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Abra isn’t just a bra it’s body armour. Hey beautiful ladies out there, Shefit has come with a wide range of comfortable bras that boosts up your confidence while moving out of the house. Not only bra but also leggings while performing gymming and other physical activities let you perform at your comfort level. Shefit products are as promising as mentioned here.  Shefit bras are for all the ladies, in every size. In case you are not aware of your cup size or bra size, no need to worry, you can easily know your size with the help of the shefit website. You only have to sit back at your couch and click on the find your fit in 60 seconds fit quiz, and within 60 seconds you will be provided with your perfect fit. You only have to give your best answer during this 60 seconds quiz session, and by providing the correct answers from your end, you will be provided with the right fit with full accuracy.

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$45 Deal Get SEAMLESS SHORTS at only $45
$58 Deal Get BOOTY SHORTS at only $58
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$12 Deal Get ULTRA WIDE HEADBAND at only $12


The new supreme quality sports bra of Shefit gives you the comfort that you were finding along with the controlled and confident you.

Leggings are also appreciable as per the customer reviews that we have received. The perfect fit it provides and the shape of the legs come out beautifully after Shefit leggings are worn.

The fabric that is used for the manufacturing of sports bra and legging is high of supreme quality which gives you perfect fit. The stretchable fabric used in bras adjusts according to your size, by not disturbing your comfort level and giving you the shape of your dreams by enhancing you.

Keeping the comfort of customers at priority level, Shefit tries to give you all the best quality products, thus making you fall in love with every item you purchase and making you repurchase.

As already mentioned above, Shefit deals in the best quality of sports bra and legging for workout and physical sessions.

The breathable fabric of both the upper and lower provides you with immense satisfaction and makes you feel refreshed even after an intense workout. Let’s talk about the categories that Shefit is offering to you, mainly it displays sports bras in front of, which is obviously their best product.

It also gives you Boss leggings in a variety of colours that makes you fall for the product in one use. The Bras are also displayed in various colours such as black the evergreen colour, blue, white, pink, orange and many more. It is thus creating a variety to choose from. Apart from this Shefit is also offering you keychains, love handles, headbands.

As when it comes to comfort while working out or carrying out any physical activity, one thing that women take great care of is their bra. Which is perfect in terms of size, fabric, and other things can provide immense comfort, and if these things are not correct, can leave you in great discomfort while performing the physical activities.

Not only Shefit provides a great range of workout items but also provides you with Shefit Sweat Sessions. You must be wondering what these sweat sessions mean, so let us just clarify your doubt that sweat sessions are none other than your some workouts provided to you to keep you fit and healthy. These Sweat sessions have been divided into two different volumes. The first one is sweat session volume 1, and the other one is sweat session volume 2. Let's scorch yourself with the workout sessions or sweat sessions provided by the trained professionals from Shefit.

Keeping your comfortable and other things in mind these sweat sessions are specially designed. The first volume inculcated nine workout sessions and the second volume inculcated five workout sessions that you can perform anywhere. Each workout session is about 15-20 mins session providing you with all the details to carry out your workout sessions.

The best thing about Shefit is that it not only provides you with the best quality workout gear but also provides you with sessions to carry out the healthy routine that will help you stay fit.

You can also avail the products that Shefit is offering on discount with the help of Shefit discount. Shefit also provides you with a gift card that you can purchase on your shopping and then you can use them on the next purchase.

When are you getting your Shefit bra and legging? Shefit bra will add charm to your soul and body. Make your move and just simply explore the shefit website and do make a purchase if you like any of the products. Shefit will make your purchase worth and won’t let you regret it.


Shefit always wants to keep its shoppers happy and satisfying, so it always tries to come up with attractive gifts and rewards for their shoppers. For the availing discount, you have to use Shefit discount, and for availing rewards you have to go through the following steps:

Firstly you have to create an account at shefit, and by joining the reward program, you can start earning rewards.

Second, after you have created an account, you have to do nothing but collect crowns every time you shop. Each time you shop with Shefit, you will be rewarded with a crown that you have to collect.

Last but not the least is the third step, that is the redemption of your crown, after collecting the crowns the next thing you could do is the redemption of these crowns. When you redeem these crowns, you will be able to unlock various discounts that are exclusive.

You can also earn crowns by sharing. That means you can earn crowns by sharing on social media platforms such as if you share on Instagram, you will be rewarded with 25 crowns and 25 crowns if you share on Facebook. Further on your birthdays, you will be rewarded with 100 crowns as a birthday bonus.

