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Piezoni commenced over 15 years ago with their first chain of restaurants, which was named Pepperonis. These restaurants are owned and operated by the family and are carried forward by the generations and lead on the way to success. With the growth of Piezoni and opening of new locations, it became so obvious to give their restaurants a unique and different name that goes hand in hand with the delicious recipes that they serve. So in the year 2006, their name PieZoni’s and the franchise became official. From then, they have grown their restaurants to 20 locations, but they never lost the original flavours of the dishes and the values that they have imbibed. In fact, they took pride that all their restaurants are operated and owned locally, which let them provide you with supreme quality service.

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About Piezoni:

They can truly tell you about the legacy of their family-owned business. This business was passed from generation to generation, their children who witnessed the pieZoni’s expanding, have grown up. They are now properly trained and have joined the business in a leadership role for the business. Their love for great food will provide their customers with supreme quality food.

There is no such word as good in the dictionary of PieZoni; they only know the best. They proudly state about the use of the freshest and best ingredients. The main thing that PieZoni focuses on is innovation; their beliefs have been the same and constant. I am, at the same time, quite simple.

Pinzone focuses on Keeping the originality and cooking up creative recipes and delivering you delicious and quality food with superior value. They also offer you with healthy choices, and they make certain that their customer's experience should be satisfactory and unique every single time they place an order from PieZoni's.

They aren't afraid to present you with a variety of food for you. They present you with a distinct menu, and their attitude let them present you with the delicious and supreme quality food.

PieZoni’s offers you the supreme range of freshest and healthiest salads, pizza and subs in their restaurants. In the year 2015, they tried improving the quality of the food that they present. They are committed to providing you with fresh food. This procedure takes some time as they search for the food service for the healthiest, cleanest and tastiest that they could find. So they contemplate that you will agree with the point.

Food Service that they provide

PieZoni’s offers its customers a wide range of supreme quality food. You are served with high quality, freshest and healthy food. Their menu consists of a variety of food presented by them. Fresh ingredients procured from nature are being used while preparing the dishes for you.

The food service that they provide range from salads, signature pizzas, signature calzones, Sicilian sheet pan pizzas, signature subs, rice bowl and rapports, fresh burgers, pasta.

They provide both veg and non-veg dishes for your hunger cure. The lavish phone that they offer is the supreme quality.

Their signature also has a wide range of food that includes our signature pizzas, signature calzones, signature subs and many more.

All this phone is freshly prepared under the supervision of highly able chefs and professionals. They keep in mind the taste of the customer should not be compromised, along with healthy eating habits.

The meal that they provide is handcrafted and freshly prepared with the fresh ingredients used. The sauce that they use in their pasta is made from fresh, properly ripened tomatoes that are never made from Paste or are put in the can. The pasta is being exported from Italy as they taste much authentic and better in comparison to the domestic ones.

For rapports, they use Freshen organic Innova and brown rice. They make use of fresh all-white meat that is free from any kind of antibiotics. All the fresh produce that they use in their food are delivered to each location daily without fail.

They make use of all-natural meat that does not contain any kind of harmful chemical, fillers or any kind of preservatives. The pizzas that they offer are handcrafted and that they use in making pizza bases is made fresh on a daily basis.

The dough is also unbleached or unBromated flour and contains only for simple and easily available ingredients. They make use of the highest or the supreme quality fresh cheese that they export from Wisconsin.

By making use of freshly produced ingredients, they provide you with the best and supreme quality of food at your ease. You need not worry about the food being healthy or not, As PieZoni's never compromises with the food quality. No adulteration or any kind of thing that will be harmful to you will be provided. Your health is of supreme concerned to PieZoni's

The thing that will make you happy and will make you purchase the food from PieZoni’s is their piezoni’s coupon code. Your supreme quality food is just a click away from you, that will be delivered at your doorstep. No hassle required.


PieZoni’s proudly offers you freshly prepared and healthiest pizza, salads and subs.

Piezoni's Cares Badge

PieZoni’s makes use of fresh meat. The meat that they use are not frozen and are all-white meat chicken that is highly raised free from any kind of antibiotic. They are raised naturally in a healthy environment. Sourcing fresh chicken was neither easy nor cost-effective, so PieZoni’s had to stick to its policy and raise these chickens.

 A Bowl of seasoned grilled chicken.

All the deli-style meats are being used in their subs, wraps, and pockets. All of them are natural and hence do not contain any kind of chemicals, preservative or fillers.

Submarine-style sandwich on a square plate.

PieZoni always makes sure that they can procure the best ingredients from the USA; only the pasta is an exception.

The pasta is sourced from Italy as they are the best at producing the pasta and the pasta that is sourced from Italy tasted much better than the domestic one.

Pasta with Marinara and Broccoli on a plate.

