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Rada cutlery is one of the greatest companies selling utensils and cutleries to make your kitchen look awesome and to inspire you to cook. They are located at Waverly, Lowa, and their products are all 100% American made. They have been in the market for more than seven decades and work with the mission to provide their customers with the best value of kitchen knives for their dollars. The company has been manufacturing knives since 1948 and from then has earned reputation and trust form its customers. They are one of the most remarkable cutlery manufactures from the whole of America.  Rada cutlery wishes to inspire its users to cook great food, and they believe that well-made tools are necessary for this because better tools will lead to better cooking, which in turn will lead to better food. The company is committed to ensuring the production of the best quality products with at most efficiency and minimum waste. Every stage of the whole process, that is, manufacturing, packaging, order processing, and are all done with efficiency and care to ensure the best products for the customers.

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Popular Rada Cutlery Coupon Codes

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$17.30 Deal Get Cook\'s Knife at only $17.30
$11.30 Deal Get Slicer at only $11.30
$11.00 Deal Get Cooks Utility Knife at only $11.00
$48.40 Deal Get Six Utility/Steak Knives Gift Set at only $48.40
$7.70 Deal Get Utility/Steak Knife at only $7.70

Food is love for all. There won't be anyone who doesn't love having food, and homemade food is always the best. The thought of homemade food takes us nowhere but to the kitchen. No house comes without a kitchen; in fact, they are more than necessary in a household. More than just a place for making food, the kitchen has evolved into a space showing off the standard and grade of the family that lives in.

A well-designed kitchen with the most stylish utensils and cutleries can simply change the entire atmosphere and make a house look more polished and voguish. If you are confused about where to find the best utensils and cutleries for your kitchen, the Rada cutlery is the best option for you. Take a look at the page and go grab stylish and quality products at affordable rates.

Features of Rada Cutlery

There are a lot of companies selling utensils and cutleries via the internet. What makes Rada cutlery different from all these are its special features. some of them are:

  • craftsmanship- Rada cutlery is made with superior craftsmanship. All the knives produced by the company are made of surgical quality high carbon stainless steel. This is to ensure the best quality of the products.
  • All the knives are sharpened by hand so that the customers get to use the knives with razor-sharp edges and hollow ground to ensure precision.
  • The knives are designed with finger guards to keep the user's hands safe and free from cuts. They also have ergonomic comfort grips in the handle to prevent the knife from slipping.
  • Resin handles are used in black knives for better dishwasher tolerance.
  • All the products sold by Rada cutlery are made in America itself. The raw materials and construction are all based in America only. Thus it can be said that all the products are "100% made in the USA".
  • The products come with a lifetime guarantee. The company guarantees the replacement of its products if they are found to be damaged because of the defects in materials or workmanship.

Rada cutlery has sold almost 165 million knives since 1948 and has made a great reputation for the amazing service, products, and value they have been giving their customers. Whether it be knives, utensils, or gift sets, Rada Cutlery has it all. The collection of knives has been divided into various groups to help the customers choose from. The wide variety of kitchen knives are made to help the customers do any task with at most ease. Some of them are:

  • Pairing knives – they come with short blades and are ideal for peeling fruits and vegetables.
  • Specialty knives- they are different varieties of knives for specific tasks like grapefruit cutting, cheese slicing, etc.
  • Chef knives- they are serious knives for serious cooks. They are perfect for mincing, dicing, and other such tasks.
  • Bread knives- they are the perfect knives for slicing warm bread. They can also be used for slicing cakes, sandwiches, and other baked food items.
  • Steak knives- they are perfect for cutting through meat.
  • Carving and slicing knives- like the name itself suggests they are meant for carving and slicing meat.
  • Hunting and fishing knives – they are perfect for cleaning fowl and can also be attached to a belt for easy access.

Utensils also come under different groups like:

  • Spatulas- they are the best for handling cobblers, pancakes, hamburgers, and cookies. Metal and nonmetal spatulas are available.
  • Spoons – spoons of various sizes and materials are available.
  • Non- scratch – they are the best while cooking in nonstick pans.
  • Baking pans- they are perfect for everyday cooking and baking. They come with easy grab handles and nonstick surface.
  • Cooking companions- this includes a variety of items like cutting boards, dish clothes, grip clips, etc.

Gift sets are also available; they are not simply knife gift sets but a combination of many things packed in gift boxes suiting products. Some of them are:

  • Chef gift sets
  • Bread gift sets
  • Steak gift sets
  • Carving gift sets
  • Utensil gift sets
  • Fishing gift sets

Rada cutlery also has quick mixes for easy meals.

