

Pangaia has a military discount available for those in the military serving their nation without fail. To honor their selfless gestures and bravery, there nothing enough to match, but this small initiative is a step forward.

pangaia Special Discounts:

With the special discounts available on the website, you may get the biggest of deals. Special discounts enable you to have extra savings on the original price tags of the products. You may get it in different forms, such as promotional codes, free shipping discounts, or clearance sales. Most of you are familiar with the fact that coupons are the easiest way to get huge discounts. Social media is an excellent way of promoting brands, and thus most of the brand gives out their special discounts on their social media handles. Do follow their social media handle for updates and special offers.

pangaia Return Policy:

Pangaia has an easy return policy to comfort the customers. They offer free 28 days return of all the products as long as the products are unused and in its original condition with all tags attached and proper packaging. There are certain steps to be followed to make the return process fast and easy. Given below are some of these steps:

  • Visit the Return hub and follow the instruction given to generate a return label. Enter your inputs in the required field, i.e., 5-6-digit order number and email address used while placing the order.
  • Once your return reaches the warehouse, the team checks the condition of the product and verify it. This process may take 7-14 working days.
  •  After this process is completed and the return is accepted, the refund is initiated. It may take 5-10 working days to reflect in your account through which the payment was made.
  • You will be informed about the refund and related updates via email.
  • On pangaia, all the returns are free of charge.

pangaia Refund policy:

All the refunds are paid into the original payment method, i.e., the product's price and the delivery charges. You may see some deduction in the refunded amount because of the following reasons given below:

  • The price may be reduced due to the customer's mishandling, which is not permitted by the brand. If the refund is paid before we inspect the product and later discovered the product is damaged or handled unacceptably, you will be asked to pay the brand an amount asked to pay.
  • The delivery costs will only be refunded of that with the least expensive delivery method. In case you chose a faster delivery method with a higher cost, but the refund will be provided only on what you would have paid for the cheaper option.

The brand makes sure that the price of your return order is refunded as soon as possible. It may take 7-14 days to initiate a refund. An email will be sent to you as a confirmation once the team receives the returned item, and then your refund will be processed.

pangaia Shipping policy:

The clothing brand has an effective team and system dedicated to delivering the products ordered by the customers. Once the customer has placed the order, a confirmation email is sent to the customer's registered email. Then, the order is perfectly packed, ready to be shipped to the customer.

The standard shipping time may differ because of geographical distance. For example, In Europe and the USA, the product is delivered within 5-10 working days. In Asia and all the other countries, it takes 12-14 days. You will also be informed about the order's status with a tracking number via a confirmation email.

The couriers used by pangaia are DHL, UPS, FedEx, Royal Mail, and Hermes.

pangaia Free Delivery:

Pangaia provides free delivery in the UK, EU, and the USA, Switzerland, Norway, on orders over $100, $150, and $200, respectively. In other countries such as Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Ukraine, Oman, Qatar, South Korea, UAE, Mexico, Israel, Kuwait, and Turkey on orders above $300 and on orders below that, a shipping charge of $25 will be charged.

pangaia Shopping Tips:

You may have come across many online shopping websites, and the user interface of most of these sites are similar and designed for customer-friendly experience. Here are a few shopping tips if you are shopping through pangaia. Let us have a look at these tips:

  • There are a series of filters available on the website to ease your shopping. Categories, availability, sizes, material, and colors are some of the filters through which you can get customized search results. Use these filters to minimize the search results of products to your needs.
  • Go through the products and the description of the products in detail. Also, read the terms and policies associated with the product.
  • The products available on the website is a high-quality product with the benefit of being environment friendly. There are also products where your purchase can make a difference in the environment by plantation and carbon dioxide storage. So, you may contribute to these noble causes with your purchase.
  • Look for your style and choose something that suits your personality. There is a diverse range of colors to choose from. Choose wisely.
  • Price is an important factor while choosing a product; use coupons, discounts, and promo code to make it pocket friendly. Budget effectively so that you don’t regret your purchase.

pangaia Reviews:

Pangaia is a customer-friendly brand, though it is an expensive brand but worth the price considering all the factors of sustainability and its quality. Customers believe that Pangaia's sustainable fashion approach has made them fall in love with the brand even more, and buying their products is not just shopping but contributing to a greater mission and goal.

The design of the products and the sizes are highlights of talk among customers. They are happy about how the clothing fits their body and provide comfort beyond expectation. The fabric is made up of recycled and organic, making it safer for the environment that motivates customers to buy the products even more.

Is your packaging also eco-friendly?

The packaging is designed in a way that it can be put into your home compost along with food waste and other biodegradable items. TIPA is a great alternative to plastic and other toxic substances used for packaging. This cannot be considered as the final solution but can be the most ecological way right now. In the future, we may develop better options.

Can your packaging be composted at home?

It can be easily decomposed in your garden compost bin, or you can also opt for food waste recycling collection if you have that facility.

Why are product prices high?

Pangaia is the first producer of these kinds of products. We are well aware that the prices are high and out of some people's reach, but our products are worthy of the customer's price. Pangaia is known for its highest quality product; ethical standards and innovation will be the top priority. The brand also invents in future research with expert scientists, technologists, and researchers.

You claim that your products are sustainable, is it vegan too?

Yes, Pangaia products are completely vegan. All the fabrics used to make the products are either plant-based or lab-grown, and 100% cruelty-free, i.e., no animals were harmed to create the products. Let's take an example of a puffer jacket made from recycled fabrics filled with dried wildflowers and natural materials. This is a revolutionary step towards the future of the fashion industry.

Why do you use seaweed in manufacturing clothes?

Apart from providing environment-friendly benefits and an alternative to traditional materials, this patented fiber is extremely comfortable because of its softness and great moisture absorption. It can be washed easily and is also biodegradable. It has also seen that this fabric has shown some considerable positive impact on the skin. This can help you protect against sone free radicles and also relieve skin issues.

How long does a Pangaia last? Can it be bought second-hand in 10 years?

Of course, with the company launch, the brand announced a partnership with The Renewal Workshop, an American company, which is a renowned company that recycles, upcycles, and fix old clothes. The brand had this idea of reselling from the start. Just because the products are made from natural products doesn’t mean that they will self-destruct.

You say PANGAIA products are almost 100% natural – what are you doing to make this 100%?

Pangaia believes that every stitch matter and makes sure that the supply chain is ethical. The brand goes beyond sustainable fabric to responsible packaging, labels, zippers, and threads. It uses some tremendous natural materials like seaweed fiber, organic cotton, and botanical dyes and will continue to include more natural materials in the future. This brand uses bio-based, recycled plastic bottles and fibers, so we may not say that everything is !00% natural due to the source of origin. The products are manufactured in Europe's most ethical factories who are brave enough to manufacture these products using bio and lab-grown materials, sustainable fabrics, and recycled materials.

Why Should You Buy from pangaia?

The brand is lovable and appreciated by thousands of customers. If you are a person who cares about the environment and looking for alternatives to all those toxic materials, then Pangaia is an apt brand for you. The brand also offers a cruelty-free, sustainable, and viable option to suit your style. The clothing material provided by the brand is unique, which you may not find with any other brand. This brand is a beautiful blend of science and fashion, which itself is an ultimate victory in fashion. You may think this brand's only goal is a sustainable future, but to the contrary, this brand also focuses on trendy, fashionable clothes.