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Started in 2012, RodeoH is a community-driven all-women initiative that has garnered immense popularity among the queer masses. They rattled the market with their revolutionary concept by replacing the old-fashioned and inconvenient underwear harness models of ‘Buckles and Straps’ with their unique UNISEX underwear and harness collection. Their unique underwear harness line has empowered the community to live on their terms. With decent pricing coupled with minimalist designs, they offer fashionable premium quality harnesses and packer underwear. RodeoH is a successful community-driven initiative, owned and operated by women working with various leading brands and product designers, skilled manufacturers, community volunteers, freelance photographers, and sponsors from all over the world, in a professional and collaborative environment. They provide their clients with hassle-free delivery of shipments, both domestically and internationally.

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Popular RodeoH Coupon Codes

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$12.00 Deal Get JO H20 LUBRICANT 4 FL. OZ. (120 mL) at only $12.00
$8.00 Deal Get SLIQUID - H2O 2.0 FL. OZ. (60 ML) at only $8.00
$12.00 Deal Get SLIQUID - H2O 4.2 FL. OZ. (125 mL) at only $12.00
$18.00 Deal Get SLIQUID - H2O NATURAL LUBE 8.5 FL. OZ. (255 ML) at only $18.00

What's more, RodeoH also offers its customers various discount codes on their products and services. So don't forget to make avail of the attractive rodeoh discount code, especially available in store for you. Their customer service is available 24/7 to hear all your woes and queries. You can connect with them anytime for any of your requests and suggestions on their official website, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook handle.

RodeoH UNISEX Briefs and Harnesses are soft and easy to wear, so you don't have to trouble yourself dealing with all those straps and buckles, thus saving your time and energy. The boxers and underwears come with packers for you to easily put your packers or toys without having to remove your briefs. They are discreet enough to let you wear them comfortably every day. With RodeoH on your side, you’re good to go.

  • Whether you're in a playful mood or just want to pack, RodeoH offers both of them in one package. Made with fine-quality fabrics woven in multiple layers, they'll feel soft on your body while also giving you protection so you can be at ease wearing them.
  • Their packer-friendly products are tailored perfectly using 95% Cotton and only 5% Spandex. With a double layer of cotton, Rodeoh apparel offer enhanced support with maximum control.
  • RodeoH Boxers and harnesses come with vibe pockets that you can access from both front and back. They feature a 1.5’’ band along with an "O" ring of 5 inches in diameter. So you can use any "O" ring, which is 5 inches or less. This unique technology lets you use the packer hole without even removing your briefs.
  • Unlike normal, outdated products, RodeoH doesn't compromise on quality and comfort. With the best designers aboard their team, you can rest assured that their products will be fashionable and trendy.
  • For pleasure or comfort, Rodeoh offers a range of products like strapless harnesses, packers briefs, dildos, vibrators, peggings and plugs, FTM gear, among many others.
  • RodeoH Harnesses are available in different varieties and various sizes. You can find Brief harness, Boxer harness, and Panty Harness for both Plus and Petite sizes.
  • The FTM gear comprises Packer Underwear, Gear (like STPS, Packers, etc.), O-Ring Brief harness, and O-Ring Boxer harness. The FTM gear is also available for plus sizes.
  • The Rodeoh collection also boasts of extensive collection for plus sizes.
  • Their RodeoH boxer underwear harness collection comes with a discreet "O" ring, placed behind the fly front. With this O-Ring, you can attach any toys such as double-ended toys, STP devices, and even use it for harness play or packing.

 Rodeoh Shopping tip

  • While choosing the perfect fit for yourself, you can refer to their Rodeoh Garment Spec Chart, placed near the product description. While choosing your size, compare the blue line measurement (containing the waistband information) with the waistband of your most fitted comfy underwear.
  • Before placing your order, check the attractive rodeoh discount code provided by them to avail maximum discounts on your products.

  Rodeoh Free Shipping Policy

  • For Domestic Shipping:
  • RodeoH offers free shipping on the orders above $ 75 using the code provided on their website to avail of free shipping. This offer works for orders above $75 and is a non-expedited Economy Class Service through shipping via FEDE and USPS Domestic First-Class/ Priority/ Express.
  • They take about 6-8 business days to deliver your products made through Domestic First Class Delivery for USPS Priority about 2-4 business days and 1-3 business days on orders placed through FedEx or USPS Express delivery.
  • For International Shipments:
  • The customers are offered with USPS International, DHL E-commerce global mail, and DHL Express with a promise of DISCREET delivery. The shipments may also carry Custom import duties levied by the destination country, for which you’ll have to pay the required fees.
  • Please note that these delivery times are just 'estimates' and do not guarantee on-time delivery. Especially during peak seasons, the shipments might get delayed, and you'll not be given a money-back option in this case.
  • The provided DHL Global Mail option is an Internal Economy Service, and all your standard non-express international shipment will be delivered by your country’s postal service.
  • You can also visit the RodeoH website for more information regarding these services.

