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Timeular was officially started in 2016, and since then it is growing at a rapid speed. The Company on the first day was completely funded by people that trusted this firm. This motivated the Timeular more to help people manage their time more effectively. The Company was started in Austria, and now it exists globally in almost every country helping people to manage their time.  There are 20 major partners spread across eight nations helping over 50,000 people. These 50,000 people do not only include the one providing services in companies, but also some of them are professionals in different fields such as artists, lawyers, doctors etc. The Company believes that most of our time while working is spent on things that are not worth spending time. And because of excessive workload, our creativity level is negatively impacted. Working in today's world is a very demanding and difficult job. But you need to have a standard and nice job to provide your loved ones with satisfactory livelihood and also to fulfil your dreams.

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Count the time and improve productivity with Timeular

In this time of the pandemic, we are sitting at our places and working from home. But have you noticed that personal life and professional life is mixed up because of work from home?  We are so messed up with the work that we are unable to give time to our family, friends and even to ourselves. Are you also pissed up of this? Are you looking for a solution? Your search should probably end here then. As we introduce Timeular- online sites that helped multiple people manage their time.But you can't have all those things without complication and drawbacks. You won't be eligible to give time to yourself or your family or friends, and they all deserve and demand your time which is the most precious thing.

But if you take help of timeular you will be able to ease your workload, spare some time for yourself and your loved ones as well as your hobbies. This will help you to be a better person, indeed even in your vision.

What does Timeular offer to us?

Timeular Company is providing a physical tracking device, including the app that will keep a record on all your activities. All your data will be saved within the device as well as in the app. So if you ever lose your data in the device, you can find it in the app.

There are a total of two plans. The first one is the basic plan, and the other one is the pro plan. Pro plan is better than the basic plan as you will get to enjoy some additional services by the Timeular. If you want a discount offer, you can use the Timeular promo code.

The Company gives you two plans in option.

 the first one is the basic plan with a tracker

  • Tracker device
  • Unlimited tracking
  • You can get a license to the basic plan for a lifetime and can update the software any time you want
  • You can upgrade your plan from basic to pro whenever you want to.

The second one is the pro software plan with a tracker and a pro app

  • You get a tracker device
  • Unlimited tracking of mobile and desktop apps that you use
  • You can transform the entries of your time into reports and charts
  • You can collaborate with the time tracking of the team as well
  • You can export the data stored and use various integrations
  • In case of any issues, priority support is provided to troubleshoot
  • You can downgrade to basic anytime

Payment options

If you want to buy the basic or the pro plan, there are different payment methods that you can use to pay for the plan and the device.

  • Visa- the first payment method is to pay with a visa
  • Mastercard- if you do not have a visa you can use a MasterCard to pay for the plan
  • Paypal- PayPal is another method you can use to pay for the plan
  • American Express- if you are related to any American country and have a care of American Express you can also pay with that.


  • If you buy a pro plan along with the tracking device there are three options you can either buy a membership of 6 months, and you have to pay the amount of 6 months at a time, and then you have to pay after 6 months when the plan is expired. The 6-month plan is just for $79. You have to pay 2 times a year
  • The other plan is for 12 months. You can buy the membership a complete year. Once the plan is expired you have to repay and start the plan again. You can buy the 1-year plan at just $129.
  • The other plan is a lifetime plan. You just have to pay once and then you can enjoy the service for a lifetime without any interruption or the tension of reviewing the plan again. You can buy the lifetime plan for just $249

If you buy the lifetime plan, you will get it for a much cheaper rate than if you buy the 6 months or the 1-year plan, and also there will be no services cut and there will be no interruption.

If you have the basic plan:-

  • If you are buying a basic plan, you will have a membership of one time that will be for $89. You will get a facility for switching to pro plan any time you like.

What will you get in the box?

If you order the timeular kit you will get the following things in the box:-

  • Timeular tracker:-  The device is the first-ever 8 sided dice that will flip its side when you flip the activity you do.
  • Tracker dock:- This device helps to the tracker to rest when it  is paused
  • USB-C cable:-  the tracker is like a technology band that will help you keep a record of your activities and help you manage your time. Like other bands, this tracker also needs to be charged.
  • Pencil and sticker:- Stickers and pencils will help you personalize your record.

