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Popular Ruggable Coupon Codes

% OFF Discount Title
$199.00 Deal Get Hendesi Heriz Cream Rug at only $199.00
$199.00 Deal Get Camellia Jade Rug at only $199.00
$199.00 Deal Get Impasto Slate Blue Rug at only $199.00
$199.00 Deal Get Damali Black & White Rug at only $199.00
$199.00 Deal Get Hendesi Heriz Abalone Rug at only $199.00

All About Ruggable

Ruggable is universally well-known for making machine washable rugs for the entryway, corridor, living room, bedroom, and staircase. Our Ruggable rugs are changeable, durable, spill-proof, and look fashionable and elegant. They are pioneers in bringing in the concept of a two-piece rug; a non-slip rug pad and a lightweight rug cover. 

Founded in 2010, Ruggable was founded by Jeneva Bell. She is the founder and CEO of the RUGGABLE 2-Piece Rug System. The idea for RUGGABLE popped up about after her pet dog met with an accident on the area rug at her home. 

Products by Ruggable

Ruggable has dynamically changed the concept of rugs and runners in the household space. From round rugs to runners, from 8X10, 6X 9 to 5X7, and 3X5; Ruggable has everything as their products. All the products are available in a variety of colours starting from black, white and cream, to blue and green, naturals, grey and silver, and multi-colour. The featured products of Ruggable are listed below.


The washable outdoor area rugs will convert the space into a chic and sophisticated place that no one wants to leave. These outdoor rugs are fade-resistant, stain-resistant, and provide complete makeover of the patio, deck, terrace, and balcony. Made with profuse stuff and textured weave, these rugs provide comfort to the feet. They are available in a wide range of designs and colours. Being exposed to all kinds of weather, these rugs and dew and water-resistant and doesn't fade away with direct exposure to sunlight and moisture.


Moroccan rugs seamlessly curate a premium and graceful space in the household. They are stimulated by the bright and, bold colours and vintage geometric native designs. Moroccan rugs are exclusive and exceptionally attractive.

Moroccan rugs integrate rich and vibrant colours with classic geometric formations. Each design narrates a story of nomadic tribes, inducing the soothing yet challenging nature of the Moroccan desert topography. The use of Moroccan rugs in households makes it look elegant, fashionable, and modern.

Folk Heritage

Borrowing spur from Southwestern themes and artworks from across the world, Ruggable’s Folk Heritage rugs showcase bold patterns, attractive geometric shapes, and vivacious colours to curate a contemporary and truly marvellous piece for the home.


Bright looking, jazzy, and eclectic, bohemian rugs induce a pop of personality to any stylish boho space. Discover boho rugs in varied patterns, sizes, and colours from the Ruggable product range. Bohemian or boho person refers to the eclectic, lazy of the 70s, featuring a funky, fun-loving and happy-go-lucky aesthetic. The rugs reflect the same ethos and emotions.

Persian Rugs

Classic Persian rugs are handcrafted on a loom, characteristically woven with silk, wool, or a wool-silk amalgamation. Due to their handwoven elegance and feature, and the fact that their colours are extracted from organic sources, such as plants and vegetables, every Persian rug is unique and extraordinary. Ruggable's Persian Rugs collection is stirred by the elaborate designs, exclusive patterns, and vibrant shades of vintage and original Persian rugs. Through new elucidations and comprehensive hand sketches of several floral and symmetrical motifs, Ruggable’s designers curate a plethora of brand-new designs in bold colour combinations such as green, red and blue.

Contemporary Rugs

Modern or contemporary rugs look and fit flawlessly in any space in the house, as well as in any office space or commercial area. For an accurately up-to-the-minute look, one can pair these rugs with black and/or white upholstery, or place them as a neutral background as a contrast to the bold and bright home decor. Modern and contemporary rugs showcase spotless lines, elusive colours, and uncluttered designs, which go seamlessly with any modern interior. 

Disney Rugs

Ruggable is not only about traditional or abstract designs and motifs. Weaving one of the most contemporary and funky looking kid-friendly rugs is one of their prime fortes. Their Disney collection of rugs make the room look like a fairy tale. Rugs with printed or handwoven Disney characters make the child’s room look stunning, colourful, and elegant. 

Ruggable Disney Coupon

Like all other brands, every aggregator sells and deals with a Ruggable discount code, which makes the deal lucrative and affordable. Ruggable savings may differ depending on the season of the year, but frequently has a 10% flat discount on Disney coupons or any other rug coupons, which can be utilized during the checkout process. Buyers can also refer networks to Ruggable and in return can earn a percentage off on the succeeding purchase. 

Ruggable Referral Code

Ruggable has a well-structured referral program. Existing customers are often provided with referral codes, which they can share within their network of family, friends, and acquaintances. On accepting the request and purchasing from Ruggable the first-time customer, as well as the one who had referred, gets a lucrative proportion of discount that is flat 15% universally. The Ruggable referral program is a Win-Win for both parties. One should sign up with Ruggable to get a Ruggable discount code through email communication. This first-time discount code of flat 15% is usually sent through email only. Moreover, one can receive updates on new products, new stocks, designs, and sales through official newsletters.

