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Planoly is a graphic planning tool that empowers Instagram users to create calendars to schedule their content, schedule posts, plan and evaluate engagements, curate the content of others, and even develop and emerge an Instagram team—co-founded by Brandy Pham and Andy Hoang in 2016, Planoly aimed at making social media marketing seamless and universally comprehensive. Planoly was the pioneering visual planner for Instagram. This is a niche home-based and beautifully crafted concept, simple and elementary. Easy and hassle-free to use Planoly has earned reputation globally. After developing their forte with Instagram, Planoly has started focussing on and streamlining social media marketing strategies for Facebook and Pinterest.

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The Pioneering Instagram Planner; Planoly Creates Sensations in Social Media

What gave birth to Planoly?

Brandy Pham and Andy Hoang are a married couple, residing in Texas in the USA. Andy was conducting his responsibilities as a Branch Manager in one of the leading corporates in Florida while Brandy Pham established herself in the fashion world by launching her own apparel house and jewelry brand, before the idea of Planoly strikes their mind.

When they went to their family way and gave birth to their son Teddy, Brandy identified challenges in managing her social media platforms, designing, curating, and scheduling posts and images. The idea of a company that will make social media marketing and planning seamless popped in their head right at this juncture. Brandy Pham dreamt of launching a platform to graphically plan and schedule Instagram posts and updates, and Andy Hoang utilized his marketing skills and experience to brainstorm about a tool that would both assimilate both graphical and textual content scheduling and social strategy together. Thus Planoly was born, and currently, the headquarter is at Austin, Texas.

Values of the Brand

  • The core values that have made the brand unique and universal are:
  • Empowering others
  • Promoting positivity
  • Being thoughtful and imaginative
  • Showing empathy
  • Working on constant improvement
  • Being responsible
  • Building a smart and intelligent tool
  • Creating and paving the path for future


StoriesEdit is an elegantly crafted design tool by Planoly. This fantastic feature allows one to simply create and tailor-make the content for all of the social media platforms from the company’s list of designer prototypes.

The user should first choose one of the listed template designs from the company's template library. All the templates are artistic, sober, and stunning. This elementary step is followed by developing a series of a plethora of designs, simply by replicating the chosen template. Once done, the creator should focus on personalizing the design by changing the background color, text style, and font, shapes, and stickers. Once the template is tailor-made, the user can store it as his or her favorite simply by pressing on it. One can redeem any Planoly coupon code to download any of your preferred in-built templates of Planoly.


Planoly makes selling seamless. With this astounding feature, one can sell anything and everything simply by a click. One doesn’t require a website to sell their products., instead can adapt to sell it. It is the easiest and most effective way to convert the Instagram account visitors and Instagram followers right into buyers. This feature utilizes Instagram bio and other digital platforms to their full capacity, transmuting a single link into a social media storefront.

Sell it feature enables a seamless single click checkout process, hassle-free sale of physical or digital items on any digital portal, and executes all of these without any code. With sellit, anyone can convert browsers into buyers with a community storefront. Users can restrict the aggravation of scheming and constructing a website by designing a shoppable form of their Instagram content. One can consider it as a portable website that the buyer and seller can use on its own or balance the existing website. One can place it anywhere of their choice, along with blogs, emails, newsletters, and social media platforms.

The fascinating aspects of sellit are grid gallery, product gallery, storefront, and checkout process.

Product Gallery

This is an amazing aspect where one can curate a visually appealing shoppable arcade for the popular and favorite products, services, and facilities.

Grid Gallery

Through this, one can showcase posts on Instagram and attach product tags that are clickable. These clickable tags automatically divert the links in one central page. 


Here the user can personalize the unique looking storefront with a couple of links and descriptions.


In the checkout process, the user should accept payments by installing a Stripe account or connecting it with a reputed eCommerce site.

IG Planner

Instagram Planner is one of the fascinating products by Planoly, which enables a user to enhance his content marketing strategies. Planoly is one of the forerunners in designing and launching a visual planner for Instagram, and currently, nearly about 4 million users apply it to flawlessly and fluently use marketing approaches in everyday life. The sequential steps for using this graphical planner for Instagram are planning, drafting, analyzing, and commenting. Drafting is the first step where the user needs to draft multiple times before finalizing the plan. This is followed by positioning the visual appearance of the Instagram feed with Planoly's Drag and Drop feature. In this context, one can also plan and arrange and add catchy captions to the Insta stories and use hashtags appropriately and create hashtag communities. Planoly's IG Planner also has the analyzing feature, which empowers the user to evaluate and comprehend the audience and follower by pursuing web traffic analytics. One can also use the feature of the auto-post and schedule the content to get it automatically and seamlessly posted. So much of fascinating usages for this IG planner, and one can check them out with a Planoly coupon code after using the trial version for free.

