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Pizza is one of the universally loved dishes presently and craved by one and all. From mouth-watering cheese bursts to gluten-free vegan pizza; everything is delicious and sumptuous and there is a plethora of amazing Pizza chains that offers best in class pizza varieties. One such astounding Pizza chain is Pieology. It is a California based pizza chain, founded by Carl Chang, the brother of former tennis player Michael Chang in 2011. It is one of the renowned fine casual dining restaurants in Rancho Santa Margarita in California. 

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The Pieology Story: A Paradise for Pizza Lovers

How did it all happen?

The idea of Pieology or specifically customized pizza popped up in the owner’s kitchen when he, his wife, and daughters spent some quality family time together. While crafting their fresh oven-baked pizza, as per their choice and fancies, the concept of a place of fresh homelike tailor-made food came up. Pieology was conceived as a refreshing retreat to the hustle bustles of daily life. Even they offer Pieology coupons to students and other genre people who can enjoy these fresh delicacies whole heartedly. 

Pieology Food Catalogue

‘Do your own pizza’ is a concept that Pieology conceived and made extremely popular. Launching with pizza, Pieology gradually spread their wings to other culinary delights. Besides some astounding varieties of signature pizza and custom pizza, Pieology is also famous for salads, sides, sweets, and beverages. 

Custom Pizza

As the name says, one can customize the pizza as per their liking and dislikes. There is a wide variety of 6 crusts available for this namely artisan thin, artisan thin hearty wheat, Pie rise thick, deep dish, cauliflower cut, and gluten-free.

Artisan thin is the classic homemade hand stretched variety. This ultra-thin crust is crispy on the bottom and fleecy on the top. Artisan thin hearty wheat is made of whole wheat and essential herbs. Also presented as the homemade extra thin crust, this is light on the stomach. They also have thick and extra fluffy pizza base where one can customize the toppings of their choice. Deep dish is a signature pizza variety of the US and in Pieology, the dough is kept overnight for the enhanced texture and taste. The crunchy, cheesy, and caramelized flanks of the pizza base completely satiate the pizza-loving souls. Cauliflower and gluten free options are non-wheat varieties who have allergies to these and wish to try something exotic. 

Signature Pizza

Pieology has a wide variety of signature pizza dishes. From pepperoni, cheese, sausage to Margherita, Hawaiian, meat, and fire grilled chicken; everything is their forte. Every variety is homemade with extra TLC and seasoned with fresh olive oil, mozzarella cheese, and homemade red sauce. 


For people who wish to detox and cleanse and enjoy something healthy and guilt-free, Pieology has vivid varieties of freshly made salads. From classic spinach salad made with baby spinach, dried Cranberries, light raspberries, Gorgonzola, walnuts and vinaigrette, to an exotic ceasar salad with shaved parmesan, croutons sundried tomatoes

fresh cut Romaine and Caesar dressing everything is super tasty and healthy. Oher salad varieties Italian salad and classic Greek salad made with fresh cut Romaine, grapes, olives, feta cheese, red onions, and creamy dressings. 

Sides and Sweets

Pieology is known for delicious sides and sweets like freshly baked cookies, cheese, and garlic cheese bread, and cinnamon churro pizza is one of their signature dishes, made with homemade crust, cinnamon sugar, chocolate chips, and sweet cream sauce. 


To quench the thirst, Pieology has exotic beverages like ice teas, botanical infusions, and personalized lemonades. 

Pieology Special Discounts

Pieology is a popular brand that offers amazing and unbelievable discounts every month, in the form of special Pieology couponsThe discounts may be on extra toppings, customization of pizza, Pieology coupons on free pizzas on the next order, and free sides and beverages. 

Pieology Student Discounts

Pieology offers discounts for students sometimes. With the Pieology couponsthe individual can save money on the next purchase both in-store or online. The coupons can feature discounts on pick up orders or discounts on any particular days of the week or ana amazing deal like exotic pizza toppings at a reduced price. 

Pieology Military Discount

Pieology does offer military discounts of flat 10%-15% to defence professionals, paramedic fighters, active-duty members, veterans, government officials, and ex-servicemen. The pizza chain offers this special discount to show their respect and thankfulness to them. 

The privilege of Pieology military discount is effective only if someone meets the precondition. One needs to sign up and register their account and check the information on the authorized website of Pieology. After filling in all the necessary and truthful information, one can get a Pieology couponThe coupon code is important while redeeming the coupon so needs to be preserved carefully. 

How to Use Pieology Coupons?

To use a Pieology Pizzeria coupon, one should type in the relevant and valid promo code to the clipboard and use it during the check out. Some Pieology coupons can only be applied to particular food items, so one needs to be assured that all the kinds of stuff in the cart are eligible for the discount, before placing the order. If there's a physical store in the user’s locality, one can use a printable coupon as well. 

