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Premier1 Supplies is one of the top-ranking e-commerce and mail order catalog business of sheep and goat supplies, ear tags, clippers and shears, electric netting, and a wide range of poultry items. Founded by Stan Potratz, Premier 1 Supplies is globally acclaimed for its vast range of ground-breaking farm products and offering expert assistance and consultation to sheep and goat producers, both in large and small farm setups, as well as backyard and hobby farmers throughout North America. Reigning for 40 years in the business, Premier1 Supplies was founded in 1977, and it became the leading farm product suppliers across North America in no time. With sprawling product catalog, Premier1supplies caters to every item of farm product. These products are purchased online from their authentic website with a valid premier 1 promo code. The company is located in Washington, Iowa, but delivers to the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

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The flagship products are:

Electric Fencing

One of the best products of Premier1supplies is electric fencing. Portable and tested, electric netting can be utilized to hold sheep, goats, poultry, and livestock. It's most active against predators such as bears, foxes, and stray dogs. One needs to select the type of animal(s) their farm has, and the company will suggest the appropriate fencing required. From electro net Multi-Strand Fences with and without Reels to poultry net, chicken net, and no shock hen pen; Premier1supplies have electric fence solution for every farm animal. All these nets can be moved daily, weekly, or once in a month or can be placed permanently.

Along with electric fences, Premier1supplies also deals with their accessories like wires, electric netting, batteries, conductors, energizers, netting kits, insulated wire, fence connectors, gates, and posts and testers. Various types of fences offered by Premier1supplies are:

Poultry Supplies

Fostering chickens incorporates all kinds of skill sets. Starting from the novice farmer with a few birds to the giant poultry producer with plenty of birds and swankier with unconventional breeds, poultry supplies are needed by all. Premier1supplies deals with brooder panels, coop supplies, egg handling supplies, netting solutions, fodders, pest control supplies, gates, and game birds.

Sheep and Goat Equipment

Premier1supplies specializes in equipment and devices precisely crafted to vaccinate, tag, label, lamb and kid, drench, feed and nurse, shelter sheep and goats and corral, foot trim, and foot bath. From blankets and hoods, bells, harness and collars, buckets and troughs, crooks to equipment for drenching, vaccinating, castrating, and docking and food and mineral supplements, everything is available. One can also check guard dog tools, handing equipment, foot care essentials, and heat lamps, lambing and kidding aids and scales, slings, and marking items at their online shop of Premier1supplies.

Clippers and Shears

The leading farm supply dealer also deals with Clipping and shearing devices for cattle and show animals, such as huge clipping and shaving machines, hand trimmers, hoof trimmers, tiny clippers, and a large variety of blades, combs, and scissors. All these clipping and shaving tools are ideal for goats, sheep, pigs, mules, horses, and other livestock.

Premier provides re-sharpening services for blades and cutters. The company sharpens most big clipper blades on computerized machines. Combs and cutters are refined and chiseled on high-speed crushing wheels by the team of sharpening experts. So, the re-sharpened blades showcase precision finish. This service has a prompt turnaround. The company is known for sending back the sharpened tools withing 24 hours.

Inappropriately parcelled blades clutter and combs result in dented boxes and misplaced parcels. Not to mention that sharp objects prodding out of boxes are a threat to postal work staff. When packaging the items, the customer should doubly ensure all blades are enveloped correctly and protected.

Ear Tags and Tattoo Supplies

Applicators, ear tags and accessories, neck tags, and labels are some of the popular Ear Tags and Tattoo provisions sold by Premier1supplies. They are inexpensive compared to the market, and sometimes for some sizes, the tags rate is half as much as identical tags from other suppliers. The most significant specialty of Premier1supplies is that they customize tags and labels.

The customized laser-embossed labels with the preferred serial numbers and the premise number and name are the same worth as blank tags. The company also prints tags labels with brands or logos, and these custom tags are promptly delivered. They are generally shipped with a couple of days of placing the order.

Farm to Table

Premier1supplies has a fascinating Farm to Table collection, where it specializes in tools and equipment, which can be used in domestic space for small-scale food production. The collection includes homestead helpers, grinders and mills, meat processing gadgets, home dairy production machines, and pest control provisions. Many of the customers use the premier 1 promo code to purchase these items.

Services by Premier1supplies

Ear Tags for USDA Scrapie Eradication Program

Regulatory Program

To obey, farm producers must put in an authorized tag in an ear of show goat and sheep. This is done to goats and sheep over 18 months of age, and those sheep and goats below 18 months of age are not getting into slaughter networks before departing from their original firm. There are exceptions for some breeds and classes of sheep and goats. Archive or authorized USDA flock ID tattoos may also be applied for this program. The rules of this regulatory program vary slightly from one state to another. The tags permit officers to recognize the location of the birth of elder sheep and goats whose brains, after the slaughter, are spotted with scrapie. The tags also help in tracing the live animals born in an area that produced an animal detected with scrapie.