 RodeoH Return and Exchange Policy

  • Rodeoh LLC deliver their products to the address provided to them by you. In cases where the packages are returned, due to insufficient address details or any other reason, RodeoH provides their customers with store credit as per the amount of your order minus the shipping fees. After that, they'll restock your order on their website, and with the earned store credit, you can place your order again or even purchase other items from their collection.
  • RodeoH only offers store credit for returned items and, therefore, no refunds are initiated by them.
  • RodeoH does not resell the returned products, such as harnesses and underwear. They take complete precautions when it comes to customers' safety and health. Hence, they bear the cost of the returned items but ask you to only pay the return shipping fees. Make sure that the apparels are unworn and unwashed while you return them. At, you are guaranteed to receive only new apparel every time you place an order on their website.
  • This offer is only valid only for Rodeoh Underwear and harness apparel and within two weeks of shipments of products in USA shipping addresses.
  • However, you cannot return/ exchange toys or any non-apparel items as they are neither exchangeable and nor returnable.
  • Items bought from Sale and Last Chance are non-returnable for store credit.

RodeoH Discounts on Amazon:

On Amazon, you can find RodeoH merchandise in all its varieties and sizes with numerous discounts on the products by availing the rodeoh discount code available on this online shopping website. On orders under $60, you can get free shipping with Prime. Amazon usually offers 20%-50% off on the RodeoH products. With offers renewing every day, there's little chance that you won't get any coupon code.

Why is Rodeoh so popular among people?

Since it arrived in the market, the RodeoH has been earning rave reviews from its customers. Their phenomenal prompt customer service has proved to be of great help to many of their clients in solving their queries time and again. They always put their customers first in priority, and that what has helped them in earning a special place in the hearts of their customers.

The customers have been greatly impressed, particularly with the fit and comfort of the packer briefs and boxers. RodeoH also provides its customers with an accurate sizing chart for them to choose their perfect fit. The detailed product description almost always helps them in making the right decision. Thus, one rarely finds any fault in the delivered products as they often run true to their size chart.

By using the rodeoh discount code offered by RodeoH on almost all of their products, people can save a lot of money every time they shop from their top-notch collection. One gets to have the best products in the market and at a much reasonable rate.

The use of fine quality materials makes them long-lasting and satisfactory. The high- quality merchandise also comes in varieties and sizes, so everyone gets to have their type of products and feel super sexy in wearing them.

RodeoH also provides a high level of discretion in the purchases made by the customers. From payments to non-descript packaging and delivery of the products, the whole process works discreetly to ensure that no one knows what the package contains except the customers.

What is a RodeoH Harness? And how do I use it?

RodeoH harness is an innovative hassle-free way to strap-on and is way better than any other harness. Being comfortable and stylish is their thing. You can slip on the harness without uselessly having to buckle or fasten the straps. In a strap-on harness, you’ll have to worry yourself in constantly adjusting the straps/ buckles. But with RodeoH harness, you are saved from this burden. Using their harness will be a comfortable and easy experience for you and your partner. They come with a built-in flexible 3 inch “O" rings in three sizes to put, not all, but most of the toys.

Can I modify/cancel my order after placing it?

Once you’ve placed your order, Rodeoh Team immediately gets to work in processing your order. It is advised to make any necessary changes within one hour of your order placement. Therefore, it may not be possible for you to modify or cancel item/s from your order after one hour of placement.

What is a Vibe-Pocket?

RodeoH has come up with a new addition to their stylish RodeoH styles with a new Vibe Pocket, featuring in most of their products. On customers' requests, they've now added a small Vibe Pocket, a new feature that is specially created to hold the 'bullet vibrator' to create more stimulation.

What type of toys can I use with the RodeoH harness?

The RodeoH is carefully designed to let you choose the toy of your choice. The toys on their website are available in large varieties from dildos to bullet vibrators, among many others. After selecting the harness of your choice from the RodeoH collection, you can view the O-ring's size that comes with your selected harness, under the listing provided in the product description. This will give you the idea of what toy will work on it and its minimum O- ring requirement for you to make the final decision. On the website, you can also find toys for your harness, and if you're going to use your previous toys, make sure to check if it's compatible with the harness or not.

How are the products packer-friendly?

With RodeoH extensive range of harnesses and underwear, one gets the add-on feature of built-in support pockets, which can easily hold any soft packer. On their website, you can find an extensive colorful collection of Soft Packer in various sizes.

What is the lifetime guaranty of RodeoH merchandise?

Made with multi-layered premium quality fabrics, RodeoH is sure to last for a long time, but obviously, they won't last forever. Who does anyway? However, with proper care, you can extend their life easily. These products are not meant to be machine dried. Tip: Delicately machine-wash them and tumble on dry low. But hand wash your delicate and lacy briefs to improve their lifespan.

Can I use the Rodeoh with Feeldoe?

The RodeoH Team guarantees complete safety in using Rodeoh with Feeldoe. The versatile designs of the RodeoH products allow them to be used in multiple ways, even with double-ended toys. Many of their customers even have had a great experience in using them. You can check their reviews on the RodeoH website to get more clear answers to your specific query. For more information, you contact them through their text support at (415) 625-3835.

Is using Silicone toys a safe option?

Yes, it is completely safe, provided you take proper care of it. Among many options, Silicone is by far the best material to use in making these toys, since they’re non-porous and are easy to clean. They also guarantee safety in using them on your body. You just have to make sure that they’re properly cleaned and boiled at least for 5 minutes before using them again.

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