Ruggable Free Shipping

At Ruggable, free shipping applies to usual ground shipping and conduct within the US and Canada. Free shipping is not valid in Alaska, Hawaii, PO boxes of the US territories. Currently, the products are shipped to the US and Canada, including Hawaii and Alaska. Shipping to other countries is in the pipeline and might resume in recent times. 

Ruggable Rugs on Clearance Sale

Ruggable rugs are worth it, and users highly endorse particularly to households who have pets or small children. The rugs are stain-free, washable in machines, and easily vacuum cleaned. With low maintenance and great designs, these rugs can be bought during great offers or stock clearance sale. Ruggable constantly upgrades their design and products and end up clearing their old stocks through a massive sale program. It is a wise decision to pick Ruggable rugs during that sale or Black Friday sale and give the home an elegant makeover. 

 Returns and Refund Policy

Ruggable has a customer-friendly refund and returns policy. Any product bought from the official website of Ruggable can be returned for full reimbursement. This full refund value will be exclusive to the processing fee, which needs to be paid by the customer. For a full refund, the item has to be sent back within 30 days from the date of delivery. Moreover, the item returned should be in appropriate condition, spotless, clean, with no stain and without any dirt, fur, grass, and pet dander. If the product is not in the desired condition, Ruggable reserves the right of not accepting the product back and thereby not issuing a refund. All returned pieces of stuff are methodically reviewed, and any product returned in a condition which makes it a non-sellable item, will not be repaid. Returned items must be transported back in the original packaging or something similar that will prevent the product from damage during transit.

To start a return process, one needs to contact the company’s Customer Care desk by writing at Once the company receives the products at the facility, the general TAT is up to 5 workdays for dispensing the return and further two or three workdays to obtain the refund amount. For customers staying in the US, the company charges a $25 processing fee for any stuff being returned except it is an exchange process. For people residing in Canada, return shipping labels are not provided, but if any customer desires to return the product, he or she may write to the customer care helpdesk for sanction and provide them with the tracking information and shipping label.

All exchanges are universally free! If the customer has received the order and would like to exchange it, he should write to the Customer Care team at to initiate the exchange process.

Only pieces of stuff bought directly from the official website of Ruggable can be returned or exchanged. If someone has purchased the Ruggable products from a third-party website, a vendor, or a retailer, it is wholly their responsibility to execute the return and exchange process.

Ruggable Reviews:

Every customer has acknowledged the highlighting parts of Ruggable Rug. Its easy use, assembling and maintenance and marvellous features Some of the reviews are cited below:

  • "Bought this rug several months ago. The cat had a messy accident on it yesterday, so I washed it for the first time, and it came out good as new. I was really expecting to see stains, but there aren't any. The top was easy to wash and dry. Great rug if you live with messy beings like pets or kids.”

Can the outdoor rugs be used indoor?

Outdoor rugs can be placed indoor but not reverse of the situation.

What kind of detergents are advised for washing rug covers?

Mild, gentle, and non-bleach detergents are recommended for washing Ruggable rug covers. However, the manufacture does not encourage the use of fabric softener or conditioners.

Can Ruggable Rugs be vacuumed?

The company endorses using low-suction settings when vacuuming the Ruggable Rug System. It is advised not to use hefty beater brushes or other coarse vacuum fixtures as these may result in damage to the Rug Cover eventually. It is not recommended to use independent robotic vacuum machines on the Ruggable Rug System. Those who are looking for a stunning looking rug which is anti-stain, non-slip, machine washable, and easy to use and maintain, nothing surpasses the choice of the Ruggable Rugs.

How is outdoor rug covers different from indoor rugs?

Both outdoor and indoor rug covers are made with similar polyester fabric, the Outdoor Rug Cover has a denser weave, resulting in a more hard-wearing texture that still feels comfortable underneath the feet. The Outdoor Rug Cover is also woven and crafted to sustain the colour and weave when exposed to direct sun or extreme climate conditions.

Are the Ruggable Rugs pet-friendly?

The Ruggable Rugs are crafted to be pet-friendly. One can seamlessly clean both the Rug Cover and the Rug Pad and clean away stains and smells, including dirt, dander, pet hair, scooting, and slobber. The Rug Covers are also machine-washable, so one can take it off the Pad and put it in your washing machine for a thorough clean.

How to clean the Rug pad?

To clean the Rug Pad, one should keep away all solids from the rug surface. Then, the user should place a cloth or towel over the spill to infuse up the liquid. If needed, one can mop the surface with lukewarm soapy water, rinse thoroughly, and then hang to dry up.

What is the outdoor rug made of?

The Outdoor Rug Cover is made of polyester fabric with a water-resistant polyurethane shield that protects it from all weather conditions.

Is the Ruggable Rug cover machine washable?

Yes, the Ruggable Rug Cover is machine-washable and can fit seamlessly in a general sized or large load washer.