  • Popcorns
  • Sweet dips
  • Warm dips
  • Cheese balls
  • Barbecue
  • Soups
  • Meal starters
  • Cheesecakes

Rada cutlery also has a selection of 42 cookbooks to help you if you are stuck by what you should make. All the cookbooks have a wide variety of recipes.

They also allow people to raise funds through their Fundraising program. Fundraising groups of all types like churches, schools, teams, clubs, youth groups, etc. have been the cutleries' greatest sellers. All you have to do is request a free fundraising packet, sign up for online fundraising and request for catalogs, then share it with friends, place orders and get the products for catalog sales and then simply enjoy the profit. 

They also allow people to become resellers of their products. Independent sellers can sell the products through owner-operated stores. Rada cutlery allows the resellers to decide where and how to sell their products. Festivals, shows, market, internet are all platforms where Rada cutlery gets sold. Websites are also available for those people who do not have access to such resellers or fundraisers. 


Discounts are always overwhelming. No one ever turns their face from them. Rada cutlery also wishes to make its customers overwhelmed. It is a brand that produces its products with at most quality and efficiency. What if you get a chance to buy this high-quality product at a rate less than the usual one? A bonus right. This is what Rada cutlery discount codes have to offer to the customers. Yes, these discount codes allow the users to avail exciting discounts on every product they buy, thereby helping them get happy shopping. The company's discount codes are infrequently released, so if you wish to buy something, make sure that you get hold of them while some codes can be made active.

Rada Cutlery free shipping

Rada cutlery discount codes can be used to get hold of free shipping offers. The company releases discount codes through various coupons providing companies and social media sites. All you have to do is enter the codes before finalizing the order.

Discounts from Amazon

Amazon, as we all know, is a very renowned online shopping site and much more than that. Rada cutlery products can be bought from amazon, and the discount codes can also be used there. As in the case of free shipping, the Rada cutlery discount codes are made available through coupon providing sites and other social media websites. Using these discount codes at Amazon can avail of a discount of up to 40% on selected items. It is important to make sure that you use correct and active discount codes from authentic sites before making the purchase.

Return policy

Rada cutlery accepts back every product manufactured by them if found to be damaged due to defects in material or workmanship. All the products can be returned or exchanged within 10 days after the merchandise has been received. The products have to be in the original sealed manufacturer's packing. Any product taken out of the original sealed packing and is not in a salable condition will not be accepted back, and such products are not eligible for a refund. This is to keep up the health and safety standards of the company.

Refund policy

Rada cutlery gives refunding to products that have been returned to the company. Only products that have not been taken out of the original manufacturer's seal and are in a salable condition are eligible for a refunding. Once the product reaches back the company, it will be inspected to determine whether it is in an original unopened condition. If all the requirements are met, the company will refund the customer. The shipping charges will not be refunded.


The products of Rada cutlery have been rated 5 out of 5 by its users, and this itself is enough to testify the quality of the products they make and show how much the customers are satisfied with the products. The quality is the product is worth mentioning. The high-quality steel used for making the knives and other utensils protect it from damage and keep it in shape throughout the lifetime. The fact that all the knives are sharpened by hand is also something the users like about it; this helps the product to have a razor-sharp edge, unlike some casual cutleries that loose sharpness after a while.

Both metal and nonmetal utensils are available. This helps the users to choose from, according to their needs. They have a wide variety of knives and utensils fitting for different purposes. They have specific products for specific purposes, and all details about the product they sell are given on the website for the customers to refer to.

The return and refund policy of the company is something great. While most of the cutlery sellers do not accept back their products, Rada cutlery is different. They do not mind their products being exchanged with other products or being returned. They also refund the money when the products get returned. All the products can be exchanged within 10 days of receiving it; it is just that the products need to be in an unopened and salable condition to be eligible for exchange. It is just that the shipping price will not be returned.

How long will it take for the products to get delivered?

Shipping will take up to a maximum of 10 business days after placing the order. It depends on the destination, weight, and size of the product bought and the shipping method chosen.

How to wash Rada cutlery knives?

Hand washing is the preferred method when it comes to cleaning the knives. The silver brushed aluminum handle cutleries have to be hand-washed, or else they can get damaged. All other types of knives can be placed in dishwashers, and they need to be dried well before storing them. Proper washing and care can make the product remain in beauty and last forever.

Is free shipping available?

Free shipping is not available for all. But, the company comes up with discount codes that can be used to avail free shipping offers. These codes will be released by the site through various coupon providing sites and social media sites.

How to return products?

If the customer wants to return any product for refund or exchange, they have to first send an email to customerservice@radakitchenstore.com and send the item back. Once the item reaches back the company, it will be inspected to see if it is in the original condition, and once the return gets approved, the money will be refunded back. Shipping charges will not be refunded; it is up to the customer to cover it.

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