After collecting crowns, you can redeem them through an easy process that is you only have to apply the crowns that you have earned, at the time of checkout. Every Hundred crowns are equal to $5. The maximum you can redeem 500 crowns at a single order.

Privacy Policy

The data that you provide to Shefit remains with Shefit and is secured.

Your data remains in the hands from where it is not shared with anyone, keeping your privacy at priority.

The personal and non-personal data which you provide to Shefit is highly confidential and cannot be shared with anyone. Personal data such as your name, your address, your phone number, your location, etc. are highly secured.

The information which is collected from customers is used in providing products and services along with after-sales services etc. Your data is only shared with partners, suppliers and people who are involved in delivering your product at your doorstep. It is also shared with security officials who operate and resolve any security issue.

Otherwise, your data is not transferred to any other party which might misuse your data. So no need to worry just keep shopping from Shefit.

Shipping Policy

Once you have placed the order, the shipping process starts just right after the Shefit receives your order, and the order is shipped within 1-2 business days that are within Monday and Friday.

After the carrier picks up your order is when your estimated shipping time starts. The time taken in shipping might vary according to the shipping method that you have opted for at the time of your checkout, and the location of your shipping address also plays a vital role in deciding the time.

Certain international shipping locations cannot be accessed, so Shefit cannot deliver there.

International shipping takes longer than domestic shipping. Some of the international shipments have to pass customs and require additional taxes that are totally based upon the country in which the package is being shipped.

As few days in the year are celebrated, so Shefit does not take and place orders on the following holidays:

New Year's Day

Good Friday

Memorial Day

4th of July

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Day After Thanksgiving

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

Apart from these holidays, you can place an order on any working/business day.

Refunds and Exchanges

Although Shefit provides superior quality products that are loved by customers all over the world, in case you encounter any problems in the products and are not completely satisfied with the Shefit product. You need not worry about it; you simply have to enter your order number and zip code for starting your returning process. You will be informed via an email one Shefit will return the items back.

One thing that you have to take care of is the product should not be damaged or washed if you are returning the product. You have to allow Shefit with 3-5 business days for the transfer of your funds to your bank.

For the orders that you want to exchange, you will be receiving an email regarding the tracking information of your exchange order. Orders that are placed during the promotion and the items that are availed on the Shefit discount or the items that are purchased at Warehouse sale cannot be returned as they don’t fit under the return policy of Shefit.

In case the merchandise and products are defective or damaged, then they are first inspected, prior to the exchange.

If you want to exchange the merchandise or product that you have some problem with, then Shefit will pay the shipping costs one-way while sending you back the exchanged product.

In case you don't want an exchange product or you request a refund then you will be provided with a refund. The refunding process will start shortly after the Shefit receives back it’s merchandise.


" Surprisingly supportive, I have purchased almost every sports bra for my perfect fit and didn't get a single one that suits me. None of them has worked out without adjustments; each of them required a few necessary adjustments that are work of quite a hassle. Being a PT and group fitness instructor, one thing that concerns me is stability. I always ended up piling more and more bras for finding the perfect fit along with the stability but couldn't find a single one. One of my students introduced me to the Shefit bra range, and with the honest review, I can tell this is the bra I was looking for. The comfort, the stability, the fabric, all the qualities in a single bra. Since then, I have made many purchases with Shefit and loved the range it provides."

“The only bra I will work out in!   I am in love with the Shefit bra and can say this with full assurance that this is the only bra I will workout in! I just fell in love with the comfort that this bra is providing. I will be getting my second Shefit super soon. This is the very first time that I feel like I can run and workout and perform various physical activities without holding and readjusting. I am 34DDD and never had the privilege to wear a sports bra like this because of the discomfort I had. But now I just feel confident after wearing a Shefit bra and leggings. The comfort that it is providing is of the immense level. I am in love with Shefit and want to thank Shefit for introducing such a wonderful range for the girls like us. I will surely consider repurchasing the other type as well.”

"I love it!   Being a  woman who is well-endowed, I have always longed for a product like this. Not only it's comfortable and keeps stable, but also it is stylish. I feel completely stylish without compromising my comfort. The adjustable bands that are provided along with it are best; I loved them. They are super handy to change for various sports and activities. I can assure you that if you try it, you will not be disappointed. I think it is worth spending money.  Loved it!"

I hope this information was quite helpful for you. So, When are you getting your perfect fit, Shefit sports bra?

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