Fence Energizer Warranty

Premier offers two years warranty on Fence Energizers. If an energizer malfunction within two years of its date of procurement, the company will replace the failed item or unit at the company's expense. The customer's credit card will be charged for the exchange, but he will receive full credit when the malfunctioning unit returns to the Premier facility.

Premier1supplies Fencing Coupon

One can look for and find quite a few Premier1supplies discount coupons. Be it for fencing, poultry and sheep and goat supplies, tagging, marking, and grooming; any valid Premier 1 Supplies promo code will make the deal lucrative and appealing for all. Not only third-party marketing sites and aggregators, sometimes even Premier1supplies feature offers and discounts on their official website as well. 

Premier1supplies Free Shipping

All designated shipments placed within the United States with an order value over $100 will be shipped free through a ground service unless a fast service is opted for. Shipments transported via on-road facility should reach the destination within 2-7 workdays reliant on location. The company reserves the right to deliver designated shipments via its preferred carrier facility. For all deliveries below the order value of $100 that is sent via a ground facility, the shipping rates will be premeditated during the checkout process, based on the location and the weight of the package. One must place the order by 2 pm, to get it processed on the same day. Orders received after 2 PM are generally processed the next day. Consignments that transfer via an industrial truck carrier (LTL) will be charged depending on the site and the heaviness of the package. A few large, massive or oversize pieces of stuff will come with extra conduct and supervision charge mentioned within the product's portrayal. This fee will be levied to the total cargo amount at the checkout.

Free shipping is not applicable for deliveries below order value of $100, for packages sent out the Contiguous United States for deliveries that require a commercial truck for transportation and express delivery services. Pharmacy products like vaccines and cold items cannot be clubbed with different pieces of stuff to get designated for free shipping service. This is because vaccines and cold items need to be packed with freezing ice and need to be dispatched through air service. Excise duties and or excise levies may be executed by overseas agencies on orders transported from the USA. All customs charges and import duties are borne by the recipient. The extra cost will also be imposed in case of products weighing above 100 pounds or for products shipped outside the geographical territory of the USA and Canada.

Return and Refund Policy

The return process and refund policy of Premier1supplies is customer-friendly and aims at the complete satisfaction of the customers regarding the exchange and return of defective and inappropriate products. One should call or write to the customer care helpdesk for a return so that the team can ensure that the customer gets the appropriate credit when the products reach the company's facility. If a product needs to be exchanged or returned, a return authorization number needs to be assigned to that product. So, the consumer needs to call the concerned team for the return authorization number. The purchase invoice needs to be mailed, too, highlighting the items to be returned. Lastly, the returned product should be wrapped and packaged and send to Premier Returns Department, 2031 3000th Street, Washington, through courier authorities like FedEx, UPS, or registered parcel post. During the return process, the customer must state his preference in terms of credit on the charge card, cash reimbursement, or credit on the user account. As per the company policy, shipping charges are not refundable and to be borne by the customer.

The window for returning a product in a sellable condition is 30 days. If it is returned within 30 days, then no restocking fee is levied. Flat 15% restocking fee is imposed in case the product is not in sellable condition, and a flat 15% restocking charge is issued in case the item is returned after 30 days. If a consignment is declined from the delivery facility, and the shipping charges back to the company, the same is usually taken from the refund amount of the item.

How is the freight calculated?

All items will be transported by road service or motor cargo. Whichever is less costly with the customer bearing freight charges. Freight charges are dependent on the total weightiness of the products, the delivery location, and the mode of transport. Free delivery is offered to consignments within the USA, with order value above $100.

How to locate a particular product on the Premier website?

To find an explicit product, use the company website's product search tab that can be seen on the top of all the pages of the website. One needs to type in the item number accurately as it printed in the catalog and press submit for an accurate and precise search.

How to pay for orders within the United States?

For orders within the USA, the customer can pay by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and money order facility.

What is the turnaround for any delivery?

If the order is placed before 2 PM, it is processed on the same day, and orders placed after 2 PM are processed the next day. Orders are delivered within 2-7 days, depending on the delivery location. Customized ear tag orders often transported within two workdays of getting the order. UPS needs an appropriate shipping address and not a post office box number. If one can provide only a post office box coordinate, delivery will be made only through a Parcel Post. Premier1supplies is one of the best brands in all kinds of farm supplies. The company based out of Washington works online and caters to all farms spread across the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Name the marking aids found with Premier1supplies.

The popular marking equipment sold by Premier1supplies are all-weather paint sticks, Chalk markers, EZ Marking sticks and EZ marking crayons, marking harnesses, breeding harness, raddle powder, marking fluid, spray line and branding irons.

Does Premier take orders from outside the contiguous United States?

The company accepts orders from Alaska and Hawaii. The company only ships orders overseas to Canada and Mexico. The company ship recurrently to these countries, but the least expensive method varies on the magnitude and heaviness of the order and the level of priority of delivery. It is advisable to connect with the delivery team for detailed elaboration.

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