All the hamburgers and cheeseburgers that are prepared in PieZoni’s are prepared with 100% fresh and all-natural ground beef which is never frozen. This is one of the reasons PieZoni’s sell more than thousands of burgers each and every month.

Burger and fries on a square plate.

PieZoni’s makes use of fresh ingredients, GMO-free cheese that they source from Wisconsin. The cheese that they procure from Wisconsin is sourced every week as they are well aware of the slightest taste difference in the food.

The cheese suppliers of PieZoni’s are not regarded as the highest quality producer of the cheese universally but also the local dairy farm let the cows listen to the music so that they can remain happy.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza on a cutting board.

All the PieZoni’s rice bowls and evaporites are made with a delicious and lavish blend of organic brown rice and Quinoa and with your freshly chosen ingredients.

You will be able to make a choice between grilled all-white-meat chicken and vegetables, marinated steak tips with peppers and onions, or vegetarian broccoli, onions, peppers and mushrooms.

Wraporito on a plate.

The gluten-free dough that Pie Zoni’s is offering is certified gluten-free and is baked separately on the tin and is cut out with a separate knife. The crust that they are offering in the wrap is available in 11-inch size.

Pizza on a stone plate.

PieZoni’s went to California for the savoury blend vine-ripen tomatoes that are being used in the pizza and marinara sauces. Both of the mouth-watering sauces are not made out of any paste or put in cans. All the sauces are handmade and freshly prepared.

Pasta and meatballs in a bowl.

The old age or traditional crust is made up of fresh dough. The dough is daily prepared and fresh in each of the outlets.

They have started with the unbleached or unbromated flour and add on with just four simple and easily available ingredients that are used for creating the dough.

Chicken Pizza on a cutting board.

PieZoni's chooses the freshest produce that is available of the salads that they offer. All the outlets are delivered with fresh shipments on a daily basis, and the sliced are being cut and diced each and every morning for making sure of the great taste and crispy salads.


“I am in love with the signature range of food that PieZoni’s is offering. The taste that they provide is heaven and mouth-watering. The best thing is that I availed all the supreme quality food on Piezoni’s coupon code. I am so in love with the food and addicted to the food that they provide. The best ever taste that I have ever had. I love Piezoni’s. Being a working woman I always end up eating food from outside that is not only costly but unhealthy at the same time, but the food that Piezoni’s is offering is made up of freshly picked ingredients that are healthy.”

“ I am the one who loves eating food from outside. I always wander around eating not only healthy but also I don’t have to compromise with the taste. I got them all in PieZoni’s. They provide you with healthy food and at the same time tasty and lavish one. I being a food lover loved the taste of all the dishes that PieZoni’s is providing. One more thing I want you to know is that PieZoni’s is letting you purchase the dishes on PieZoni's coupon code. Highly in love with the taste and will recommend it to as many as I can.”

How you can contact PieZoni’s :

PieZoni's is always ready to help its loving customers.

As they regularly strive for innovation, which they will be able to do with the feedback that you all provide.

The feedback that you provide to PieZoni is of great importance. Any kind of comments, questions or suggestions that you will offer are always welcome.

You only need to fill out the form in which you are free to write your complaint, problems, suggestions, question or queries or any kind of comment. PieZoni’s team will try to get back to you as soon as they receive your message.

The food that PieZoni provides is of supreme quality, hence giving you the best.

Why choose PieZoni’s:

PieZoni’s make use of fresh ingredients and present you with dishes that are not only healthy but also of great taste at the same time. PieZoni’s make sure of using the ingredients of supreme quality and providing the customers with mouth-watering dishes. Go and check the menu. Explore the best and signature dishes that will make you purchase again.

No need to hassle in the kitchen for making the perfect, mouth-watering dish. All you have to do is order the beat dishes from PieZoni’s.

One of the best things that will make you purchase food from PieZoni's are the lucrative discounts that are offered to you.

You can avail your favourite dishes on PieZoni’s coupon code.

I hope this information was useful and it will help you to order your favourite pizza from PieZoni.

Does Piezoni’s use Jared or packed sauce in making pasta?

As already mentioned that PieZoni's make their ingredients and dishes fresh. So there are no chances of using packaged or canned sauce. The sauces that PieZoni's uses are prepared fresh, and there is no use of any kind of preservatives in the sauce. The sauce is prepared freshly.

Are the ingredients that PieZoni’s use are fresh?

Yes, the food that PieZoni's is offering is highly made up of fresh ingredients. The fresh and supreme quality ingredients are used by the PieZoni's in their food that they provide you. Keeping customer satisfaction on the top-notch priority and making customers love the dishes, PieZoni's always delivered freshly prepared dishes to you. These freshly prepared dishes, only one click away from you

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