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Headquartered at Melville, New York, Supply house is an e-commerce company. Founded in 2004, it has been in the online retail and wholesale business for over a decade now. After a few changes in the company’s name, it was fixed to be named “SupplyHouse” in 2014.

The supply house specializes in plumbing, heating, HAVC, fittings, and related accessories. Under the founding father, Josh Meyerowitz, the company has seen major success in the online sales community. In 2016, Supply House was a nominee of “New York’s 2016 Best Companies to Work for”.  The private company is said to have annual revenue of $6 million.

Supply House provides discounts from time to time. It is done on the website itself. Apart from direct discounts, the company also releases a supply house promo code that can be used to bag heavy discounts and offers.

Here is a detailed article about the company and its workings.

You can find a range of products available on the website related to plumbing, HAVC, Fittings, etc. The supply house promo code can be used on any of the below-mentioned products provided that it is available within the offer. On the same note, here is a list of products, separated by different categories.


Plumbing tools and products are the first categories that were started in Supply House. These are the products with which the company was started.

The plumbing tools include Pipe Fittings & Nipples, Valves, Water Heaters, Pumps, PEX Plumbing, Chemicals & Compounds, Water Heater Parts, Pipe Hangers & Clamps, Tubular P-Traps & Plumbing Goods, Backflow Preventers, Plumbing Specialties, Water Filters, Tools, Access Doors, Pipe Insulation, Flush Valves, Grease Traps, Stops & Risers, Expansion Tanks, Outlet Boxes, Fire Sprinklers, Drains, Water Hammer Arrestors, Strainers, Toilet Parts, Steam Showers, Tub & Shower Products, Garbage Disposals, Faucet & Sink Parts, Faucets and Shower Trim, Macerating Toilet Systems, and Firestop Products.


The Supply House has a variety of heating products at your disposal when the product is needed. Being one of the specialists in the field, Supply House can get to you the product that fits your home.

There is a variety of boiler room equipment that the websiteoffers, such as boiler trims, flow valve, heat exchanger, pumps, venting, etc.

The website has some of the best gas products to sell. There are Gas Cocks, Gas Flex, Gas Regulators, Gas Valves, PE Gas Pipe, Ignitors, Thermocouples, and Underground Gas.

You can find radiator fixes like Air Valves, Baseboard, Kickspace Heaters, and Radiator Valves at the Supply House at an affordable price.

There are items to go with these products like fittings, heat tapes, thermostats, transformers, etc.


There are HAVC supplies available, like Air Conditioners, Air Cleaners, Dampers, Install parts, line sets, filters, capacitors, compressors, and many more.

  1. PEX supplies
  2. Fittings
  3. Valves
  4. Thermostats
  5. Electricals

The products are brought to you directly from the manufacturer, hence, cutting the middlemen. For the same reason, you shall find the prices to be reasonable and competitive. With all this, they provide offers and supply house promo code.

Supply House Free Shipping:

The delivery by Supply House is done by:

  1. UPS Ground
  2. UPS Next Day Air
  3. UPS Second-Day Air
  4. UPS Day Select

Out of the above-mentioned delivery options, only UPS Ground provides the benefit of free delivery. There is no option of free delivery available for any other delivery option. Next Day and Second Day delivery need to be paid with some amount.

If you make a $99 and above purchase in the UPS Ground delivery option, you are eligible to order your products with free delivery to your doorsteps. However, there are other options to avail of free delivery. Supply Home has codes and coupons for the same as well. With a valid supply house promo code for free delivery, you can easily cut your spending in the area.

supply house promo code Reddit

The discussions on Reddit have shown an all-positive review for Supply House. People have said the company to be a very good one and their supply chain is always good. There have also been comments saying that the buyers are ready to return for repurchase owing to their pleasant experience.

There have been a few miscalculations in the delivery parts. However, after the mistake being reported, Supply House has immediately begun the replacement with additional orders, if any, delivered along.

The customer service provided by the company is also praised. Because of the customer service executive and their calm behavior, the replacements have been smooth and hassle-free.

People who have used the supply house promo code have got the most out of it, and these discounts have made the customers happy.

Return Policy of Supply House

A return of order can be placed within 90 days from the delivery of the items. The supply house takes full responsibility for the wrong or damaged order that is delivered to you. Such products are immediately replaced for free when you file a return.

In case you want to return the items without a mistake from the company's side, you can do so. However, in this case, the return shipping charges are to be paid by the buyer himself or herself.

There are a few non-returnable items as well. The company does not replace, take back or refund for such items. These are the products that are of one-time-use or are in reducing with use format. The label of “non-returnable” is given in the product description itself. You can view it before the purchase.

Return Procedure:

You can use the website to place an online return or call the helpline number provided.