You will get in touch with your activities to did all day. You will know how much time you spent on a particular activity. And then you can personalize your activities and spare some time out of it.


You will get numerous discounts if you purchase from timeular. You just have to go to the app sign up, and you will be notified every time there will be a sale or any discount offer available. You can also use timeular discount code to buy the plan at more reasonable prices.

Return Policy

If you find any problem with anything in the box like a tracking device or any such thing, you can return the box within 30 days. The box will be picked up from your door. And your money will be given back to you within the next 30 days after you complain to the Company.

But you need to keep in mind that there shouldn't be any damage to the device. And also there should not be any sign of wearing it. Once the box is picked up from your home then if you wish to buy the product, you can order once again.

The shipping for the first time is free, but the next time when you will return the order, you will have to pay for shipping for the same. Moreover, to have a discount on the plan, you can use the timeular promo code.

Timeular reviews

Here are some reviews that people using timular think about the app and the device:-

Rishabh- "I love my timeular device and the app. It is the most amazing app in my memory for managing your time. I have two small children, and I have to look after them all-day. But with my work, it looked just impossible. Then I came to know about this brilliant app timeular I made my account on this and started with the 6 months membership. And I do not regret it."

Benoit- " This app is amazing. I have purchased the pro plan, and I am now very easily managing my time and clients without any problem. Also, I got some discount as I used the timeular promo code."

Jenna- "Timeular is the coolest app and device I have used. It is a 5-star experience. The technology is very simple and easy to use."

Anna- "it's only been some days using this app, and it already amazed me. It is so much easier to utilize my time. Also, I  have got discounts on the product by using timeular promo code. Thank you, timeular. "

Robert- "Timeular has helped me so much to keep in track of everything I do in a day. It has helped me manage several clients in a day that were nearly impossible to do. It was a great experience. At first, I took the basic plan and now I have upgraded to the pro plan with the lifetime membership. Because I know that work is so much easier to do when you have timeular app with you."


Timeular is the best site if you want to keep track of your time and manage it effectively. You can spare time for your family, friends and yourself using this app and their products.  The site has already helped around 50,000 people, and they all belonged to different professions.

The products will be delivered to your doorsteps without any delivery charges. Timeular is also offering a 30-day money-back policy if there is any problem with the products. You can also get more rebates using Timeular discount code.

Timeular is a brilliant site and is offering many plans and membership. You can choose any plan and membership according to your wish.

They are also providing a trial before you hunt the plan. So you can have an idea about what the app is about, what you will come across and this will also resolve all your doubts.

This is all an individual needs to keep in track for his /her activities. Everyone should try this site if he/she is a student or a professional or employee

Which plan is better? Pro or the basic plan?

The basic plan is a normal one, but if you want to enjoy some additional services, you can get the pro plan. Following are the additional services in the pro plan:- ? Keeping track of your time ? Advanced analysis ? Export data ? Integrations ? Time report set according to you ? Support priority

Is there any facility to try the software before we purchase it?

Yes, anyone can try the app ones before buying the software. You just have to download the app and start a free trial.

What integration does timeular give with the pro plan?

In the current situation, timeular is giving integration for- iCal, Toggl, Harvest, google calendar, JIRA and outlook calendar.

In what time does the order reach?

If you live in Europe or the US order will be shipped to you within 3-4 days and outside these regions order will reach to you within 5-6 days.

How do you get the money back within 30-days?

Once you receive your timeular time tracker device, you can return it within 30 days. But you need to know that there should not be any sign of damage or it will not be returned. The device should be returned in the original box.

Are upgrading and downgrading possible?

Yes, upgrading and downgrading are available. You can upgrade to a pro plan from basic and can downgrade to a basic plan from a pro. No question asked from you in any case. Suppose you fear to lose your data. No, your data will not be lost in any case. Also, you can enjoy pro features if you upgrade.

Which plan is better yearly, monthly or lifetime?

The only difference between the three plans is the interval after which you have to pay for the plan again. If you have the lifetime plan, you will have to pay only once and then will have access to the service of pro plan forever.

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