Pieology Free Delivery

Pieology is a customer-friendly casual dining restaurant that keeps customer’s happiness at the top most priority. They offer free delivery universally to orders above the. $40. For orders between $ 25-$39, the store charge a delivery charge of $ 2.99, and for orders below $25, the store levies a delivery fee of $4.99. For free delivery privileges, no Pieology coupons code is required. For specific order values, discounts on delivery charges will be automatically calculated. For pickup discounts, one can avail it right at the time of pick up of orders. 

In the US, in context to the present global pandemic scenario, the government guidelines being restructured regularly, and these offers are effective at particular locations that do not have other prohibitions and limitations.  

Shopping Tips

  1. One should be aware of the discount coupons and ongoing offers at Pieology and should apply and redeem them accordingly. Applying the coupons post placement of the order is not possible always. 
  2. Every food item on the menu is elaborated with the recipe and ingredients. The person must go through the details of the ingredients and check whether he or she is allergic or hostile to any of the vegetables, sauces or toppings and must customize the pizza or salad by avoiding that particular staff. 
  3. For every variety, Pieology offers gluten-free and vegan options, both for vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. So, decide the choices first and order accordingly.
  4. Menu items and gift cards are available on the Pieology website or their App is subject to availability when the order is placed. Pictorial representations on the website or the app may not precisely showcase the real appearance or quantity of what is available for buying. When a person orders online, he is accountable for offering precise billing data. From time to time, the prices of the food in the casual dining restaurants maybe go up and down, that varies from those charges available through the app or website. On that occasion, the prices on the menus at each outlet location will administer the price the customer will pay.

Why Pieology is Unique?

  • Pieology offers the widest range of customized pizza in the country. They are known for personalized touch, homelike food, and freshness. Moreover, ‘do your own pizza’ is one of the unique features of Pieology. 
  • Every ingredient is fresh and organic and every pizza base is homemade and hand crafted.
  • Large varieties of gluten-free and vegan options are available. 
  • The official website of Pieology has a unique feature; the nutrition calculator. When ordering online, one can choose the ingredients, add up, and find out the calorie intake for each dish. So, it is a great opportunity for health freaks, fitness enthusiasts, and weight watchers to understand and measure the calorie of the food, before ordering.
  • Pieology offers outdoor catering services through reliable third-party vendors, who are empanelled with them. So, one can enjoy the marvelous Pieology pizza and salad at their favourite locations.  
  • In this global health scare condition, Pieology has designed engaging activities for the kids, who are stuck at home. The activities include pizza maze, tic tac toe, colouring sheet, brain teasers, and word search games. One can download the game design sheets from the official website of Pieology.
  • Customer is their priority and ensuring customer’s happiness is their prime motive. So, for any kind of query related to food quality, experience at the restaurant, gift cards, pie life rewards, special discounts, franchise and supplier enquiry, job opportunity and concerns about nutritional value and allergens, one should enquire online and can expect to get a response in the fastest time. 

Franchising with Pieology

With the focus of spreading the brand globally and strengthening their network, Pieology offers amazing franchise facilities. Those who are keen on collaboration must choose Pieology for franchising partners as their marketing efforts and sales performances are highly commendable and appreciable. Their existing network is strong with more than 130 restaurants in 22 states and internationally. This is one of the most promising brands in the US, which has gained immense popularity in no time. The customer base is broad and delivering fresh menu, foodies, health freaks, and fitness enthusiasts get attracted to this. Pieology is an ideal choice for franchising collaborations as they are backed by renowned investor board, robust company financials, and proficient and expert leadership team.

How to earn points during dining at the restaurant?

To earn points on site, one needs to simply display the QR code found within the "Scan" section of the app to the person at the bill desk, at the time of purchase. The cashier will ensure that the points are added immediately. In a nutshell, Pieology is the most favourite and fascinating pizza chains in California that thrives on the signature concept of customisation of the pizza. It has spread its network throughout the US and have achieved immense popularity in no time.

Which locations are participating in the Pie Life Reward Program?

Every location is qualified for Pie Life Reward Program except Hawaii, and outlets located at airports, churches, campuses, and kiosks.

How to open an account with Pieology?

To get initiated, one needs to download the Pieology Pie Life Rewards app from the App Store, Play Store, or Google Play and register to generate an account. As a special extravagance, one can be gifted with a side dish, beverage, or dessert, just for signing up and may avail the benefit during the next purchase.

Where can we find Pieology in the US?

Pieology is spread all over the US in about 18 locations. They can be found in Arizona, Alabama, California, Texas, Hawaii, Florida, Guam, Kentucky, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Connecticut.

What is the Pie Life Reward program?

One can download the Pie Life Rewards app and order their favourite pizza and salad through the same. This will facilitate the person to earn reward points for a free pizza on every purchase.

How to customise pizza at Pieology?

'Do your own pizza’ is an exclusive feature of Pieology, that excites the buyer to customise the pizza as per their likes and dislikes. One needs to choose the crust, sauce, type of cheese and meat, choose the preferred toppings, and finally select the after-bake sauce to get the handmade personalised pizza.

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