  1. The “online return tool” enables you to request a return on the items.
  2. You can fill an online return form or simply the form provided in the return package.
  3. Pack up the items to be returned in the original package and ship it to the address mentioned in the return form.
  4. A refund for the same is made on the same payment method used while purchasing.

Refund Policy

A refund is done to the orders that were wrongly shipped or damaged while you receive it. Returns placed within 90 days of receiving the order, is immediately refunded within 4 to 5 days of the facility receiving the package back.

If the order is returned after 90 days of delivery, an additional “restocking fee” is to be paid by the customer. The refund of the same is also done within 4 to 5 business days.

There is no refund provided for the supply house promo code that is already used. Once put to use, the codes and offers are not deemed valid to be used again.

Shopping Tips

First and foremost, you must know what you are buying and if it is of any good to you. You must know what the right product or products for your home are. It is advised to be well researched with the products by videos on the same or blogs.

It is also advised to read the product description carefully before purchasing. The description provides details of everything you need to know about the product you are looking for. Also, there are a few items that are not available to return. Such products are mentioned with a tag of “non-returnable” in the product description itself. Hence, it is important to read the description.

If you are using a supply house promo code, make sure that the code is taken from a reliable place. Many sites offer promo codes to be used while purchasing. You must check the authenticity of these sites to make sure that you are getting a code that was actually sent out by the company. In this view, you should also check the validity of the code. Once the code expires, it is no longer of any use.

Make sure you are buying the products from the official site only. There can be sites that look and sound almost exactly the same. These sites cannot be trusted with the quality, and you should stay clear of it.

Supply House Reviews

Supply House, a bunch of positive reviews. The company is rated with 4.6 out of 5 stars on Facebook. It is seen on that 63% of the total people have voted their purchase with a 5-star review.

The supply house has replied to all the reviews, especially the negative ones, in the way of apology. The typical response time is seen to be within 24 hours from the comment posted.

The company is said to be one of the best suppliers of PEX fittings and other products. People have been happy with the prices of the products on the website, considering that quality is nothing but the best. 

The people using the supply house promo code have also been really satisfied with the offers provided. There is a wide range of offers, from free shipping to discounts. You can easily bag heavy offers with valid codes.

Almost all of the buyers have made a repurchase from the site, and many have also become brand loyal customers. This is also because of the short delivery time taken by the company. Most of the products are shipped on the same day, and many even delivered that day itself. The packaging on the deliveries has never been compromised. It is carefully packed externally and internally as well. 

There have been cases where there were mistakes in order by the company. In a rare case, the buyer might receive a defected product or a damaged product, or entirely a different product. The company's actions on the same have been quick and amazing. The company has instantly replaced these packages with the correct item. 

The product and description page are easy to navigate, and the entire website is user friendly. As and when you open the site, you can see all the options and a list of product categories as well right in front of you. The descriptions are appropriate, and no false claims are made.

All these together have resulted in the liking of customers of the website and being brand loyal. The company also provides special discounts and supply house promo codes to repeat customers.

Does Supply House deliver internationally?

Recently, Supply House has been delivering internationally. Their business is currently focused on the United States only.

What are the payment methods used in Supply House?

- You can use your credit cards to make a payment on the Supply House website. The site accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Credits. - The company also accepts PayPal's mobile wallet. - Any order worth $15,000 or more is to be paid by wire transfer, altogether. Such orders are placed after the payment is made. - If you are ordering over the phone, you can pay the amount via a cheque. As soon as the cheque clears, the order is dispatched.

What goods can be returned?

- Products that are not the ones that you ordered and have wrongly reached you can be returned. - Any defective product shipped from the company is returnable. - If the product is damaged due to damage in packaging during the delivery, the product can be returned.

What are the options of delivery I can opt for?

- You can select the delivery options as to what you consider comfortable. The company provides the following options: a. UPS Ground b. UPS Next Day Air c. UPS Next Day Air Early AM d. UPS Next Day Air Saver e. UPS 2nd Day Air f. UPS 2nd Day Air AM g. UPS 3 Day Select

How can I get the items that are not on the list on the website?

If there is a product that you wish to buy and cannot find it on the website, the supply house can make the same arrangements. There have been cases as such in the past, and the company has been able to get the products to the customers. All you need to do is to contact the company and ask for the product. If the product is made by any of the manufacturers that supply house is in link with, they can provide you with the product. It takes a couple of days to get the pricing details. Since the order is placed over the phone, the payment method would be via cheque.

Can the orders already placed be edited?

Yes, there is an option to edit your order or details of your order before the order is processed. You can make the desired changed by going to "Order History" and editing the order there. There is an Edit Order option provided, even the confirmation email provided once you place your order.

5Where is my order being shipped from?

All orders are directly shipped from the warehouse of Supply house. The warehouses are located in Cranbury, New Jersey, Columbus, Ohio, Reno, and Nevada. There are cases when the shipment is made directly from the suppliers. The Supply House supply team also does this.