Associated with this is the feature of the story planner. Through this, one can plan the stories and visualize it before it goes live on board. Creation and drafting of stories, planning the sequence of stories for auto-publish, and also uploading multiple story content simultaneously are the basic features of Story Planner by Planoly.

Web Dashboard

With the help of Planoly's visual planning tool, one can plan and arrange content on any social media platform and create a functional web dashboard. Through this, one can communicate seamlessly with the comment manager and engage with the community and plan content upload in tally with Planoly's social calendar.

Pin Planner

This is the latest tool designed by Planoly. This Pin Planner is made to frame out a week’s content chunk for Pinterest and easily publish on the board for seamless executionIt enables the user to upload the content directly from the laptop or computer, Dropbox, or Google drive. In the calendar feature, one can see and glance ta all the planned Pin posts and evaluate the audience and followers and top-performing pins by assessing the analytics. Posting in Pinterest by drafting, creating, and planning the Pins is also accompanied by using the campaigns to augment engagement and growth. The user can create 'Campaigns' to keep the web dashboards updated and active with appealing Pins. Now it’s simpler than ever to schedule, implement, and augment the success of the forthcoming content. Moreover, one can promptly upload and plan Pins to numerous Pinterest Boards with the Planoly Uploader feature. The in-house desktop browser plug-in delivers easy and multiple pictures uploading to Pinterest and permits the user to plan and set the timetables of Pins straight from the dashboard.

Planoly Referral Code

Planoly has a well-structured and comprehensive referral program in place. The Planoly Referral Program permits registered Planoly handlers to achieve referral bonus points by referring Planoly to friends, folks, acquaintances, and within networks. Referral acclaims can work as a bonus as the forthcoming paid plans or encompass a month-long trial plan, free of cost. To engage in this referral program, the users must approve to terms and conditions, which are the inherent part of any Planoly Policies. Capitalized terms that are not demarcated here will have the same connotation given to them in all the guidelines of Planoly. If a referred friend or acquaintance click on their referral link to register and sign up to an authentic Planoly account that adheres to the terms of services and he or she signs up for a paid plan, an existing Planoly user gets valid referral codes. The referring Planoly user will have the credit on their account to redeem that can be applied towards future monthly plans.

Referral Credits may not be achieved by generating numerous Planoly user accounts. Referral Credits accumulated in several Planoly accounts may not be collectively used into one single account. If any requirements in these terms are seen to be unacceptable, canceled, or unenforceable, such facility or parts of the provision will be smashed into and not impact the legitimacy of and enforceability of the residual requirements. Recommendations should only be used for personal and non-profitable drives, and only shared with personal networks that will acknowledge receiving these requests. Referrals are not permitted to junk or solicit receivers that are not assumed to be individual friends.

Planoly Refund Policy

As an authorized member of Planoly, the user may dismiss the user account plus the subscription by submitting a valid cancellation or termination request. For this, the user may write at For those who have created the Planoly account through iTunes, need to terminate the same through iTunes only. If any user abandons the subscription mid-way, he or she will be automatically billed for the rest of the month and can enjoy the privilege of accessing the account and using all the features till the month-end. To avoid hassle and to execute the cancellation process seamlessly, the user must terminate the ongoing subscription one day before its renewal.

Planoly reserves the right to terminate any account without any prior intimation, and restrict the use of the account and Planoly features and access to the email account. The company can discontinue the services on finding anything illegal, any integrity issues, or if the user has disobeyed any terms and conditions. The terms and norms of any refund policy cited on the website or in iTunes will take primacy over this part.

However, the user agrees to the fact that all kinds of suspensions, restrictions, terminations, and discontinuances should be made the company's exclusive discretion, and Planoly should not be accountable to the user or any third party for any such acts.

Planoly enables users to manage their content visually before uploading it live on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. With immaculate design templates, users can drag and drop their content and experience the look and feel of the same.

is Planoly approved by Instagram?

Planoly is also one of the pioneers in partnering with Instagram, which means they are fully accepted by Instagram. They are one of the initial tools to enable auto-scheduling to Instagram.

How much does Planoly cost?

Planoly pricing cost depends on their four subscription options: For Solo, it is $9 per month), for Duo $19 per month, and Custom, it starts with at $19 per month.

How long is the trial period in Planoly?

Planoly has a month-long free trial plan. The free plan has a limit of a maximum of 30 uploads in a month. In the free trial, the user can also track and study the analytics of engagement level, visitors and followers and comment appropriately.

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